Joining the Club

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Alex sat on her front porch. Feet resting on top of the railing. Her black boots shining in the morning sun. She took a long drink from the bottle of Coors she was holding. She smiled as she watched the young next-door neighbor trying to start her new Vespa that had been delivered just a couple of hours ago. The girl would crank the starter, mumble something that made her sound frustrated. Walk around the little yellow toy as if that might help. And then she would try the starter again. No luck.

Now Alex, being an avid biker with a preference for Harleys. Was well aware of the girl’s problem. In fact, the only problem she had was not listening to the two men who had delivered it. Alex, of course, setting less than fifteen feet away, had heard everything the men had told her.

She could and would help the pretty young thing, but for now, she was getting too much enjoyment watching the slender nineteen-year-old walk around and bend over in her tight lime green shorts and tightfitting red tee-shirt. The girl started to pull off the battery cover, not that she knew what it was. “Don’t do that.” Alex called to her.

The girl looked up. “It won’t start.” She said.

“Obviously.” Alex stood up. She was quite tall, nearly six-one. Her black jeans fit her tight and a black wife-beater top was tight against her lean figure. Her nipples pressed against the fabric. The leather straps around her boots were decorated with silver and turquoise and they made a distinctive clinking sound as she made her way off of the porch.

The girl just watched. She was clearly intimidated by the appearance of the twentysomething woman next door and had never made any attempt to interact with her for that reason. She stepped back as Alex approached her and her new scooter.

“I don’t know.” The girl started.

Alex raised a hand in the air. “I will fix your little toy but first, I want something.” It was the first time the girl had seen Alex up close. The fact that both of her arms were decorated with tattoos were not helping her relax.

“What?” The girl asked.

“Did you not understand me or are you asking me what I want?” Alex replied.

“Yes.” The girl said. “What?”

Alex shook her head. “What’s your name?” She said.

“Trish.” The girl said.

“I could have guessed that one.” Alex said.

“Hey.” Trish said. “What’s that mean.”

“Feisty.” Alex grinned. She took a drink of her beer. “I’m Alex. Alexa actually but who the fuck wants to be called that, right?”

“Here, hold this.” She handed the girl her beer. “Alright, look here, Trish.” She pulled at a latch at the back of the scooter and lifted the seat. She looked over at Trish. “The engine.”

Trish nodded.

“Can you see that small red lever?” She pointed down beside the engine. Trish looked in the compartment and nodded again.

“Good.” Alex said. “Reach in there and turn it until it is horizontal, not up and down.”

Trish looked at Alex. “Why?”

Alex grinned. She leaned over until her face was so close to Trish’s that Trish leaned away. “Give me my beer.” Trish handed it to her, hesitated and then reached down and turned to valve. “Why did I do that?”

“Because you want your scooter to start.” Alex took another long drink. “Start it up.”

Trish, still hesitant, sat on the seat and pressed the start switch. The little tin-tin-tin sounding motor puffed once and started.

Trish looked back at Alex. A broad smile on her face.

Alex nodded. “Fuel shut-off. Up when you stop, down when you’re ready to play road-warrior.” She smiled and handed her beer to Trish. “Have a drink.”

“Oh, I don’t drink. But thanks. Thanks a lot.” Trish said.

“Hey, you are never going to be a biker chick if you don’t drink beer?” Alex just gave her a wave and headed back to her own porch. She dropped her empty in a bucket and fished another cold one out of a cooler beside her chair. When she sat down, sweet little Trish was warily guiding her 150-c.c. bike out of her driveway and toward downtown.

Alex put her feet back on the railing and whispered. “What could have been.”

The following Saturday, Alex was in her own driveway. She was shining the extensive chrome on her custom cycle. The frame was a 1990 Harley Springer. The engine was a 2000 Excelsior-Henderson. 1400 c.c. The headers were straight unmuffled pipes with a few wads of steel wool inserted in the exhaust tips in an effort to ward off the excessive-noise tickets. Her rear tire was an 18″ Fat Boy Metzeler. It also had Magnum Brembo Disc Brakes. What wasn’t chrome was flat black. Lean. Clean, and deadly fast.

She heard Trish speaking from somewhere behind her. “Wow.” london escort agency Trish said. “No wonder you made fun of my little scooter.”

