Just As He Is – EPILOGUE

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Look for my upcoming story including some characters in this series: Peepholes: The Adventures of Girls who Peek into the Boys Showers

As I write this dispatch for the readers, the closing for the sale of the orchards was March 15 to a major agricultural concern. The previous owners must relinquish occupancy by May 1. Julie who is in the 11th grade is the only family member still living there at night. Their mother was moved out 10 days ago to a condominium she will purchase and furniture from the small house is being moved to the new residence piecemeal. The 3 of them have some money, now.

Julie will have 3 homes by mid-spring. Stuie has shared an apartment with his fiancee Annie for over a year and they converted their guest bedroom to a room for Julie for her Christmas present. She will also have a small sleeping area at her mother’s condo. Her father 3 towns over has volunteered extended custody. She hopes to have a summer job as a day camp counselor nearby. She shares a robust sex life with her boyfriend Charlie, seeking many explorations in personal intimacy. But her attractions to even greater variety are unrequited.


On New Year’s Eve Day, Julie brought some clothes to her new part time residence. Her sister-in-law to be Annie showed her the facility of the bedroom and the especially impressive very comfortable queen sized bed. “Of course Stuie and I want you to know you can bring Charlie here to have sex whenever you want. ” Annie knew of the girl’s old physical liaison with her older brother. She herself also had a past of sexual awakenings also sparked from within her immediate family.

The teen was surprised that the current love in her brother’s life was attractive, but not really pretty. She had to be at least a year older. She was not as slender as his earlier paramours and thicker in the hips. But she still seemed to have a firm round ass to top off great legs that as far as the younger girl could determine was not all held together by any kind of girdle. Perhaps most important, she had a great C-cup rack.

It was the little things of a true voluptuary that would retain the interest of a horny brother always seeking optimum erotic experience. She has big Madonna/Angelina Jolie lips, the lipstick color which always changes subtly. She wears homemade hippie and American Indian style jewelry which is probably hot garnish when she is nude. The feature Julie most approved to keep her brother’s pecker perky was her insistence on wearing open faced almost spiked heels with freshly painted toenails even into the late fall. That would show ’em what kind of woman her hunk of brother kept.

“Of course, we want you and Charlie to be as informal and relaxed here as you like, considering how much we hang out here naked, and all.”

Julie was enjoying trying out her new mattress. She got up and rushed to hug her generous and welcoming friend. “I am so happy you 2 are perfect for each other. I really do not want to intrude on your happiness.”

“Oh, Julie hon, you know your happiness is always a big part of your brother’s life. You know how I want to join in in that responsibility.”

They were still embracing and their faces were just inches apart, warmed by the hot shallow breaths they were smashing into each other. Their eyes were set on lips that started to purse. Heads inched closer for lips to meet. The lips were soft and tongue tips light of touch. The 2 females enjoyed the slightly dizzy oral affections and were reluctant to break such a pleasing union, only doing so with an audible smack at the end. “I know a way you might enjoy some of that responsibility.”

“We have made this connection before. Are you suggesting I should take responsibility to take it further?”

“You’re the one who talks about hanging out naked here. I have recurring fantasies about us enjoying quality naked time on our own.”

“Oh honey! Why didn’t you say something earlier? I have an idea on how we could make a date on that, soon. . . . Your brother knows of your inclination to enjoy life the other way. How about that cute boyfriend of yours?”

“I like to keep some air of mystery about me.”

“Smart girl!”


The following week, Stuie went to the state capital to seek out information from the Dept. of Agriculture that would demonstrate to any prospective buyers of the orchards that they had farmed in compliance with regulations.

Julie and the fiancee had the apartment to themselves at the end of the day. Through deep body massage, the maturing teen was able to explore every accessible millimeter of the body of the woman whom her brother expects to be his lover for the rest of his days. There was a sensuality there that was erotic and well beyond. As long as there would be no limits to her availability, this is a match that should work for the long term.

Thanks to the massage oils and plenty of lube, the varied lovemaking between the 2 naked young women was topped off by several minutes of scissoring. Powerful hips and warm impacted flesh and hair between the legs affected explosive womanly climaxes accompanied by squeals of joy. The older woman noted how much more fun this activity was with a real partner than humping several hot wet towels wrung together with some lube. “Besides girl, you can suck titties just as good as your brother.” The younger female made note of the wet towels activity as a possibly entertaining component of foreplay with her young boyfriend, Charlie.

Fortunately there was a snow storm that night. Stuie called to say he would not be able to return home until the weekend and school was called off the next morning. Julie was able to sleep in on her comfortable new bed while her partner would freely grope her naked and available soft flesh at her titties, thighs, ass, and between her legs in an extended fitful slumber. Annie later told her fiance that his kid sister should be appeciated as a goddess of girl fun.


Julie has become an ambitious student. At first she was reluctant to spend much time at the apartment in town she thought of as sort of a party central. But the older couple is scrupulously respectful of her academic obligations. They leave more than one table outside of her bedroom cleared for books, papers, and other school work. They intuitively orient the space for quiet time for her studies. Often nights she smiles and smiles to herself for their indulgences on her behalf. Helping her with homework, they thumb through her books, class notes, and work papers with such serious expressions on their faces comically contrasted by the novel habit of not wearing a stitch of clothing.

This is not to say that the living space is always cast in the structured erudition of a well-stocked library. Music and beer or wine flow liberally and the girl friend perpetually taunts the toned youth to wrestle her and wrestle off what clothing she might be wearing. Always affectionate, as he ages, Stuie only demands more physical attentions from the women he loves and is fond of, even from his mother – always more hugs, kisses, touchy feelie moments. It has always been his way of coping with stress and the stress has only boosted since he graduated from college.

Charlie has come to cherish visiting the apartment. It is his sanctuary away from having to play the role of the confident High School jock, even with his own family. He cherishes the way they treat Julie and by extension, himself. After showering, when he recently walked back from the bathroom to Julie’s bedroom finally without bothering to wrap his bath towel around his waist for the first time, it was the start of the other 3 casually relating as though they knew him in his nudity since he was a little boy. In the outbreak of warm weather this week, Annie surprised him by approaching him from behind and wrapping her arms around his neck. “When am I going to see that handsome soldier of yours at full salute?” The teen is at the age, being stocked enough with hormones, that the warmth and suggestion had just that effect. “Thank you! Please don’t hide him away.”

Many has been the chilly weekend and other night of this past winter and spring that Julie and her guy have wrapped their arms around each other in her new bed, in safe naked snug warmth, cuddling while laughing and giggling, listening to the noisy antics of the eccentric couple who founded this happy home. For young Julie this is it. This is the quintessence of joyful family living. This is what she would want for her adult children and grandchildren if she ever has any. But it was a difficult oddysey to arrive at such an idyllic destination.


Very shortly after Stuie started his last year in college, he returned for a succession of weekends to help supervise the apple pickings, as he had done the 3 previous years. Two of those weekends, the siblings enjoyed reunion sex. But the 14 year old teen told her brother that she was regularly firting with an unattached 10th grade jr. varsity soccer goalie she called Charlie Doomore. He has Mediterranean slender good lucks with a Roman nose, a year round tan, light blue eyes, and combed back moderate length sItrawberry blond hair. She told her brother he had already agreed to think about her when he jacks off.

It was only a year after they started seeing each other regularly, that Julie found out why he was reluctant to even acknowledge her suggestion at first. “It was almost 4 years ago, I had only jerked off about 3 or 4 times before. I grew up in a conservative Catholic home and I did not want to make a habit of it. But when I got out of the shower, I had a boner that would not quit. I went back in the bathroom and poured hot water over a white sock and got it all soapy.”

“Your jerk sock.”

“Yeah, when I got back in my room, I took off my robe so that I was naked again and I lay back in my bed. Well I settled in to a jack off session with my cock feeling great wrapped in that warm soapy sock. I guess I was so wrapped up in my great feelings that I didn’t hear Mom knock on the door with her laundry basket. Well when she walked in, I was at that point when I was going to cum anyway. I don’t know why, I impulsively pulled away the sock. I was on top of my bed, so I could not cover myself with sheets or blankets, and my robe and clothes were in the other side of the room.”

“So you had no choice but to show her you cumming.”

