Jude’s Surprise

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Dinner time in the Barker house. Always a welcome respite from the cooler weather. My husband Lucas and I had originally come from Australia, as did our two dinner companions – Zachary and his husband Kyle. We were not just friends. We had been companions in life from day one.

You see, Lucas’s mother and my mother were best friends. So were Lucas and Zachary’s fathers. They all worked for the same company and socialised a lot outside of work. Hence we children grew up together. As teenagers, we wanted to see the world and we went on one of those cultural exchanges. Lucas, Zak and I ended up in the Florida Keys for six months. It was a most excellent bonding tool and it put us in good stead when we all ended up in London a few years later. Over the years, we had these dinners a lot. They were much like the dinners our parents used to throw. As children, we would hide behind doors and listen in on their intent conversations about music, film and sex. Here I was, doing the exact same thing, and I wondered if my three children were hiding behind the door. Yes, I had become a mother of three since marrying my husband six years ago. Zach and Kyle had been married three years.

“So how is it with the baby stuff? I know you were seriously considering having a child together. I almost did not want to ask because you haven’t mentioned it for a while?”

“Well, Jude, Kyle and I were waiting for the right moment. We ended up going to get our sperm tested, just to see who had the better swimmers of us both.”

“Turns out Zachary’s sperm is just fine. Mine? Not that many and well…they are not the best swimmers. I am not concerned though. As long as one of us had the right stuff”

We laughed. It was not out of the ordinary to talk about such things so openly but Lucas and I were genuinely interested in their parenthood goals.

“So the next step is finding a surrogate and using donor eggs. It is difficult because you are not allowed to just advertise for a surrogate, you have specific channels to go through. I am finding it all quite stressful already”

“I did wonder how it all worked. Well…Lucas and I were discussing this very thing the other week. I have had three children. I am not sure I want anymore. But I am not too old yet and I do love being pregnant. So would you consider using me as a surrogate?”

That was enough for Zachary to drop his fork.

“Oh come on now. you cannot be serious”

“I am dead serious. Lucas and I have seen you two go through this thing for the last six months. All that angst and worry. It is my belief that, you have to have a surrogate in mind when you go to do the whole impregnation right?”

“Yes. So are you saying that…you will carry our child for us?”

“Yes, and you may as well use my eggs too. At least the baby would know who its biological mother was. I can come along with you two, and what do they do? Take eggs from me and mix it in a petri dish with your sperm.”

“Something like that. It sounds crudely scientific”

“Well, Zak and Kyle…I was the one who suggested it to Jude and…it need not be as scientific as that.”

Zachary looked at me with a look I did not quite recognise.

“So how would we…oh…no turkey basting operation. You want to conceive the child by means of of…sex.”

“Well, if you are more comfortable going the other way but it would save a lot of time and money.”

Kyle had been relatively quiet during dinner and spoke up at that point.

“Well Zak, you cannot look a gift horse in the mouth. So you should be intimate with Jude in order to conceive our child. I cannot think of the words. That is such a beautiful offer, you two. Fucking hell Zak, we are going to be parents.”

“Hold your horses, sweetheart. We haven’t even consummated the relationship yet. Okay, so are you sure you are fine with this?”

“I am more worried about you. You are gay. I am not. You won’t be…horrified at making love amatör porno to a woman?”

“Oh, of course not. Not when it is you. I have known you all my life, Jude. One thing is for certain. This child will be conceived with a great deal of love between all parties. Not a romantic love. But a family love.”

It was true. Lucas and I had always discussed the idea of me being an egg donor. I figured I was that fertile if I managed three children in six years. But when the idea of me having sex with Zachary in order to procreate came up, I was a little afraid. Within weeks, we had a set plan and of course, no one gets pregnant off the first shot. I had no idea if it would even happen. But we agreed that I would meet Zachary in a hotel room twice a week. We did not live that far from one another, but we didn’t want our husbands in the way. Not that Kyle or Lucas minded at all. This was no romance. Just a different kind of love.

Before I knew it, I had arrived at the hotel after dinner. I was going to spend the night there. I had no idea how to prepare for this. Do I dress sexy? No, because he is gay. He is not into you like that. Do I wax my pussy? Well, I did as I noticed Zak was virtually hairless apart from the hair on top of his head. I had showered and sprayed myself with a fine mist of a woody smelling perfume. I felt like an idiot for not knowing how to present myself in a sexually attractive light. I then heard the knock on the door. This definitely did not feel sexy at all!

