Jill’s Secret Ch. 03

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I arrived home from work on Friday afternoon eager to begin the long weekend of mind-blowing sex I knew was waiting for me. Not that Jill and I didn’t have lots of sex during the week, but weekends were special because there were no interruptions for work or needing to go to sleep by a certain time.

I had moved in with Jill three weeks ago after pledging myself to her as her devoted slave. Part of me still wondered why I had done such a thing since I generally considered myself to be fairly independent, but mostly I was greatly pleased with my decision. Jill had quickly taken to the role of Mistress despite the somewhat timid nature she had displayed when we first met. These past few weeks had certainly been a period of adjustment for us both.

As I entered the house I realized I was alone, which was odd. Jill was usually waiting for me when I got home and eager for me provide her with some relief. The woman had a libido that was unmatched and after only a few hours her cock and pussy both were aching for service.

Feeling a little puzzled, I nevertheless undressed and took my clothes to the laundry room as was expected. The first rule Jill had lain down was that I was not allowed to wear clothes at home unless she said otherwise. Once I was naked, I went back to the front door and knelt beside it. Another of Jill’s rules.

I stayed there on my knees for the better part of two hours before I heard a car door shut followed by the sound of Jill’s footsteps approaching the door. As always, my heart sped up a little and my cock began to harden. The door opened and I could see a cab pulling away as Jill stepped into the house.

Jill looked down at me and smiled, “Good boy.”

I smiled up at her and watched as she took a leash from a hook by the door and attached it to the black leather collar I had worn since the day I moved in. She clicked her tongue at me and tugged on the leash, leading me to the bathroom. I crawled behind her and returned to my kneeling position on the cold tile floor of the bathroom.

Jill snapped her fingers and I quickly stood to help her undress. Once she was naked, she allowed me a few seconds to admire her Amazonian beauty before stepping over to the toilet and snapping her fingers again. In a flash I was on my knees beside her and holding her cock for her while she peed. There was something wonderfully erotic about feeling her piss flowing through her cock as I held it.

Her stream tapered off and I shook the last drops off the tip for her. As always I thanked her for the pleasure by kissing the head of her cock then released her from my grip.

“Does doggy need to pee too?” She cooed.

I nodded slowly knowing it wasn’t unheard of for her to walk me around the backyard so I could pee on one of the many trees. I was very grateful that the yard was surrounded by hedges that allowed for privacy.

I breathed a small sigh of relief when Jill put the toilet seat down for me. I sat down and began empty my bladder while Jill pulled her long red hair back in a ponytail. I made a soft whining sound to let her know I had to do more than pee. She gave me a disgusted look then left the room shutting the door behind her.

After I finished my business, I crawled to the door and pawed at it. When I had first moved in, Jill had tried feminizing me but ultimately decided she liked me better as her obedient doggy. Though sometimes she liked to take me out on dates as her “lesbian” lover.

Jill opened the door and pushed past me carrying a full enema bag which she hung on the towel rack. She snapped her fingers and I turned to present my ass to her.

“I don’t want you making any messes you filthy mutt.” She said with more than a trace of annoyance in her voice.

I whimpered pathetically as she slid the enema hose into my ass and started the water flowing. Feeling the warm water fill me, I wondered if Jill knew how much I enjoyed this little ritual. I definitely liked it better than what I knew would happen if she pulled out of my ass and she wasn’t clean. I shuddered at the memory of the few times that had happened then relaxed and enjoyed my cleansing.

I whined again to let her know I had taken all I could hold and she removed the hose then left me to expel the enema. I emptied myself as fast as I could, anxious to pleasure her, then cleaned up and began pawing at the door again. I had asked her once why she didn’t allow me to open doors for myself and found out why when a few days later she left me in the bedroom for three hours while she masturbated loudly right outside the door. Afterwards, there had been a large puddle of cum on the floor for me to lap up.