“I’ll say! She must of known from Dad how long a guy can ejaculate and when he is finished, because she stood and watched the whole thing. I really think I came a lot harder because my mother was watching me. I mean I really jizzed a couple of streaks several inches out. She listened to my grunts and only said anything just after my last dry throbs. She told me not to move. She got a hand mirror so I could see how much I came on myself. She said she hoped I was ashamed for being so disgusting when I am naked. She told me she wanted to call my dad and sister into my bedroom to see the awful thing I do to myself before I clean up, but that she would settle for my confessing my sin to Fr. Flannigan.”

“I wish my mother had caught my brother just the same way. I really think she would have fainted dead away, and then we would not have to be bothered with her. Did you talk about it in a confessional?”

“NO! I went online to read about masturbation and everything seemed to say it was just fine for both sexes. In my physical they required before I could start to play soccer, the doctor said that provided I wasn’t obsessive about it, masturbating was good for my health.”

Charlie had recently come up to Julie and said that he thinks about her everyday and that masturbating was better than he ever thought it could be, now that such sexy a girl knows what he is doing. She told him to practice his technique so he could take her out and show her. She said don’t worry about it though, the important thing was to show her how much he enjoyed himself.

But the older brother recommended phone sex. The young teen enjoyed that. His unmuffled groans and grunts in his buildup were exciting and stimulating. But his quickness was offputting. The new partner even apologized and suggested that he had better control in the shower where he usually beats off. Too bad they couldn’t have shower sex on the phone. “Wait a minute, didn’t you brag to me the other week that you installed one of those bluetooth car kits for when your mother uses her cell phone in the car?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well if you are so handy, why don’t you get a portable arrangement where you can have one of those things in the bathroom just the other side of the curtain when you take your shower. You could call me just before you take your clothes off. “

That scenario worked well. Julie was pleased with the clarity of the audio output and the noise of the running water actually enhanced the excitement of the moment. But while an improvement, he still seemed a little quick. One evening he was excited to call her and say that their parents would be away for the weekend after Thanksgiving. His somewhat older sister and her husband would be house sitting and he was certain she would be agreeable to their enjoying a shower date. Being able to encounter each other naked and aroused at last, Julie knelt to acquaint herself with her new love’s 7″ uncut cock. It has a slight curve upward and is not as thick as her brother’s , but seemed so for its much smaller pointed head with an open snake eye of a piss slit that always seems ready and available. With its energetic pulsing warmth, she kissed, sucked, and nibbled it, before rubbing it about her face, neck, and tits. “I want you take good care of this guy and his cute nutty friends. They are going to be an important part of my life.”

“That means so much to me that you said that. They already love you as much as I do.” The young soccer player was absolutely astounded that a 14 year old was so brimming with confidence and knowledge about sex.

Through the following winter they settled on phone sex until some older girls brought her into “the club”. There were always lookouts available to assure privacy in the little used furnace and water heater room tucked away next to the boys locker room. There a girl could service her guy with a quick handjob or bj. But “appointments” were rare and opportunities scant.

It was not until April that Charlie was able to take Julie out on their own. His father was to drive him to her home. Her mother would drive them to a movie in town, from there the couple deciding where they wanted to eat. Not known to the parents, friends had arranged a guest bedroom where they could be intimate. Charlie would call his father on the cellphone when the evening would conclude. But it was a tennis match day for Charlie. He was exhausted and fell asleep with his head on Julie’s lap. Both she and her mother were charmed and committed to allow him to rest. She cuddled the unconscious angelic teen in her lap while her mother covered him in a blanket. Her mother brought her school books and a diligent student was able to read both her English and history assignments before the boyfriend awoke confused and embarrassed. Making certain her mother was not looking, she would periodically reach to feel under his belt to ascertain if his gender member was nocturnally active. If so, she enjoyed the thrill of a racing pulse. “You must think I am nuts, but that was the best date ever.”

That summer, Charlie had turned 16 and achieved his driver’s license. Thus began the long adventure of carnal explorations and experimentations of hormone flooded minors in mostly vehicular privacy.

During those vacations, summers, and after graduation, the boyfriend would be rankled by a brother who was not especially rude, but very cool and distant toward him. If their mother were not home, Stuie would not be above stepping out of the bathroom after his shower still toweling off to discuss with his sister in the parlor some obscure domestic item, indifferent that her boyfriend would be seated next to him as they watched TV. “Aren’t you going to say hello to Charlie?”

“Hello, Charlie.” The reality did not connect with the portrayal of an image by an adoring sister.

One day, after Annie had come into their lives, but before the 2 had started rental on their apartment in town, the two women started out to collect on some take out food. The mother was out meeting with a church ladies group. Charlie and Stuie were alone watching March madness college basketball. “Hey man, what is it with you? Where do come off being such a big prick? Your sister is the best girl in the school. Don’t you think I don’t know how much of an influence you have had on her. She thinks you walk on water.”

“How much of an influence do you really think I have had on her?”

“Are you kidding? A barely 14 year old girl who will be nice to just about anyone and knows more about sex than probably most of the teachers combined? Don’t you know whatever you 2 have ever had going is totally cool with me? She only drools whenever your name comes up.”

Stuie lept at the teen at the other end of the sofa. He grabbed him by the throat with at least as much conviction as he had pinned his sister in a rape fantasy of an earlier summer. “The moment you ever say anything to anyone else about whatever you have figured out between my sister and me, consider yourself a dead man. You don’t even know what a prick can be. But you will find out then, chump. The moment you ever do or say anything that truly breaks my sister’s heart, consider yourself a dead man, right then. If you ever say or do anything that reduces my sister’s esteem in the eyes of her peers, consider yourself a dead man. Now have you got that?” The taller but still smaller man who was in a hold that could seriously injure him nodded affirmatively.

He tried to compose himself as if he had never been seriously compromised physically. “You don’t seem to understand that this woman in your family is the best thing that ever happened to me. Even if she broke my heart, I could never hurt or damage a goddess who has singled me out for so much of her amazing love and attention.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I could never hate a woman who has made such a difference in my life. I don’t think there are many girls who can make as much of a difference for a guy as Julie can. No matter what happens, I can never allow anyone to take that away from either me or Julie.”

“Things can happen where couples can end up hating each other. But I tell you what, sport, you’ve got guts. I think you’ve grown up enough to get Julie and where she comes from. I have wondered whether any boys your age really could. She has grown up in a home where we have all really struggled. She has never had nice clothes. But all the same, she glows, doesn’t she?”

The younger male was struggling to fight back tears, now. “She glows so bright, it hurts my eyes but I am still happy. She glows only the way a goddess glows.”

“Give me a hug, dude.”


Julie was true to her word and was approachable to everyone at the High School. She deliberately sought out geeks, including upper classmen, to help her with studies and homework, especially boys. She would ask them questions about their personal lives and goals and aims, and would genuinely listen to their answers. She learned to offer little encouragements to everybody. Even the boys who had neither brawn nor brains she would taunt to tell her the latest jokes, the more bawdy the better. By the 11th grade, she was vice president of the glee club and apprentice editor of the year book. She had been on the student council since the 9th grade and considered a favorite for president the next year. She was vice-captain of the girls fall varsity soccer.

The girls who had a very limited and elite view of school social life first derided her for her outreach to others and then turned their backs on her. The remainder of the girls sought her out for advice about particular boys and boys in general. They were amazed at the depth and subtlety of her consideration. They were astounded with her knowledge of male sexual anatomy and the profound understanding and acceptance of their needs and urges. “If a boy our age isn’t a constant horn dog, he needs to go see a doctor right away. Make them feel that you are happy they jack off all the time and ask them what it feels like. If you really like a boy and don’t just want to be a tease, ask him to think about you when he jacks off. For sure, he will ask you out soon unless gaziantep lezbiyen he has already pledged himself to another girl.”

Then there was Belinda Sapphokund. By Christmas time, she was the only out lesbian in Julie’s 9th grade class. Only 2 other girls besides Julie and Belinda would meet and plan how to ambush boys who called her a dyke. With the help of some jokester boys, one boy had all his clothes and cell phone stolen from his locker when he was in the showers. An opposing wrestling team had just been beaten soundly and his friends had said they would call his father for him, but forgot in the exuberance of victory. When everyone had left, the boy with only a skimpy locker towel wrapped around his waist ventured out to look for a janitor. Athletic Belinda was just the other side of the locker room door and took very good aim to swing a baseball bat into his package without too much impact. Looking down at the naked athlete buckled over and writhing on the gym floor, Belinda used her own cell phone to call for an ambulance. She was never disrespected again.

