Jim and Al: A Man’s Tale Ch. 02

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I stretched back on the bed, after showering still reeling a bit from one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Jim hadn’t lifted his head since he laid back down. We smelled like soap the room smelled like sex.

“Wassa matter, man? Getting old bro?” I teased.

“I guess so. Or I’m just not used to cumming like that. I have never had my cock down anyone’s throat before. A few guys have tried and my poor wife gave up long ago. Hell she can barely handle the whole thing up her pussy.”

“I know the feeling my wife can’t handle me slamming into her from behind but, does OK missionary as long as I don’t push her legs back too far. Now when she’s a little drunk she likes the pain. Alcohol can be man’s best friend.”

We both had a laugh.

“Hey how about a dip in the pool. The pizza won’t be here for a while and I feel like a swim.”

“I don’t have a suit.”

“Who the hell needs a suit?”

“What about the neighbors?”

I got up and pulled back the blinds over the sliding glass door that leads to the pool from the master bedroom.

” It’s like not having neighbors.” My back yard is completely private. Between the fence and the bramble of vines and tall bushes you would need a 16 ft ladder to see my pool area.

“Wow, what a set up!” Jim’s face lit up. “Skinny dipping it is.”

I slid back the glass door and stepped out onto the deck and jumped in. The cool water felt good and I love the feeling of being nude in the pool. Jim jumped in behind me with a splash.

“Man this is awesome Al. I wish I could do this in my apartment pool. He he.”

“You can’t skinny dip in an apartment pool or do this.” I swam across the 6 feet between us and grabbed his dick under water. He chuckled and returned the favor. After a short fondle I back stroked away from him. I was surprised to find my cock at half mast just from the brief contact.

“Fucking tease.” he quipped.

“Yea, but check out my turn around time.” I pointed at my semi hard dick and laughed.

“You, aren’t the only one who’s firming back up, pal.”

We paddled and waded around talking about work and family, generally getting to know each other as just guys. Being so close in age, just a few months apart, we had a lot of shared life experience.

“How will you know when the pizza get’s here?”

” There is a ringer for the door bell on the patio.”

“Cool so we can stay in here till it gets here.”


“Good.” was all he said as he waded toward me. When he got close enough he grabbed my hips and pulled them into his. He was hard. He ground his erection into my groin a smiled. ” Being naked outdoors always makes me horny as hell.”

My cock soon responded and I began to harden too. Jim just kept grinding against me in little circles and soon my stiffening cock rose up between his legs and came into contact with his taut scrotum. His hard dick felt good pressed against my abdomen and the soft skin of his sack was awesome against my now pulsing prick.

He pulled back to let my cock bob free from between his legs and grabbed his shaft at the base and rubbed his dick around mine, sending chills through me.

Just as things started heating up, the door bell rang.

“Fuck.” I muttered.

“Maybe.” he said with a grin.

Luckily the big thick terry cloth robes I keep by the pool concealed gaziantep escortlar my hard on as I went through the house to pay for the pizza.

I called out for him to grab a couple of beers and meet me at the patio table. We sat at the table relishing the excellent pie and sipping cold beer.

“I guess we worked up an appetite, Al!” Jim motion at the pizza boxes. Damned if we hadn’t eaten all but 3 slices of 2 16 inch pizzas.

“Oh damn. I hope we didn’t make ourselves miserable.” was all I could think of to say.

“Well we have time to let the food settle before we, eh hem, exert ourselves, again.” I grinned at that. He ws right we had plenty of time. It was still early afternoon and neither of us had to be anywhere.

“Wanna watch some tube? There are a bunch of college ball games that just started.”

“Sounds great!”

We put our robes back on to go inside the AC and each settled into our own chairs. I have 2 massive lazy boys with a little table between them. After flipping through the channels, we settled on a game we both found competitive and started getting into it. After a while I got thirsty. “I’m too full for more beer but, I’m gonna grab a soda you want one or another beer?”

“Soda for me too please.”

We watched and commented on the game as though we had known each other for years. When I got up for another round of sodas Jim reached out and ran his hand over my terry covered groin and looked up at me. I just smiled and kept heading for the fridge. He didn’t have a look of urgency or lust. He just wanted to feel my bulge through the robe. When I came back, I saw the plates on the patio table and decided to go ahead and clean them up while I was still up.

When I got to the sink I decided to take off the robe so I wouldn’t splash water on it. As I was rinsing the second plate off, I felt Jim’s hand brush across my naked butt. It startled me at first because I didn’t hear him approach, I was listening to the game. He removed his hand and stepped up behind me. He had opened his robe and as he pressed into me I felt his thick cock come to rest in the crack of my ass.

“Man you have a nice ass, Al.”

“Glad you approve, Jim.”

He just stood there not moving. I could feel the heat from his cock and began it get turned on again. As I pushed back into Jim’s groin he reached around and cradled my cock in the palm of his hand. Not gripping, just hefting the weight of it in his hand. He brought the other hand around and did the same with my hanging balls. I gripped the counter as my cock stiffened in his palm.

I wanted to see his cock so I pushed back to get some clearance and turn around. Jim was totally hard by now and his meat was pointing right at me. I grabbed my stiff cock and began tapping it against his erection. I like the feel of cock on cock action and wanted to have more. I reached down and grabbed Jim’s bobbing hard on. Peeling his foreskin back, I exposed his glistening mushroom head and brought it directly against my now weeping piss hole. Holding our pricks firmly tip to tip I began slow jacking him. When his foreskin would roll over the end it would close over the tip of my penis ever so slightly. My balls lurched with every stroke.

“You are driving me nuts.” He whispered.

I shushed him and told him to watch and be still.