Jill let me wait for ten minutes before letting me out, clipping the leash back on my collar and leading me to the bedroom. She led me to the bed and told me to sit while she stretched out on her belly. After a few moments, she clicked her tongue and patted the bed. I crawled up between her legs and began to sniff her skin Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort working my up her legs till I reached her ass. In the dim light of the candles she had lit while I was in the bathroom I could see a smear of brown between her asscheeks and recoiled a bit till I realized it didn’t smell like what I feared. The scent was familiar and after a second I recognized it as peanut butter. I stifled a giggle at her little joke and started to lap up the peanut butter like a hungry dog drawing soft moans from Jill.

The peanut butter was soon gone and I began teasing Jill’s tight asshole with my tongue. Her hips lifted off the bed and I knew she wanted my tongue inside her but I only lightly circled her rim with the tip while my hand slid underneath her to fondle her plump smooth balls. Jill’s moans became more insistent and I could feel her asshole flexing as she tried to grip my flicking tongue.

It was during moments like this that I was allowed to exert a measure of control over her since I had proven my expertise in giving oral pleasure. It had been decided that giving up control would only serve to increase her excitement even though sometimes I would tease her to the brink of madness and then stop. Other times, I would tease her till her body quivered and her cock and pussy were literally dripping before giving her what she wanted.

This time I limited my teasing to only a few minutes before slipping my tongue up her ass and wiggling it deep inside her. Jill moaned louder and I gave her balls a firm squeeze. My own excitement grew as I fucked her with my tongue loving the way her asshole would clench each time I pressed into her.

Suddenly, she was pushing me back then rolling over and lifting her balls to expose her pussy to me. I dove into her, hungrily licking her wet lips then parting them with my fingers and sucking her clit. Jill bucked her hips then began to smack my face and head with her cock which always drove me wild. It wasn’t long before I stopped caring about her rule that I was not allowed to touch myself without her permission and I began to stroke my cock slowly.

Jill’s pussy tasted better than anything except maybe her cum and I was making loud slurping noises as I ate her. I squeezed and stroked my shaft hoping she wouldn’t notice. My lips and tongue worked her sweet little clit feverishly in hopes that if I made her cum she might forgive me if she did notice.

My hopes were dashed when I heard her growl and felt her fingers winding through my hair and yanking hard, pulling my face away from her pussy. I let go of my cock and looked up at her to see that she was quite angry.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, you stupid dog? Did I say you could play with yourself? You’re supposed to be focusing on me right now. Did you not learn your lesson the last time? Speak dammit!”

I whimpered and lowered my eyes, “I’m sorry Mistress I just got so turned on from tasting you that I forgot. Please forgive me.”

Jill pulled me closer by my hair, my scalp burning, till my face was inches from hers. She was silent for a few moments, no doubt considering how badly I should be punished. I had discovered that she could be very creative and quite cruel when it came to discipline.

“Lay down on your back you worthless bitch. I’ve got just the thing for you.” Jill snarled.

I quickly laid down and at the snap of her fingers spread my arms and legs wide. Shackles had been bolted to the bed posts when I first moved in and I was locked into them. Jill looked down at my still hard cock and shook her head.

“No, that won’t do at all.” She said and flashed me a wicked smile before heading to the large armoire she had purchased a couple of months ago. Inside, hung a selection of canes and riding crops along with a massive dildo that was easily twice the size of her substantial shedick. I was both excited and fearful for the day when she would use the dildo on me.

Jill selected one of the smaller crops then rummaged through one of the many drawers in the armoire and returned to the bed. My heart was pounding in my chest as I imagined what she had planned for me.

Grinning, Jill said, “First, we need to soften you up a bit.”

And with that, she began smacking my cock and balls with the crop sending bursts of agony through my body. I whimpered and squealed and begged for mercy. I struggled against my bonds trying to twist my body away from her.

Jill’s laughter mixed with my cries, ” Very nice little dog. You’re turning me on so much right now. Keep it up.”

Jill whipped my genitals harder and tears started running down my face. My cock had gone limp after the first few swats but Jill was enjoying herself far too much to stop. My balls throbbed painfully and my dick burned each time she swung the crop.

