Just Four Friends

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“Well, this is something new!” I thought as I stood in front of the full length mirror for the millionth time and preened, although it wasn’t exactly ‘preening’ more ‘steady the nerves’. This was my big ‘coming-out’ and my friends were about to get the shock of their lives. I’d always been the respectable one, the controlled one, the smart business-like one, the boring one! As a company director, my career had always come first at the expense of every other area of my life, however 6 months ago that had all changed; I met James! It was the perfect fairy-tale meeting… our eyes met across a crowded room (ok, so it was a heavy-weight hydraulics symposium, he was the main speaker and, in truth, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He didn’t know I was alive until I forced my way into the gaggle of sycophants surrounding him to ask a technical question on ‘weight to mass ratio’. He was impressed! Turned out, he’d covered it all in the speech but I hadn’t been listening! He asked if I would care to discuss it further, over drinks? I cared!)

We took it easy to start with. Getting into your first steady, serious relationship when you’re over 40 (just!) means nothing is hurried. It took us 3 weeks just to kiss! We first slept together to celebrate meeting five months previously and that was it. It was such an amazing joining of two desperately lonely souls that, two weeks later, James moved in. Of course, I hadn’t told my three best friends about him, too terrified that one of them would hone in and steal him away from me. They were all streetwise, experienced women. We were school friends who had always stayed in touch through our 20s, worked on developing our friendship through our 30s and were now soul-sisters in our (early) 40s. The four of us had been through the stress that was my career, the disaster that was Terri’s marriage, the forlorn hopes that was Kate’s love life and the efforts we had to make to keep Anna sane and legal. We were an eclectic quad. Tonight I was going to reveal everything; James, our relationship, my discovery (through James) of my ‘naughty’ side and my resulting new wardrobe. I looked at the stranger staring back at me from the mirror. The hair was blonder, long, fashionably straight and clipped up, fairly bold makeup, large custom jewelry (first piece I ever owned, bought last week!) figure hugging, cleavage revealing black lacy top (James loved my boobs and over the past month I had come to appreciate my ‘girls’!) short purple layered skirt (a little too short? no, stop it, its fine!) over matching black underwear, black patterned holdups and knee-high stiletto boots. My long black coat hung over the wardrobe door completed the look, but I still wasn’t sure!

A noise downstairs made me jump! Damn! James was home early. I had hoped to have left before he got home as, if he laughed, my courage, plans and new wardrobe would go straight out the window.

“You still home hon?” The deep baritone question wafted up the stairs. No escape!

“Yes, you’re early. I’m about to leave.”

The sound of his footsteps up the stairs made me panic and I willed my body to remember, and use, the deep breathing exercises I’d spent 20 years learning in yoga classes. The door to the bedroom swung open and James’ manly physique entered the room. He still made me catch my breath. At a year older than me (and I never let him forget it) his temples showed the first signs that he would mature into a handsome white-haired gentleman, but for now his close cut black hair ensured that his hazel brown eyes were the first thing anyone noticed and the last thing the ladies forgot!

He stood, looking at me; slowly his eyes sunk down my body until, taking in the boots, he uttered “oh baby!” It took all my control not to let out an explosion of relief.

“Turn round!” His voice sounded slightly different, hoarser. I turned.



“Show me!”

Naughtily, I lifted the back of my skirt higher than was necessary. James appreciated my arse, kept tight through hundreds of treadmill miles. I was rewarded with a low, excited groan. I jumped as he grabbed my naked butt cheeks (the thong was a recent purchase too). The feel of his hands on my skin was electric and I could feel the tell-tale twinges in my womb. I tried to turn around, to protest and stop him — I couldn’t go out horny! He refused to let me turn and grabbed my arse even tighter.

“You want to dress like a tart? Then this is what you get!” My sharp intake of breath at this change in my strong but gentle lover made him relax his grip slightly, and he allowed me to turn enough to see the wicked grin on his face and the desire dancing through his eyes. I relaxed. He was playing. I gave a little shake of my arse in his hands.

“Don’t. I’m going out with the girls. I don’t have time to undress now.”

“Who said anything about undressing?”

His fingers lifted the material of my thong to one side as he fingered my moist lips. “Feels like the tart knows what’s coming and wants it!” He moved in close, pushing me against the bed. I was becoming more and more turned on by this controlling side of James but was torn, knowing I had to be at Terri’s for 7.30pm.

James’ guttural voice whispered in my ear. “Take escort bursa them off, before I rip them off!”

I hesitated, but thought “can’t wear them anyway, I’m already too wet!” As I slipped my thong down to my ankles; the sound of a zip made me turn. James’ large, swollen cock winked at me. Breathlessly I looked up at his face. “Really, we can’t…” I began.