A blazing short haired red head, Belinda had sort of a strange shaped head, but alluring hazel eyes that would seem to look into people’s souls. She flirted outrageously with everyone including boys and teachers of both sexes. She was revered by the geeks and in time by many others as well.

Within weeks before the end of the 9th grade school year, Julie had that fitting of an almost full figured B-cup bra. She knew most other girls took this event in stride, but she could not help but feel it was an important rite of passage. Surely this was something Belinda could appreciate. “Oh Julie, you are one of the girls who gets sexier everyday. I have noticed on your way to the showers, your nipples really stand out. Be proud to show your tits and perky nipples every chance you get.” Julie was hardly aware of herself. Somehow she was in a toilet stall and Belinda was deep kissing her. “If you would like more of that, you know where to reach me. The bra is great, but take pleasure in taking it off in the most public places you can.”

From then on, the girls locker room took on a luster of shimmering sensuality for someone blooming into wondrous womanhood. At her locker, everytime she would reach back to unfasten the snap of her bra and cross her soft arms to shift the straps so that the dense supporting fabric would start to fall away from firm flesh, her chest would swell subtly with a warm flush of liberating release. Goddesses in nature do exist, and one can only wonder whether girls in this kind of setting can appreciate their splendor. The best was when she would come back after her practice or game. Her sports bra dropping away, her pair would be instantly enveloped by the heavy dampness caused by nearby showers and the condensation of girl sweat.

But Julie had the luck of great good fortune for being assigned a locker nearly the other end from the shower room. She could prance about between the benches in all her nude glory speaking to many girls to and from. She found herself gravitating to girls who seemed to at least start to also point for all the womanish commotion. A cute boy was always a topic of conversation that could trigger a set of nubs or 2 to stiffen up. At the showers she would choose a spot under a shower head next to a girl who had started to point if she could find one.

“Have my friends done the ‘Scottish’ shower thing yet? Remember how great you feel for the rest of the day if you just turn off the hot water spigot for 30 seconds or so, and let it run cold.” Julie would listen for the high pitched yelps and then enjoy the blossom festival of buds pointed out and perked up.

In the 10th grade, she noticed her friend Cassie would flash looks at her periodically. Speaking to her would not reveal any special interest. But one day, “oh Julie, I have noticed how you parade around here now and I can tell Charlie does a good job of taking care of you. Isn’t it amazing how they can make us feel so beautiful?” Julie’s self-esteem for physical stature had much more to do than with just Charlie.

It was that fall after practice that she and the other co-captain of her soccer team were meeting in the coaches office to discuss details for their upcoming game the next afternoon with the 2 young coaching women who were easily less than 10 years older than the girls on the team. What they did not know was that Crissy Comedown was still in the locker room, still not showered and changed, suffering a little crisis, and Belinda was consoling her. Her 2 timing boyfriend, Jimmy Twoie had dumped her for good and all. A gentle but soft and entrancing kiss led to other things.

One of the coaches heard a shower running. “Who could that be?” She glanced at her watch. “All the girls should be showered and changed and out of here by now.” All four went to investigate. As they approached the shower room, they heard squeals and at least one girl talking. “Oh, you do that just right.” What they saw astounded all 4 women. Crissy and Belinda, glistening naked under a shower head running full throttle on the floor had somehow gotten a hold of several towels. They were lying on them on their sides. They were facing each other by their legs. Belinda had raised one of Crissy’s thigh’s and was heaving her V shaped bikini waxed crotch and vulva to impact into the full beavered same of Crissy’s. On impact, she would grind it about so that the 2 females’ girl parts would be paired in total writhing intimacy, squeals of joy, and all. The 2 lusting girls in the shower did not know they were in unobstructed exhibition to 4 other females in paralyzed astonishment.

Suddenly, one of the coaches clapped her hands. “What the hell is going on here?” After all the students were dried and dressed, the 2 detention slips written up in explicit detail, the 2 coaches remained behind. They took off all their clothes and arms wrapped around each other as they sauntered into the shower room, they essentially imitated what they had witnessed less than an hour earlier. Julie’s panties were soaked with her arousal juices when she got home. From her friend’s cellphone, she could only get about every 3rd or 4th word out as she explained to Charlie what had happened . When she dropped her pants, she first crouched and squatted with her ass raised up slightly to shove 2 fingers from behind part way up her juicy twat to finger a squirt of her sauces, and then withdrew to induce a fit of shuddering heat by fingering her swollen up love button.

Charlie’s father heard him talking on his cell phone in the bathroom. He then pressed his ear against the closed door. He heard heavy breathing and the occasional words of response in conversation. “Say that again. . . . What did they do next?” The breathing seemed to stop momentarily, and he heard a zipping noise that was unmistakably the sound of climatic guy squirt when it impacts the water in the toilet bowl. Grunts followed and the heavy breathing resumed. The parent just shook his head in dismay, thinking “kids, nowadays!”, and walked away.

A few days later, Julie’s co-captain told her how her boyfriend responded when he was informed of the erotic encounter. “He wanted to fool around and fuck every chance we got all weekend. Honestly, I did not know he could make and keep shooting so much jizz in such a short time.”


Half way through his last semester at college, Stuie got a call on his cell phone from his kid sister. “Hey buddy, I am spotting.”

“You are what?”

“I am half way between periods and I am ruining some sexy panties because I am dripping on them. Now what do I do?”

“I don’t know.”

There was a long pause brought on by evident exasperation. “You promised you would be my ‘rag’ buddy. Now you are supposed to be one of the hot dudes on campus, so get with the girls and ask them about it. Call me back before bed time tonight and report back. DO IT!” *click!*

“You mean your sister tells you about problems with her periods?”

“I told you we are close.”

His good friend with the best street smarts LaTeisha piped up. “Now listen up! It makes sense. The young girl has got no big sister. She won’t bring up these problems with her mother because we all know how mamas can make too big a deal about this matter. She knows how her jock brother on campus is fly with the girlfriends. So who else is she going to go to? You’re doin’ right here, Mr. Stuart. Tell her this happens to almost all the girls sooner or later. This is what I think she ought to do. . . “

Julie was told to wear a pad or a tampon days she noticed a pattern. Keep little travel vials of peroxide in her purse, her locker, and her gym locker. She already knew to have changes of panties on hand. Stuie knew that the schools made a point of being sensitive to feminine needs, but it was all fraudulent pretext. “Tell Charlie to buy you new pairs of panties for christ’s sake. The sales ladies will love him. Have him keep extra pairs in his locker for you. You were right. I am stupid. Boys should know much more about these things and cover for their women.”


By the 11th grade, the lesbian Belinda carried herself with confidence and a stance of formidable forwardness. Most boys knowing of the incident with Crissy Comedown could not help but be drawn to her. Her parents were fascinated by the constant retinue of testosterone rich visitation to their otherwise private home. Her mother eagerly kept a ready supply of cold drinks and snacks at great cost to the household budget. Her bedroom was festooned with photos of boys from her school and even from other towns. They were all autographed and many had little hearts with personal expressions such as “thank you for keeping my secret.” She kept many confidences.

She would entertain her devotees with many dazzling endearments. “You cuties, go out there and jerk your gorgeous gherkins whenever the urge falls on you. If anyone dares tell you otherwise, send him or her to me and that is someone whose mind will be completely changed around. Of course you couldn’t do better than to think about your beloved Belinda when you are stroking down there. Who more than I wants that special moment when you shoot your cum to be hot and mind blowing?” Some boys were insistent the girl must be an x-stacy freak.

She would be the special secret girl they would go to for the unremitting questions about what went on in the girls locker room. Whose tits were like what? Who had the biggest nipples? Who had the hardest and pointiest nipples? Who was actually smaller for having padded her bras? Who had the biggest areolas? Which girls seemed to have the most fast growth about their chests? Which girls seemed to have the sweetest round asses? Which girls have the most full grown beavers? Which girls are completely shaven? Which girls have bikini waxes and by how much? Which girls have waxes in funny designs? Which girls hang out naked in the locker rooms and showers more than the others? Which naked girls are more playful with the other girls with towels and what not? Which girls had piercings on the nipples or about their pussies? Inquiring minds want to know.