Now, you may be asking, “Why the hell would you subject yourself to this kind of treatment?”. In truth, there’s no simple answer. Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort A year ago I would have laughed if someone suggested this sort of lifestyle for me but after a few months with Jill, I couldn’t imagine living any other way. Part of me now craved the pain and humiliation, part of me now reveled in the absolute authority she held over me. To behold her perfect blend of beauty and strength and savagery almost made my heart burst with joy and desire. And there was a balance as well. I knew that later she would hold me and kiss me and tell me how she loved and cherished me. She would tend to my aches and pains and make me feel like her most prized possession. But for now…

“Cry you little bitch!” Jill snarled, “Show me how much you regret your disobedience.”

Her arm was a blur now and I could no longer feel the individual strikes of the crop. I looked down to see that every inch of skin between my knees and my bellybutton was covered in bright red welts. My cries had become choked sobs.

With one last swat to my balls she set the crop down and picked up a small metal device I had never seen before. It looked like a metal tube of some kind with what looked like a harness attached to one end. At the other end was a small hole.

“I knew you would fuck up like this sooner or later so I got this for you.” Jill said as she slipped my sore limp cock into the tube. “And you’ll wear it till I say otherwise.” She fastened the harness around my balls and attached a small lock to prevent me from removing it, the key for which she put on a small gold chain that she clasped around her neck.

She tapped the cock cage with one nail. “Be grateful I got you one that will allow you to pee. Now, what do you say?”

I looked up from my caged cock and into her bright green eyes. “Thank you mistress for taking the time to correct me and I’m sorry for disobeying you. I will work to do better in the future.”

Jill nodded seemingly pleased by my response, “See that you do little dog or next time I’ll have to get real nasty.”

I gulped and nodded quickly. Jill smiled and undid the shackles then grabbed my hips and rolled me onto my belly. For a moment I was afraid she might whip my ass but then I felt her hands massaging my cheeks and I realized she had other plans.

Jill brushed her palm over my eyes and I closed them. Moments later I felt cold liquid dripping between my asscheeks then the warm head of her thick cock rubbing between them coating itself in the lube before pressing against my anus. I relaxed for her and felt her sink slowly into me inch by glorious inch.

Her body lay atop mine as she began to rock her hips slowly. Her hands slid up my outstretched arms until her fingers found mine and intertwined with them. She purred softly in my ear, “I was going to let you fuck me tonight. I was even going to let you pick between my pussy and ass. Too bad you had to be such a naughty boy.”

I whimpered at the loss of such a rare treat but then relaxed and enjoyed feeling her so deep inside me. Jill’s large full breasts were mashed against my back as she fucked me slowly. My cock stirred and was soon straining against the cage causing me to whine and shift around to find relief from my discomfort.

“Poor little doggy, you must be dying to get that cage off.” She cooed mockingly.

I whined again, and Jill thrust harder into me. My cock had grown as much as it could in the cage pulling the harness painfully tight around my balls. I tried to focus solely on Jill’s girlcock inside me but the pain in my dick and balls was too great. I felt her hand slide under me to squeeze my balls eliciting squeals of agony which spurred Jill on to fuck me harder.

This went on for what felt like hours. Jill thrusting into me her hand squeezing my balls harder and harder the more she fucked me. The room was filled with the music of our sex, her grunts and moans, my squeals and whimpers all set to the beat of our bodies slapping together.

Suddenly, Jill tightened her grip on my balls harder than ever making me shriek as I felt her cock pump it’s huge load in my ass, her hips thrusting furiously. It was common for her orgasms to send me over the edge but the pain I was in made that impossible. Underneath the pain Jill had inflicted, I could feel the ache of denial in my balls.

Jill ground herself deep into me while she kissed the back of my neck. Her cock surged and shot more and more cum into me. God I loved how she filled me up! I could feel her balls jerking against my ass with each spurt of cum.

Finally, I felt her body relax on top of me. Her hand let go of my balls as she sighed in satisfaction. I whimpered softly wanting desperately to roll over and take some of the pressure off my aching genitals. Apparently feeling I had been punished enough, Jill slid out of my ass and rolled on to the bed. I wasted no time flipping onto my back, my asshole tightening to Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort hold her cum inside me.

Jill kissed my cheek and got up, her ass swaying seductively as she left the room. She returned a few minutes later with a small jar the sight of which caused me to sigh with relief. Jill knelt on the bed between my legs and opened the jar then scooped out a generous dollop of the lotion it contained. I closed my eyes and felt Jill’s warm fingers rub the cool cream on my stinging welts. My cock reacted to her touch as it always did and the cage tightened again. Jill took pity and removed the cage then slathered my sore cock with more lotion. I moaned softly as I grew in her hand.

