Just a Girly Night In

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“Are you doing anything tonight?” I asked my cute young intern, Sophie, when I bumped into her in the tearoom, “I know its Friday and you probably have things to do, people to see…”

“No, I don’t have any plans for tonight Mrs Smith,” the 18 year old blonde replied, smiling at me, “why do you ask?”

“I’ve told you, please call me Pam,” I smiled back as I stepped closer to her. “My husband is away for a week or so and I just wondered if you fancied coming over for a girlie night; you know, watch a couple of films, drink some wine, and gossip like fishwives…”

“That’s sounds like fun Mrs…Sorry, Pam,” she beamed at me, “I’d like that a lot!”

“That’s great!” I said, “I’ll give you my address and expect you at, say, 7 o’clock?”

For the rest of the afternoon I struggled to stay focussed in my classes, as my mind kept going back to Sophie, her pretty face and her fantastic figure. Maybe I should explain; although I’m happily married to John, and have been for 25 years, I’ve always been turned on by the thought of being with another woman. I’ve never actually done it but I have masturbated countless times dreaming of it, imagining how it must feel to touch and taste another woman’s body.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I hadn’t invited Sophie over to seduce her or anything, but I really did enjoy her company and if nothing else I could spend the evening eyeing her up, enjoy her company, and then abuse myself for hours once she had gone home.

Come 7 o’clock there was a knock on the door, and I opened it to find Sophie standing there, looking gorgeous as ever, with a bag clinking from the bottles of wine inside.

“Sophie, so glad you made it, come on in!” I bubbled, hugging her before standing aside to let her in.

“Thanks for inviting me over Pam,” she smiled as I ushered her though to the kitchen, “it’s very kind of you.”

“Well, I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to get to know each other a bit better,” I told her as I poured two glasses of wine, “and to be honest I could do with the company, what with John being away for a week.”

We talked as we went through to the lounge, where I had already laid out some snacks and had a selection of DVD’s ready, chick-flicks in the main. We set one going and settled down on the sofa, chatting away like we’d known each other for years. I told Sophie about my husband John, our marriage, his job, and as we talked my eyes were constantly drawn to her legs; Sophie was wearing a pleated skirt that finished just above the knee, and her shapely legs were clad in black stockings or hose – I couldn’t tell which, but I liked how they looked.

The wine flowed and the conversation turned, as it always did at some point, to our relationships. Sophie seemed impressed that I had enjoyed 25 very happy years of marriage – she confessed that she hadn’t dated anyone longer than a few months.

“I guess I just haven’t found the right one yet,” she sighed as we watched a couple making out on the screen, “but hey, that’s OK, I can always rely on my trusty vibrator if no-one is to hand!”

“Yes, thank God for those!” I sighed as I tried to picture this beautiful young lady using one on herself, “when’s John’s away for so long I get through a lot of batteries!”

It must have been the wine, as I’d never usually confess to something like that, but I felt comfortable telling Sophie. I was feeling very relaxed and was enjoying the young blonde’s company a lot, and she seemed to be enjoying mine just as much. More wine was drunk and another film went in, and we seemed to move closer together on the sofa.

At some point in the new film the two main characters, both women in their fifties, were shown in a flash back to when they were in their twenties and in a relationship together. We watched in silence as the two sexy women started to make out, kissing and caressing each other in a scene that had me feeling horny and jealous.

“That is beautiful,” I moaned softly as I watched the sexy scene, feeling my pulse quicken and my pussy tingle.

“Oh yes, you can’t beat the touch of another woman,” Sophie sighed, “it’s so hot!”

“I’ll take you word for it,” I told her.

“You’ve never tried it?” she asked me, looking at me in surprise.

“Well, no,” I replied, “I’ve just, never…um.”

“Oh Pam, you don’t know what you’re missing!” Sophie said sincerely, “I thought a sexy and attractive woman like you would have, you know, tried it at some point.”

“No, never,” I said, gulping down the last of my wine, feeling myself blush as this vivacious young woman looked at me, “I’ve thought about it, but never had the opportunity.”

“Would you like to try it?” she said in a low and soft voice, her free hand settling on my knee, “there’s just the two of us, it would be our little secret.”

“I, I don’t know,” I stammered, staring into her green eyes as her hand gently massaged my thigh through my jeans, “I’ve never…um.”