Belinda would smile, wink, and nod. She would answer only in a way so as to inform she had seen it all. It is all there. But she never mentions any names. She would drop hints that sounded enticing but were about as informative as the ambiguous prophecies by the Oracle at Delphi. `Just enough hints were dropped and information was passed along to entice boys to return to her home for more another day. On warmer days in the privacy of her bedroom she would only wear a skimpy halter top wild cat pattern bikini. She had a tattoo on her lower back of a downward facing dragon, its head extended over the rise of one ass cheek, hence obscured by the bikini bottom. She would tell admirers that maybe one day she would show them the head if they remained good boys.

When all the guests were departed, she would converse with her parents. She would be covered in a terry cloth bath robe so they could not see she was only bikini clad in the presence of so many boys. Her father would suggest surely there was one boy among so many she was attracted to who would make a good candidate to enjoy a steady relationship with. Belinda would respond with a look of wanderlust. She would hug herself in feelings of genuine affection. “Oh my boys, my dear boys. When I leave this place to go to college, life will seem so dull without them. Yes, I feel compelled to take cold showers. But when I catch sight of the right girl, she turns me on more than all those boys put together.”


The summer after Stuie graduated, he had planned to seek out graduate schools where he would start studying the following January. But there had been freezes in the late spring and the peach harvest in the summer could be deficient. In fact, despite his best intentions, it turned out to be a fiasco. There was some question about the apple harvest as well. That fall he took a job in town that had a fancy title to suit a beginner’s resume, but he was poorly paid with mostly clerical duties. In the summer preceding, unbeknownst to his mother, he gathered harvest, gross, expense payables, and profit data to show to agricultural auditors. He was going to try and convince his mother to sell the orchards. It would take more than a year, not until last fall, to convince her. In the meantime he met Annie, proposed to her, and just over a year ago they set up house together in a remarkably spacious apartment in town.

Thanks to Annie’s friendly persistence and oddball sense of fun, she jumped over the hurdle of a young sister’s high standards and won Julie’s approval. The younger girl thought there ought to be something she could confide to her quasi-mentor about intimacy with her brother. She told her if she wanted to do something extra special for him, he loves being given hot baths with plenty of fresh hot water all the while.

More than a year later. “Hon, I don’t know who has more fun when I get hot stuff in the tub, him or me. Listening to his groans of pleasure and washing all that beefcake down, I cannot restrain myself. I learned to wear very little because girl, I climb right in that tub myself and attack his bare self.”

It was in October of last year. “You know how your brother’s birthday is just a couple days after Halloween. Well I’ve been brainstorming and thought it could be just sensational for the 3 of us if we both gave him a bath for his birthday at our little love nest. We won’t let him out of the tub until we give the say so ~ a nice down home decadent party between the 3 of us. We’ll make a Saturday afternoon of it and tell him he’ll just have to wait on TV college football.


The tub full of hot water, it seemed almost scalding to the nude recipient and ready for his attentive cleanings.

“The water’s fine, now sit down.”

The one male in the bathroom crouched down as one would in a tub full of freshly drawn water. But just as his sensitive ass checks, the end and underside of his nut sac felt the searing wetness, he started to pick himself up again. “You big baby.” The 2 females pushed down on his shoulders to immerse almost all of him in the hot drink. His right hand set against the top of the rim of the tub slipped and his seat crash landed through all the hot water on to the surface of the tub with a big splash.

His face shifted to a look of shock and then an expression of poorly acted consternation. “My bitches want to boil me alive for my birthday.”

They set about with soapy wash cloths to washing every inch of him. They used so much hot water to douse him with, they were afraid the heaters for the apartment building would be emptied. “The coroners are going to find a dead naked guy in here, because now my girls are trying to drown me for my birthday.”

“You love all this, so stop all your complaining.” When they completed, Julie went to the kitchen for the birthday cake, lit up with at least 20 more candles than his age. More than 1/2 of them were the joke candles that don’t go out when you blow them. The man in the bath tub doused them in the bath water. “Happy Birthday to Stu in his Birthday Suit”

Stuie blushed just softly. “What did they say at the bake shop when you told them what to write on the cake?”

They took pictures, but so as not to make the man in the tub too uncomfortable, they were taken no higher than the level of the rim of the basin. There were pictures of him eating mess cake that had been smashed into his face, pictures of him eating ice cream, pictures of him kissing or being hugged by each of the 2 women. There was a lewd picture of what looked like Annie with a rolled up sleeve reaching in between his legs. He ate pretzels and that started him on a steady stream of beer. All the while, they would occasionally drain out some tub water to refresh it with steaming water from the hot water tap.

Annie had rolled a joint, a couple of hits which he enjoyed as they were stripping him and drawing his bath. Occasionally he would listen to music from the Ipod speakers nearby with the joint lit between his finger and thumb, his drugged blood shot eyes focused in no place in particular, the 2 females themselves entranced for the sensuality of watching a wet toned naked man listen to rhythmic melodies, vocals, and instrumentals with such intense pleasure. They listened to Kanye West, the Strokes, Coldplay, and even the otherworldly ethereal sounds of Tool. But the relaxed athlete most enjoyed an old classic popular European impresario from the mid 20th century he had always been too embarrassed to play on campus outside of headphones.

His hand with the joint enconsed, he waved it back and forth to the 3/3 waltz time to digitally restored recordings of Edith Piaf. The way she would roll her Parisian ‘R’s would be an experience beyond the 5 senses for the 3 listeners. “Non, je ne regrette rien!” Stuie had made mistakes in his life that some might even regard as criminal. But like the singer whose memory kindles sparks in the hearts of new generations, he regrets nothing.

“Stuie, hon, Julie and I want to show you something.” Julie went to sit on the lap of her future sister-in-law, sitting on the toilet lid. They embraced with faces tenderly studying each other and moist lips. The lips pursed and met. Their lips would meet and part in slow succession with soft audible sounds of sucking smooches and breathy sighs.

The naked man in the warm tub watched intently stoned out of his gourd. Suddenly he slapped the water in a noisy but contained splash. “Now you see, I have said this since I was a wee lad. Girls don’t play fair. I am completely defenseless here. Here I am bare naked in my birthday suit in this bath tub on my birthday, and girls do this right in front of my face. How is a red-blooded American boy like me supposed to keep from springing a boner in a situation like this?”

Annie broke her kiss just long enough to speak her mind. “Just give me a moment, hon. I’ll turn on the cold water tap full throttle. That’ll solve your little problem.”

Stuie instantly slid to bend his knees and cover the taps with his hands at the other end of the tub, with another big splash. “You’ll do no such thing. And this is a big problem.”

Seconds later, Annie and the teen sister broke off a kiss with a big smack, separating entwined tongues as well as lips. “Well we should not have been so rudely interrupted just to remind you that of all the females in the world, who among us has seen your boner more than the 2 of us sitting here.”

“Well the point is I could end up swimming in cum soup in a matter of minutes.”

“Well now you raise a good point. In all the existence of homo sapiens, what 2 women know better than us that the male who has had the least self control sits in a bathtub before us now.”

Stuie bunched up the features of his face in exaggerated offense and distress. He gave them both a drenching splash. “Well you don’t have to rub it in to a dude on his birthday.”

Annie was wide-eyed with surprise “You keep up that up, bitch boy, and I will run to the kitchen for the bag of ice cubes.”

“Nope. Too late. I need to get out of this thing because I have to pee in the worst way.”

“Not until we say so.” Julie handed the older woman the quart sized plastic pail they had used to douse him with hot water. “Here be a big boy, stand up, and pee into this. We will flush it down for you.”

“I dont get any privacy?”

They both guffawed now. “Since when have you ever cared for privacy?”

Through the noise of the bath water rushing off him as he raised himself, he stuck his tongue out at the 2 women, fumbling at his dick with the fingers of the hand not holding the pail. The 2 women giggled in hearty amusement to watch the look on the stoned naked wet man’s face for the stunning sighing relief experienced in emptying his bladder. The peeing man noticing the 2 females thorough entertainment in his predicament, shifted his dick around so that the tone of the piddling noise varied in percussion pitch as the piss impacted different surface on the inside of the plastic container. He handed the 1/4 full pail back to his fiancee when the last dribble of his streams concluded.

