Just A Day At the Beach

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I had written this story beforehand but deleted it as I didn’t like the format, the character’s name, nor the way it was told. This is merely a retelling of how Kristina learned to become and enjoy being a cumslut….

“It’s such a beautiful day out, glad I’m going to the beach” thought Kristina as she drove her old beater to her favorite beach on her only day off of the week. She had been working six days in a row for the past two years and Sundays were her only reprieve from her lowly fast food employment. She had gotten up extra early that morning to beat the throngs of people who were sure to show up that day and had headed out before the sun was up. She had brought along a cooler filled with goodies (mainly beer) but a few snack items and things of that nature as well to keep her content with the day. She pulled into the parking lot of the beach and grabbed her cooler, blanket, and beach bag and walked to her favorite spot.

Finally settled in to where she would be staying Kristina headed to the changing rooms to put on her bikini, had she worn it while driving she definitely would’ve turned some heads in traffic. The little number was flashy, bright orange and pink tiger striping that was admittedly a bit too small for her. The top plunged down her chest making her 32b breasts look a little larger; it was secured around the back with a tie string and a loop which went around her neck. Her bottoms barely covered her sex showing off the tops of her hip bones as well as some of her lower stomach. They were secured to her petite figure with two tie strings on either side of her hips which Kristina fastened securely. She glanced at her body in the changing room mirror, at age 19 she was only 5 foot 3 and at 105 lbs her taught stomach complemented her belly button ring that dangled so cutely in place.

She pulled her blonde hair back into a ponytail and leaned into the mirror to put in her septum piercing and gauges. Her dazzling orange green eyes showed bright against her light almond skin. All in all she was a very cute girl and with her bikini on the way it was she was sure to attract some attention from the guys that showed up today. Her secret weapon though, she thought to herself, would be her butt, even for a petite girl she had grown a well rounded ass it stuck out from behind her just enough to give her a little wobble and with her almost too small bottoms it was sure to pop out when she walked. Giving herself one more look over she put on her sunglasses, grabbed her beach bag, and headed back to her spot.

When she got back a few more people had arrived at the beach and were starting to pick out spots of their own. Kristina glanced around her, “no hotties yet” she thought with a frown “well it is still kind of early. Might as well get a buzz going” She opened up her cooler and grabbed a cold beer sipping it slowly and laying down upon her blanket Kristina enjoyed the coolness of the liquid contrasting with the warmth of the sun shining down upon her. She lay like that for a while drinking beer after beer slowly getting to that comfortable drunk she knew so well then she felt a shadow loom over her. “Oh god I hope it’s someone cute” she thought as she opened her eyes to reveal an older man standing in front of her grinning. “Hey there pretty girl! You looked kind of lonely here by yourself would you like some company?” Kristina scrutinized the man carefully he was old enough to be her grandfather, his hair had gone on his head and instead was now on her chest and back, he had clearly let himself go and had grown a pot belly. “Pervert” she thought “Uhmm no I’m fine here by myself just trying to enjoy this beautiful day we’re having” she said in her fake sweet voice, she had learned the trick from being hit on at work.

“Alright my dear well my friends and I are just about to begin grilling some food if you’re hungry later” he point in the direction of four similarly older men who were standing around, beers in hand, ogling the females that passed by. “Oh I’ll be fine I brought some snacks for later on” she hoped this conversation would end soon; she could feel the old man undressing her with his eyes. The man gave her a quick smile and a glance and walked back towards his friends, Kristina breathed a heavy sigh of relief. “Dirty pervert! He wants me to come with him and let him and his friends eye rape me for the day, yeah that’s exactly what how I want to spend my day off.” Eventually Kristina calmed down and went back to relaxing and drinking, after a few hours her stomach started to rumble. She propped herself up on one arm and searched her cooler for some snacks “I know I put them in here this morning” she said to herself “oh fuck. I left them on the countertop!” Kristina was now without food for the day and being her frugal self she only brought enough money for tolls both ways.

