Julia Milks Her Colleague Ch. 02

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Julia pulled out her toolbox, grinning as it rattled across the floor. It was a huge, heavy thing, bound in faux black leather with satin nickel struts and latches. She fished out a small, heart-shaped key. The lock came open with a snicking sound.

Julia was all legs and curves, a red headed and green-eyed vision of Amazonian paradise. Tommy, if he’d known at first what he knew now, would have given her a wide berth from the start. She was a predator to the core, and unpredictable. Still, he couldn’t help but admire the way she filled out her emerald yoga pants and gray halter top. He couldn’t help it.

Tommy was all trussed up and ready to go. He was hog-tied on his stomach, hips supported on a memory foam wedge pillow. Face down, ass up, just the way Julia liked him. She had special plans for Tom-Tom today.

“I was just doing some reading, Tommy. It turns out that ingesting human semen has some really interesting cognitive benefits. The prostaglandins regulate female hormones and provide a mood-boosting and mood-stabilizing effect.”

As she spoke, she continued rummaging in her toolbox. Tommy, straining his head sideways, could glimpse a jumble of dildos, vibrators, masturbators, and other toys, in addition to some items he couldn’t recognize and didn’t dare guess about.

Julia found what she was looking for and fished it out. “Here’s the deal, though. There’s just no way that I’m gonna suck the spermies out of your glans with my mouth. Oral sex is very, very degrading to women. It’s disgusting. And I also feel like you’ve gotten awfully dependent on me stroking your wiener glue out with my hand. So I’m gonna try to go industrial. It’ll save me a lot of work, and it won’t turn my stomach so much.”

Julia presented the toy to Tommy, and he groaned through his ball gag. It looked frightening.

“This is the Nexus Revo Intense. It’s a professional-grade prostate massager. The head rotates and rhythmically milks the prostate. It also vibrates. It was designed for sitting, for little masturbators like you to be bad and use it unsupervised, but I just need to get the angle right and strap it into you.”

Julia went back to the box, and pulled out a four-point pelvic harness. There was a flat pad on the back, and a steel ring on the front where Julia’s strap-on would typically be mounted. For Tommy, this was a penis-hole. The buckles on the side gleamed chrome.

“Time to lock you in, Tommy. I’m gonna get my cream out of your nozzle, drink up and perk up.” Julia smeared Albolene on the bulbous, aggressively angled head of the Nexus, and came around behind Tommy. She eyed him approvingly. He had been waxed just two days before, and was perfectly smooth and accessible. “I’m gonna stuff this big knob in your butt, Tom-Tom. It’s gonna press hard on your little nubbin’ and make it leak. It’s jet black, too. I bet you like that, huh? An ebony knob stretching your tight little rectum? I think you’d like it if the Nexus squirted lube in your anus, too.”

Tommy groaned and wriggled with his bonds ineffectually. Julia smirked, and began to push the Nexus inside. It was a tight fit, and she had some trouble forcing it in. “Gotta get past your little sphincter, Tommy. Feel free to clench, it doesn’t matter. I’ll stuff your butt anyway.”

Tommy’s eyes flew open as the head forced past his snug anal ring. The fat head slid past his rotund prostate, dragging over it on its way in. It gave him chills. Julia laughed, and began strapping it in.

“Ok, your little dickie goes in the ring. So soft and small! You’re pretty scared, I guess. Makes sense. Now the straps.” She buckled him in, left and right. Tommy moaned weakly as the rear pad pushed the Nexus further in, sliding the knob above his prostate to elicit pressure downwards. Julia crooned in satisfaction.

“There it goes, subbie! All locked into place. Better yet, it’s automated.” She fumbled behind him, then found the Nexus’ power switch. Tommy gasped as the device came to life.

The knob traced slow, punitive, sakarya escort aggressive circles along the top half of his prostate. When the whole device began vibrating in regular pulses, Tommy keened in ecstasy and involuntarily began contracting his sphincter. His anus pulled the device in and out, taking advantage of the small but crucial centimeter the posterior harness pad allowed. The device continued humming and thrumming against his rectal walls, as the knob rotated and slid up and down against his swollen, angry plum. The net effect was aggressive, circular kneading on his squirt button. The net effect was exquisite.

Julia giggled, flushed with her victory. “It’s perfect! Automated goo milking, Tommy. This is the fix I’ve been waiting for. It’s not like I’ll never express your cream myself anymore, but this is gonna be a real time-saver. I’ll finally have time to do other things for myself. TV, errands, whatever. I’ll just plug you in and go.”

Her eyes lit up in consideration, as the first pearly trickle dribbled from Tommy’s penis. “Oh! Almost forgot. We’re supposed to be doing something.” Julia grabbed a wide-base rubber travel mug from the dresser and nestled it under Tommy’s floppy wiener. “You’re gonna trickle into here. Keep that dinkle loose and limp, Tommy boy. I don’t want you getting off on this like some kind of pervert.”

