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“Rachel, just give me those pictures BACK.” Katey demanded, “I thought you said you’d deleted those ones anyway.”

“So I lied.” Rachel responded. Truth was Rachel thought Katey was hot, especially since she’d seen her all but naked last week when she’d taken the pictures, it was just a laugh at the time but now it was serious. Rachel wanted her but she knew Katey was repulsed at the thought of lesbianism; however this new leverage might get her just what she wanted.

“You have to earn these pictures babe.”

“Fine. What do you want, cash?”

“No. I want to fuck you.”

“Rach, don’t be gross.” Katey was disgusted, “£50, £100, how much?”

“I’m not joking Kate, I’ve been masturbating over these pictures for a week now, I want the real thing, tonight, or these go online at uni.” She was deadpan. Katey searched her face and knew she was serious; Rach could be a cold bitch when it came to getting her own way. She looked at Rachel again, yes she could see she was attractive with her big blue eyes and her caramel hair pulled back into a knot. Katey even admitted Rachel looked just out of bed sexy but she shivered with revulsion at the thought of having sex with a woman, and the fact that everyone she knew might see those pictures.

Katey sat on the bed racking her brains for a way out.

Rachel knew she’d won. Just looking at Katey’s pretty face pouting with concentration and her tanned thighs under her sundress was getting her going. She came and sat next to Katey, “You’ve lost honey, besides I know you don’t have £100 to spare.” She pushed her friend’s tousled brunette hair away from her face and kissed her on the mouth. Katey recoiled slightly but didn’t run, she knew she’d have to go through with it, but she wasn’t going to make it easy.

Rachel kissed her again leaving her saliva on her friend’s lips, still no response. “Fine Katey, we’ll just move on.” She slipped her hand into the dress over Katey’s breast, feeling it’s weight, brushing her thumb over her nipple which began to harden involuntarily. Rachel was already in heaven and had to admit that the power she had over her friend was turning her on.

“Oh Katey, sweetie, you don’t know how much I’ve wanted to do this, you’re so fit.” She whispered into Katey’s hair as she began gentle squeezing her breast.

Rachel had planned to take it slowly for her but she couldn’t wait and she began to slide her hand underneath the dress, up her thigh. Katey tensed and turned her head away. “Please don’t Rach.” She whimpered, but Rachel was far too horny to be stopped by begging now.

”Shhh, you’ll enjoy poker oyna it, I’ll be gentle” Rachel murmured to her as she slowly lowered Katey onto her back. Rachel teased her fingers at the tops of Katey’s thighs before cupping her cunt with her hand over her knickers. “You’re hot baby.” Rachel said softly in surprise, “You might not want this sweetie, but I think you’re cunt does!” Katey cringed at the coarseness of Rachel’s language. Rachel laughed quietly, humiliating her further. “Try to enjoy this baby, your body is.” She mocked.

Katey was still tense so Rachel began kissing her neck while ever so slightly rubbing at her crotch. She slid the sundress straps off Katey’s shoulder and pulled the dress down exposing her breast then began to rub her lips across the dusky pink nipple. Rachel thought she felt Katey relax slightly so she quickly slid her hand inside her knickers, now cupping her naked cunt.

Katey’s body went rigid again, “No Rach stop, I don’t like it…I can’t.” She pleaded and tried to sit up but Rachel pushed her back firmly.

Rachel spoke softly, but the tone was sharp, “Don’t lie sweetie, I can feel you like it,” as she spoke she parted Katey’s lips with her finger moving down to her slit which was hot and creamy and slid her now soaked fingers back up to Katey’s clit. “And I’m getting tired of this prudish act, we both know you’re not, I’ve got the pictures to prove it you horny little slut.”

Rachel wanted to eat her but knew she had to keep it slow or Katey’d bolt. Rachel circled her clit with her fingers, so slowly at first, then down to her hole and up again, getting faster until Katey let out a little moan. Quickly Rachel pushed her fingers inside her relishing the feeling of hotness inside her friend. Katey tensed again but Rachel persisted, sliding in and out and Katey began to relax and moaned again so Rachel finger fucked her harder and harder feeling her own pussy get wetter as she did. Suddenly she stopped.

“Was that good?” Rachel asked. Katey nodded, ashamed, but Rachel could see in her face how much she wanted to come. “I want to make you come with my mouth” Rachel told her.

Katey’s face changed, frightened, “No Rach, haven’t you done enough yet?” She was fighting to get up. Rachel pushed her back again but realized she couldn’t hold her down and eat her how she wanted to at the same time. “I thought you might react this way, so I planned ahead,” she told Katey, straddling her, holding her arms above her head. “Holly!” she called.