“How could I be so stupid?” she said plopping back down on her beach towel “now I’m literally going to starve.” Just then the smell of grilled meat wafted to her nostrils and she looked over to the group of old men standing around a charcoal grill making hamburgers. Kristina’s mouth watered, she was so unbearably hungry and the alcohol in her system was clouding her judgment. “Maybe they won’t be so bad, after all its not like they’re going to try to fuck me right here on the beach.” She picked herself up and walked over to them in a slow saunter, she wanted to be as alluring as possible so they wouldn’t even fathom of saying no to her request for food. “Hey guys whatever you’re cooking over here smells great!” The old man who had previously talked to Kristina turned to her “it’s a secret recipe of mine from my grandfather; he came over from Germany and brought his knowledge of ground beef with him. Would you like a burger miss?” “Kristina” she said sticking out her hand, “and yes I’m starved.” “Well Kristina, I’m Mark and you are welcome to enjoy as much as you can eat although by the looks of you it’s not much”

Kristina grinned “actually I eat a ton I just have a high metabolism to keep my figure” she did a twirl for all the guys. They all grabbed food and sat down in a circle around the cooler that Mark and his friends had brought. One of them reached over to it and grabbed a beer offering it to Kristina and then asking if anyone else wanted one. As they ate Kristina was introduced to each of the guys around her, there was Tony a big Italian guy with hairy arms and a gut. Roger who was a tall lanky fellow, with a big nose and thin alien like fingers. Phil and Andrew were almost the same both of them were stocky, portly guys with big bushy eyebrows. Kristina shook each of their hands and soon began getting into conversation with the whole group. She had guessed right about Mark being gaziantep lezbiyen old enough to be her grand father, everyone in the group was at least 60 years old if not older but they were all nice and funny so she didn’t mind hanging around them. As the time wore on and the sun was going down Tony reached into the cooler and pulled out a bottle of whiskey, he poured everyone a shot offered cheers and everyone drank up. This happened until the bottle was almost two thirds gone, Kristina was thankful, her head was swimming and she felt that it might be better to sleep in her car overnight than try driving this drunk.

“So Kristina where are you staying for the night?” said Mark noticing she was rather drunk. “Oh I actually have to get to work tomorrow so I’m going to have to drive home later when I sober up” “Ah. You know I’m surprised at how well you handled that whiskey, from someone your weight I’d suspect you were a lightweight” Kristina laughed “I’m actually really good at handling my alcohol. I’m good at handling a lot of things” she winked at Mark. “Like what my dear” he said his interest peaked at the girl’s innuendo. “Well I’ve noticed all of you staring at my chest today and I can read your thoughts about what you’d want to do to me you old pervs. But if I’m going to show you what I’m talking about we need a bit more privacy”

Kristina was actually getting turned on thinking about what she was going to do with these old men. The booze had gone straight to her brain and had mixed with the knowledge she had of what she knew these guys wanted to do with her. For her it was going to be dirty and depraved, they were all at least three times her age and that turned her on the more she thought about it.

“I know just the place” said Mark as he and the rest of the men stood up packing their things “follow me Kristina.” Off they went with Mark and Kristina arm in arm while the other men carried their things back to their camper. “Where are they going?” asked Kristina who suddenly realized she was alone with Mark. “Oh they’ll be right back my dear just dropping off our things in our camper.” They entered the shower building together and Mark quickly inspected the place to make sure it was empty of other people. Kristina watched the old man with hungry eyes as she thought more and more of how she was going to give these guys everything they wanted. In secret she had always wanted to be used by someone older than her, this was her golden opportunity as she had five old men all wanting to make her their cum dumpster.

A few minutes later the other four came into the bathhouse and locked the door behind them; it was going to ensure no one interrupted their private moment. Kristina beckoned them over to her as she grabbed a towel from the rack and placed it on the ground, kneeling down she motioned for the guys to form a circle around her. “Now,” she said “I can show you what I was talking about. Who wants to be the first to make me their little cum target?” Mark stepped up to her, placing his cock on her lips she slowly brought him into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his stiff member as she took his whole length into her mouth, her eyes locked with his as she bobbed her head up and down on him never ceasing to run her smooth tongue along the underside of his cock. “My god! She sucks like a pro” exclaimed Mark. Kristina moaned onto him as she reached both of her hands up to grab Phil’s and Andrew’s cocks as well, her tiny hands wrapped around each one and began jerking them at the same pace she was going with Mark. Tony had come up behind her and was nibbling her shoulder while running his rough hands across her stomach. His right hand ran its way into her bottoms and he began fingering her while his left found its way to her breasts. Kristina spread her legs wide so Tony could fit more of his fingers into her while she quickened the pace on Mark’s dick with her mouth. She deep throated him as her own horniness increased from Tony’s now two fingers assaulting her tight pussy.