“Pam, you’re a beautiful woman,” poker oyna Sophie said as she put her glass down and took mine form my hand, putting it down too, “and since we first met I’ve wanted to kiss you – will you let me do that at least?”

“OK,” I mumbled as she moved her face closer to mine, closing my eyes.

I smelt her perfume as her lips touched mine and I parted them as we kissed, gently, softly. The feel of her mouth and the taste of her was everything I’d ever dreamed it would be and as Sophie put her arm around me I melted into her, my heart beating hard and my sex feeling hot. I thrilled to feel Sophie’s tongue worm it’s way wetly into my mouth and dance with mine, and I knew at that moment that dreams and fantasies were about to become reality.

“Well?” Sophie asked me when we finally broke apart, “did that make you wet?”

“Yes, it did,” I replied shyly, “I liked it.”

“Pam, what would you say if I told you that I wanted to make love to you?” she asked me in a husky voice as she stared into my eyes, “to run my tongue all over your quivering body?”

“I…I think I might say yes please,” I mumbled, feeling nervous, excited and aroused all at once.

Sophie moved back in and we were kissing again, only this time one of her hands was moving up under my top, finding one of my bra-covered boobs and giving it a playful squeeze. I groaned into her mouth with delight as the palm of her hand grazed across my lace-covered nipple – I have small boobs but very sensitive nipples and I love them being played with.

Sophie started to pull my top up and I lifted my arms to help her, our kiss interrupted as she pulled it up and over my head, revealing the black lace bra I was wearing. Sophie smiled warmly at me as she kissed me again, reaching behind and unfastening my bra before easing the straps off my shoulders.

Pulling the undergarment away allowed Sophie free access to my breasts and I groaned even louder into her mouth as she took my right nipple between her finger and thumb, squeezing and tugging on it. I responded to her kiss with increased passion as she played with my nipples, sending spikes of pure pleasure shooting through me and making my pussy grow hotter and wetter.

Breaking away once more I watched as Sophie quickly took her top off and the pretty patterned bra she wore underneath to reveal the most beautiful, perfect pair of tits I had ever seen. They were larger and fuller than mine, perky and firm, and tipped by small pink nipples that had me itching to touch them.

“Suck them,” she ordered me, seeing how hungrily I stared at them, “suck on my tits.”

Honestly, I didn’t hesitate, my head went down and I closed my lips around her right nipple, sucking hard on it and lashing it with my tongue. The feel of another woman’s tit in my mouth was great, as was the taste of it and I thrilled to feel it swell and harden in my mouth.

“Oh yes, Pam, you do that so well,” the young blonde sighed, stroking my hair as she fed me her other breast, “I can see you’re a natural!”

As I suckled on her teat she reached down between us and started to undo my trousers, and I moved a little to give her more room. With a bit of shifting about from both of us she was able to keep her nipple in my mouth as she eased her hand down inside my trousers and panties, her fingers rubbing across my moistening slit.

“Oh baby, you’re so wet,” she moaned as her hand slid up and down across my slippery sex, “you want me to lick it don’t you? You want me to eat your juicy cunt!”

“Um-um,” I mumbled around the mouthful of tit flesh I was enjoying – I so wanted her to do that, and her dirty talk was only turning me on more.

Sophie disentangled herself from me, pulling her hand from my crotch and sniffing her fingers before standing up in front of me. I watched as she undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing the black hold-ups and the tiny black thong that barely covered her clearly shaven sex. She looked so beautiful and I was going gooey all over as I thought about exploring what lay hidden under that little scrap of material.

Sophia knelt down in front of me and hooked her fingers into my jeans and panties, pulling them down my legs as I lifted my bottom off the sofa, leaving me naked in front of her. Discarding my clothes to one side she turned back to me and pulled my legs wide apart, lifting my feet up and placing them on the edge of the sofa, fully exposing me to her hungry gaze.

“Beautiful,” she murmured as she ran her hands down my slim thighs, gazing at my sex. I looked down at myself, seeing how red and swollen my pussy already looked, framed rather sexily I thought by my neatly trimmed pubic hair, “ripe and juicy.”

I thought I knew what was coming as she moved in and dropped her head, but from the first amazing moment her tongue touched my sex I was very pleasantly surprised. I’d had my fair share of boyfriends, and my husband John, go down on me, but none of them compared canlı poker oyna to what Sophie was doing to me – being a woman she knew exactly how and where to stimulate me with her lips and tongue, and she soon had me gasping and crying out loud with pleasure.