“Shut up bitch!”

He pushed me into the footboard at the end of the bed. I was shocked by my reaction to the roughness; I was excited, stimulated more than I had ever been. Our love making up to this point had always been gentle, loving. He had only ever taken me from behind once and had coated my back with kisses as he smoothly drove the entire length of his cock into my pussy. Somehow I knew there would be no loving tender kisses this time. This wasn’t beautiful lovemaking; I was about to be fucked and I was relishing it.

As I grabbed the footboard, James parted my lips with his bell-end and slid his cock deep inside me. He pulled out, almost completely, and then slammed home again. Only two strokes and I could already feel my orgasm building. This was the bonus of abstaining for so long — I could cum very quickly, easily and often and had not yet learned to control it. Not that I was going to try and control it now. I knew this wouldn’t last long. James was now banging hard and fast into me. He leaned forward and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled, enough to bring my head up but not enough to be painful.

“Is this what you want bitch?”

Talking dirty had been new to me but my lust knew just how to answer him. My voice came in bursts with every thrust as he slammed hard into me. “Oh… god… yes… fuck me James… fuck me hard…”

His low laugh went straight to my cunt walls and the orgasm built. “I’m cumming!” I gasped as my knees went weak and the wave of ecstasy washed through me. James was looking down at his cock sliding in and out of my hole.

“Jeez, I can actually see your juices squirting.” With that he let go and, accompanied by a deep rumbling moan, shot his load of hot spunk deep inside me. My pussy walls continued to convulse, tightening around his throbbing shaft, milking every last drop out of him. Eventually we were both done and he straightened and withdrew. I turned to face him and received my first kiss of the evening. His smile was slightly concerned. “You ok? Not too rough?” My gentle lover was back.

“Did it feel like I was suffering?”

He laughed, “hell no, you was a right dirty bitch.”

I went to grab a pair of knickers from the dresser. He held my hand.

“Don’t! Go as you are, just as you are! I’ll top you up when you get home!”

My eyes widened. “I can’t go with spunk running down my legs,” although the idea was naughtily appealing.

“Why not? Who’ll know? Then every so often you can dip a finger and taste me. It’ll keep you going till you get home, then I’ll fuck you again!” He pushed my hand between my legs and I dipped my finger in the juice. Willingly I brought it to my mouth and slyly sucked it dry.

“Ok, since you only lasted long enough to let me cum once, I’ll have to keep myself going till later — unless my friends do the honours!”

His eyes widened, “if they do, tell me, every detail!” I smiled.

“Bitch! Go for it!” he growled into my ear and gently spanked my arse. I smoothed down my skirt, pulled on my coat and winked at him as I walked out of the room, checking that nothing could be seen!

By the time I arrived, slightly late, at Terri’s, I had what felt like a river running between my legs. I rang the doorbell hoping that this would be a short evening; I wanted to get back to my wonderful man as soon as possible. I had completely forgotten about my clothing — until Terri opened the door!

“Bloody hell,” she said after a double-take.

I did a little curtsey. “You like?”

She laughed as I walked passed her. “Don’t tell me the cold hearted bitch has thawed and joined us in the noughties?”

Voices from the living room warned me that I was the last member of our foursome to arrive. I took a deep breath, drew myself up to my full 5’4″ and followed Terri into the room. She stopped in front of me, positioned so that the others couldn’t see me.

“Ladies, may I present our new and improved best friend!” She stepped to one side with a flourish as I stepped forward. Kate and Anna stood up in shock from the sofa and I was overwhelmed with comments from all three of them.

“Wow, you look fantastic!”

“Don’t you wash up well, with effort?”

“Soooo sexy!”

We were all laughing as Terri opened a bottle of champagne. “One drink, then we’ll head out.”

Panic struck me. “No! Please! Can’t we stay in tonight? I’ve got something to tell you and it took all my courage to walk here dressed like this. I can’t face a crowded club just yet!” The others smiled in sympathy and agreed. I sank into the single chair as Kate and Terri dropped onto the sofa and Anna settled onto the large cushion on the floor. The three of them then looked at me with anticipation. “What?” I asked giggling.

Anna leaned forward and pinched my leg. “Give! What’s brought on this dramatic change, or is it who?”

“Ok, ok,” I relented and, taking a gulp of champagne, brought my three best friends nilüfer escort up to speed on my transformation.

When I’d finished recounting, minus details of my latest episode, a look passed between the three of them that I couldn’t quite read. Terri looked at me and laughed, “And how come we’re only learning about this sexy love affair and naughty side now?”