“Nope. You didn’t shake it to my satisfaction. You don’t want to be swimming in pee soup.”

He took the pail back with an annoyed expression. He grasped his dick in the fingers of his other hand near its base and wagged the pliant flaccid organ about so that it slapped the inside rim of the pail in its downward thrusts. He never realized his kid sister had surreptitiously with the camera caught a digital image of the bizarre motions of a male still in the flower of his youth. “There! Are you happy now?”

The fiancee flushed the liquid down the toilet, but over the noise of the functioning plumbing, “all the noise of the happy water running out of you Stuie has made me want to go in the worst way.” Stuie was seating himself back in the tub while his fiancee was unbuttoning and unzipping to pull down her jeans and panties to sit on the inner toilet seat herself.

Julie was quick to appreciate that this would be a moment to catch a glimpse of the puss of the new woman who would be in her family and cast observant looks that way. With full black hair pie in view even if just momentarily, she was not disappointed. Despite her best posture to seem nonchalant and nonplussed, her naked brother in the bath tub caught sight of his teen sister’s interest. He signaled her by raising his forefinger curled to his bent thumb up to kissing lips in a gesture to suggest that the parts in question were without imperfection. “DELICIOSO!”

As Annie had flushed and was buttoning and zipping up, washing her hands, lowering the toilet lid to seat herself in renewed sociability, her nude fiance in the tub expressed ideas on how the party would continue. He drained some of the water and replaced it with hot water from the faucet himself. “Annie, what I really want for my birthday is for you to tell my sister what you have in common with her.”

“We have some things in common, but I never had a brother.”

“I know. But you know what I mean. Tell her the story how you lost your cherry about the same age she lost hers.”

The older dark haired woman looked at Julie with some doubt on her face. “Are you up for this, kid?”

Julie nodded enthusiastically. She was always up for stories about sexual introductions.

********************** Annie’s Narration

********NOTE TO THE READER: Switch to the 1st person***********

After my hormones kicked in just before I turned 13 and after I had my first period, I thought I was quite the grown up lady and now entitled to all kinds of grown up experiences. Looking back on it now, I was still just a waif of a girl, not much more than 1/2 as tall as I am now. For a few months, I had been using tampons and I thought they were great. I would feel just as happy and energetic as any other day and I would not feel anything going on down there until I would change it.

Well I had a usual plan for changing it. I would go into the bathroom and take all my clothes off below the waist. After pulling out the old tampon, I would decide if I wanted to use the shower massage extension in a way that I would not get any of my top clothes wet. Well one evening after a few months of this plan in play without a hitch, I tried to pull the little thing out by the string and found out the end of my vagina and my labia had gotten sore. It wasn’t going to budge. If I really tugged at it, it would sting like hell. Well I was frantic and just lost it.

My mother was at her nursing job and the only other person at the house was my dad. So I went running to him in the living room seated in his la-z-boy chair reading the evening paper, myself naked below the waist crying in hysterics. Well I could only get about every 3rd word out, but the sweet man figured out what my predicament was and grabbed me to calm me down.

“First I want you to relax and pretend you haven’t even tried to take it out yet, sweetie pie. Can you do that for me?”

Well I was still crying a little convulsively, but he could see I was trying to calm down in his lap and in his safe arms.

“Now Annie please calm down, you are not in any immediate danger, but I want you to listen carefully to what I have to say. Can you do that for me, honey?”

I nodded, but still weeping a little. “OK, just relax sweetie pie. Daddy has a plan to make this problem go away. You know how Mom and I have spoken to you about inappropriate touching. I don’t intend to pull anything away that might hurt you. But Daddy may need to be gentle with you in places under other circumstances might be considered inappropriate. Will you trust Daddy to be careful and make you feel nice just to solve this problem now?”

I nodded again. But the way Dad phrased things, my curiosity was exceeding my distress. In fact, I thought what he had in mind might be kind of exciting.

“Now remember relax. Breathing deeply can help you relax. I want you to open your legs some so that Daddy can see if there is any obvious swelling down there.”

I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed and opened wide almost knocking myself off his lap.

“Well as far I can see, everything looks normal, but I don’t see you everyday down there. What I see is a young lady who is becoming very beautiful. Now if Mommy hasn’t told you you should look at yourself down there everyday with a hand mirror or something like that, I am going to tell you you ought to. If something doesn’t feel right, then you can compare what it looks like from when you feel just fine. Now is there anything that doesn’t look right to you, now?”

I just shook my head in the negative.

“Ok, now I want to ask you a series of questions. When Daddy gently moves his fingers in certain places, I want you tell me if it hurts.”

Well I couldn’t help myself, but I liked the sound of that. He first caressed me about the mons and either side of my labia. Then he swept his fingers on my upper lips and lightly poked at the hood of my clitoris. “Oh no Daddy, that doesn’t hurt at all.” Well in no time I could feel wetness on his fingers and I realized it must be coming from me. I buried my head in his shoulder and allowed myself to be overrun with sensations I was experiencing for the first time. I think I was actually humping his hand if he wouldn’t finger my clitoris hard enough. Well my first orgasm swept over me completely unexpectedly. When after the peak I came too, Dad was smiling and waving the tampon in my face by its string.

“If you don’t have any pads, let ‘s go down to the drug store and I will get you some now. I think you ought to stay away from tampons for at least a day until after we call Dr. Chia. “

We never figured out what the issue was with the tampon, but I probably just had not inserted it right but never felt any discomfort for the misfire. Well Dad was just about the nicest and most exciting creature I ever thought walked the earth. Btw, that still almost holds true for me to this day. I dread the thought of our ever having a daughter, because she will certainly fall in love with Stuie the way I did Dad. Life was just going to be terribly boring if he did not have his hands on me frequently. Two nights later, I was talking to him in my parents bed with a book in his hands. He fell asleep. I just had to take off all my clothes and get in bed with him. Getting naked was never so exciting. When I slowly pressed myself against him under the covers, I nearly came right then.

But there was still more excitement. He was at that point in his sleep that I know you enjoy, Julie. I realized he was boned up, and it was a whopper. He wears underwear in bed so, it was real easy for me to spread open the fly of his boxers and reach for that big prize of warm, pulsing, smooth, velvet all rigid flesh against a dense nest of long soft dick weed. Well he shuffled and suddenly awoke, but I was so turned on and scared in an excited way, I couldn’t pull my little hand away.

“Oh Annie sweetie, I love you so much but you should not be this way with Daddy. You’re not feeling sick are you?”

He felt my little hand exploring the shaft of his cock and he pulled it away. “Daddy I feel sick for not being able to be close with you like this.”

The sweet man really did not want to hurt my feelings or confuse me. “I tell you what. Get out of bed and take your clothes with you to your room. Put them on or put some other clothes on and come back and we will talk about this.”

Well I slunk out of bed. When I reached to gather my clothes, I wanted him to look at me standing naked. I wanted him to see my ass, my puss, and little nipples all stiff and pointed. “Dad, do you think I am pretty?”

“Precious, I know you are beautiful. Now go put your clothes on.”

Well I scooted back to my room to put clothes on as fast as I could. No underwear needed. When I was back in their bedroom, he had put on his jeans, but no shoes. “Now Annie sweetie, it would kill me if you ever stopped loving Daddy, but you cannot love me the way you will someday love a boy in all the most personal physical senses. But I tell you what we will do. Do you remember that talk we had last year about how boys have those urges and they do those crazy things with their erect penises that makes the semen come out.”

I laughed. “The girls talk about boys doing that a lot.”

“Yes, well boys do that a lot even though they do not admit that to others or certainly not to each other. But there are things girls can do that makes them feel just as good, especially when they think of a boy they would like to have love them. I would like to get you a book that explains how you can please yourself this way.”

“Is it sort of like what you did for me a couple of nights ago?”

“Yes, only you please yourself that way, imagining another boy doing that to you. Or, imagining a boy who does that crazy thing with his penis when he thinks about you. One day, you will find a sensitive kind young man, and you will enjoy showing each other these things. You can tell me which boys attract you this way and we will keep it a secret. Along the way, you can ask questions about boys, and I will do my best to answer.”

