John Hawk

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John Hawk

My name’s John Hawk.

I’m now in my forties, somewhere this side of fifty.

Widowed, my wife died of cancer, ten years ago.

Since that time I’ve done quite a lot that I probably never would have done if she hadn’t died. Partly because of our relationship, partly just because of life.

I’m a fairly good-looking man. Not overly so, but nice enough.

I’m in decent shape. Again, not some pin-up hunk, but not bad on the eyes.

Oh, yeah, I have a huge cock.

Thirteen inches. Balls to match.

Not bragging, just letting you know, so you understand some of my story a bit better.

After my wife died I was pretty lonely, not being a person who frequented bars or places like that, where there were other lonely people, I didn’t run across a lot of available females.

Oh, sure, my friends and co-workers tried to fix me up with relatives or someone they knew, but I turned most of those down. The first year I just didn’t have the desire. The second year I just didn’t want to have to work so hard. My wife and I had been married for over fifteen years and she knew me, inside and out, literally. Our sex life wasn’t wild and crazy but it was damn good. She couldn’t do much with my cock orally, being as she had a very tight gag reflex, but she could take every inch in her pussy. And, she liked to be fucked hard, in almost any position. Anyway, we had it good enough, though I have to admit I had some desires that were outside of her tastes. But, I can’t complain.

So, as you probably guessed, I spent a lot of time jerking-off for two years. In fact, I didn’t fuck another person until more than two years after my wife had died.

Her name was Sheila.

She was my friend’s sister-in-law. Yeah, I know, as I said earlier, I turned most of those down. This one I accepted as a favor to my friend, who will remain unnamed. He helped me a lot through the hard times and I was grateful for his friendship.

So, I went out with his sister-in-law.

We went out to eat, saw a movie, then I took her back to her apartment. Sheila was about 5’7” 145 lbs. Nice curves, big tits. Not very pretty but not ugly. We had a good enough time and when I walked her to the door I had planned to kiss her. Before I could, she invited me in and I accepted.

Well, once inside, before she even kissed me she told me she wanted to fuck.

Now, understand, I hadn’t fucked in a long time but was no school boy. My cock wanted to be inside a pussy but it wasn’t going to explode with just a touch. I was Antalya Escort horny but not too horny, if you know what I mean.

And, I knew I was big. Real big. So I wanted to warn Sheila, and I did.

“Sheila,” I said, “I need to tell you something.”

Her eyes told me she wasn’t listening. She acted as if she hadn’t fucked in two years either.

“Go ahead,” she said, already unbuttoning her blouse.

I went ahead and told her I had a big cock. She laughed. Said all men think they have a big cock. Said that she’d probably had one bigger than mine.

I smiled, nodded, and took off my pants.

Sheila gasped. I mean literally gasped. She made all sorts of sounds. Groans, moans, and some others I didn’t recognize, all the while staring at my cock, which wasn’t even hard yet, though well on it’s way.

Needless to say Sheila had never had a cock like mine.

She didn’t have mine either. Couldn’t get it in her pussy.

So, I ate her, made her cum ten or twelve times, licking her big clit while I slid a finger in and out of her asshole. Sheila could really cum. Her whole body shook, her pussy clenched up and juices ran out of her like a river.

But, she couldn’t get my cock inside of her. No matter how we tried. She got on top of me, after I had tried to push it in her, and sat down on me with her full weight, almost breaking my cock. Finally, she rubbed it across her lips and clit until she came three of four more times.

One thing Sheila could do was suck my cock. She got about five inches of it in her mouth and sucked me like her life depended on it. With my huge balls in one hand, Sheila wrapped her mouth around my cock and sucked me until I shot a river of cum in her mouth. The lady drank some of my cum but let the rest flow our of her mouth, down my shaft, to cover my balls, which she massaged as I came.

In spite of the fact that I didn’t get to really fuck her, it was some good sex. I saw her a few more times before we both headed in different directions. I never did get more than the head of my cock in her pussy.

But you know what? After Sheila got transferred out of town I got a visit from my friend’s wife, Sheila’s sister.

Yeah, you guessed it.

Sheila had told her about my cock.

My friend’s wife came over one evening, too late for a social visit, something she had never done anyway. When I answered the door and saw her there, I looked around for her husband. She informed me he was out of town and that she wanted to talk to me about something. Antalya Escort Bayan I assumed it was about Sheila and even thought it might be that she was going to thank me for going out with her sister.