Tommy groaned, feeling the familiar sensation of fluid being forced inexorably from his prostate. It seeped down his urethra, lighting up all the tissue around. His glans twitched as the drops collected, combined, and enlarged on the end, slowly dripping and dropping into Julia’s mug. She frowned slightly.

“All I’m seeing is clear right now. Looks like Cowper’s fluid or something. I want to see some sperm too, Ok? Maybe you need some visual enticement.” She flipped open her iPad, cueing up some Twistys’ Treat of the Month videos. “No gross degrading porn for you, Tom. We talked about this when I deleted all that garbage from your laptop. You’ll be much better looking at some tight little models in lingerie. They do go nude, sometimes, so you’re not allowed to look at their vaginas when that happens. Not only is it very disrespectful, it’s likely to elicit tumescence.”

Tommy wiggled appreciatively as the first video cued up. Heather Vandeven was wearing something teal that was barely there. Julia tsked in disapproval. “That’s obscene, The way your limp dicklet swings around. Just keep it above the mug, or I won’t be happy at all.” She left the room, leaving the door open behind her.

Tommy hmmm’ed into his gag with appreciation, feeling the delicious sensation of the Nexus squishing and squeezing his prostate. The drops were becoming more copious now, and richer in color. He panted and gasped as Heather turned this way and that, showing off her perfect tight ass to maximum effect. He couldn’t see the mug from where he was, but he felt the continuous drooling sensation run down his pecker all the way to his puckered slit, and he was confident that he would fill the mug to Mistress’ satisfaction.

To his horror, he felt the steel ring begin to press around the base of his penis. That could only mean one thing: erection.

Julia had been very clear that his erections were strictly forbidden without her express supervision and elicitation. To enforce this rule, he had been sleeping in a chastity device for the past two weeks. He wondered now whether she would notice, or what the consequences might be if she returned and saw him in such a state.

As he reflected on this, he felt a shudder of intense sensation as his glans made contact with the cool steel wall of the mug. It had erected right into contact with the surface, and felt pretty firm, judging by the resistance between the two. Slowly, cautiously, he slid himself forward a couple of inches in his bonds. To his delight, his newly-minted erection cooperated with his ploy. It swung backwards and up until he felt his tender, irritated frenulum samsun escort make contact with the rubber ring around the mouth of the mug. There was a sharp angle on the rubber. With trepidation, he began rocking, ever so slightly, rubbing his dazzling frenular spot against the rubber edge.

To his amazement, it worked. The rubber teased, scraped, and stimulated his achingly excitable G-spot, digging into the frenulum as it bunched and dragged the wrinkly tethered skin up and down. His glans swelled eagerly in response, and he glanced up to the iPad just in time to watch Jayd Lovely descending a staircase in a stunning white skirt and halter top. She turned and thrust her buttocks back at the camera, swishing the skirt to the side and revealing the swan-white panties wedged in her cleft. Tommy felt his unscheduled ejaculation begin.

He sobbed into the ball gag, waves of intense pleasure spilling through him and out of him, as the Nexus knob and the rubber scraping his frenulum worked their magic. His glans spewed rope after rope of pearlescent, shimmering custard into Julia’s mug, offset with the timing of the Nexus massager’s knob rotations and vibrations. As soon as he came down from one pulsation of ecstasy he was catapulted into the next by the Nexus’ tireless, insistent kneading and probing. He felt his prostate being pushed flatter and flatter as the device succeeded in expelling his vile spunk into the vessel. The bottom was coated with steaming butter now. The thrill of it was indescribable.

“What in the actual FUCK?” Julia cried from the doorway.

Tommy’s head snapped to the left, panicking. He’d been caught in flagrante, and there was no telling how Julia might react.

“Did you seriously just masturbate your disgusting little Tommy tool with my mug? Unbelievable.” Julia crossed directly over, and started briskly slapping and rubbing his shriveling pud. He squeaked in protest, hypersensitive and agonized.

“I have no idea how to be clearer than I have been. You are not to play with your little dicklette. It’s mine. It belongs to me, just as every drop of syrup belongs to me. It’s mine. I’m gonna show you what happens when you pleasure yourself like a gross masturbator.”

Incredibly, Tommy felt himself riding the edge again. He willed himself to hold back, but couldn’t. Four more thin ribbons of semen spewed into the heap of gooey jelly in the mug. These were loose and watery.

“Ugh! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You spew your slime from your slut-slit when it’s totally inappropriate. Either you’re masturbating your pathetic weenis, or else you’re prematurely ejaculating your loser goo. It drives me nuts.” Julia wiped her hand on the inner wall of the mug, smearing a few drops that had spattered on her digits. “Ok, it’s time to man up. Consequences time.”