“Dad, do you ever do that crazy thing with your penis?”

“Yes, Annie sweetie. Whenever I miss your mother in the most personal ways, I think about her and do that. It is not her fault. She is so busy, she does not have the time or energy to love me as much as I need her. But she does the best she can, and it makes her very happy that I need her so much.”

Well I know Dad was trying to be nice and put Mom in the best light. But I could not help but feel jealous. I was just more determined than ever to do whatever it took to please his big beautiful cock and fulfill his needs for love Mom left wanting. A couple of nights later, I had the reverse of a wet dream. I dreamt that my vagina and labia were filled with infection and Dr. Chia said it was going to have to be replaced with plastic parts. Well I woke up in a sweat and pulled off my nightie and ran to their bedroom naked. I could not be sure if it was late enough that Mom had gotten home from her shift. I didn’t care. If she had gotten home, I would have told her too and told her to please give me a bath because I was frightened. But it was not even midnight yet, so I climbed into bed with Dad naked again.

Well soon I was so turned on, without realizing it, I was humping him in his beautiful firm ass. He woke up, again never questioning my intentions but asking me if I was alright. I told hm no and told him about my dream. We spoke in the dark the whole time. He told me that I could sleep in there with him that way as long as we just hugged and I did not touch him inappropriately. He set his watch alarm so that I would either go back to my room or put on a clean nightie or pjs before I went back to sleep with him. When Mom came home, I could ask her to give me a bath if she was not too tired. Later that night, she did give me a bath and was very affectionate about it just as she had when I was little. She said if I thought I would feel better, she would like to bathe me again for a time. But they both told me if I continued to have dreams like that, they would take me to a doctor. I told her I thought Dad needed her love even more than I did. She should find time to do things for him in their bedroom or maybe give him a bath. I thought she was going to be angry.

“You’re growing up so fast, you understand so much now. If it is important to you, I will try to do more for Dad. I will try to do the things you ask.” She smiled.

When I was in bed naked with Dad in the dark, I told him I would like to be the girl in his life who would give him the additional love Mom could not.

“Annie sweetie, I am sure the idea of you being that way with me and trying to make me happy that way is very exciting to you. But let me explain why it can’t work. If we were to become physically intimate, it would be more than just a casual infatuation by a young daughter or a harmless flirtation between father and daughter. All the precious feelings a daughter feels for her father at your age would never be transferred to a nice young man you should eventually fall in love with. That could be crippled and ruined forever. That kind of intimacy between us would also be a betrayal to your mother, who does her best for both of us.”

I did not say anything, but I felt like saying fuck the young man I would fall in love with. My hormones are raging now. I wanted his big beautiful cock and do the crazy things with it that would make him happy right then, now. I was determined to override his considerations. I would come up with a plan.

He gave me that book he talked about. In only about a day, I told him I could not imagine any boys making me want to do that, but only his using his own fingers to do that to me as he had before. He said it had been a long time since we had taken a camping trip together on our own. One weekend we would get together and talk about it in the fresh air. He wanted me to tell him all about any and all the boys I had been attracted to. That was going to be my spider’s lair. Girls lent me their brothers and dads old porno magazines. I was able to download some pictures from online.

The weekend came, and right after we pitched our tent I told him I was getting hornier every day and I wanted to seduce a boy. But I couldn’t imagine I could seduce a boy who knew what he was doing. I showed him some select pictures I had brought with me of every variant of sex including masturbation and group sex. I said I wanted to teach a boy these things but I would need my dad’s help. Well he made me drop those pictures and he kissed me hard. He had his tongue in my mouth and I grew faint. I struggled with my belt buckle but he had it undone, my jeans unfastened, and my zipper down. His big fingers were wiggling at my sopping wet pussy and I broke away from the kiss because I knew I was about to start shuddering. His middle finger was up my virginal vagina and we both wanted it to break through. I wanted a woman’s love hole before we both retired before the end of the day.

He yanked my jeans and panties down. He wrenched off my shoes, so that he could get my somewhat tight jeans off. I immediately spread my legs open. “Oh Daddy get at my pussy. Eat and suck me, fuck me, but please bust through my cherry.”

“I could never hurt my precious little girl.”

“Oh Daddy, it is only natural. I don’t want some stupid horny boy to take my cherry. I want you and need you so much. Oh please, Daddy.”

He let go and sucked and fingered me like a mad man. I came so many times I was just a mass of jelly. In the middle of my orgasms he would prod and stretch his fingers into my hole, stretching my girl barrier. It didn’t hurt a bit. In fact I wanted him to keep the pressure on constantly. Then he unzipped and pulled out his beautiful cock, about Stuie’s size. It was the first time I had really seen it. I reached for that column of hot living beef to steer right up to my little hole. But he first rubbed it against my lips and crotch, especially against my swollen up clitoris. As I was cumming for the umptee-umpth time, he tried to ram it up me. Well my barrier held, but I could feel something tear. Then it was his fingers up inside me again. We took a break for some heavy duty kissing. He heavy duty kissed me all down my front and my nipples. He told me I was growing the most beautiful pair of tits that had ever graced a mortal woman. Then he kissed me heavy duty like that between my legs again, even along my crotch to stick his tongue into my quivering shit hole.

When he next stuck fingers up me as I swooned into another one of those hot fits, I felt the break, the sting, and some blood flow. Success at last! “Hold me Daddy.” He saw me trying to remove clothes from above. He gently undressed the rest of me including easily unsnapping and removing my bra. He wrapped me naked in his big arms and rocked me, safe and warm, for at least an hour.

I never dressed again that weekend until we had folded camp and headed back home. Stuie knows I am a regular wood nymph, now. As soon as we find a secluded spot to pitch camp, I am to be stripped down to the skin. If I ever feel a chill, I just wrap myself into your brother or wrap a blanket or one of the large sleeping bags around me. That was the way it was with Dad the next few trips we took alone.

Anyway, I was sore that night. So Dad looked through those pictures and I talked him into jacking off for me. It might be crazy, but I just love to watch guys doing that to this day. The grunts they sound when they get those twinges of hot pleasure make life worth living all on their own. When he came, even though it was like a thrilling geyser, it was the odor that caught my notice most of all. Some girls said it was gross. But I had expected it to be like piss, but it is not nearly so bad. There is that earthy fresh ripeness about the stuff that keeps me turned on so hot. I was still small enough then that we slept together naked in his sleeping bag. Hairy Dad was still pretty fit and lean in his forties. Even though the soreness would throb a little occasionally, it was the best night of my life up to that point.

Well we did just about everything that trip except he did not fuck me up my ass until years later. I planted myself on his humongous jump for joy stick as he fingered my clit the whole time. Just before we packed to go home, he jizzed an amazing big load up me considering he had been cumming at least 2wice a day during that weekend.

On the way home, he told me that Mom was still his main girl. She came first. I was just going to have to find the right boy if I wanted constant attention that way. He repeated that I could talk to him about all the boys. My sex drive diminished anyway for a couple years because I was having issues with my periods. Dr. Chia put me on the pill to try and regulate and that solved a problem for the 2 of us. But Dad would tell me to leave his bedroom or stay away from his shower. Mom was being good to him. I could tell she did not have so many nighties in the laundry. There were other things that clued to me that they were sleeping together in their bed naked, sex or no sex. I would wake up at night and hear the 2 of them talking in the bathroom. Until Mom died, they were showering together pretty regularly. I had not known that to happen before then.

What did you say, hon?

Yes, I think Mom knew or had strong suspicions. It was like they both staked their claims to each other for my benefit. Mom only became nicer and more considerate to me. She wanted me to talk about boys to her and Dad. Late in the 9th grade, I went to both of them in the living room and told them I had started to have sex with Ronnie Toybey. First they wanted to make sure he was clean and that he was not having sex with anyone else. They said that I could bring him to the house at anytime and they would find excuses to leave. I was supposed to lure him into the shower like I had some kind of fetish. I would do my very best to make it seem fun and sexy if I washed his penis for him.

I complained that he was quick and he would ejaculate only just as we were getting started. Mom told me about “Kegel” exercises and strengthening the p.c. muscles. She said my next appointment with Dr. Chia I should talk to her about it. The doctor was enthusiastic and told me everyone should do it. Stuie have you done your Kegel exercises in the tub this afternoon?

