Just a Walk in the Park Ch. 03

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Just a Walk in the Park: Chapter 3

Thank you and dpga4625 for all you have done to help me edit my stories.

Thank you for reading my stories. If this is your first time reading one of my stories, welcome. I highly recommend that you read a series from the beginning as by this point, I am not going to spend time describing the main character. You may also miss some of the running jokes I love to use.

I had never been so nervous in my life. It was strange I could blow a guy in public but I was terrified of the woman that now stood before me. I’d started an internship at the Class Corporation’s main office. Arthur had introduced me to Cara Reed, a very attractive blonde who was maybe 5’6″ perhaps 130lbs in an off-white blouse, black skirt, off white thigh highs and black Mary Janes. She took one look at me and said, “I don’t have time for this Arthur. We are having issues with our new accounting and inventory program and I have a quarterly report due in less than a week. I know you’re the boss and Alexis does whatever you tell her to do but no Arthur. No, no, no, no, no.”

“I hear what you are saying.” Arthur started to say in his selling-ice-to-Norwegians tone.

“Not listening to you.” She said literally put her fingers in her ears and started to hum.

I didn’t know if Arthur was impressed or insulted by the woman’s standoffishness. Maybe that was the trick to not giving Arthur everything he wanted. Maybe he was like the sirens in Greek mythology. If you could not hear him, he couldn’t talk you into things. Of course, I was already his, mind and body, but maybe I could warn others.

These were the thoughts that were going through my head when Arthur walked over to Cara, breaking all HR policies that I am aware of, grabbed both of her elbows, and pulled her arms away from her head.

“I know that you’re busy, my dear.” His tone still sweet but also a little sterner as well, “I know about the issues you are having but don’t worry, for help is at hand.” He said with his winning smile and smooth voice while pointing at me, “That is why I brought you Jason. He will be able to help.”

It might have been my imagination but her eyes almost seemed to glaze and I half expected her to say, ‘These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.’ What she did do, was take a deep breath and said, “Fine.”

Cara started walking down the hall. Arthur motioned me to follow her so I followed her. I trailed Cara through a door and was almost knocked over by the white noise of typing and phone conversations. I had been expecting this but wow. Like every inch of Class Corporation property this room was covered by security cams but I thought the noise level had been a problem with the mic having too high of a pickup volume. It definitely made me miss the silence of my home office.

Cara walked me over to one corner of the room where an older man sat. Cara tapped him on the shoulder and he swiveled around and stood up. He was maybe 5’2″ and about 220 pounds. To be honest he looked a lot like Santa Claus, in a very nice grey pin stripped suit. Cara put her back to the wall and introduced us. “David Bradley, this is Jason…” She looked confused for a minute, “I’m sorry I have forgotten your last name.”

“Swift,” I said extending my hand to David.

David took my hand and with an almost jolly smile said, “nice to meet you mate,” in an Irish accent. “Very nice to meet you.”

He looking me up and down like I was a side of beef. From the look in his eyes, he was into beef.

“Nice to meet you too.” I said then looked over at a table covered with crockpots. “Is that food for anyone?”

Cara looked over and said, “Yes. We are having a food day. Everyone always goes way overboard.”

David said, “Try the spinach and artichoke dip. It’s mine and it’s amazing.”

“Hey thanks,” I said heading towards the table.

Cara pulled David aside as I walked past. Then Cara, in a tone she thought was too low for me to hear said, “He’s a new intern Arthur stuck me with. Arthur said he could help us but quite frankly I don’t have time to play babysitter so, since you’re stuck spinning your wheels with the rest of us, would you mind keeping an eye on him?”

“Not at all.” I could feel his eyes on my back, “I’d love to, boss.”

“You were not exaggerating, David.” I said scooping more dip up on a chip and popping it into my mouth, “This stuff is ambrosia.”

“Glad you like it,” David said with a smile.

He pulled out the chair he had been sitting in and motioned me to sit. I sat down and he grabbed another chair from an empty cubical. It was still warm. I started to look over David’s desk. I saw a couple of family photos but none that seemed to contain a wife or family. A few with people who were obviously relatives of some sort judging by faces and bone structure. Then I noticed a small thank you card that had been framed along with several photos and a very naughty idea came into my mind.