I paused and drained my half empty glass. Anna leaned forward and emptied the bottle to refill it. “Afraid one of us would steal him?” I nodded, embarrassed. How could I have doubted our friendship? I was now realising I could, and would, share anything with them.

“I’m still coming to grips with it all,” I explained, “I’ve pushed so many boundaries, and I’m still discovering new ones, daily!”

Again, there was that look, a secret between them. I was intrigued, but before I could say anything, Kate changed the subject. She’d come to the end of yet another disastrous relationship and we finished off another bottle of bubbly, laughing, crying and teasing her about it. Opening a third bottle, Terri took us, yet again, raking through her hell-marriage (which ended 8 years ago, and we’d been discussing it for 8 long years!) and the ongoing problem of her delinquent 19 year old son. Kate and Anna made their usual jokes about Adam’s developing body: to Terri’s amazement, this time I joined in and actually found myself getting warm as we giggled about his growing biceps.

I moved and felt James’ spunk still moist on my pussy lips. I noticed Anna looking at me strangely and quickly changed the subject. The fourth bottle was uncorked as we laid into Anna and her usual flirting — men, boys, the law! We were halfway through the bottle when Anna fixed me with an odd look.

“You ok? Top of your stockings looks damp.”

Forgetting my lack of underwear, I lifted my skirt. Anna gasped and leaned forward. “Oh my, how neat, tidy and wet!” Before I could move she leaned in and ran a finger along my thigh. She took it back and openly sucked it. “Mmm… you held out on us. You’ve got a naked, spunked pussy!” I tried to lower my skirt, but she stopped me and Kate and Terri watched as she got up on all fours in front of me. She looked at me and winked as she ran her hand up my thigh and extended a finger to brush my pussy lips. My mind was in turmoil; this was a boundary I hadn’t even seriously considered. James had intimated that he wouldn’t be adverse to me playing with my friends, but what about me?

Anna’s gentle touch was sending sparks through my body and I really didn’t want her to stop but would this change the dynamics of our friendship forever?

I looked over at Terri and was amazed to see Kate’s hand inside her top fondling her breast. The look on Terri’s face showed she was enjoying it. The feel of moist lips on the inside of my thigh dragged my eyes back to the woman between my legs. Anna looked up at me as she ran her lips over my skin. She winked again as slowly she extended her tongue to lick my outer lips. I gasped in pleasured shock and closed my eyes as I involuntarily moved towards my friends face. She moaned as she grabbed my legs, parted them further and closed her mouth over my seeping hole. I closed my eyes as she sucked me, gently licking James’ spunk out of me.

Suddenly she stopped. “Girls, you have to taste this!” My eyes flew open in time to see Terri and Kate entwined in a deep loving kiss. They drew apart and hungrily looked at Anna. She crawled over to them and I watched spellbound as she kissed each of them deeply.

Terri turned and looked at my open-mouthed face and laughed. “Well, I guess our secret’s out now?”

“You’ve… you’re… what?” I couldn’t even form a basic sentence. My mind was reeling. Kate stopped kissing Anna and smiled at me.

“Why do you think you were always leaving first, on your own? We never thought you’d understand, approve or join us.”

“But, but, you’re all straight!”

Anna was licking her lips. I hadn’t moved and she was greedily eyeing my naked pussy. “Yes, but we love each other and this is such… fun!” She had covered the ground between us and was once again looking up at me. “Just say ‘no’ once and I’ll stop I promise, but I have to tell you, I’ve wanted to taste you for years, and now I have, I want more! If you say stop, we’ll just watch those two horny bitches!”

Kate had now freed Terri’s ample breasts and was noisily sucking one whilst tweaking the other nipple. The sight was strangely arousing; oh well, a new experience could only be a good thing! What was the saying? “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!” I lifted my skirt higher, parted my legs further and dipped my finger into my gaping hole. I wanted a last taste of James before she ate it all. As I sucked my finger, Anna groaned, smiled and moved in. Her mouth was cool but her tongue was hot as she pierced me. I was torn between concentrating on the feel of her lips on my pussy lips, her tongue probing me, her teeth lightly scraping my swollen clit, and watching Terri lift Kate’s skirt. Somehow I wasn’t surprised that she was also going ‘commando’ — I suspected that there wasn’t a single pairs of panties in the room. Terri was fingering Kate’s hairless pussy, running a finger down to her glistening lips. A tug on my clit made me catch my breath gorukle escort and I felt the tell-tale signs that Anna’s attention and the sight of my two best friends pleasuring each other was having the desired effect on my body. I looked down at Anna as my orgasm built. In surprise she looked up at me and began biting my clit in earnest. She withdrew her tongue and slowly replaced it with a finger, then two, and picked up speed as she finger fucked me. My orgasm broke over me and she licked, nibbled and fingered me as I pushed my pulsating hips into her. The orgasm was different; gentler, quieter but still intense. As it began to ebb, I looked over at the other two. Terri was now on her knees in front of Kate imitating Anna and Kate was about to fall into her own orgasm. Anna withdrew her wet fingers from me and sucked them as we both watched Kate succumb to her ultimate pleasure. She was noisier than me and more demanding as she grabbed Terri’s head and pulled her in.

