Just Another Dream

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Big Tits

My dream takes place in an empty room, chair placed in the center. I can hear footsteps enter the room, moving in the distance behind me. I’m blindfolded and my hands are tied behind my back. All I have on is my button down, navy, satin sleep shirt. The footsteps seem to be getting closer and closer, and then they come to a stop. I feel a hand caress my face and gently tilt my head back. Then warm breath near my ear, followed by tender kisses moving over the length of my neck and behind, down the back.

Hands begin to move from my shoulders down to my breast, rubbing them, squeezing them through my shirt. My heart begins to race, pounding against my chest as I breathe deeper, faster. I feel my nipples being deliciously squeezed between his fingers. I felt them harden, growing bigger, swelling, and feeling as though they would split into. I let out a soft moan and began to twist in heat in the chair

He began to unbutton my shirt, pushing it open and slipping it off my shoulders. I felt his lips kissing them. Suddenly he stopped. His hands stopped exploring altyazılı porno my body…as I heard the footsteps again, moving away from me, growing more and more faint, I thought to myself – “No please don’t stop, don’t go.” The room grew completely silent; I thought I could hear my own heart pounding. Again, the footsteps, I felt my hands being released, untied. He took my hands and guided me to a bed. He commanded me to crawl onto the bed. I did as he asked. He ordered me to stay on all fours. Again, I did as he asked. Someone else was approaching, I heard them discussing what they each wanted, what they had planned to do.

I felt one of them come onto the bed with me. His hands on my ass, rubbing each cheek. The other stood before me, grabbing my tits, rubbing his cock over my lips and nipples. The other began to slip his fingers into my wet cunt. I rocked back and forth on his fingers as he dug deeper and deeper into me. I heard a voice ordering me to suck his cock, my lips parted to accept his stiff dick in my mouth. As soon as it touched my warm tongue türkçe altyazılı porno he moaned, revealing his approval. I felt my head being pulled back by the hair and another voice telling me to suck his cock harder. Asking me would I like for him to stick his dick in my pussy now, asking how bad I wanted it. He didn’t believe that I wanted it bad enough, neither of them did…they both made me beg them to fuck me, beg them to let me suck them. I did as they both asked. Both of them teasing me, giving me just a little taste of each of their cocks in my ass, pulling out to enter my hot, wet pussy over and over again. The other giving me just a taste and then pulling away while my tongue lapped lavishly after it. He’d come closer to enter my mouth each time and pull away.

Over and over again they teased until, I couldn’t take anymore, I had to have them inside me. Filling my every hole. I begged, pleaded with them to please fuck me, please let me suck your beautiful cocks. Probe my ass and pussy harder, faster. I began to grind my ass against his cock hd altyazılı porno slowly at first in a circular motion then back and forth sliding up and down his dick slamming it deeper and deeper into my ass.

I sucked harder and deeper on his friends cock, the harder the one slammed into me; the harder I sucked. He controlled how I serviced his friend. I felt the heat rising in my twat. I pulled him from my mouth, looked up at him and begged him to fuck me. He and his friends switched places and I laid back waiting for him to enter me. Before he did he tasted my juices, his mouth so warm on my cunt. His tongue flicking at my clit and then his lips sucking it, over and over again, slipping his fingers in and out of my pussy as he did. They were driving me crazy, I twisted my nipples as I sucked his friend off and he came in my mouth, and then I started to cum also, I screamed for him to fuck me now, I needed it now.

He slammed into me, over and over, faster and faster, harder and harder with all he had…I heard him as he was about to explode and he pulled out and spat all over my stomach and tits. I creamed harder than ever. And finished by licking my juices off his gorgeous cock. I woke from my dream the next morning well rested and quiet moist I might add. MMMMMMMMM, sucha beautiful night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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