She would drive me wild by flicking my swollen clit with her tongue and then transfer her attention to my inner thighs, licking and kissing them, and then she would be sucking on my pussy lips or splitting them and delving inside. Her cheeks were smooth against my thighs, not the sandpaper-like stubble of a guys face, and I was so turned on at seeing her pretty face partially hidden by my mound. She pulled my bottom right to the edge of the sofa and I held my legs apart as my feet slipped off.

Sophie pulled my soaking wet gash wide open with her fingers and burrowed deep within, pressing her face into my slippery pussy as she fluttered her tongue inside my hole, driving me wild with delight. I’d never felt so hot and wet before and Sophie seemed to be licking and sucking up as much of my juices as she could, her enjoyment clear on her pretty face.

“Sophie, Sophie, I’m cumming,” I wailed as I quivered and thrust myself against her face, “oh, oh, ahh, yes!”

I could feel all the muscles in my groin spasming and contracting and I swear my cunny was gasping like a landed fish as I came, harder than I had ever cum before. My clit was a hard throbbing point of pleasure, my contractions were hard and fast and I was so wet it felt like I had peed myself. Sophie kept her fingers in place, holding my convulsing sex wide open as she licked and lapped every juicy inch from taint to clit, keeping my climax going for what seemed like forever.

Finally though, she relented, slowing the action of her tongue until she sat back on her haunches, smiling happily at me as she wiped her face clean. I eased my wobbly legs down so that my feet were on the floor and then, with Sophie holding her arms out to me, I slid off my sofa to sit on the floor with her, into her embrace. She kissed me deep and hard and I tasted myself on her, which was a thrill.

“Pam, it’s your turn now,” she told me, “I want you to lie back on the floor, because I’m going to sit on you face and let you eat my cunt.”

“Oh…OK!” I gasped, letting her guide me back down onto the carpet.

I was trembling with excitement as she stood up and slowly peeled her tiny black thong off, casting it aside as I stared up at her hairless sex. Sophie stepped forward so that she was straddling me and as she gazed down at me she ran her hands up her stocking-covered inner thighs slowly, over the bare skin above them and rubbed herself either side of her smooth inner lips.

It was quite the most erotic sight I’d ever seen, and I was breathless as I watched her slowly lower herself down on top of me, her knees either side of my head. I stared at her reddened sex as it was presented to me, right there in front of me, and I inhaled deeply – the smell of her arousal was the finest perfume, and I just had to taste her.

I stuck my flattened tongue out and slowly dragged it up the length of her slit, making Sophie moan happily. My first taste of another woman’s pussy was mind-blowing, and I lapped at her soft wet folds again and again, loving the taste and the feel of her genitals. Sophie held my head in her hands as she watched me licking her, moaning softly and smiling at me as my tongue opened her up and delved inside her juicy pussy.

“Mmm, Pam, you eat pussy very well,” she sighed as she watched me eat her out, “you look like you’re really enjoying yourself.”

I was indeed, delving deep into this beautiful woman’s cunt, licking her wet flesh and revelling in the taste of her juices. It easily surpassed everything I’d fantasised about, and although I had of course tasted my own pussy juices before, to be licking and sucking up someone else’s was so much better. I was aroused to a level I’d never been before as Sophie slowly ground herself against my face, smearing her cum on me as I explored every slick inch of her woman hood with my mouth.

Sophie’s copious juices were like nectar on my tongue as I stabbed it into her hole, before I slid it up over her pee hole to flick against her hard little clit. She really liked that, gasping loudly with delight as I flicked my tongue rapidly over her bean before sucking it between my lips. Sophie had a firm hold of my head in her hands and she was pulling me into herself as I sucked and licked her clit, rubbing herself against me as my actions got her hotter and wetter.

“Oh Pam, baby, you’re going to make me cum!” Sophie groaned lustily as I resumed licking and lapping her drooling cunt, “all over your pretty face!”

I can’t tell you how much I wanted her to do just that, to climax all over me; I wanted to have my face buried in her juicy snatch as she came, to feel her muscles convulse and to be bathed in her delicious juices. I enjoyed the feeling of being pinned down by internet casino this stunning 18 year old, her thighs pressing against my ears as she held me in tight to her, almost riding my face as I licked, sucked and nibbled on her sex, her hands tangled in my hair as I strove to make her cum.