“I have been too stoned.”

I have made sure all my boyfriends do that, even if they tell me not to tell anyone else. There is another thing they tell me not tell anyone about. Pardon me for laughing about it. Dr. Chia put me on a douche system regimen. When we have showered together, they would watch me douche. But I would always insist that I douche them up their bung holes. Good clean fun! The sexiest thing going is to watch the water come gushing out of their adorable asses like they had hydrants there. Stuie and Dad are the best. That’s alright, hon. No need to be embarrassed. It would make me so sad if we stopped doing that.

Dad and I eventually stopped our sex, but I would sleep with him and have sex after Mom died just before I met Stuie. He told me to stop coming to his bed not long after. It was time for him to find a new woman.

********NOTE TO THE READER: Switch back to the 3rd person***********

“The gods know I love that man. If I could only sell the fucking orchards. Then I would help you find that special sex kitten for your dad.”

Annie spoke directly to Julie, now. “My dad has become a surrogate father for Stuie. Maybe in your spring vacation, you and Charlie could visit and stay with him for a couple of days. That would be very special to him.”

Charlie had arrived late in Annie’s accounting of her early sex life. He was anything but gregarious. His soccer team had lost a game that morning. Stuie had interrupted his fiancee when the younger male arrived by signaling him to the kitchen. “Dude, . . . fridge, . . . brewskies all around.” The 2 females declined.

“What did you get Stuie for his birthday besides this party? When I had my birthday a couple of months ago, we exchanged keepsakes. I gave him my first training bra and my first full figured bra. He gave me his first athletic cup from when he played catcher in little league. It is the cutest little thing you ever saw. I wish I had known him then.”

Her brother spoke first. “No more talk about peep holes and guy cups.”

The brother’s fiancee spoke up. “You 2 are so sweet, it almost makes me sick.”

“Love, now a universal birth,
From heart to heart is stealing,
From earth to man, from man to earth:
–It is the hour of feeling.”

A silence ensued and Stuie thought it necessary to identify the source for speaking. “I was reciting Wordsworth.”

“Hon, Wordsworth had the hawts for his sister.”

“Well there you are, then. What could be more appropriate.”

Another silence ensued, this one very awkward. Finally Julie announced a timely exit. “well Charlie and I want to get some homework done before the party Mom is giving at the orchards house tonight.”

There was a final round of hugs, kisses, thanks, exultations of love and good wishes between the guests and the birthday boy still only bithday-suited in the tub. Julie stopped in the kitchen for another 10 minutes or so to feed her young lover some ice cream and cake.

Back in the bathroom Stuie was continuing to grab at his own lover for more hugs and kisses. “When are they going to get out of here? I am so fucking stoned, I need my woman to pour a lot of her sweet sugar on me.” Even though the naked man had pulled the plug and was draining the tub completely, his partner in affection was getting nearly soaked.


When last they heard the door to their sanctum of love close by exiting guests, Stuie fumbled to undress the upper torso of a woman he was impatient to affect complete nudity. “Help me take all your clothes off. I need for us to trade places so I can wash my goddess down.” He turned on the tub spigots before he even stood to step out. He was so impatient to fulfill all the tasks of seating in the tub his undressed consort in all things most personal, he did not even have any desire to dry himself. Annie, now naked, still clung to a towel to clumsily try and dry him herself as she was being doused into all the hot water. With wash cloth in hand he started to fondle her pointing tits with it, but found himself sucking hard all the seductive soft flesh.

He tried to wash her all about in a ridiculously haphazard manner, but kept returning to all the most tantalizing parts between her legs. Soon it was just wriggling fingers in that general area of surface. Annie, a little strung out herself from a mix of alcohol and cannabis sighed and squealed squeaks of joy. She was kicking her legs involuntarily, splashing as if she was victim to a drowning scene in the movies. “Yes, you disgusting dawg. That cunt is yours. You could never wash all the cunt juice out of me.”

“You fucking goddess of hot bitch fucking, I’ve got to get you out of here and to our bed.” He was not gentle, but the victim of his impatience did not care. He manhandled the wet nude woman out of the tub, hunched over on to his shoulder. He staggered with her weight out of the bathroom, nearly tripping more than once to navigate them into the next room and their king sized bed.

The woman on his shoulders was almost screeching with amusement and delight. She managed to grab the last fresh bath towel off the rack as she was being transported out of the bathroom. She was franticaly wiping away at the bare cheeks and back of the upper thighs of her intoxicated carrier. “You fucked up freak, don’t you dare fall over and break anything, least of all, this awesome ass of yours.”

When at last he unloaded her on the bed with a bounce, the woman took her bare swelled up sensual C-cup tits and in a fondling way, meshed them together to run the pads of her thumbs over her pointed nipples. The aroused male was delighted with the gesture, ready and willing to oblige. He straddled himself over her so that he could hump his smoldering sausage into the crack between the firm and fleshy pair. The fribulating friction against greedy guy gristle, he grunted his pleasure enthusiastically. His soft but swelling nut sac sensually stroked her lower chest and upper tummy. The voluptuous Venus below him signaled she wanted to try something else. She grasped his shaft simmering with throbbing heat, her left tit firmly in the grip of her other hand. She confidently guided her happy man’s momentous member to the straining nipple, nimble and ready for any tactile applications. She was able to rub the firm nub against the sensitive and supple flesh about his juicy and pampered pee hole.

His brain still saturated by the cannabis that heightened and magnified especially his sense of touch, the naked and aroused youth contemplated the new experience of flesh mated between the opposite sexes in a seemingly original novelty. “Doesn’t that hard nipple feel good pressed up against your stretched open little pee hole? . . . Hon, these tits of mine are almost just as much yours. Never forget that they are there for you to suck on, fuck with, cum on, and even pee on. If you don’t pee on them, you can eat off them.”

“That’s what you want me to do next spring on your birthday.”

“That’s right, honey cakes. I am going to cook you the best meal you ever had with lots of sauces and rich gravies. Then I am going to be spread out in my birthday suit on one of our tables, and you are going to eat every bit of it off of me, spoon feeding me an occasional morsel.”

Stuie was silent for a minute trying to think of how he could outclass the naked goddess in his life in the activity of kinky sex, especially where her tits were concerned. A devilish smile spread across his face when the epiphany arrived. “After you drop our cuties from between your legs, after their meal times and there is still mama’s milk leftover, will you let their daddy suck the rest of it out of you?”

The Venus below him snickered in a way that she conceded victory to him. “You really are a sick puppy, aren’t you? If it turns out that I consistently lactate liquid in excess of the appetite and needs of our feeding kid at the time, then, yes, at least on occasion, you can feed on what remains right out of my nipples. But that is a big ‘if’.”

Stuie grinned and rubbed his hands in satisfaction. “I’ll bet it would be the sweetest mother’s milk going.

“Well, probably now is the best time to tell you that I have thought about feeding our little bundles of joy. There could be some not so joyous outcomes. My cousin Sadie nearly ruined all her bras and all her other clothes she wears topside for her leaking titties when she was feeding little Susie. Leaking can be a big problem. That is why I want to appoint you to be my nursing mother’s aid.”

“Can I kiss the leaks away?”

“Yes, but you will need to be gentle if my nipples get sore. If that happens, I will need for you to apply lotion to them and to clean them lightly but thoroughly before feedings. I’ll put you in charge of diapers and extra clean topside clothes for me. We will be up to our eyeballs in baby and handi wipes. You will be in charge of it all. “

“Anything to help Mommy.”

“You betch ya’! One reason I decided to marry you is because you strike me as the kind of dude as a daddy who will try to hawg the kid all to yourself. That is far and away better than the absentee types who want to touch football it with the boys, followed by beer, followed by growing couch potato syndrome watching everything from football to golf. When the 2 year old brat rips off his diaper and throws it at you, you will think it is cute, but at least you will be engaged and not yelling at me to handle it.”

“But you know me, I will be making demands for my own needs and grabbing at you to fulfill what I think are your needs.”

“That’s alright. I think your sense of things are such you will be conscious of whose needs come first. Then I will welcome the diversion to coping with adult needs. I will need you during lunch hours. After I go back to work, things could get dicey, I will need for them to provide a place where we can have some privacy. I still am trying to work out how we can cope with any leaking issues when we are out in public. I will need to ask around on the mommy circuit.”