Apparently, I was not the only person that thought David looked like Santa. Anadolu Yakası Escort The card was from Hope House, a woman shelter that takes in battered woman and their children trying to get out of abusive home situations. David had obviously dropped in last year dressed as Santa and done the whole what do you want for Christmas little one routine. Then he had left gifts, provided by the Class Corporation, for the kids and mothers. He was a bit older than I usually liked but I suddenly had a daydream of siting on David’s lap while he was dressed as Santa and telling him all the naughty things I had done and ask him what I need to do to get back on his nice list.

My hand nudged his mouse and his screen saver, A photo of a 70 Ford Mustang BOSS painted traditional Ford blue with black stripes disappeared and what he had been working on popped up on the screen. “Cool.” I said my plate half empty, “You guys are using orange tree.”

“Yes, we are,” David said looking down. “Or at least we were.”

“It’s a great system,” I commented, “I love it.”

I don’t think either of them heard me or was pay attention. I finished my dip and threw the plate in the trash can under David’s desk. Then I checked my fingers to make sure they were clean. They were not so I grabbed one of David’s Kleenexes and wiped them clean.

“Not to be a broken record but have we gotten any update on this mess.” I heard David ask, “I mean I can convert everything to pounds but that is a lot of extra work and time lost. Plus, it is only a band-aid and what will happen if and or when we figure out how to get the bloody thing to work with dollars again?”

“You know orange tree defaults to dollars, right?” I asked trying to get into the conversation.

“Yes, we know.” Cara said to me in a, not now the grownups are talking tone. Then to David “Right, we have reached out to the venders but everything is email and with the holiday weekend coming it could be days before we get a response. That having been said, I may have to have you teach an ad-hoc class on the foreign financial systems until we can get this figured out and then we can switch back to American units.”

“Right Boss, but what about the jokers that have their set to Yen?” David asked.

Cara put her head in her hands and let out a sound that was a combination of sigh and grunt.

I raised my hand like I was back in third grade. “So, you don’t want it in British pounds?” I asked for clarification.

“No, we don’t.” Cara turned on me a little terser, “This is America and we use Dollars. 99% of my team prefers to work in dollars but this stupid system is stuck on UK or MEX or China.”

“OK. I’ll put it back to the default.” I said turning back to the screen and navigating to the settings screen. “David, have you saved recently.”

When David didn’t respond right away Cara looked at him and asked, “Have you?”

“Of course.” David finally said after she elbowed him in the ribs.

“Cool. Make it so.” I said in my best Patrick Steward voice. Which was very bad.

I selected US vs UK hit apply backed out hit ok. Nothing happened. “That was the first thing we tried,” Cara said obviously a little insulted that I thought she would know how to do that.

“Right but since US is the default setting,” I explained, “you then have to do a reboot within a minute or so or it doesn’t work.” I rebooted the computer. I knew it would work but they still looked very skeptical. The computer hummed and finally came back up. I moved to the side so David could type in his password and swipe his badge. I caught a whiff of his aftershave, lavender and mint. Sure, enough as I expected the program came back up this time showing everything with $ instead of pounds.

“How did you know that?” they asked in unison.

“I just spent a semester learning this program at the U. We ran into the same problem a few months ago when, after a few weeks of pretending, we were using the program in an Asian market we wanted to reset it back to the default.” They looked at me as thought I was Sully Sullenberger and we had just set down safely on the Hudson.

They didn’t say anything so I kept talking, “I would say it’s the systems only major flaw.”

Cara pulled me out of the chair and hugged me. I didn’t feel anything. I mean she was cute but blondes are not my type. Then David hugged me and I definitely felt something. Not the live wire shock I get when I hug Arthur but at least a 9-volt.

“David, work with Jason,” Cara ordered. “I need you to draft a procedure and a floor com on this now. I want it out in the next 30 minutes.”

“Don’t I need to run it by the docs department and quality first,” David asked.

“David, you speak English better that I do.” Cara shot back.

“When will the English teach the English how to speak?” David quoted/sang.

“I loved that movie,” I said “Rex Harrison was so good in that one.”

My speaking reminded Cara of my presents. “So, what else do you know about this program?”


“How about the Avrupa Yakası Escort amortization schedule?” Cara asked. “Why will it not work for deprecation?”

“Straight line or declining balance?” I asked.

“Straight line.”

“Well, it has its own calculator for deprecation so you don’t have to use the amortization schedule.”

David was typing furiously but managed to ask, “Can we keep him?”

“How long is this internship of yours supposed to be for?” Cara asked.