Anna looked at me. “Wanna try?”

It took me a second to understand what she meant. “You mean… me… do… but I don’t know how!”

“Of course you do. Just think of what you like, and do that!” There was a slight note of pleading in her voice. She rose up and kissed me, gently, on the mouth. Her lips were soft and tasted of… I pulled her in again and this time my lips parted slightly. She responded and her tongue flicked over mine. Yes, she tasted of James! I smiled to myself; he was going to love me describing this.

As Anna and I swapped positions, so did Kate and Terri. I caught a glimpse of a waxed pussy before it disappeared beneath Kate’s hungry mouth. Terri threw her head back as Kate noisily licked and sucked. Did that girl ever do anything quietly?

Anna lifted her skirt. To my amazement she was wearing underwear; a blue thong which was soaking wet. She slid it off revealing a tidy, waxed mound with a thin line of hair leading down to her glistening lips. She looked at me and smiled. “It won’t bite, much!” I smiled back and extended a finger. I slowly traced a nail up her thigh, hesitating as I neared her hot, wet hole. She was watching my face and saw the turmoil raging in my mind. She leaned forward and kissed me again. “Just think of James’ reaction when you describe this! You’ll have sex for month over it” she whispered in my ear. I couldn’t help but laugh at her perceptiveness and made her gasp with pleasure as I ran my nail over her clit. She fell back, sighing with pleasure. Her nub was hard, swollen and eager under my touch. I leaned forward until I could smell her musky scent. Hesitantly I kissed the inside of her thigh, high enough that her outer lips brushed my cheek, and she shivered in response. A noise behind me made me raise my head and Anna and I watched as Terri lay back on the sofa and Kate lowered her now naked body onto our friend so that they could lick, suck and eat each others pussies. Anna’s hand on my head pulling my back to her broke my amazed gaze at how readily and greedily my two friends were pleasuring each other.

Anna was using her fingers to spread her pussy lips open. “Kiss me?” she begged. I obliged. I moved in and lightly kissed her swollen clit. She moaned and raised her hips up. I extended my tongue and licked her cunt from bottom to top. She tasted so sweet, similar to my own taste but the flavour was subtly different. I decided I liked it, and licked her again. As I tasted I looked up at her. Our eyes met briefly and I shared my discovery of enjoying this new sensation. Anna had unbuttoned her top, undone her front fastening bra and had started to play with her full breasts, tweaking the hard nipples and obviously enjoying the sensation. I ran my hand up her thigh and whilst sucking on her clit, slowly pushed a finger into her wet tunnel. Her pussy squeezed around the tip of my finger and I pushed against the pressure. Anna gasped and I stopped, frightened that I had hurt her. She looked down at my, still playing with her boobs.

“Don’t stop — its fantastic.”

I replaced the finger and sucked and nibbled her clit, running my tongue around the swollen button. As I slid my finger completely into her hot hole, I felt Anna’s walls gently squeeze me. I remembered a new discovery James had given my some time ago. I withdrew, added my middle finger and gently pushed both of them into her. As they were enveloped inside her I turned them so that my palm faced up and felt around inside my friend’s tunnel. Where was it? Ah, there was that little patch! I pushed and was rewarded with a squeal of delight, a shudder of her pussy walls and a quaking of her clit. A couple more pushes and I stopped. I actually wanted to prolong this and sensed that if I continued playing with Anna’s G-spot she would cum far too quickly. I withdrew my fingers and licked off her juice, then extended my tongue into the gap left by my fingers and sucked. Another squeal informed me that I’d got it just about right. I plunged my tongue in deep, sucking out all the displaced juices, relishing the taste, smell and feel as I fucked her. I increased the pace with my tongue and mouth and as Anna’s hips started to push into me, I used my fingernail on her clit. Suddenly she let go. Her pussy contracted around my tongue, her clit began quivering and pussy juices washed into my mouth. I drank deeply as Anna submitted to her orgasm and, when her river had subsided, I sat back. She leaned forward and pulled me back to her. She kissed me deeply on the mouth, parting my lips with her tongue and tasting her own juices. As she pulled away, she stopped, looked at me and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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