Joy to My World

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I’ve been bullied all throughout school. Grade, middle, and especially high. It didn’t matter. Living in a small mid-western town, a town where the high school football team reigned supreme, the cheerleaders were the prettiest, most popular and came from the wealthier families. I never fit in. Our family was best classified as lower middle class. We didn’t want for anything but neither did we travel to Disneyland over the summer.

It didn’t help that I was smart, wore glasses a little too big for my small frame and was what my mom called a late bloomer, meaning while most girls were buying their second or even third bras because they were developing, I didn’t even have to wear one. I took to wearing baggy sweaters and shirts all the time. I finally grew some breasts over the summer when I was going into my junior year but I was still super self-conscious of my body. However, it was the next summer, the summer when I turned eighteen and became a senior, that was the turning point in my life. That summer was when Joy came into town.

Joy was what one would call a goth chick. That meant she was about as popular as I was. Wearing all black with chalk white skin and ruby red lipstick, the first thing that I noticed about her was that she took some of the bullying off of me. The clique, meaning the cheerleaders instantly took a disliking to her and went after her with their barbs. Rumors quickly spread that Joy was a lesbian. Well, the word people used was a lot less polite. The biggest difference between Joy and me, besides how we dressed, was the fact that she fought back, going right after Lizzie, the head cheerleader, word for word.

It took a lot of courage for an introvert like me to finally one day sit somewhat near her in the cafeteria. I’d just learned what a dyke, for that was the word that was used, was when I looked it up on my computer the first time, I’d heard Joy being called that. It was an eye-opening experience. I was never really interested in sexual matters. I’d laughed self-deprecatingly when my mom gave me the talk, telling her she didn’t have to worry about me getting pregnant since no boy would even look at me.

When I actually said “Hi” to Joy, the clique took it as an opportunity to call me a dyke as well, which caused me to burst into tears. What really frightened me was that I was worried that they might be right. The pictures I was looking at when I was finished with my homework wasn’t boys. They were pics of women, mainly goth women to be honest. Crying in the hallway next to my locker surrounded by a group of cheerleaders did nothing to dissuade their taunts.

“Oh, look Rat!” said Lizzie using their favorite name for me. “Here comes your girlfriend now.” Sure enough, Joy was walking down the hall, looking upset. “Hey Wednesday, your little girlfriend’s been missing you.” Lizzie taunted, causing the other girls to burst out laughing.”

“Says the bitch walking around with a pack of cunt-lickers who always hangs out in the girl’s locker room.” Joy shot back. “So, run off to your favorite place and take your gaggle of twats with you so they can kiss your ass some more.” Lizzie looked shocked and was momentarily speechless.

“Fuck you, dyke!” Lizzie finally said, trying in vain with a comeback but she did leave, followed by, as Joy called them, her gaggle of twats.

“Thanks.” I mumbled as Joy walked past. She stopped and turned to me.

“Rebecca, right?” I nodded. “Look, their going to keep this shit up until you fucking grow a pair and stand up to them.” Again, I nodded, knowing what she said was true. “You need a ride?” I was so tempted to say no but it was pouring rain and I had a long walk home.

“Yeah, thanks.” I mumbled again. Grabbing my bookbag, I followed Joy to her car. It was Friday and both my parents worked late so I cautiously asked Joy if she wanted to come inside when she stopped in front of my house. To my surprise, after a second, she said yes.

“Sorry.” I said when we walked in.

Joy looked at me quizzically. “For what?”

“We aren’t rich.” I replied. Our furniture was used and my family didn’t have all the nice features of everyone that lived around us had. My mom kept a nice clean house though.

“So?” Joy said. I smiled and relaxed a little asking if she wanted a coke. I grabbed two of them, then took her to my room, my sanctuary. We sat down on my bed, an uncomfortable silence settling between us. “You don’t have many people over, do you?” Joy finally asked. Letting out a little laugh, I admitted she was the first. “Go ahead and ask. I know you want to.” she said, then taking a swig of her drink.

“Ask what?”

“Come on Becky,” Joy said, giving me a look that she knew what was on my mind.

Taking a deep breath, I tentatively asked “Are you?”

“What would you do if I said yes? Freak out and throw me out of the house?” Joy said. She didn’t sound upset, asking matter-of-factly.

“No!” I responded, maybe a little too quickly. “I mean, no, I really don’t care if you’re a lesbian poker oyna or not.”

Joy let out a laugh. “Really? Okay, yeah, I’ve kissed girls before. Happy?”