Katey eyes filled with panic as Rachel’s sister emerged naked from the en suite. Holly climbed onto the bed canlı poker oyna pinning Katey’s arms down. “You were right sis, she’s gorgeous.” Katey felt nauseas as she realized how planned this was and that the two sisters had even been discussing her body together. “Now Katey,” Holly continued ”I’m not here to just watch, while my sister gorges herself on your pussy I want to fuck your fingers and I warn you, you’d better play nice.” Katey began to twist, trying to break free. Holly held her arms down with her leg and slapped Katey’s breasts, hard.

“Ow! No, stop I’m sorry.” Her breasts stung like crazy.

“You’re a little bitch aren’t you?” Holly remonstrated. “Now do as you’re told or there’ll be more of that. This is going to continue until I come so you may as well play along. Extend two fingers.” Katey complied. “Good girl.” Holly praised her like you would a child then straddled the fingers and lowered herself onto them. “Mmmmmm, that’s good, your fingers feel cool inside my hot cunt, add another.” Katey did as instructed, fearing more pain.

Katey was concentrating on trying to ignore the feeling of having a woman ride her fingers and sensation of Holly’s juice flow out of her and run down her hands when she felt Rachel’s hand slide up her thighs, under the dress. Rachel eased down her knickers until they came over her ankles. Katey began to sob softly but neither sister seemed to notice or care and she figured she may as well get it over with and try to make Holly come fast.

Rachel couldn’t wait to see Katey’s pussy, so she forced her legs wide apart and then inched her skirt up over her waist. Kateys lips were swollen and shiny from the juices Rachel had spread over them earlier. Katey felt exposed and vulnerable, but this just served to turn Rachel on more. Rachel lay down, her face inches from Katey’s pussy, and pushed her lips apart so she could see her labia and clit in full view.

Rachel ran her tongue up one lip, Katey flinched but Rachel continued up to her clit which she massaged softly with the flat of her tongue, again and again. Rachel was so turned on by having this beautiful woman’s gorgeous pussy in her mouth she couldn’t hold back. She smothered her face in Katey’s cunt licking up her cum.

Despite the fact Katey’s mind was still screaming no her body responded and she heard herself moan. Rachel thrust her tongue inside Katey, then moved up to her clit again while pushing her fingers inside of her. Katey couldn’t believe the feeling and tried to ignore the fact it was another woman doing this to her as she felt herself getting more and more turned on. internet casino Rachel licked and fucked her until Katey came hard on her mouth and Rachel sucked up her juice hungrily.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” Rachel asked. Katey shook her head, agreeing, just glad it was over and that Holly hand stopped humping her hand. “Now I want you to do something,” said Rachel. Katey was nervous again. “You’re going to learn how to eat a woman.” Rachel continued.

Katey looked defeated she had thought this ordeal was over but she knew she couldn’t escape and would just have to wait it out, though she had to admit that it had been an amazing orgasm.

Holly lay back on the bed, legs wide open. “I’ll show you how.” Rachel told Katey as she got down between her sisters legs. “Open her lips like this so you can see her clit properly, and lick it and while you’re doing that fuck her cunt with your fingers like this.” She demonstrated. “She tastes gorgeous.” She smiled up at her sister with the mixed juices of the two girls still on her mouth

Katey began licking Holly’s smooth pussy tentatively. Holly moaned. She loved having virgins practice on her; the feeling of power enhanced her horniness. Katey grew more confident, as Holly groaned deeply.

Rachel came behind Katey while she was still licking Holly and started stroking her ass and thighs and massaging her cunt from behind, dipping her fingers in then swirling them around Katey’s still sensitive clit. Rachel drew her finger up until it was resting on her asshole. Katey protested and tried to sit up but Holly pulled her head back down to her cunt, so she had to keep licking. “Just concentrate on licking sweetie, you’re doing a good job.” Rachel spread Katey’s ass so she could see her tight asshole and used her tongue to tease her a little while she shoved her fingers back into Katey’s hot slippery cunt.

Holly was nearing orgasm as she watched Rachel playing with Katey’s ass while the virgin lesbian kept licking and kissing her pussy and she ground down on Katey’s face. “Oh babe, suck my clit, it’s so horny for me to feel that while I watch Rach playing with your ass.”

Rachel then edged a finger into Katey’s ass. Katey squealed and tried to wriggle away. “Don’t fight me honey, I know you’ve had more than this in your ass before.” Rachel pushed harder fully penetrating Katey’s ass and inserted fingers into her cunt as well, finding her G spot massaging until she began to moan.

Rachel slid another finger up Katey’s ass, exciting her further and the visual along with the licking was all Holly could take as she began to cum all over Katey’s mouth. Katey tried to pull away from all the fluid pouring onto her face but Holly held her head. She lay in post orgasmic bliss for a minute but Katey had a feeling it wasn’t over…she was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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