“I wanna see these tits of yours before I bust a nut Kristina” said Mark as he placed his hands on either side of her head pulling her off him. Kristina frowned at Mark, she wanted to keep blowing him but she also thought of how sexy it’d be to keep blowing him topless. “Someone undress me” she said with a purr. Tony needed no further encouragement as he pulled the string on her top, it loosened and only held on due to the loop around her neck. Kristina momentarily released both the dicks in her grasp and lifted her arms above her head as Tony pulled the top off her and threw it across the bath house floor. Immediately Kristina began jerking both Phil and Andrew off while Mark grabbed her head and controlled her bobbing on his cock. Tony’s hands were now both occupied with the petite girl as his left hand groped her tiny breasts, her nipples had become erect from lust and Tony pinched and pulled on them. Again Kristina moaned onto the cock in her mouth, her loins were burning from the depravity of it all, she was a 19 year old girl, pretty, taught, and desirable kneeling in front of five balding, fat, old men who she was pleasuring. She had never felt so hot.

Mark felt his balls tighten as once more Kristina plunged his full length into her mouth and down her throat. He was amazed at how much she could take, her mouth wasn’t that big but what she lacked in oral cavity she made up for with absolutely zero gag reflex. He watched her throat expand each time she took him down to his balls, she’d stay there for almost a minute her tongue swirling against his sack, her esophagus contracting on his shaft, she was trying to milk him for everything he had and soon she’d get it. Kristina’s tongue ran across Mark’s sack and she felt his balls fully engorged, realizing what was going to occur she pulled her mouth off him and looked up at him. “Cum for me baby. I want you to enjoy yourself.” She tilted her head back as she opened her mouth sticking her tongue out and staring up at him with her pretty eyes. Mark jerked his cock a few times and began spurting cum onto Kristina’s tongue and into her mouth. She gathered all she could in her open mouth until it began dribbling over her lips and running down her chin. Mark aimed his cock towards her forehead as he shot three ropes across it. Finally spent he wiped his mushroom tip on Kristina’s cheek smearing the rest of his semen into her skin.

Kristina opened her mouth showing the guys how much she had caught in her mouth. Her tiny tongue swirled the milky liquid around coating all her taste buds, she gargled with the mixture making little bottles form and pop in the back of her throat until she swallowed the whole thing down in one big gulp. “Mmmm” she purred wiping cum from her forehead and licking her fingers “you practically tried to drown me Mark. Who wants to cum for me next?”

At this point Roger stepped in front of Kristina and wrapped his hand around her ponytail; driving his cock down her throat. Kristina was surprised at the intensity but it was nothing she couldn’t handle, especially in her hyper state of horniness. Roger throat fucked the tiny girl viciously; his control of her head meant he’d plunge her mouth down his shaft and leave her there to gag on it until she started tearing up. When he would finally let her up for air she’d be gasping and sputtering for it, strands of spit and precum would be left sticking to her lips. As soon as Roger felt that Kristina’s face was no longer flushed and she had regained her breathing he would bring her back down on his shaft, bobbing her head up and down while she continued to suck him.

Kristina loved it, her face was being used like a throat cunt, she had a dick in each of her hands, and she had two fingers wriggling, thrusting, and exploring her insides. Tony’s fingers were completely covered with Kristina’s juices, indeed, her whole legs were dripping with them; Tony pulled his fingers out from inside her and undid the strings on each side of her hips. He tossed the bottoms in the direction of her top and went back to finger fucking her tight honey hole. Kristina spasmed onto Tony’s fingers as her first orgasm flooded through her body, she gushed onto his hand and the floor while he continued his assault on her pussy. Had she not had Roger’s cock past her tonsils she would’ve merely told him to fuck her so instead she shook her ass at him hoping he would take the hint. “Oh shit guys I think she wants something more than just some fingers in her snatch” Tony said while he slowly pushed his index finger into her tight asshole.

Kristina winced in pain at the sudden intrusion into her ass, she had never experimented with it and never let any guy put his finger into it. Her sphincter contracted onto Tony’s finger by reflex, “God damn her ass is tight guys, I might want to get a piece of it later myself.” Kristina closed her eyes while Roger continued throat fucking her, “if he’s going to finger my ass I might as well just accept it happening and learn to like it” she thought “who knows? Maybe I just might end up liking something violating me up there?” Soon enough Kristina relaxed and the pain from her asshole receded; it was replaced instead by a small amount of pleasure in the feeling of having two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. Her body’s natural response to the intrusion seceded and Tony slipped his middle finger into her ass as well; this sent Kristina into another orgasm as her whole body shook and shuddered.