I swallowed nervously, my heart racing at the revelation. “Lucky you.” I said, hastily adding “at least you’ve kissed somebody.” when Joy’s eyebrow raised in speculation.

Joy shrugged. “It’s not that big a deal.” she said. “I mean, where I come from.”

“I wish I was there instead of here.” I said, not realizing how that could be interpreted.

“Becky, there are assholes all over the place.” Joy replied softly, placing her hand on mine. I flinched a little, not used to friendly contact but didn’t pull back.

“I know but it would be nice to be somewhere where I could, you know, just be myself.” I could feel my eyes getting moist and my voice cracked a little when I spoke. Years of bullying were threatening to come to the forefront. So, I decided to change the subject. “Hey, there’s another rumor about you.” I said in a light-hearted whisper.

“Oh, really? Just one?” Joy replied sardonically. We both laughed, her hand still on mine. “Which one is it?”

“Well, rumor has it that you got your, um, nipples pierced?”

Joy let out a loud laugh. “Wow! Something that’s true!”

“Really?” I said. It was amazing to me that I knew someone who’d done something I’d only seen online.

“Yeah. Wanna see?” My mouth went bone dry and all I could do was give a slight nod. Joy smiled and began to unbutton her shirt. Very soon, her black, lacy bra was visible. I was doing my best to appear calm but my eyes were glued to her body as she reached around and undid her bra, letting it fall from her body.

Joy had slightly smaller tits than mine but her nipples were more prominent. Both of them had a little loop like her earrings piercing them. On top of that, on her right breast, the word “Deviant” was tattooed in black, gothic lettering.

I could feel my body trembling at the sight of her body. All I could say was “Your mom let you?” feeling like an idiot as soon as I said it.

“Yeah, my mom even drove me to get the tattoo. It was my eighteenth birthday present.” I couldn’t stop looking, then blushed when I realized I was staring. Looking up, I noticed that Joy had the strangest smile on her face. “Of course, you know how the game is played.” I shook my head no even though I knew very well what she was going to say next. “I showed you mine. Now it’s your turn.”

I thought about ending it right here but then realized that it was nothing that Joy and I hadn’t seen in gym class. “You’ll laugh at me.” I said, morosely.

“Why would I do that?” Joys asked, taken aback. She seemed so comfortable in her body. “Do you have like three tits or something? Cause if you do, that would be fucking awesome.” We both laughed.

“No, because everyone does.” I said.

“Who? Lizzie and her lezzies?” I nodded, again fighting the negative feelings. “Look,” Joy said, taking my hand in hers again. “I’m not going to tell you how to live your life but if you don’t stick up for yourself Becky, people will walk all over you.”

“Yeah, but you don’t know what it’s like to be an…”

“What, an outcast?” Joy interrupted. “Yeah, cause I fucking fit in.” I let out a choking half-laugh. “Listen, I don’t give one rat’s fuck,” hearing my nickname made me cringe. “about what those bitches think about me. And neither should you.” I nodded, knowing that she was right. “Your smart. Hell, I bet my car that you’ll be making six figures while Lizzie’s pumping out her sixth kid.” I did genuinely laugh as that image flitted through my head. “Now quit stalling and show me your tits.”

Emboldened by Joy’s pep talk. I gripped the bottom of my sweater, quickly pulling it off as well as taking off my bra, not wanting to lose my nerve. For a second, Joy said nothing and the butterflies in my stomach grew into vultures as I thought she would start laughing. Instead, Joy’s eyes grew big and she let out an appreciative whistle.

“Look,” Joy said, breaking her gaze from my chest. “I’ve seen a lot of girl’s tits and yours are pretty fucking nice.” I blushed at her words, maybe thrusting my chest out a little. “Now I know why Lizzie teases you. She’s jealous.” We giggled and finished our cokes, each trying and failing to not gaze at each other’s bared breasts. I don’t know what came over me but I caught myself as my hand reached out. Blushing, I started to apologize. Instead, Joy took my hand and placed it on her right breast.

I froze, not knowing what to do, when Joy reached up and cupped mine. She ran her fingers lightly on my skin and brushed my nipple with the palm of her hand. The feeling was indescribable. I closed my eyes as her other hand went to my other breast. My lips were slightly parted as I leaned my body forward, pressing my breasts into her hands. That’s when I felt a soft pair of lips touch mine.

Again, I froze, my eyes widening in shock. When Joy pulled back, she saw the look on my face. “Too soon?” canlı poker oyna she asked, crestfallen. For a second, I didn’t do anything. Then, without even thinking about it, I leaned in and kissed her on the mouth.

