John , Rhiannon Ch. 1

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Rhiannon’s email crinkled in her hand as she walked up to the door. She double-checked – yep, it was the right hotel. She walked in, through the lobby, right to the elevators, and pressed the button.

The clerk looked up at her. Barely 5’ tall, she was still very much the eyeful, wearing pants tight enough to have been painted on under a big, loose top with lots of cleavage showing. Her short blonde hair was pixie-cut, her eyes bright blue, and her smile was radiant.

The big brass doors slid aside, and Rhiannon stepped into the elevator. Checking the paper again, nervously, she picked the floor. The elevator didn’t give her time, and ‘ding’ed the floors too quickly. Her breath started to come a little faster as she stepped out, and walked down the hall…

One, three, five… here we are. She checked her watch – 11:55. Close enough to noon. She knocked on the door, and it immediately opened. “Come in, Rhiannon,” said a man’s rich, deep voice, from behind the door.

She stepped in, and the door closed behind her, revealing that it was John who’d sent the email. He smiled at her, took the two steps needed to close the difference, and lifted her into his arms, holding her close and kissing her warmly.

John wasn’t very tall – 5’10” or so – but was very wide in the chest. He was wearing a royal-blue silk robe that came to mid-thigh and that big smile on his face. “I’m very glad you made it, Rhi,” he murmured into her ear. “VERY very glad.”

She blushed as his lips closed on her earlobe, sucking gently, sending tingles throughout her body… She came back to herself, realizing he’d said something. “What?”

“I asked if you’d do me a favor, Rhiannon,” he repeated.

She looked at him, eyes darker-colored than before. “Of course, John.”

“Then go in there, my dear, and put on the robe you’ll find behind the door. It should fit you just wonderfully. Nothing else, just the robe, and that sexy little smile of yours.”

She chuckled, “You’re going to have to put me down, first, silly.”

He did, after kissing her warmly once more, making it difficult for her to stand. “Hurry back,” he said as the door closed.

Rhiannon sagged against the sink. She looked at the mirror, and saw she was blushing a deep red. She giggled and stuck her tongue teach that-bitch porno out at herself, before quickly slipping out of her clothes. Her 36-B breasts stood out proudly, her nipples already very hard, as she turned and reached for the robe – a pale blue silk robe.

She moaned, quietly, feeling the soft fabric sliding over her aroused flesh, then unzipped the rear seam on her pants, kicked off her shoes, and struggled out of the tight embrace of the fabric. Leaving her clothes in a pile, she wrapped the very long sash around her waist in a quick knot and opened the door.

John was just outside, and stepped in as the door opened, startling her a little. Again, he lifted Rhiannon in his arms, holding her by her ribs before shifting one hand lower to cup her ass through the silk. “Thank you, hon. You look so good.”

Rhiannon giggled, a sexy bubble of joy escaping in her voice. She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles together behind him. As they kissed and the heat between them grew, she started to grind on him, feeling his response growing along her lips.

“Oh, you’re a sexy little thing, aren’t you now,” he whispered into her ear, the tickle of his breath causing her to moan and let her head fall back. He stretched lower a little, and nipped gently at the corner of her jaw, sucking softly, wetly at the tender skin. Rhiannon’s hips bucked, then returned to a sexy, steady grind against the silk-clad cock of the man who held her.

One hand supporting her, clutching and squeezing her ass, John used the other to reach behind him and separate her ankles. He sat down, turning her in his lap to face away, towards the mirrored wall of the hotel. “Oh, such a sexy sight you are, Rhiannon.”

His hands ran slowly up and down her sides, pulling her closer to his chest, caressing the fabric against her skin. Rhiannon shivered again, and again as his lips and teeth returned to her earlobe. His hands released Rhiannon’s quick knot, flipping the sash to either side.

Her eyes watched as she let him take her right hand in his, curling around to leave just the tip of her index finger free. Their joined hands raised, and he wetly sucked on the tip of her finger, laving it in his mouth, caressing it with the teamskeet porno tip of his tongue. John’s other arm slipped around Rhiannon’s waist, pulling her close, holding her warmly, caressing the front of her right hip softly with the fabric.