Alex looked at her. “I did not make fun of your ride.”

“My ride?” Trish asked.

“Fine.” Alex said. “Your scooter.”

“Well, you didn’t seem very impressed with it.” Trish offered.

Alex straightened, wiping her hands on a shop rag. She pointed to her bike. “Why don’t you let me take you for a ride on this?”

“Oh, I don’t think so. Is it really safe?” Trish asked.

“No.” Alex said. “In fact, we are likely to die in a horrific, fiery crash.”

“That’s not funny.” Trish said.

“No.” Alex said. “It’s not.” She smiled at Trish. “Go get changed. I promise I’ll be careful and bring you back safe and sound.”

“Hey, what’s wrong with how I’m dressed?” Trish asked.

“Those.” Alex pointed. “Are shorts and those, she pointed to the bike, are very hot pipes. You need jeans.” She looked at Trish’s sneakers. “You should wear boots.” She grinned when she eyed Trish’s tight Tee shirt. “The shirt can stay.”

“Gee, anything else?” Trish said.

“Yea.” Alex added. “Tie your hair up some way and hurry the fuck up. I’m leaving in ten minutes.”

Trish turned and seemed to hurry off. Alex watched her. The girl had an amazing little ass.

When Trish returned. Alex was setting on her bike. She had added her leather jacket. Trish was in faded jeans, old lace up boots and a red scarf tied her blonde hair in a ponytail. “What do I do now?”

Alex tilted her head. “You’re in back sweetie.”

Trish laughed. “Sure.” She said and climbed on behind Alex. The bike was in gear and rolling down the drive before Trish was ready. She gripped Alex around the waist, holding on tight.

It was too loud to talk until the bike came to a stop at a red light. “Sorry.” Trish said. “I didn’t mean to grab you like that, but you took off so fast.”

“Yea.” Alex said. “That’s why I did it.” The bike took off again. Trish gripped Alex around the waist again. Both girls were smiling when Alex took the left onto Canyon Drive. For next fifteen miles the road rose up into the foothills. Even with the curves, Alex kept her speed at near sixty. Trish kept her arms around Alex and Alex’s left hand was now resting on Trish’s knee.

They rode over Black mountain and down into a small valley. Along a section of Dixon creek and then turned back south. A new route took them over the hills again and dropped them into the north side of town. Twenty minutes thru late day traffic and the bike turned into Alex’s drive once more.

Alex turned the engine off, but Trish didn’t move. Her hands still gripping around her waist, her cheek pressing on Alex’s back. Alex reached back. Her hand patted Trish’s thigh. ‘Hey, sweetie. We are home.”

“I know.” Trish said. “That was fucking amazing.”

“A little crude but, okay.” Alex said,

“Well, it was.” Trish said.

Alex finally put the kickstand down and stood up. Trish released her hold on her. When she was off, Alex grinned at Trish. “See, no fiery crash.”

Trish slid off of the bike. She looked at Alex. Alex pointed at the front door. “How about that beer?”

“You mean, now that I’m a biker chick?” Trish grinned.

“Well, you’re closer than you were.” Alex replied.

Trish followed Alex into the house and leaned against the kitchen counter while Alex retrieved two beers from the fridge. She twisted off the caps, handing one to Trish. “Why are you staring at me like that?” Trish asked. Alex was just standing there, her beer halfway to her mouth. Looking into Trish’s eyes.

Alex leaned forward. When Trish pulled away, Alex said. “Don’t do that.”

“But.” Trish tried to speak but Alex had started rubbing the tip of her cold beer bottle over Trish’s lips.

Trish turned her head. “I asked you not do that.” Trish turned back to face Alex.

“You’re scaring me.” Trish said.

“Don’t be afraid.” Alex said. “Not of me.” She lowered her beer and leaned in closer. Her lips brushing Trish’s. The kiss that followed was soft, gentle, very feminine. Quite unlike the persona she normally portrayed.

Trish didn’t back away, but Alex could tell she was very nervous and near ready to run out the door.

“You have never kissed a woman before?” Alex whispered. Her mouth so close to Trish’s skin.

“I think you kissed me.” Trish said.

Alex smiled. “Then kiss me.” She said.

Trish immediately tensed. She nearly dropped her beer. “I. I don’t think.” She stammered.