Joy tentatively wrapped her arms around my body, pulling me in close. Her nipples were brushing against my breasts as I gripped her shoulders. Then, I felt her tongue lick my lips. I didn’t know what to do so I parted them to stick my own tongue out. It was at that moment when Joy introduced me to the pleasures of French kissing.

When we finally came up for air, Joy and I looked at each other. There was uncertainty in the air, as if we didn’t know where to go next. “Not a bad kisser, Becky.” Joy said as she licked her lips.

“You’re my first.” I answered truthfully. I was so turned on; I was ready to pounce. “So, um, what now?” I instead asked.

“Well, that depends on how far you’re willing to go.” Joy answered, a smile on her painted lips.

“How far have you gone?” I was almost afraid to find out, to be truthful.

Joy laughed. “Baby, I’ve gone plenty far with another woman. Let’s just say, from my experience, every lady taste differently.”

“Taste? As in…”

“Hell yeah. But we don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with.”

I glanced at the clock, noticing that we would be alone for another couple of hours. “I mean, well, what would you like me to do?”

“You sure about this?” Joy asked. When I nodded, she smiled and then ordered me to strip.

“Naked?” I nervously asked.

“Down to your skin.” Joy said. Again, like when I took off my shirt and bra, I took a deep breath, then quickly disrobed. I felt vulnerable, shifting from one leg to the other, using my hand to hide my fur covered mound.

Joy sat there for a moment, a hungry look in her eyes. She then reached out, taking me by the wrist and standing up in one movement.

I bit my lower lip as Joy leaned in and kissed me again. Her hands caressed my back as our tongues wrestled. Then, I let out a surprised squeak as Joy’s hands traveled down to my bottom. She kneaded my butt cheeks for a moment as our bodies pressed together. When she pulled back from the kiss, she whispered “Ready?” I nodded, then felt her guide me back onto my bed, spread my legs wide and crawl between them, covering my body with hers.

The first thing Joy did was remove my glasses. It’s weird but I had never felt that vulnerable until she did that, not even when I was undressed. My eyes were closed in anticipation and I felt the briefest of kisses on each eyelid, then on my lips. Her fingertips were running up and down my arms in a light caress as she gently bit down on my neck, causing me to gasp. But the really amazing feeling came when Joy took my right nipple in between her velveteen lips and suckled.

The sensation was incredible. It was at that moment when I found out my nipples are amazingly sensitive. Joy’s right hand was playing with my other breast as her tongue traced around my areola, then lightly flicked my nipple into aching hardness. Without thinking, my hands tried to float to my vagina, only to be blocked by Joy’s body. I let out a little whimper when she left my right breast only to sigh in pleasure when she began to tease my left one with her mouth.

My body writhed; I could feel Joy’s nipple rings rubbing against my stomach. She must have sensed that I was getting a little too worked up because she left my breast and planted little kisses all over my tummy

I was grinning like a cat, letting out giggles as Joy unmercifully tickled me. Then I froze when I felt her kiss my mound. “I can stop now.” she said, pausing before taking the plunge. “Do you want me to, baby?”

I hesitated for just a second, then shook my head no, unable to say the word. As soon as I did that, I felt Joy’s fingers pry my vagina apart. Then, everything went kind of hazy. Joy ran her tongue from the bottom of my slit all the way to my clitoris, giving it a little extra tongue flick at the end. Up until this point in my life, I didn’t think anything could feel so damn amazing. I’d tried masturbation once or twice but it never really did anything for me. But this, this feeling that Joy was giving me as she lapped eagerly at my wetness was almost indescribable. Tingles shot through my body, my hand flying to my tits. When Joy pressed her tongue to the entrance to my pussy and licked the sensitive skin, I let out a scream as all the nerves fired off at once.

Joy didn’t relent, either. My whole body felt like it was on a roller coaster as another wave hit me. I’m not sure when she stopped licking. The next thing I consciously realized was that I was breathing heavily. Opening my eyes, I could make out the blurry image of Joy on her knees between my legs.

“You okay, Becky?” Joy asked, rubbing my inner thigh. I let out a breathy laugh.

“Yeah.” I said. I tried to say something else but my brain was still a bit fogged over. Joy flopped down next to me on the bed and internet casino I rolled over onto my side. Her beautiful face was in focus now; her perfect lips, brilliant blue eyes I could lose myself in, a cute, upturned nose. It was all clear to me. I reached behind her head, pulling her into a kiss.