“Yes, fuck, yes!” Sophie cried out as I took her to the peak, her body trembling as her grip increased on my head. Her hips were making sharp little thrusts and I could see, and feel, her pelvic muscles contracting as I returned my attention to her firm little clitty, sucking on it hard as she came.

“Ungh, fuck, fuck!” my new lover cried out as waves of pleasure pulsed through her hot young body, her movements forcing me to release her bean and just stick my tongue out, lapping her as she humped my face. My face was slippery and my mouth and tongue were coated in her fluids and I felt wonderfully dirty as Sophie did just what I had dreamed of, climaxing all over me and feeding me her cum.

I lapped and sucked on Sophie until she was spent; savouring the juices her reddened sex was soaked with. When her climax was finished she slid down my chest and bent down, pulling my face to hers and kissing me passionately, sharing the taste of her herself with me.

“Pam, you did that very well,” she murmured between kisses, “are you sure you’ve never done it before?”

“Oh yes, I’m sure,” I replied, “although I’ve dreamed about doing it a thousand times!”

“Well, we’ve got all night,” she purred, “why don’t we go to your bedroom and fuck like rabbits?”

We got up and, holding hands, I led Sophie up stairs to our bedroom. As we made our way up I pondered what my fellow teachers would think if they could see us now, prim and proper Pam naked and leading an almost-naked young woman up to her bedroom to fuck.

“Pam, have you got any stockings?” Sophie asked me as we embraced at the foot of my bed, “you’ve got some beautiful legs.”

“I have a drawer full,” I told her as I led her over and pulled it open, displaying my collection of lingerie, stockings and my sex toys.

“Ooh, Pam, you are a dark horse!” Sophie chuckled as she inspected the contents, running her hand over the collection of silk, lace and nylon, and the various toys at the end, “no-one at school knows the real you do they?”

“Only you,” I replied shyly as Sophie pulled out a pair of my favourite lace topped white hold-ups.

“I want to put these on you Pam,” she said.

I perched myself on the edge of my bed as Sophie knelt down in front of me and took a hold of my left foot. I have sensitive feet and her touch was enough to make me shiver. Sophie noticed this and smiled up at me as she stroked and caressed my foot.

“You like having your feet played with?” she asked me, and I simply nodded at her.

She smiled at me as she lifted my foot up to her face and took my big toe into her mouth, sucking on it and licking it. I moaned with delight as she took turns with my toes, holding my foot with one hand as she caressed my leg with the other, turning me on so much.

After a minute or two of this delightful treatment Sophie slowly and carefully put the stocking on me, unrolling it up my leg and making sure it was perfect, straightening it and caressing me as she went, until the broad lace top was fitting snugly around my upper thigh and my leg was encased in white nylon, looking and feeling fantastic.

I was already feeling very horny and aroused when Sophie gave my right foot and leg the same treatment, using her mouth to such great effect on my foot before lovingly encasing my right leg in white nylon. My legs were spread wide and as Sophie stroked and caressed my thighs she teased me by going up further and brushing her fingers across my moistening slit.

“You look wonderful Pam,” she told me when she got me to stand up before her while she still knelt on the floor, “turn around.”

I did as I was told, facing away from her so that my bottom was facing her. I heard her make a happy sound as she caressed my thighs, making me shiver as her fingers ran up over the lace tops to my bare skin, her breath warm on my skin. Then I gasped as her tongue started to lick me right at the top of my right thigh, at the point where thigh becomes bottom. Her hands were gently massaging and squeezing my bum cheeks as she licked them, and when she told me to bend over I wasted no time, leaning forward and putting my hands on the bed.

Sophie continued to lick and kiss my bare skin as she pulled my buttocks wide apart and worked her way between them, that divine tongue of hers circling in slowly but surely, getting ever closer to my bum hole. It felt amazing and I found myself silently urging her on – I wanted to feel her tongue in my ass. My pussy was wet and throbbing and I was sure it was going to start dripping soon I was that aroused.

I let out a deep groan as Sophie hit the target, the tip of her tongue stabbing at my tightly puckered opening, worming wetly about as it sought entry. She was making strange little noises of contentment as she worked on my anus, licking and probing wetly as she burrowed her way into me, using so much saliva I felt it trickling down to my slit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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