“That’s right.” Alex said. She was so close. Her mouth an inch away from Trish’s. “Don’t think.” She whispered.

Ever escort london so slowly, Trish pressed her lips the Alex. She was trembling. Scared. But she kissed her, and it wasn’t just a brush. She held the kiss. Her lips were moist. She tilted her head to the side. Their mouths fit together like two pieces of an erotic puzzle.

Alex was first to pull back. “Tell me.” She said.

“Tell you what?” Trish asked.

“How did that make you feel?” Alex replied.

Trish smiled, she thought. “Like a biker chick in a gay bar?”

Alex took a long drink. “Drink your beer.” She said.

Trish took a drink. “Then what?”

Alex put a hand on Trish’s side, turning her toward the front door. “We finish these on the porch. Then you go home.”

When the two were settled in the old wooden Adirondack chairs, Alex with her boots on the railing, Trish started laughing.

“What?” Alex asked.

“If I were to tell any of my friends about today, they would probably think I had gone nuts.” Trish said.

“You sorry?” Alex asked.

Trish grinned. “About the ride or the kiss?”

“Kisses, plural.” Alex corrected.

“Right.” Trish said. “Significant difference.”

“Significant.” Alex agreed.

“Both, I guess” Trish almost whispered that.

Trish tilted up her bottle. She had emptied her first beer ever.

“Another?” Alex asked.

“If I drink one more, you’ll have to pour me into bed.” Trish said.

Alex fished two more beers from the cooler. She stood up and came over beside Trish. She offered one of the beers to her. Trish hesitated quite a long time but finally she took it.

Alex took her hand and pulled her to her feet. With one arm around Trish’s waist, She kissed her again. “Spend the night.”

Trish grinned. “I’m not gay.” She said.

“You’ve never tried it. How do you know?” Alex said.

When Alex turned toward the screen door, she was still holding Trish’s hand and the girl followed along.

Once in the bedroom, Alex looked at Trish and nodded at the bed. “Sit.” She said and Trish sat down on the edge. Alex sat on a chair in the corner and proceeded to pull off her boots. When she stood, she came closer to Trish and smiled.

As she watched the girl, she unbuckled her belt. The button of her jeans was next and then the zipper clicked slowly down. “I like being with beautiful girls.” She said. Alex worked her jeans over her hips, leaned forward, her eyes still on Trish, and pulled the jeans free.

When she straightened, Alex stepped closer to Trish. She used a finger to lift her face. Leaning down, their lips touched. Alex’s tongue extended slightly. She licked over Trish’s mouth and then Trish opened her own and that searching tongue entered.

Alex pulled away before Trish really wanted her to, but she watched as Alex pealed her top off and tossed it aside. She was braless. Nothing remained but her black sink panties. With a simple tug on Trish’s arm, the girl stood. After another quick kiss, Alex whispered. “Your turn.”

She took Trish’s place on the bed. but Alex laid down on her side. She watched as Trish tried to decide exactly what she should do.

Trish saw Alex slip the fingers of her right hand into those panties. She watched and the impression her fingers were making beneath the silk clearly indicated that they were between her legs and rubbing her own sex.

Trish looked down at her laced up boots. She grinned. “I guess I have to sit down.”

Alex nodded. “Sit.”

Trish went to the chair and proceeded to untie and pull off her boots. When she had returned to beside the bed, she too unbuckled her belt and lowered the zipper of her jeans. The tight fitting jeans were as difficult to remove as Alex’s were but once they and her tee were gone, She stood there as incredibly beautiful as Alex had imagined.

Trish reached for the top of her panties. “Leave them on.” Alex said.

Trish looked at her. A questioning expression on her face. Alex rolled onto her back. “Come here.” She said.

Trish eased herself onto the bed beside Alex. “Take mine off.” Alex whispered and she began licking the length of Trish’s neck. Trish reached for Alex’s panties and took her time working them down Alex’s legs until Alex just kicked them to the floor.

Alex wrapped an arm around Trish and guided the girl on top of her. “You’ve never been with a woman.” She whispered. “You should learn.” A kiss, a smile and the slightest bit of encouragement by Alex’s hand on Trish’s shoulder and the girl began to ease her way down Alex’s body. Kissing and licking as she made her way along.