It wasn’t about Sheila.

It was about my cock.

It took all of about ten minutes for her to come on to me. We were sitting on my couch talking about nothing when she slid closer to me and put a hand on my leg.

Now understand, I wasn’t getting a lot of pussy and I was always a horny man, so it didn’t take much to make my cock start to grow.

Her hand was enough.

Yes, I know. She’s my friend’s wife.

I knew that but my cock didn’t. And it didn’t care.

She put her hand on my leg and got that look on her face.

You know the one.

The one a female gets when she wants to fuck. My cock grew harder and I knew that there was no way I could make it stop.

“My sister told me you were huge,” she said. “And, from the bulge in those pants I’d say she was right.” At that she slid that hand that had been on my leg over to that bulge, and squeezed.

When she said, goddamn, I knew I was going to fuck her.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.

She’s my friends wife.

You’re right. But I fucked her anyway.

Okay, I could’ve stopped her, told her to leave, but I was horny and to be honest, I wanted to fuck her

She undid my pants, pulled them off along with my boxers, her eyes glued to my now completely hard cock.

“Oh my gawd,” she said. “Oh shit. Oh my…” she carried on as she stripped off her own clothes, revealing a very nice body for a woman closing in on forty.

I still had my shirt on as she straddled me there on the couch and slid her very wet, very tight pussy down the length of my shaft. It took her almost half an hour to get it all inside of her, but she did. If I told you how many times she came as she worked my cock into her pussy you’d think I was lying or bragging. Believe me, she did all the work, so bragging would serve no purpose. I contributed my cock, all thirteen inches, and she did her thing.

I held her hips, lifted her up and down a few times, pinched her nipples, sucked them, kissed her, and did as much as I could, but truth be told, she fucked me. And she came and came.

My couch still has a stain from the soaking it got from her pussy.

Finally, she grabbed my face in both her hands as she was cumming and told me to cum in her.

There was no telling me twice. I had been holding off Escort Antalya almost from the moment my cockhead entered her tight pussy. I rolled my hips to match her movements, watching her face contort as she exploded once more, and felt my cockhead grow even harder, deep inside this woman’s pussy and then I exploded.

I didn’t just cum, I exploded. Cum shot from me so hard it hurt. My cock and balls convulsed time after time as I filled this woman with a huge load.

She came when I did.


When my cum shot out of my cock, she came. Her pussy clenched my shaft and head like a vise and she screamed.




And then she shook. Her body shook around my cock as I finished emptying my balls into her. It was unbelievable. I had never had sex like that before. My wife enjoyed fucking, but this woman did it like her life depended on it.

And when she slid off my cock, watching the giant, slick meat plop out of her tight pussy, she groaned. She actually picked up my semi-hard, cum-coated cock and licked it like a lollipop. It was my turn to groan.

I waited for her to show some sign of guilt, something that matched what I was beginning to feel.

She didn’t.

Not even after she walked to the bathroom, hand covering her pussy to keep from dripping, emptied my cum from her cunt and walked back naked to where I sat, cock still semi-hard, resting on my leg.

“Goddamn,” was all she said as she dressed, kissed me, picked up my cock, gave it a big squeeze and left.

I sat there for a while longer, feeling some guilt, but mostly just feeling satiated.

I slept like a baby that night, though I awoke with some weird feelings.

Guilt mixed with morning horniness.

Strange mixture.

I pushed it away and left it there.

It took a few days to rationalize it all, but, I did.

C’mon! Everyone rationalizes.

Every day.

What that encounter did for me was to set me free.

Free from the loss of my wife, sexually that is. I will never get over her absence from my life. We were friends as well as lovers and I miss her presence each and every day.

But, I needed to be able to express myself again sexually, and in a way that was apart from what she and I had. That was never going to be in my life again so I needed to move on.

I did.

I decided, from that evening, to really go after what I wanted sexually. To express those desires that I had held in check for so long. Part of doing that would include me being very up front and honest with those I fucked.

Not hidden agendas, no strings attached.

And, for the most part, over the next seven or eight years I did that.

But, I’ll talk about those next time.

For now, this is John Hawk, and I’m out.

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