Chapter 2

Knock, knock. “You wanted to see me Mr. Class” I asked opening the door to Arthur’s office.

“Yes, Jason come in, come in.” Arthur said getting up and coming around the desk.

I closed the door behind me and met him over by his desk. We embraced and then we kissed. “I have gotten emails from both Cara and David and they can’t say thank you enough for all you have done for them today.”

I wrapped my fingers around Arthur’s ear and started to play with it. I then began to rub my cheek against his beard. Arthur loves when I do that. “I think David was very interested in my ass-ets.”

“I agree.” Arthur said smiling at me, “Are you interested in his?”

“I have some very naughty ideas that involve a Santa suit.”

Arthur shivered in delight. “Oh my. This is why I love you so much. I have been having similar thoughts all morning,” Arthur started to stroke my hair, “Does your plan enable you to get on the nice list by being very naughty?”

“Yes, you see…” I began to say but was cut off by someone clearing their throat.

Arthur and I both looked over to see Judy Class, Arthur’s wife standing at the door holding several bags, “You know if you boys are going to play at work then you must remember to lock the door.”

Arthur cringed in self-admonishment. I rushed over to help Judy with her bags. “What a pleasant surprise, Judy,” I said kissing her on both cheeks.

“I will have to remember that for the future.” Arthur followed my example and kissed his wife on either cheek, then gave her a hug now that her hands were free. “What brings you by?”

“I have a few hours between department meetings and Riya is having lunch with her boys, so I figured I would come and have lunch with mine,” She answered.

“What a lovely idea,” Arthur said.

I opened one of the bags and the wonderful aroma of pasta filled my noise. I made an, oh no face.

“Is something wrong, Jason,” Judy asked patting my hand, “It’s five-cheese marinara on angel hair, your favorite.”

“It is…” I started before Arthur came to my rescue.

“He discovered David Bradly’s spinach and artichoke dip,” Arthur finished for me.

“How much did you have?” Judy asked.

“Only one… maybe two… bowls.”

“Well, I can’t really blame you,” She said handing a to-go container to Arthur, “That stuff is delicious.” She handed me a container, “Put this in Arthur’s refrigerator and you can take it home later.” She looked at Arthur, “Assuming either of you two remembers it.”

Arthur took a bite of his cheese burger and Judy poured ranch on her cobb salad. “So, what have you two been up too. Other that office nooky.”

“I loaned Jason to the accounting department,” said Arthur.

“How has that been going?” Asked Judy.


“That is an understatement.” Arthur swallowed, “Cara has already asked me to pursue hiring him with extreme prejudice.”

“Oh,” Judy looked impressed then confused, “What does that mean?

“I’m not sure,” Arthur answered honestly.

“All I did was help them with orange tree,” I said meekly.

“I’m sorry they are growing oranges in the accounting department?” Judy asked. “That is

forward thinking I’ll grant you but a little unorthodox, isn’t it?”

“No Judy,” I said, “Orange tree is a computer program. It’s accounting software that Cara’s department has been using and I know it pretty well as I just took a class on it, last semester so I helped her solve a few big problems earlier and now we are ironing out the kinks on a few small things. Not that big of a deal. Just dumb luck.”

“Just dumb luck.” Judy mumbled, then turned to me and paraphrasing Obi wan Kenobi, “In my experience with Arthur, there is no such thing as luck.”

Judy put down her fork and looked dubiously at Arthur. Arthur looked nervous. I probably looked confused. “Arthur what did you do?”

“What ever do you mean?” Arthur played innocent.

“What did you do Arthur?” Judy repeated.

“Nothing,” Arthur protested. “Jason was telling me about how much he was liking orange tree about nine months ago. Cara was telling how our old system was a dinosaur and that we need a new one about the same time and I thought it was just serendipity.”

“You broke that young woman’s computers, didn’t you?” Judy accused.

“What?” I said looking at Arthur.

“I did not.” Arthur asserted.

Judy looked at me and just shook her head before saying coldly, “This is just the sort of thing you would revel in.”

“Come now Judy. You go too far.” Arthur İstanbul Escort switches to bravado when his silver tongue fails, which isn’t often. “You honestly think I went to all the trouble of acquiring a million-dollar program, had it installed and then sabotaged it, putting the company, our fortune and the jobs of thousands of employees at risk, just so I could make my boyfriend look good?”