“Come in.”

“Oh there, you are. Sorry, I am a little late. Work was a bit busy. You have eaten, right?”

“I had dinner at home before I came here. This room…it feels so sterile. This…this feels strange.”

“What are you worried about?”

“I have been a little paranoid about you being repulsed. Or not knowing what you are doing. Not that me having an orgasm is important.”

“Isn’t it? I know orgasm for you may not seem important to you but it is to me. I know I will not be as good as Lucas, but I still think I can manage to make you come.”

“Have you ever had sex with a woman?”

“I have.”

“Was that after you broke up with Dean?”

“Yes. Do you remember when I was going to that martini bar all the time? It was not just because the drinks were fantastic. I got to know a woman who went there all the time a lot. I felt so odd because, in my lifetime, I had not felt strongly attracted to any woman. Sure, I do find some appealing to look at but this woman made my cock stir. There was something in the way she used to drink the cocktails and the conversation was always intelligent. She knew I was gay. But after going to that bar for three months, I was not so sure anymore.”

“Was she your first?”

“First woman, yes. There were a couple of others and then along came Kyle. Kyle just proved I form romantic bonds with men. Women, on the other hand, I can appreciate their bodies sexually. A woman’s body and mind do turn me on but I cannot form a long-term bond with one.”

“I had no idea”

“No one really knows what I was up to during that time. Well, I was writing my next book, I was spending a lot of spare time at the bar and having casual sex with women.”

“Wonders never cease.”

“As for you…how about you slip your dress off. I have known you for years but I have never once seen you bare. You were not overly keen on swimming so I never saw you in a swimsuit either.”


As I slipped out of my dress, I revealed what I was wearing. Black lace is really never wasted on anybody. All the talk had not helped my nerves. I had concerns my friendship with Zachary, which had existed from the day he was born – I first laid eyes on him as a newborn when I was four years old – would be irrevocably ruined. I looked at him, looking for a sign of registration of sorts. He smiled rather giddily.

“I always knew there was an attractive body that anal porno went along with the firecracker personality. It is no wonder Lucas ended up with you in the end.”

“I always thought fate had to put us together. I mean, his father and my mother were best friends at school. Actually, so is Lucas’s mother. Both his parents befriended my mother at high school. I was always amazed they kept a friendship for so long despite everything.”

“Then there is my father who was a latecomer to the friendship circle but nevertheless, he was there.”

“Kiss me?”

I need not have worried as he came across. He had seemingly taken his pants and top off so I was left with a rather muscular body and a tight pair of trunks. It was a body very different to Lucas’s, Lucas was tall and wiry. Zachary was tall but well built and as he came up against me, I could feel the stiffness of his dick. His lips met mine. There was a slight hesitation in the rhythm then his tongue slipped into my mouth. We were past the point of being friends now. HIs hands went around my back to remove my bra and I found the points of my nipples rubbed against his chest. Hands began to wander. His long fingers were piano player fingers. His hand inched ever closer to my underwear when I suddenly stopped kissing him.

“Oh no, is there something wrong?”

“No. I guess I feel a bit guilty I am feeling quite horny right now,”

“Are you just?”

He kept looking right at me as his hand slipped underneath the thin panel of silk and lace. Slowly rubbing my clit, I started to become a little breathless. His other hand pinched and pulled at my nipples before he slipped a finger in my mouth to suck. I had not imagined it would be so sexual. His cock continued to stiffen and strain against the fabric of his trunks. We were pulled together again and he began to peel my panties off. I pulled his trunks down. He had a hand between my legs and my hand got a hold of a rather silken cock which felt warm and ready. We would remove hands and press against one another as I felt the coolness of his pre-cum.

We ended up on the bed. Mutual masturbation so we grew hotter and heavier. He took a nipple in his mouth and gently sucked. The fingers did finger eights over my stomach. I had been a little self-conscious about my body. I had had three children, including one C section so there was a faint scar. But he was not the least bit bothered. I arched my back as I felt his cock rubbing against my leg. His kisses descended down my body with special attention paid to my belly.

“You are so fucking hot, Jude. I never thought of you in that light. But right now? I am going to eat your pussy. You are scented so…erotically at the moment.”