When we broke the kiss, I looked at her with uncertainty. “You don’t have to Becky.” Joy said gently.

“But I want to.” I said, which was true. Ever since I’d seen my first naked goth girl on the computer, I fantasized about this moment with Joy. “I…I just don’t know how to start and you’ll be disappointed.”

Joy laughed. “Come on baby. Just the fact that you’re willing to try is fucking turning me on.” I smiled when she said that. I could see that she meant it. “Now, I’m going to stand up and strip for you, okay?”

My mouth went dry again as I rolled over so I could watch. Joy stood close to me and put on a little show. Slowly lowering her skirt, then her panties which matched her bra, then each silky stocking. What struck me first was that instead of having a lightly trimmed bush like mine, Joy only had a small strip of hair on her mound. It was like a roadmap for me to follow.

When she climbed up on the bed again, Joy mad sure to rub her body against mine. Laying down on her back, she looked at me and gave me a wink, smiling cheekily. I smiled back, then reached out and brushed the tips of my fingers on her nipples. Inspired by what was done to me, I started lightly kissing Joy’s neck. It must have been an erogenous zone for her because she let out little moans of appreciation.

I would love to be able to say that I took my time, teasing and tasting Joy’s body in the same way she did mine. But, honestly, I couldn’t control myself. After sucking on her nipples, playing with her rings with my tongue, for a few moments, I moved down her body and settled in between her legs.

Joy’s vagina was beautiful. Full lips, that when spread by my fingers, revealed a dark pink interior that was already slick with her juices. There was a wonderfully pungent aroma wafting to my nose that made my mouth water. Joy shivered in anticipation as I leaned in and breathed cool air on her hot skin. Her little, pink clitoris peeked from its hood as I slowly leaned in.

Then, I had my first taste of another woman’s pussy.

It surprised me on how sweet Joy’s fluids were. I’d always heard it tasted like fish but as soon as her girl goo hit my tongue, I knew in my heart this wouldn’t be the only pussy I would ever lick. I eagerly lapped it all up, my tongue exploring every inch of her vagina. Pursing my lips, I kissed Joy’s clit, then sucked it in, causing her to gasp.

After nibbling on her clit, I pulled back a little. Noticing Joy’s entrance, I tentatively touched it with my finger before I pushed it into her. The inside of her vagina was hot, moist and wonderfully soft. I didn’t realize what I’d done when I curled my finger, touching the skin but the way she reacted meant that I must have hit her g spot. It was a new-found knowledge that I took full advantage of as I added another finger, tickling that area unmercifully.

Joy cried out as I felt her fluids coat my hand. Removing my fingers, I quickly moved back in to licking her. She wrapped her fingers in my hair, holding my head in place as used my tongue as a spoon, scooping up all her yummy goo.

I finally stopped when Joy let go of my hair, her hand flopping beside her body. I paused for a moment, just gazing at her beautiful pussy, hoping that this wouldn’t be the last time. Moving up to lay next to her, I giggled softly at her serene expression, so unlike the scowl she usually had on her face at school.

“Um,” I began, hesitating for a second before asking “how did I do?”

Joy let out a breathy laugh. “Baby, shut up and kiss me.” Smiling, I leaned over and French kissed her deeply. “That was damn good.” she said when we broke the kiss. “You are a fucking natural.”

It was so good to hear those words. That I’d brought pleasure to another person. Then, I glanced at the clock and realized that it wouldn’t be much longer before my mom walked in to the house.

Joy noticed the look of concern on my face. “Time to get dressed, huh?” she said. I nodded, kissed her again, then sat up. She handed me my glasses, then kind of rolled off the bed, gathering her clothes. I waited for the weirdly awkward feeling to kick in but, instead, I felt hesitatingly hopeful.

“Um, what now?” I asked. Would we start dating? Were we girlfriends? Could I be a lesbian?

“What?” Joy said, looking at me. “Do you mean are we going to be holding hands at school and kissing in the hallway?” I nodded, uncertain of our relationship. Joy let out a little laugh. “Look, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t mind doing that at all but it’s up to you Becky.”

“Yeah, um, I wouldn’t mind it either but, well, can we maybe just hang out at first?”

“Sure.” Joy replied. “Tell ya what. If you can come up with about a hundred bucks, I’ll take you to the city so you can get some normal shirts. You really have a knock-out body that you shouldn’t be ashamed of.” My breath caught when Joy said that. How would my parents react?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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