“Don’t think you’re out of trouble little doggy. The cage goes back on once I’ve cared for you.” Jill said.

I nodded and just reveled in her soothing touch. One lotion coated finger slipped between my cheeks and rubbed my anus since I was always a little sore there after she fucked me. Jill’s other hand continued to rub my cock and balls gently. Gradually the pain faded away until I was left with only the ache of blue balls.

Jill finished her ministrations and lay beside me then pulled me into her arms. I nuzzled my face to her breasts and I could feel her shedick rubbing against my cock. I purred happily as she stroked my back and whispered sweet words in my ear.

We lay like this for awhile and I started to doze a bit. I felt her stir and she patted my butt as she got up. I looked up and saw her grab my leash from the nightstand. She clipped it on my collar, clicked her tongue and led me to the door leading to the backyard.

The moon was full and the grass was wet with dew as Jill led me around the yard, both of us feeling the cool night air on our bare skin. She stopped me next to a tree and I lifted my leg and started to relieve myself. The last few drops dribbled down my inner thigh. As soon as I finished, Jill knelt down and fastened the cage back onto my cock. I smiled, realizing I hadn’t even noticed her grab it when we left the bedroom.

“If you can behave yourself, maybe I’ll give you the chance to earn your release tomorrow.”

I smiled up at her then leaned down to kiss the tops of her feet in gratitude. Jill snapped her fingers and I got up on my knees. A slight flicker of uncertainty passed over her face then she gripped her girlcock and started to pee on my upturned face. I started to back away but Jill held me in place with my leash and kept pissing. Her warm golden liquid flowed down my body and soaked into the grass under me. My eyes and mouth were shut tight and my mind raced with a mix of lust and disbelief. I couldn’t believe she was doing this to me! Jill had never mentioned she wanted to do this. Usually she would bring these things up and then gauge my reaction. Now it seemed she didn’t feel the need to do so.

I poked the tip of my tongue out curious to taste her pee. It was very salty but not bad. I could hear Jill moaning softly as she bathed me. I was getting just as turned on and was really wishing she hadn’t been so quick to get my cage back on me. My cock strained and my balls ached. Jill kept pissing more and more until eventually her stream tapered off and she rubbed the tip of her cock on my lips to get the last few drops off. I kissed and licked the head of her cock and was soon rewarded with the taste of her precum. Jill giggled and purred at the eager attention I was giving her.

“Mmmmm I think someone enjoyed their shower.” She teased.

I responded by lifting her cock and sucking one of her enormous balls into my mouth and rolling it on my tongue before letting it pop free and doing the same with the other one. My hand pumped her thick shaft while I lapped at her smooth sac. I could feel her precum dripping on my face as I stroked her.

The aroma of her piss wafted about me and I shivered in the cool night air but I hardly noticed. My mind was focused only on making her cum now. My hand stroked and squeezed her expertly while I licked and sucked her balls. Jill’s fingers combed through my wet hair while she cooed and moaned softly.

I ran my tongue slowly up her hard throbbing girlcock then I quickly took her to the back of my throat. As she was sliding into my mouth my hand crept up between her thighs and without warning I plunged two fingers deep in her pussy and two more up her ass just as she was hitting the back of my throat.

Jill threw her head back and let out a long loud cry of pleasure as she thrust her cock all the way down my throat. I had become accustomed to her doing this to me and was able to take her easily. She held herself like this for a few moments and I could feel her pussy and ass squeezing my fingers. My throat muscles tightened and relaxed around her cock rhythmically.

Suddenly, Jill pulled back and slammed her massive shedick back down my throat. I grunted and responded by doing the same with my fingers in her holes. She looked down at me and winked then pulled back and slammed in again. My fingers drove deeper into her in turn.

We kept this up for several minutes driving cock and fingers hard into each other. My cock and balls were again suffering for my arousal and I found myself staring at the key bouncing between her breasts. Jill noticed me looking and shook her head no.

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