The thoughtful youth who now had been naked most of the day spoke with his usual sense of outrageous amusement, but with a touch of genuine irritation as well. “If I want to lick nipples or wipe them to help my wife who needs me, and anyone disapproves, I’ll just flip ’em the bird and tell them to fuck off.”

“I know, baby. The world isn’t the way it should be and I love you for your sense of defiance.” She was still caressing his much valued cock and the insides of his thighs. The conversation had gotten partly serious if still intensely physical, and she wanted him to retain his arousal.

“We could be on the stands at the NASCAR track and after you had been sitting there with your luscious melons hanging out to feed our little cutie, I could tidy up by licking at your nipples. People in the stands would be taking their eyes off the Andretti car and training them toward us. ‘Pardon us folks, we are trying to deal with lactation issues. Do you mind???'”

“What if some of them started to raise a fuss?”

“We’d hand the kid over to a nice sympathetic couple and then we would give them a show they would never forget.”

“You wild dawg, you would really like to show me off.”

“Anyone who has a claim on a true goddess would want do it in public with her. Your bodacious tits would already be on full view. Then I would stand you up to pull your jeans down with nothing between you and the bright sunshine. I would make sure you would be able to step out of them so you could squat just enough so there would be no mistaking your breathtaking superb snatch with the breezes that would blow and flutter the beautiful black graze that covers it. All the men and 1/2 the women would think, ‘damn that dude is one lucky son-of-a-bitch’.”

Annie started in on her high pitched titters.

“Then I would lick some of my fingers real suggestively the way I am now and I would beeline them to all your choice charms.” The naked woman’s legs were wide open as she willingly spread eagled herself on their spacious bed. She whimpered blissfully as her equally nude and aroused lover confidently fingered her nether lips. “Folks with good binoculars would be able to see how wet you are becoming right away and some of those sweet little black hairs begin to glisten in the sun. Men would think they could smell your rich hootch odor right from where they stand and they would get dizzy and high just by the suggestion. There wouldn’t be a pecker anywhere on the bleechers that wouldn’t be just straining in twitching throbs against whatever fabric is holding them in place. Some spectators would be so turned on, even old geezers, they would forget themselves and unzip to pull out to stroke ’em to provide at least some relief for the tension building up below the belt.”

The naked man’s finger was starting to work its way up into his partner’s love hole. With his other hand, fingers were working the nipple of her right tit. She was servicing her left tit on her own. “Then I would cram my finger up your juicy hole just to the point where when I tickle you there you burst with that squirt of warm snatch sauce that is so aromatic and flows on to my hand.” The penetrated open-legged woman gasped, responding just the way her lover described. He was trying to wipe the fresh sauce further down about the rim of her bung hole. They both breathed out a little chuckle because the goddess cut a quick fart in attempting to flex her bowels to better allow her attending partner to breech her, which he did in rapid succession.

“Back to fingering you, I have dropped my own pants and and the spectators can see my slightly hairy ass line up in front of your open legs in preparation to mount you.” Stuie was running fingers up and down the lips of his drenched woman. She had reached down to guide his tempestuous tool to her hole that was alive with yearnings of little undulations.

“Shove it in, you bastard. Show them how you can fuck pussy with the best of them.”

The naked youth was drilling his impatient partner like a jack hammer, all to a litany of low-pitched grunts in a lusting grimace. She was beginning to catch up to his frantic rythmn and pull back when he did, slamming forward just as he did. “Thwap! thwap! thwap!”

“Horny stud, let everyone see what a wild beast you really are. Fuck me like a mad man.” The naked pair were humping at a frantic pace, occasionally grasping clumps of pillow to swing and batter the harmless weapons into each other. They tangled themselves into a variety of positions, ultimately with her riding on his exercised joystick as she screeched like a triumphant banshee. Somehow in all the heat of passion play, Stuie had reached into the drawer of the bedside table that had once served his bedroom at the the little orchards house. He pulled out a tube of lube jelly and was squirting the slippery liquid all over both of them in the below the belt region.

“Now show ’em how you can fuck your horny woman the best.” She pulled herself off him and immediatedly impaled his pulsing meat up her quivering back door. She delighted in the sensation of his stimulated flesh parting the wall of her tunnel to stuff its way into and beyond her bowels. She rode him hard for the thrill of the continuous impact of hot meat impacting her bowels and guts in a sort of desperate repetition. But it was the pulsing grip of an expanded buffeted pucker that accentuated the heat and build up of delicious tension in the root of the naked man’s cock. Annie sensed the impacts of throbs in her were more expansive from more tender meat and hence the inevitable conclusion. “Oh push so deep to shoot your hot load, hon.”

The stoned man flooded with an abundance of erotic and sensual induced hormones growled and sighed his pleasure to sense the warm thick electric liquid squirt in a rushing charge through the gaping canal of his hotly gripped flinching man organ and out his sensitive dilated piss slit into the visceral depths of the goddess-like woman he worshiped so.

In a cry of moans and groans, their symphony of mating flesh in loving passions was ending in a cheering stadium of their own fertile imginations. The endorphine rush of muscle relaxation was familiar to the heavily breathing man but at a pace and intensity greater than Stuie had experienced to date. “You can’t fall asleep now, lover boy, honey cakes. We have to get back in that bathroom again. After we get home from your Mom’s, we are going to need to change this damp bed.”

The happily satiated naked woman pushed her man to the side of the bed. He understood what she wanted as she stood up on the mattress. She climbed herself on to his shoulders and he gripped her shins to lift her and walk around as if they were paired together for a chicken fight. The nude pair was transported around all the rooms of the apartment by the comical locomotion of the marching and stomping man below.

“Look at me. The NASCAR show has turned into a cowgirl rodeo. Giddyup! Wooo Hooo!” The substantial discharge of climactic male funk sluiced down her insides and broke free of the woman’s sphincter to flow copiously on to the warm neck and back of the strong carrier from whom and whence the fragrant liquids originated. They were dribbling down to his own ass as the couple stumbled their way back into the bathroom.


I ask my readers to indulge me one more vignette as I close this story of adventures in coming of age and sexual awakenings. I hope you have been entertained. It was the summer after Stuie graduated from college and he was trying to prepare for what would be a disastorous peach harvest and collect data of the farm business to present to accounting friends and acquaintances to convince his mother that the orchards ought to be sold.

Stuie came in from fulfilling some chores and his younger sister had a light lunch ready for him. He had been up much of the night before struggling with data on his laptop. He was exhausted. He took a shower after lunch and while still toweling off, he stepped into the parlor to relax for a few minutes. Julie had cleared the table in the kitchen and was studying with books for a summer class she had enrolled in chemistry. The brother still naked from his shower told his sister he was just going to stretch out on the sofa for a few minutes.

“Do you want me get you another cold drink?”

“No thanks, sweetie.”

Within minutes, she heard his song-like snoring and went to find a clean bed sheet to cover over him, before sauntering back into the kitchen to continue her studies. In less than an hour he had kicked it off in his fitfull slumber. Julie did not know how quickly time had passed, for it seemed only like minutes later that she heard her mother cruising the truck up the drive after a day’s work. She had planned to start preparing to cook the night’s dinner and now they would have to start from scratch.

Her mother walked into the kitchen. Her daughter hushed her. “Stuie has fallen asleep in the parlor. The poor guy is exhausted again.”

The mother for the sake of quiet stealthily stepped into the parlor expecting to see him in slumber on the sofa. She did, but seemed to be disturbed for it. She quietly turned around and gathered her purse and other effects in the kitchen to open the door and step back outdoors.

Julie got out of her chair and followed her mother out. “Mom, he fell asleep there after he had taken his shower.”

The mother turned around and flashed her daughter an angry expression with wide eyes and furrowed brow. “Did you see his disposition in there?”

“You mean he. . . . . Mom, you have had 2 husbands. You know how when men sleep, they often sprout erections.”

The mother continued on as if she had not heard her daughter. She opened the door of the truck with the intent of driving away in disappointment.

The young daughter in precocious sophistication was disappointed with her mother. She cupped her hands over her mouth so that the audibility of what she would have to say would travel yards away. “I love my brother just as he is. WHY ** CAN’T ** YOU?”

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