His breathing could be felt as it flowed between my thighs. A freshly waxed pussy…pink and juicy as the lips were swollen with anticipation. There was no hesitation as he took my thighs and placed them on his shoulders. I felt my lips spread apart as the somewhat humid air hit the slipperiness and sent a shiver down my spine. There it was, foreign lips that were soft as he coated his lips in my lubrication. The breathing was heavy enough to be heard as he took in all the visuals and sensations.

I knew it was perhaps a rare event for Zachary. His tongue was a wet lashing of velvetiness as he stroked the clitoral hood. My clit began to stiffen, as his tongue continued to follow a natural groove, slipping into my pussy and engulfing his face. Gentle sucking and pulling at my lips, I spread my legs further as he came up for air. As he looked right at me, with a dampened face, I felt two fingers slide into me. He was stroking the inner walls of my cunt. It was so different to how Lucas went down on me. But there was this insane intensity purely because we were looking right at one another whilst he was fingering me. He then smiled and back between my legs he went.

The combination of tongue washing clitoris ana breakers porno and the finger fucking saw me become breathless and shaky. I wanted to speak but was so scared I would put him off. I need not have worried. I began to call out his name, as my pussy vibrated tightly around his fingers and my womb spasmed in orgasmic delight. I pulled my hips away and he emerged. There was no time to be wasted.

It is one thing to share an intimate act such as oral sex. But penetration is a very different thing. Up until that moment, there was no real guilt. I suddenly felt guilty and Zak noticed something was up. Not just his dick. Fucking hell, he had a raging boner so no issues there.

“Do I sense some discomfort in what we are about to do?”

“Well…I know this comes with Lucas’s approval. I mean, we have all been friends for years, our parents were best friends. But I do worry that perhaps our friendship won’t be the same after.”

“Jude, I just made you cum. You didn’t just cum, you came hard and you called my name. I never had designs on you. But I do admit, I fancied the fuck out of you for years but I was always more into guys than girls.”

“Well, if we are going, to be honest, you were always damn hot too. Very different from Lucas…Lucas has the dad body, which I adore. Not overly fond of exercise and neither am I. But you work out. It is visually appealing in a different way. Now you have me thinking…our baby will be a good looking child, especially if they take after you. I am not quite feeling so bad any more. This is a favour I am doing for you and Kyle. So fuck me, Zak. Get me pregnant. Knock me up.”

I lunged at him and pushed him down onto the bed. The kisses were intense and passionate as I straddled across his body and lowered myself onto his cock. He let out a rather loud sound at that point. Now I was not one for talking during sex, but he did at that moment.

“Fucking hell, I have never made love to a woman without the rubbers. Hell, you are warm and so slippery.”

I laughed. I rocked my hips and ground against his body as his cock smoothly tickled me. Each time he pumped me, I tried to draw him in deeper. He got a hold of me and sat up. In this close position of being upright, it was not as hard as a fuck as I had imagined in my fantasies. He was actually quite sweet and soft. It worked just as well. It was a slow kind of fucking as if he wanted to make sure he enjoyed the experience.

The fingers again plucked my nipples which also grazed upon his sparsely haired chest. Hands that squeezed ever so gently. I ended up on my back, as he disengaged temporarily to take a nipple into his mouth. The feeling of his tongue flicking my nipple just reminded me of how his tongue had tingled my clit and I was almost ready to cum again. With one hard thrust, he was in me again already.

I wrapped my legs around him. I wanted him as deep in me as he could. His shaved balls slapped on my thighs as he became sweaty and loud. Hands on his tight ass.

“Come on Zak, fuck me hard. Get me pregnant. I want your baby. Cum in me.”

“I want my seed deep inside of you. Oh…”

Just a little snippet of the dirty talk I had thought about came out but it was more than enough for him to jerk about as he groaned and shot the sticky white cream high up towards my cervix. I suddenly became squishy and perhaps a little embarrassed.

He just lay on top of me, tired.



“What have we just done?”

“Well, I do know it is not likely, but I am hoping you will fall pregnant with my child. We did agree we would meet up like this during lunch time.”

“We did. Well, I am hoping. I am forever hopeful. You know this.”

“Well, I do believe my sails have finally done down. So thank you, sweetheart. I rather enjoyed that!”

As he withdrew, he took in the view. I had a red sex flush across my tits, and my nipples were still standing for attention. He took his hand and dragged it down my body before slipping a finger into my cum filled cunt.

It was more than a simple exchange of bodily fluids. I showered in the hotel then returned home. I told Lucas how it went and he was pleased.

Until next time…

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