“I’m going to cum soon Kristina.” said Andrew. “Yeah, me too. Your hands are working magic on my prick” said Phil. Roger released his grip on the petite girl’s ponytail and took his cock out of her mouth, it glistened with her spit under the fluorescent lights of the bath house; he retired to jerking his cock staring at the girl he had just made gag on his member. Andrew and Phil both placed their cocks near Kristina’s mouth while she sucked them both in furious fashion, she wanted to treat each guy to her blowjob prowess and up until now these two had just been getting jerked off by her. Her head would bob on one cock for two or three times and then she’d turn her head to the other side and do the same for the other. Her hands never stopped working either; if she was sucking them her hand was massaging their droopy sacks, if she wasn’t she had her hand around their base jerking it slowly. Soon she felt both of them edge and knew that they were going to finish in a matter of seconds; she tilted her head back again “You guys going to cum on my pretty young face?” she asked innocently. She opened her mouth open wide, sticking her tiny pink tongue out for them and closing her eyes “I want you guys to make me your old men cum dumpster, I know you’ve wanted to see me covered in your seed since you laid eyes on me. Give it to me.”

Andrew stepped up to Kristina’s face, his prick had grown purple with anticipation and soon it was going to release itself upon this precious young face. “Hnghhhh here it comes!” he said as his cock erupted rope after rope of thick sticky cum onto her face. His first couple of strands hit right across her face, splattering onto her nose and running into her right eye; Kristina blinked behind closed eyes as she felt the warm spunk running over her skin. Andrew repositioned his spurts towards Kristina’s mouth and soon began filling her tiny mouth up with his semen; she put her lips over the tip of his cock to ensure that none of it would shoot past her face and curled her tongue around the underside of his mushroom head to draw every last drop out. When he was finally spent she opened one eye and smiled at him, his cum had almost filled her mouth; while her forehead, nose, and eye had all gotten splashed as well. Kristina didn’t have time to swallow as Phil grabbed her head pushing his cock up against her lips and spurting his load inside her mouth. Kristina took as much as she could but couldn’t control it as it started spilling out down her chin onto her perky tits. Phil took his cock out of her mouth and shot three more ropes across her face; splashing her cheeks and running into her hair. His final two shots were aimed across her tits; he stood back and admired his work “you look so sexy covered in our old man goo”

Kristina swallowed all the cum she had collected in her mouth, it dripped down her throat with its stickiness and she felt it plop into her belly. She licked her lips; the salty tartness of cum was intoxicating she could feel it drying on her face and body, she could taste it still in her mouth and she was becoming more and more drunk by her lust to satisfy each of these perverts. The briny salty goo they had been expelling for her overwhelmed her senses, her hands ran across her taught young body as she scooped up every strand she could licking her hands and eyeing Roger “baby why don’t you come over here and give me that load you’ve been saving up? I know you’re dying to throat fuck my tight mouth again. Come here and let me help you out” Roger regained his position in front of Kristina’s mouth and once again began gagging the tiny girl on his shaft. Since her hands were free at the moment Kristina reached her right hand up and massaged his old sack while her left gently ran across his skinny frame, her nails gently grazed against his stomach while she looked up him with one eye closed from the dried cum.

Up until this point Tony had been relentlessly fingering Kristina in both her ass and pussy, his own cock was stiffened to diamond like proportions; Kristina’s attention had been to every other guy so far and he wondered when it would be his turn. “Roger you should hurry up, I’m starting to get blue balls over here watching everyone else use this little cum dumpster of ours.” Kristina’s thoughts snapped back to Tony “how could I forget Tony!” she thought to herself; she reached her hand behind her and grabbed his prick immediately jerking him. “Wow she’s really skilled at this huh?” said a surprised Tony who couldn’t believe this girl could be taking a dick down her throat, four fingers in two different holes, and still have the constitution to reach behind her blindly and stroke his cock. Kristina pulled him slightly closer towards her and pointed to her holes, she wanted him to fuck her and she wanted it now. “Haha I get the special treatment then!” Tony said excitedly as he grabbed her by the hips and positioned his cock right behind her.