The frightening thing was when he laid it out like that, it wasn’t crazy. In fact, it made perfect logical sense. I turned to Arthur a little afraid to ask, “Arthur?”

“I wouldn’t do that,” he protested his voice rising.

Judy and Arthur locked eyes.

After several minutes Arthur caved, “Ok I would.”

“Oh, Arthur.” Judy exclaimed exasperated.

“But I didn’t.” Arthur clung to his innocents, then in a softer tone said, “I didn’t have to.”

“But you know who did.” Judy said it as a statement not a question.

“Well of course I do.” Arthur admitted, “And let’s just say they are not going to like their bonus this quarter.”

We all looked at each other for a minute. Judy looked like she was still very angry. Arthur looked a little upset too. I went back to looking confused.

“A couple of the people figured out how to change the country of operation and it spread like wild fire. It didn’t become a problem until someone tried to switch it back.” Arthur explained.

“But you knew how.” Judy accused, power flowing from her body and voice in waves. I think my phone charged two percent.

“I,” Arthur pressed his hand to his chest, “Didn’t have the foggiest idea how to fix it but I knew who would.” Arthur pointed to me, “And thus Jason is the conquering hero.”

“Do you have any idea how much stress you put on that poor woman through.” Judy asked getting up.

“Cara?” Arthur asked not sure which poor woman Judy was referring to.

“Yes, Cara,” She pointed at Arthur, “and you are going to make it up to her.” Judy tapped a finger against her lower lip, “Send her to the house at Cape Cod for a week.”

“Don’t you think that’s…” Arthur began but one look from Judy stopped him in his mental tracks, “Yes dear.”

Judy put the cover on her meal and her mood changed back to its usual brighten up the world. I was in shock at what I had just seen. My feelings were all over the place. I have to admit I was more than a little turned on by what had just happened. “Well look at the time. I have to get back.”

Judy hugged me but unlike Cara, I definitely felt a jolt. Far less than what I felt when I hug Arthur but a good current. “I will see you at home Jason. Arthur.”

With that she left. I was speechless. I had to sit down. “Wow.” I said to the room in general. “I can understand why you love her.”

“If I could love a woman, she would definitely be the one.” Arthur commented.

“I think I do love her.” I admitted.

“Perfectly understandable,” said Arthur as he threw his container away in the trash near his desk. “Just as long as you love me too.”

Arthur hit the button on an old fashion intercom that connected to the desk of Brent Mead Arthur’s personal assistant. “Brent why don’t you go to lunch.”

“OK, sir.”

“Oh, and Brent.” Arthur looked over at me, hunger in his eyes “make it a long lunch. Mr. Swift and I have a number of things to go over.”

“Yes, sir.”

I slid out of my chair and onto the floor. Then I crawled on all fours over to his desk. I began nuzzling my cheek against his leg like I was Checkers. We had never done pet play before but I figured hey what the hell. He didn’t stop me and so I moved up his leg. When I got to his knee, he opened his legs and I moved in. He put his hand on my head and started to run his fingers threw my hair. I am not sure if he was petting me or giving me a scalp massage. I love scalp massages.

I whimpered like Checkers and moved closer to his crotch but could not quite get to his pants with my mouth. He helped by scooting forward. I took the zipper of his fly in my teeth and I pulled it down. It took me three or four tries but finally I got it down. The smile on Arthur’s face said that he was enjoying this game. I was pretty sure I was not going to be able to fish his dark chocolate cock out through his fly without help so I started to rub his dick through his underwear with my nose. He reached in and pulled his milky way midnight out for me. “Is this what you what boy. Good doggy.” Arthur praised me.

I had my mouth open and had just kissed the tip when I heard a loud knock at the door. Then to both of our terror the knob turned and door came open. Wordlessly I dove under Arthur’s desk and he rolled over so his exposed member was covered. I was never happier that Arthur had a big oak desk. I mean I have never been claustrophobic but it was a little tight.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Class. Brent was not at his desk and so I figure you had gone to lunch.” Said a deep but feminine voice. “I was just going to leave you a note.”

Breeding and manners overrode Arthur’s memory and so he started to stand as he always does when a woman enters the room. I tugged on his pant leg to remind him of the fact that his cock was currently sticking out of his trousers. “I sent him to lunch,” Arthur explained sitting a little straighter, “Judy was nice enough to bring me mine. What can I do for you Alexis?”

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