Just a Friday Night Ch. 03

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I wake up the next morning to light kisses on my neck. I smile, my eyes still closed and reach out to touch a silky smooth back, running my fingertips up and down the skin.

“Good morning sexy” is whispered into my neck. I smile and open my eyes, adjusting to the light and looking down at the most beautiful face.

“Good morning baby girl” I reply, leaning down and kissing her softly. She reacts straight away, kissing back and pushing her tongue into my mouth, deepening the kiss.

My arms wrap themselves around her back as she tangles her hands in my hair, moving more of her body on top of mine, never breaking the kiss. I seriously can’t get enough of this woman, as I feel my body reacting to her touches, with a familiar warm feeling travelling from my abdomen, straight to my pussy.

She kisses her way down my chin and neck as I sink into the pillows, enjoying the touch of her lips on my skin. I gasp as she takes a nipple in her mouth, sucking softly and nipping gently with her teeth.

My hands go straight to her hair, tangling my fingers in her long tresses, as I pull her back up and kiss her hard. She moans into my mouth as our tongues wrestle and I flip us so I’m now straddling her sexy hips. I slow the kiss down a little, putting as much feeling and passion into it as I can, rubbing my hands up and down her arms, feeling goose-bumps form underneath my fingertips.

We both smile as I break the kiss and lean my forehead on hers, gazing into each other’s eyes.

“I want you” she whispers, not breaking the moment.

“I want to take you” I whisper back. She kisses me tenderly and I know we are definitely on the same page. I smile at her as she giggles and kisses up my cheek to my ear.

“What are you waiting for darling? Take me.” I waste no time at her declaration and scoot down her body, sucking hard on a nipple that was looking so inviting. She moans and grabs my head, as I flick her nipple with the tip of my tongue and trail my hand down her ribs. I move my hand into her panties, stroking her slit and feeling her wetness coat my fingers. I push down on her clit, hearing her whimper as I kiss my way down her body and pull her panties off at the same time.

“Darling, please, don’t tease me” she begs, arching her back and pushing her hips up. I take her clit in my mouth, sucking at the little nub, flicking and nibbling it while pushing a finger inside her slowly. “Oh god” she breathes out, tangling her hands in my hair and pushing my head down into her. I know she’s hinting for more so I push another finger inside her and start increasing my pace slowly.

I hear her take a sharp breath as I curl my fingers slightly, and look up at her. She looks so beautiful, hair splayed around her, eyes shut escort bayan bursa tight and she’s biting her lip. I focus back on my task, thrusting my fingers faster and deeper inside her as I scoot the upper half of my body next to hers, pushing my palm into her clit with each thrust and I take her nipple in my mouth again.

“Oh my god Bells” she moans, her juices running down my fingers as I quickly move up and take her lips in mine, kissing her fervently. She returns the kiss, one hand on my face, the other on the back of my neck, caressing my skin. I lean my forehead on hers, feeling the light sheen of sweat all over our bodies, increasing my pace yet again, my thumb on her clit, pounding two fingers inside her deep.

I keep the fast pace going, alternating between palming her clit and pushing down on it with my thumb. Her breaths get shorter and her moans louder as her body reacts to my touches and thrusts. I know she will cum soon so I slow my pace down a little, curling my fingers ever so slightly.

“Yes darling, right there, yes!” her eyes shut tight as her words spur me on even more.

I can feel the muscles in my arm burning but I keep the same tempo, watching her propel her hips up in time with my thrusts. She looks so beautiful as my eyes take in her body, back arched, hair all sexy and wild, like an untamed beast, I know her body is reacting to animalistic urges.

I start to increase my pace again as I feel her walls clutching onto my fingers and i know she’s going to cum very shortly. I push my fingers as deep and hard as I can and curl them hard.

She’s moaning even louder now, breaths coming out in short pants and she cums, screaming my name and her pelvis thrusts involuntarily. It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I know this sexual encounter is different to the ones in the last few days, this feels more like making love, not just fucking.

I slow down my pace, drawing out her orgasm as much as long as possible as I kiss her softly. I sit up and pull my fingers out, sucking on them, tasting her juices on my fingers as I look at her. She looks like she’s about to fall asleep, her eyes closing so I pull the blankets over her, kiss her forehead and get up to go shower.

I’m standing in my bathroom, humming softly to myself as I wait for the water to heat up and I feel a pair of arms wrap themselves around my waist and a very warm naked body pressed up against my back.

“Well hello there beautiful” I murmur as my hands hold hers that are linked around my tummy.

“Hi yourself sexy” she whispers into my neck, kissing the skin softly. I gasp at the sudden contact and push my head back as she continues kissing the back of my neck, lips grazing my skin. I gasp bursa sinirsiz eskort again and turn around in her arms kissing her softly.