With Tony in place Kristina turned her attention back to Roger who was still ramming his cock down her throat, she grabbed his free hand and placed it on her perky tits hoping he’d pinch her nipples. Roger grabbed the girl’s boob rubbing his hand all over the petite girl’s modest bosom, her boobs were soft and perky still from being so young; it was her nipples though that turned him on the most. They were standing firm at attention from being so horny he couldn’t help but pinch and pull on them with zeal, feeling like a 15 year old again feeling up his first pair. Just then Kristina felt a sharp stabbing in her ass as Tony began pushing his rock hard member into her virgin asshole. “Not what I meant when I pointed” Kristina thought to herself as she felt her ass slowly start to expand from Tony’s girth “god damn that hurts!” Her ass once again responded with contracting firmly onto Tony’s dick as, for the first time ever, a cock was being placed up in her tightest regions. “My god she’s so tight up here” Tony said “I need some lube for this one.” He pulled out of Kristina slowly, making sure not to hurt the girl too much spread her ass check with his big rough hands. Kristina’s asshole was still a bit stretched from his fingers and so he spat right into her pink star, spitting into it a few more times he replaced his cockhead and pushed in.

The spit lube had helped a bit as Tony was able to fit half of his cock into her before more resistance came from her sphincter. “Kristina you’ve gotta relax this butt of yours or else this is really going to hurt” he reached around her and began rubbing her clit to stimulate her body into relaxation. Kristina felt a warm sensation run through her body and it wasn’t long before she felt Tony’s full length inside her ass, he continued to rub her clit while pumping in and out of her tight rectum; his full girth stretching and expanding what used to be her tightest hole. Roger had placed his other free hand on the bottom of Kristina’s chin basically keeping her head in one place and fucking her mouth at his own free will “I’m gonna cum soon for you Kristina, you’re going to drown from my load!” Kristina liked the sound of that, in honesty her jaw was getting a bit sore and it had been about 15 minutes since her last taste of semen. Roger’s pumping became more and more frantic as he came closer to edging until he finally shoved his whole cock into her throat forcing his dick down into her esophagus and spurting his cum down her it directly. He pulled out as he continued to cum on her face; spurting rope after rope like a volcano across her forehead, chin, cheeks, lips, and nose; Kristina felt each warm spurt hit her face and held her mouth open in hopes Roger would give her some across her tongue. Soon she was rewarded as Roger shot the last four streams of his load onto her waiting tongue; he jerked what little was left into her mouth as she sat there drenched in his cum.

“You’re such a sexy little cum slut Kristina. Its like you crave cum from us you cum dumpster.” Kristina thought about this statement while she swallowed the bitter tartness Roger had given her; it was true in a sense, all this depravity had made her hotter and wetter than she had ever been. “I think you’re right Roger,” she said opening her one eye and looking back at him “every time you guys burst a load onto my pretty face it just makes me even hornier.” She looked back at Tony “sweetie you wanna finish in my little ass? I want to feel you shoot your cum straight up my tight hole. You wanna be the first guy to fuck and finish in my butt?” she gave him her sexiest “I am so innocent” look. Tony only grunted in response, his dick was pounding into this little 105lb girl and he didn’t want anything to distract him. His fingers had gone from rubbing her clit to fingering her with each stroke while his thumb rubbed her clit, his other hand reached around her and grabbed her by the stomach; pulling her fully back onto him he sat her on his lap while Kristina bounced on his cock. Running his hand from her stomach to her tits Tony began to feel his balls tighten, he knew that soon enough he’d blow his load and couldn’t wait to give it to her.

His hand reached her tits, scooping some drying cum off them and placed his fingers near her mouth; Kristina sucked them diligently her arms pulled back behind them both to stabilize her riding his cock. She moaned onto his fingers her tongue running along every bit of them pretending it was another cock she was sucking as she squeezed her ass muscles tight for Tony. Tony couldn’t take it any longer, was she was doing was too hot and soon he began shooting his load up into her ass. “Oh god its so warm inside me!” Kristina said grabbing Tony around the neck as she milked every last drop from his throbbing member. “Tony I can feel your cum coating the inside of my butt with every spurt. I think I’m gonna cum” As she said this she erupted in orgasm and spouted juices onto the floor; she sat on Tony’s cock until he had finished pumping his seed into her and then slowly pulled herself off laying on the towel and panting. “God you guys are amazing,” she said through haggard breathing “I’ve never been fucked and used like that before.”

Mark had regained his composure the quickest since he had been the first one done “Kristina you sure you’re going to make it to work tomorrow? It’s already kind of late and we do have a camper here for you to sleep in.” Kristina pondered this a moment; on one hand she had work, on the other she had five horny old men with a camper and still looked ready to give her more cum. “Yeahhh I think I’m gonna be sick tomorrow” she said with a laugh “besides I’m sure all of you are dying to fuck my throat again?” “Kind of,” Mark said “have you ever been gangbanged by five old men?” Kristina smiled “I’m sure by tomorrow I will have”

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