Trish tasted the salty hint of a woman’s skin london escorts for the first time. Her lips encircled her first breast. Her tongue flicked over her first nipple. As she kissed her way over Alex’s Abdomen, She grew more aroused. Alex drew her knees up. Trish settled between her legs. She used her fingers to open Alex’s labia. Alex was already moist. Her fluids seeping onto Trish’s fingers.

“Use your mouth, baby.” Alex whispered. She reached for Trish. Her fingers touching her hair. She gripped a handful and gently guided the girl to her sex. Her needy sex. She had been imagining this encounter ever since she first saw this beauty in her lime green bikini washing her Volkswagen in the driveway.

As Trish’s tongue tentatively licked along the folds of her labia, Alex moaned. Her ass twitched as the hesitant tongue cause a tingling sensation in her clitoris. But for now, she was content to be pleasured by this girl learning what it meant to be with another woman for the first time. Happy to let her explore another woman’s body.

Alex smiled to herself knowing that her time for multiple orgasms would arrive soon enough. She was going to teach Trish how to pleasure another woman. She was going to teach Trish what it meant to be a member of the club. Her club.

Within a few minutes, Trish was growing more comfortable, more aroused herself, as she felt Alex responding to her. Alex was arching her back, lifting her ass slightly. She had raised her feet up off of the bed and they were now planted on Trish’s back.

Surprisingly, the thought of another woman controlling her in such a way was causing Trish’s vagina to ooze out her own sexual juices. She had never though that she would ever be interested in being with a woman. And being submissive to anyone was far from anything she could imagine. But here she was. Between the legs of this beautiful, dominant biker woman. A woman who was always in control wherever she was. A woman who was, at present, teaching her what she desired and how Trish should give it to her. And Trish was content to learn. Even fortunate to be taught how the serve this woman.

Then Alex’s grip on Trish’s hair tightened. She lifted her ass far off of the bed. “Suck.” She said. Alex’s free hand reached to her mound. Her fingers pressed down forcing the fleshy hood to retract and exposing her clitoris. Trish’s mouth was guided up, finding the slippery pearl and her lips took it, Her tongue lashed at it and not knowing why or how, she gave her new girlfriend the first of many orgasms.

Alex humped as she rode out an amazing climax. She was soaking the sheets. Trish was locked onto her precious gem and refused to release it until every ounce of pleasure had been extracted.

When Alex’s legs finally fell onto the bed beside Trish. When her fingers eased from Trish’s hair. When her breathing calmed, Alex placed a hand on the Trish’s cheek and patted gently.

“Go get us a couple more beers, sweetie.” Trish giggled, her head still resting on Alex’s thigh. She crawled off of the bed and made her way toward the door.

“Hey.” Alex said and Trish stopped and looked back. “You have an amazing ass.”

“Glad you like it.” She gave a little twist as she left the room. When she returned, Alex had pulled herself into a sitting position, leaning against the headboard.

She handed Alex a beer and took a drink of her own. Alex patted her thigh and, intuitively. Trish crawled back onto the bed to lay beside her but lower on the bed, so her head rested once again on Alex’s thigh.

Alex drank her beer, so did Trish, mostly in silence. Her free hand caressed Trish’s back.

“I like the way you feel.” Trish said. Her fingers tracing along Alex’s leg.

“How about the way I taste?” Alex asked.

“A little crude.” Trish said. “But yea, that too.”

“Why did you think that was a crude thing for me to say?” Alex asked.

Trish kissed Alex on her abdomen. “You might be very familiar with this, what do you call it? Lifestyle?” Trish said. “But it’s all very new and a little scarry to me.”

“I call it great sex.” Alex said.

“Yea, but certainly not the normal.” Trish said.

“Ha, what the fuck is normal anymore?” Alex said.

“I’ll give you that.” Trish said as she finished her beer.

Alex took the bottle from her and tossed both of them on the floor causing at least one of them to break.

“We’re both barefoot” Trish said. “What the hell are we going to do now. It’s dark and the light switch is over there somewhere.”

Alex rolled Trish onto her back. She scooted down and finding her mouth, kissed her. “Guess we should stay in bed until the sun comes up. You know, so we can see?”

“So we can see?” Trish repeated.

Alex slowly sat up, her legs on either side of Trish, knees bent. As she began to scoot forward, Trish realized she was about to get another important lesson in how to pleasure a woman.

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