Julia Breaks the Rules

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All characters depicted are eighteen or above.

It was Julia’s final weekend before beginning university.

She felt a little sad, having to leave her father on his own.

He, and Julia’s mother, had been apart for over a year.

During this time, she and her father had become very close.

It was an affectionate relationship, although at times, there had been a sexual tension between them. In fact, quite often.

Julia had often noted his eyes full of lust as she modeled new clothes, and quite often, underwear, in front of him.

She couldn’t resist standing close to him, rubbing her hands over a newly bought pair of panties or bra. She knew it was wrong, but did it just the same.

“What do you think, Daddy?” she would ask.

He would swallow hard.

“You look sensational, Darling.”

She would move close to him, a few inches from his face.

She enjoyed watching him breathe in deeply, savoring her perfume, and natural, womanly scent.

She also wondered how she would react, if his urges became to strong to resist her.

It gave her a kick. It always turned her on.

She would stand in front of him long enough, so that he could see the moist patch, slowly spreading, on the crotch of her, now, not so fresh panties.

She knew she had a “Daddy crush,” but so far, the line hadn’t been crossed.

She deliberately left her dirty underwear out for him to play with.

Julia had caught him, recently, jerking off, whilst holding a pair of her panties to his face.

He had been shocked, as she stood smiling, in his bedroom doorway.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Daddy. We’re both adults. I too, love to play with myself.”

She had pulled down her panties, walked over to him, and handed them to him, gazing at his hard cock.

“These are still wet from the last time. It was only twenty minutes ago. Enjoy!”

She didn’t leave the room. Julia sat on the edge of the bed.

“Do you mind if I watch, Daddy? I won’t touch you, because that would be wrong, but I can help you along.”

He eyed his beautiful, blonde haired daughter.

“I’m a little uncomfortable with that, my angel.”

Julia was wearing a tight black skirt, white blouse, and red heels.

Of course, now, she had no panties on.

She crossed her legs, showing plenty of thigh.

“Oh don’t be silly, Daddy. I want to see you come. Now you just carry on. Close your eyes, if it helps.”

Her father closed his eyes, and began to masturbate.

“Are you thinking şişli escort about me, Daddy? Would you like to stick that hard cock in my mouth, and then my pussy?”

He began to move faster. Julia continued.

“I’ve got a lovely tight cunt, Daddy. Wouldn’t it be naughty if you came in your own daughter’s pussy? Perhaps you’d like to come on my face. Just imagine that!”

She could tell he was close to coming.

“That’s it, Daddy. Come in my dirty panties. I’ll wear them afterwards, if you like.”

That did it. Her father came, spurting into her red, lacy panties.

He wiped his cock with them.

Julia reached over, and took them off him.

She stood up and put them on. She gave her father a dirty smile.

“They’re so gooey, Daddy. So lovely and warm, and wet!”

With that, she left the bedroom.

She had kept them on for the rest of the evening.

They ate dinner together, and drank wine.

No mention was made of the afternoon’s events, but they were both conscious of the fact that Julia was wearing red, lacy, cum soaked panties.

It turned her on, and she wondered how long he could hold out, before succumbing to his daughter’s charms.

Julia was desperately curious to find out what it would be like to have sex with her father. Time was running out.

Her final weekend before departing to university arrived.

She knew she had to act.

On the Saturday morning, she and her father sat eating breakfast.

“Well Daddy,” she said. “As this is our last day together, I’ve decided I will do whatever you ask of me. Without question. I’ll be your servant and your willing slave. How does that sound?”

“Sounds like a lot of fun, Darling!”

Julia continued.

“I have to go into town to pick up some last minute things. I’ll be home for about six, then the fun can begin.”

She kissed him on the cheek.

“Are you excited, Daddy? I know I am!”

It was true. She was. She wanted a memorable evening before she began her further education.

She drove into town, and spent the morning shopping.

At lunchtime she met her friend, Carla.

Julia and Carla had no secrets. Julia knew, Carla, fucked for money. She also knew that Carla, even fucked her father for money.

Julia spoke quietly.

“Tonight’s the night, Carla.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going to have sex, with my father.”

Carla smiled and raised her glass of wine.

“You’ll love it. It feels so dirty. Especially the first time.”

“I mecidiyeköy escort remember the first time you and I got together. It was delicious.” said Julia.

Carla smiled.

“Yes. We were both in school uniform. I remember how well you licked my pussy.”

Julia giggled.