I continued rubbing your drooling cock heads together. Occasionally I would pull his foreskin back and swirl my hard prick head around his dribbling crown. My breaths were becoming labored as were Jim’s and my knees began to shake. I glanced up and he was staring down at the incredibly erotic action between us.After just a couple more minuets of this I needed to get off my feet.

“Come on.” I shuddered. “Let’s go lay down.”

“O.K.” Jim whispered.

I turned of the TV as we passed through the living room and turned on the stereo. Jim was ahead of me and I watched his ass as he walked toward my bedroom.

As he crawled onto the bed, it was my turn to eat his ass. Without warning, I pushed him face down on the mattress, spread his legs, separated his cheeks with my hands and dove in tongue first. Licking, his puckered hole, gently gnawing up and down his crack and cheeks and stabbing deep into him with no rhythm or pattern, I just ate his ass like a fiend. He started pushing back into my mouth and grinding forward to create pressure on his boner.

I rolled him over spread his legs again and started licking all over his cock and balls, stopping frequently to suck about half of him into my mouth for a moment then back to another patternless oral assault.

I had an idea. Crawling up his body, I held myself up over him and brought our cocks together again. They bobbed and tapped each other in a hot dance as we both rolled our hips in circles trying to rub the two shafts together. Then I brought my legs forward and sat down between Jim’s legs, my thighs draped over his. Scooting forward I ground my tight ball sack into his and rolled my hips pressing hard into him. I was propped up on my hands watching our nuts roll around against each other when I realized that in this position our cocks were dead even. Dropping to one elbow, I reached for Jim’s pole and levered it toward mine with my fingers. When the two shafts were together I wrapped my thumb around my cock and squeezed to two together. Sparks flew in my head and electricity shot through my groin as I began jacking the cocks together at once. I was in a trance now and Jim was just letting me have my way. I pulled his foreskin back again and squeezed our heads together in my hand, jacking them vigorously. Our precum was lubricating us allowing me to slide my hand over the crimson tips and keep them in constant contact.

Jim propped him self up to watch and I slid my hand back down to the thick shafts and resumed stroking them.

“That is so fucking hot, man.” Jim hissed as he glanced up to look me in the eye. He had a look of total lust on his face and I grinned back at him. I was feeling nasty.

Soon Jim was ready for something better. He was on the move. Pulling his legs from under mine, he knelt between my thighs. Hooking his hands under my knees, he lifted my legs and pushed them to my chest. Lowering his head he began tonging my balls and taint. Then lower to lick and slobber all over my man pussy. I was in heaven.

Jim moved back up to suck my balls awhile. He didn’t stay there long. He looked up at me and said he needed to cum. I grinned and told I wanted him to. He knee walked forward between my legs and I thought I was in for a fucking but, Jim had other plans. Pinning me in the missionary position he reached between us and brought our cocks back together. Now he was doing the jacking and holy fuck did it feel good. He used his weight to really grind our nuts into each other. I looked down and could see that he was so hard now, that his foreskin only came halfway down over the head of his bloated cock. His angry piss hole nearly touching mine when he rocked forward. The added visual stimulation was too much for me.

“Jim, I’m gonna shoot man!”

He dropped the top of his head to the center of my chest and grunted out, ” I-I’m cumming too.”

I felt the first powerful throb of his meat against mine just as my first rope of cum shout out of me. I felt a couple of drops hit my abdomen but, that was all. Jim raised his head back up eyes closed. He had caught both shots right in his face. As that cum dripped off his cheek and chin we both launched our following spurts. The first two of these leaving a trail from my solar plexus to my forehead. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue for the next shot and caught most of both our cum in my mouth. I dropped my head back on the bed and swirled own cum around in my mouth as we covered my entire torso with our blended seed. Jim began smearing it over my belly and then on his own as we continued shooting off like teenage boys. Sprut after spurt rained down on me as I reached down to do some smearing of my own. As the final shots of cum rolled out of me I brought my gooy fingers to my moth and sucked the cum from them. I ran my hand down for another scoop and reached for Jim’s face he opened his eyes just in time to see my hand coming and greeted my open slimy palm with his tongue. I rubbed our cum over his lips and brought the remains of the shots he caught on his face into play. He licked and slurped my fingers then did something unexpected. Jim dropped down and ran his cum slick mouth against my lips.

I was taken off guard because neither of us was really into kissing men but, the moment took control of him and then me. Opening my mouth I began licking the cum from his lips.

Jim grunted and opened his mouth too. We swirled our tongues together in a sloppy cum swapping french kiss. I felt another shot of cum land on me and knew it was his. Fucking amazing. Snowballing had given him a subsequent mini orgasm and he shot twice more before collapsing on top of me.

I dropped my legs and wrapped my arms around his waist feeling the cum between us. We were both still grinding our still hard cocks into each other as the last waves of orgasm rippled through us.

When he finally rolled off me, our bellies were gooey messes. Tummy hair stuck to skin, glued with cum. A sheen of sweat covered each of us.

I was shot out. completely spent. As afternoon drifted into evening I knew I wasn’t going to be up for anymore fun until a good nights sleep. Jim started to get up mumbling something about cleaning off. I followed him to the shower where we again cleaned each other and toweled off. I staggered to my bed and flopped down, exhausted. Jim came out of the bathroom and stopped looking confused. he looked at the bedroom door then back at me.

“Fuck it.” was all he said as he walked around the bed and flopped down on the other side. I sat up and reached over the end of the bed to get the covers. I pulled them over both of us and hit the light switch above my head. That night, although I didn’t get the fucking I was hoping for, I slept the night through in the same bed with a man for the first time. I heard Jim begin to snore softly as I drifted off to sleep.

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