“How did you know that was my weak spot?” I ask, breaking the kiss. She laughs and gives my bum a playful squeeze.

“Lucky guess darling.” I giggle and pull her into the shower, under the hot water.

She kisses me again as the water cascades over us, and I am so content in this moment. Her hands push themselves between our bodies and she gently pinches my nipple, rolling it in between her thumb and index finger. I close my eyes and groan, feeling the sensation go straight to my pussy.

“Your nipples are so sexy darling” she whispers into my ear before biting down on my ear lobe.

I groan again in reply as her other hand creeps down my body to my slit as she starts lazily stroking it.

“Fuck baby girl” I pant as her fingers are doing amazing things to my body.

“That’s the idea darling” she replies as she pushes a finger into me. I moan and she adds another finger quickly.

“I want to make you cum right now” she grumbles.

“Do whatever you want to me baby girl. I’m yours.” I whimper. She starts thrusting her fingers, her other hand on my shoulder to keep me sturdy as my right hand goes behind her on the wall and my left hand is on the back of her neck, keeping her close to me. I’m still so turned on from earlier so I know I won’t last long.

“More” I whine as I thrust my hips in time with her fingers. She increases the pace at my begging and curls her fingers inside me. I feel my body jolt as I cum hard, moaning her name over and over like a mantra.

“Fuck Hailey, yes, fuck oh my god”. She removes her fingers when my body stops twitching and pulls me in for a frantic heated kiss.

I kiss back hard, rubbing my hands up and down her back and ass.

“You’re so sexy when you cum” she laughs.

“Speak for yourself baby girl” I reply, reaching behind her to grab my shower gel. We clean each other, exploring every inch of the other’s body, finding out weak spots. She already knows the back of my neck is mine, but I discover massaging her hips is hers. I happily file this information in my head for future reference.

I rummage through my closet, looking for something to wear as she finishes up in the bathroom. I pull on a pair of army cargo pants and a long sleeved V neck shirt as she comes in wearing nothing but a towel. I laugh and pull at the corner of it.

“I like your outfit” I smirk at her.

“Psssh” she replies and goes through my underwear drawer. “I’m borrowing your underwear darling, someone made mine wet last night”.

“That’s fine with me baby girl” I laugh and walk escort bayan out to the kitchen to make us coffee as she finishes getting changed.

Ryan finds us at the table an hour later, to empty plates with a few remanent pieces of bacon and toast left.

“Oh, I missed out on breakfast?” he asks, looking around the kitchen at the dirty dishes.

“I cooked a plate for you, it’s in the oven” I reply, not even looking up from the paper.

“Aww yeah! This is why we’re best friends” he laughs as he sits down with his plate of breakfast.

Hailey laughs at our antics and I look up from my paper at her, smiling as she blushes at me.

“So what’s on the agenda for today ladies?” Ryan asks, with a mouthful of food. It actually sounded like ‘Saw whaf on the a ginger for rooday radies?’ but I’ve known him so long that I’m used to it.

“Sadly, I need to go soon because I’m spending the afternoon with my family for my brother’s birthday” Hailey replies, taking a sip of her tea.

“I’m driving her home then we are going to do housework” I say to Ryan, not blinking.

“Oh. Well, guess I won’t make plans” he replies laughing. I fold the newspaper and push it to the side and stand up, taking our plates to the sink.

“I’ll be back later” I say to Ryan as Hailey stands up to grab her things. I take my keys and wallet from the table and put on a jacket. I notice Hailey walk out of my room with one of my grey hoody’s on. I laugh and walk out, unlocking the car and opening the door for Hailey. She smiles and gives me a short, chaste kiss.

We spend the drive back to hers talking about everything and anything, I tell her about upcoming projects I have at work and she tells me about a creepy male co-worker who always hits on her. I grit my teeth at that, feeling jealousy bubble inside me, but push it down, knowing we haven’t established what our relationship is yet.

I manage to find a parking spot at the front of her apartment complex and walk her to the front door. She wraps her arms around me and muffles something into my shoulder.

“What was that baby girl?” I pull back and look at her confused.

“I said, umm, are we dating?” she asks, blushing and staring at the ground. I smile big and use a finger to tilt her chin up so she’s looking at me. I kiss her softly and ask

“Hailey, will you be my girlfriend?” after we break the kiss.

She squeals and throws herself back into me with a muffled

“yes!” into my shoulder. I laugh and wrap my arms around her, holding her tight to me.

“I’ll call you tonight darling” she says, dropping her arms but still staying in my hold.

“Ok beautiful, can’t wait” I reply and kiss her again. She smiles and takes her keys and goes inside, but not without waving shyly at me while she waits for the elevator. I smile back and watch her disappear into the grey doors. I walk back to my car and drive off with a triumphant fist pump in the air. I’m already planning a great second date for us, but a first date officially as a couple. I can’t wait.

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