The girls chatted for an hour, until Carla said, “Are you horny now?”

“Actually, yes.” said Julia.

“Okay. I’ll head to the Ladies. You follow.”

Carla stood up and left. Julia waited a minute then followed.

Only one of the cubicles was occupied. Julia gently pushed open the door.

Carla immediately pulled her towards her. The girls began a frenzied, wet kiss.

They both pushed their fingers into each other’s cunts. Both girls were gently moaning. They came quickly, and licked each other’s fingers clean.

“Feel better?” asked Carla.

Julia smiled.

“Oh yes, thank you!”

They returned to the table, paid their bill, and went their separate ways.

“Have fun tonight!” said Carla.

Julia returned home.

“I’m home, Daddy!” she called out.

Her father came down the stairs.

“Call me, Sir”

Julia smiled.

“Sorry Sir.”

He stood in front of her and pushed his hand up her skirt. Julia gasped.

“But, Sir!”

“You’re wet, girl. What have you been up to?”

“I met up with a girlfriend. We had lunch together.”

“Is that all?” her father asked.

“What do you mean, Sir?” Julia asked, innocently.

“Did you do anything else?”

“Um. Well I had to help her with something in the ladies toilets.”

“Help her?”

“She needed relieving, Sir.”

“You mean you played with her cunt. Did she play with yours?”

“Um. Yes, Sir. We were both very wet.”

“You need to be punished. Go upstairs and change into your school uniform!”

“Yes, Sir.”

Julia dutifully went upstairs, and put on her green school skirt, white blouse, tie, and black heels.

She came down the stairs. Her father was watching schoolgirl porn on his computer. He looked her up and down, and licked his lips.

“Very good. Now, come and sit on my knee.”

“Yes Sir.”

Julia sat on her father’s knee. She could feel he was hard and gently moved her bottom against him. She watched the video of two schoolgirls taking it in turn, sucking their teacher’s cock. Her father spoke into her ear.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes Sir. Is the teacher going to come on their faces? I do hope so.”

Julia got the result istanbul escort she wanted, as the “teacher” ejaculated all over the two girls.

They both sucked off the dripping cock, then kissed each other, their hands up each others skirts. The camera panned in close, as the girls lovingly, swapped the sperm. Julia’s father spoke.

“Does that make you wet?”

“Yes Sir. Perhaps you’d like to check though?”

He slid his hand under her skirt, and slid two fingers into her.

There was no resistance as he worked his fingers in and out.

Julia opened her legs wider, and his fingers went in deeper. She was soaked and hot.

“That feels so good Sir. Perhaps you’d like me to suck your cock? I’m a very good cock sucker.”

“Yes. I would like that. On your knees girl!”

Julia knelt down in front of her father, pulled out his hard cock, and began licking, and sucking.

Her father looked down on his beautiful daughter’s head, as she expertly, performed lip service.

She carried on for about three minutes, until she could faintly taste the early stages of cum. She gently pulled away.

“Perhaps there’s somewhere else you’d like to put it, Sir?”

“Yes. Pull down your panties. Let me see just how tight your cunt is!”

“Yes, Sir. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”

She pulled down her soaked panties, and moved onto the sofa.

Julia looked so good in her uniform. She undid her blouse and pulled her red, lacy bra to one side. She opened her legs.

“Come and fuck your slut daughter Sir. You can come wherever you want. My dirty pussy needs your cock so bad!”

Julia’s father slid his rock hard cock into his daughter’s wet pussy.

He started to ram her.

“That’s it Sir. Fuck me! Isn’t my cunt, lovely and tight? I knew, you’d love it!”

They were both close to coming.

“Come all over my uniform! You can keep it as a souvenir, whilst I’m away!”

Julia came.

“Go on, Sir. Make a mess of your whore, daughter!”

Julia smiled as her father came, all over her green school skirt, and white blouse.

He breathed heavily, as she traced her finger through the white, sticky mess.

She kissed her father.

“Thank you, Sir. I deserved that. Please let me clean you up.”

Her father stood up, as Julia, lovingly sucked off the cum soaked cock.

She stayed in her uniform for the rest of the evening.

She was rewarded for this by being fucked over the dining table.

Once again, her father came all over her skirt.

Julia left the next morning, before her father woke up.

Outside his bedroom door, was the neatly folded uniform, and dirty panties.

On the little pile was a note in Julia’s handwriting.

“Do not wash. See you at half term X”

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