Julia licked the slightly sticky remnants of his seed from her hand and went back to her box. Tommy’s eyes widened when she pulled some kind of electronic box from the deepest corner. The wires and attachments dangling from it looked ominous.

“Here’s how it’s gonna go, masturbator. I’m hooking you up to my ErosTek, and it’s gonna charge you up and shock your salty slime out. Electroejaculation. Basically, involuntary muscular contractions take over, short-circuiting the usual neural path that governs male orgasm. Some people swear by it. I have intense orgasms from e-stim, myself. Of course, I’m not hooking you up to be nice.” Tommy groaned and wiggled as she snapped an alligator clasp on the steel ring encircling his tortured member, and cinched a rubber lasso snugly around his corona. His penis was trussed up tip to base in a single circuit now.

“The guidelines say to use electro-lube, but you’ve got some jam left on your pecker. The electricity is gonna run through the cavernosa and make it spasm, along with the dartos. The finished product is gonna be a turbocharged pecker sneezing its snotty slime.” Julia connected both attachments to the console, şanlıurfa escort and powered it on.

His eyes snapped wide upon as the first flash of electric current zipped along the length of his shaft. The sensation around the corona, with its delicate, exposed nerves was overpowering. It made his teeth clench. Somewhere, somebody was giggling.

“Just like that! Look at how Mr. Penis leaps and leaks when I zap him. I can control the rate, too. Feel.” Julia fiddled with the dials, and the burning zap increased in strength and rate. “Or waves, like this.” She tapped a button, and a cascade of tingling, crackling electric energy crested and waned, crested and waned. Sniggering, she fiddled with the Nexus Power switch, doubling the rotation rate and switching the vibration from pulsing to continuous. Tommy’s muffled wail into his ball gag just spurred her further on.

“I’ve got a little sperm cow here, all trussed up. My milking machine is gonna zap zap his little pud while my Nexus squashes his plum. And that means lots and lots of ooey gooey joy juice out of Tommy. Look, Tommy! Panties.”

Tommy just had time to glance back to the iPad—Stoya stripping out of her officewear—before his orgasm swept over him and left his senses blazing and his mind full of panic. Eyes rooted on the sultry brunette’s alabaster skin contrasted with her mahogany garters, his penis transmitted messages of alarm as it was mercilessly stimulated by the machine. Tommy knew that he was spurting and splurting, but he could hardly even feel the contractions. His whole world was the tinny, metallic sensation of electrons running down his shaft while his cum button was stamped from above. Through it all, Julia cooed and giggled.

“That’s what I like to see! Oooo, a technologically disruptive milking. Spray every drop, Tom-Tom. It’s not like you’re gonna hold back. Physically impossible.” She leaned very closely now, whispering intimately into his ear. “Cream my cup, slave. Every dribble of your slag-milk inside. I want a really big, gooey, yummy load. I want you to spew all the sticky white all in my mug and feed my tummy. I’m gonna slurp up your slit-jam. A big wad, though.” She reached back and tapped the base of the Nexus through his harness, underlining her point. It had nowhere to go but further into his prostate.

After what felt like an eternity of bittersweet agony, the machine abruptly stopped. Tommy tried to look back, confused, before Julia redirected his head front. She was holding her steel travel mug under his face. The bottom quarter was full of his viscous gunk. There were pools of clear, sticky fluid highlighted against twinkling, silvery strands of proper semen. Julia gave a throaty chuckle.

“Doesn’t that just look delicious? The kind of thing to get a girl out of bed in the morning. Look, Tommy. I did that. Not you. My penis splurged and splurted my syrup for me. All for me.”

Julia went back to the dresser, and poured a steaming helping of coffee in with the cream she’d extracted and expressed. She had brought the carafe in with her when she discovered him self-stroking. The hot drink’s fragrance filled the room.

“Ethiopian yirgacheffe. Doesn’t get much better. I’ve always been curious about Africa, Tommy. Maybe I’ll go someday, or maybe Africa will come to me.” She licked her perfect Vogue-model lips, and sipped the milky concoction.

“It’s ideal. Not too light, not too dark. A sticky, gooey mocha.” Julia screwed the lid on the mug, and shrugged into her coat. “I’m headed out for a few hours. I want to get some reading in. You hang tight here.”

Nearly forgetting, she came back to the bed and removed the coronal electrode. She slid his chastity cage up his wilted organ and snapped it closed. She considered, and then switched the Nexus off. The relentless kneading in his sore rectum stopped.

“You’ll be watching pantygirls for the next few hours, Tommy. Brewing more gooey-goo. Feel free to goon out. I’m thinking Pot de crème after lunch.”

She left. Tommy, resigned to his new role, turned back to the iPad screen. He flexed his sphincter, but couldn’t get the same thrill of pleasure as before. His prostate was too empty, now.

In virtual world, Peta Jensen flipped up her blue plaid pleated skirt. She winked and duck-faced the camera.

It would be a long day.

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