His hand guided hers, their eyes locked in the mirror, and slowly rubbed the wetness into the edge of her jaw, from the point of her chin slowly back along the right hand side, until reaching the corner of her jaw. The finger was moved, then, so her fingernail lightly scraped over the pulse there, delicately. And the moisture started to evaporate from her flushed skin, chilling the edge of her jaw slightly.

He drew her finger lower, slowly, a fraction of an inch at a time, scraping down the long vein in her throat at that side, his other arm firm around her waist and hips, holding her ass pressed against his groin regardless of how she squirmed.

He chuckled, deep in his chest, as she moaned quietly. Her head came back to rest on his shoulder and against his cheek, and he smiled warmly. The single fingertip rocked down, so the pad of Rhiannon’s finger rested against the pulse just above her collarbone, and he started to draw small circles there, circling the pulse point. These circles started to slowly work their way back up, again following the pulse, this time easier to find as her heart raced.

Her breathing was fast and shallow, causing the robe to shift a little, opening a bit at the neck. Her legs were crossed at the ankle, resting on his knees, hiking the hem of her robe somewhat open, but still draped over her sex. The long smooth curve of her inner thighs were almost totally visible in the mirror, however.

John finally brought her finger back up to the point of her jaw, and slid the pad quickly up, and into her open mouth. “Suck on it, Rhiannon. Get it nice and wet, baby,” he whispered in her ear. She moaned as her lips closed on her own finger, tongue working quickly to coat the skin in moisture.

His tongue slipped into her ear, licking gently. As she gasped, he pulled the finger out of her mouth, and began to run the wetness back down the same vein, it again cooling the hot flesh and sending tingles coursing through her body.

This time, he didn’t stop at her collarbone, instead tecavuz porno sliding into the notch at the center of her chest. Her fingernail scraped the thin skin over the bone lightly, and again a fraction lower, along the edge, and lower again, along the front. This kept up, slowly working lower, until she reached up with her other hand, and pulled their right hands down, to cup her breast.

Rhiannon moaned as she squeezed, and John chuckled, adding pressure as well. Then John released her hand and took the right end of her sash, looping a figure-eight above and below her knee, crossing behind it, and tying off just above her kneecap. Taking her right wrist, he pulled it down and tied it in place, on top of her knee. As he tightened the knot (not too tight, but not loose enough to slip out of), she lifted her head and looked at him.

Her smile was a study in lust, and beautiful to behold.

He lifted her thigh, and wrapped the sash once around her chest, just above her silk-clad breasts before lifting her other thigh. He slipped the silk sash around her other knee, again forming a figure eight just above and below the joint, before tying her legs up and open. He gently peeled her left hand off her breast, where it was more resting than caressing, and tied that in place on top of her left knee.

The silk was gaping open, down to her stomach, but folds were still covering her sex and her breasts by some minor miracle.

“Now then, where was I before I was so rudely interrupted?” he chuckled. She watched his smile, her eyes almost black with lust. “Ah, yes, I was teasing you mercilessly….”

His much larger hands slipped between her thighs and arms, to cup her breasts through the thin blue silk. His thumbs and index fingers find and start to squeeze her nipples through the silk. Her head drops back down, her moan sexy music in his ears.

He lifts her breasts through the silk, feeling the fabric hot and smooth, and gently kneads her breasts in his large hands. Her head rolls on his shoulder, her hands gently tugging at her bonds as he continues to tease. His head turns, and his lips fasten to the pulse in her throat, sucking gently, causing her to shiver some more.

He releases her breasts, causing the fabric to rush over them, then parts her robe, pulling it wide open from just below the sash tied around her chest. She feels the cool rush of fabric and the cooler air flow over her skin, realizing that she’s fully visible. Her head comes up, and she whispers in his ear, “Take me, John,” before sucking on his earlobe.

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