Just Good Friends Ch. 01

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My friend Melanie has the hottest ass in the world. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s perfect, and just thinking about it gets me wet. She used to send dirty pictures of herself to guys online but get me to give my opinions on them first. I think she was half showing off, half genuinely wanting me to look at her naked. So that was how I first saw her ass anyway.

We used to hang out from when we were about eighteen to about twenty three, and all the time I knew her she was obsessed with sex. We’d spend hours watching ‘hilarious’ porn, or talking about sex and guys. She had no problem being naked around me either, getting me to come keep her company while she was taking a bath, or getting changed with me in the room. At first I thought that was weird, it’s not like I had a lot of other friends who did that – and I never mentioned it to my other friends – but I think I secretly liked it. She was a little coy sometimes but I think there was always some kind of underlying sexual tension between us. Guys used to ask us if we’d ever had sex with each other and sometimes we’d tell them yes, just to see their reactions. I often found myself thinking about her when I masturbated, which freaked me out at first. She was my friend, and a girl besides, and I tried to avoid thinking about what it would be like to make out with her, and how her naked body looked. Eventually I gave in, because the orgasms I had when I fantasized about fucking her were the best ones I ever gave myself. After that I used to regularly fuck myself with my vibrator or my fingers or whatever and think about her, especially after she’d give me detailed accounts of her sexual encounters with guys. Every so often I’d get lucky when we were hanging out and she’d tease me by sitting on my lap or squeezing my ass or my tits ‘jokingly’. I think she knew exactly what she was doing.

One time, before we actually had sex, we nearly did. We were about eighteen at the time, and we’d been talking to this guy and both kind of liked him. We all ended up in bed together at his, but it was the lamest threesome ever. Hardly any lesbian stuff actually happened (we made out and touched each others’ tits), and we just ended up giving the guy a hand job and going home. But that’s another story. It was after the threesome that things actually got interesting.

So, one night, we’d been out dancing and drinking and stuff, and Mel was gonna stay at mine for the night. When we got home, around two thirty in the morning, we both headed straight to bed wearing just our underwear – I remember, I was wearing a pair of white silky briefs and she had black lace frenchies on. We didn’t care about seeing each others’ tits, it happened all the time.

We were laying in bed in the dark, and were talking about what a good night we’d had, and laughing at various guys who had tried to pick us up (where we live is like sleazebag central). Since it was so recent, conversation gradually turned to the threesome.

‘It was just so lame,’ I said. ‘It’s like, you should feel really proud of your sexual prowess if you’ve actually had a threesome, but it was just like, what was the point?’

Mel laughed. ‘I know. Part of me wants to go back and just be like, fuck it, let’s do this right. Get really, really dirty and fulfil his wildest fantasy.’ We both giggled although there was a definite sense that both of us were dancing around an issue. It was hot in my room so I nudged the poker oyna duvet down to my stomach, letting the air cool down my chest. My nipples were hard.

‘Would you do it again?’ Mel asked.

‘I’m not sure,’ I said. It felt like something between us was giving way, like the unsaid truths that we’d always thought about but never mentioned were finally going to come out tonight. Fuck it, I thought, just test the waters. ‘Ok, don’t think I’m coming on to you or anything, but in all honesty – if I was going to do it again, I’d definitely involve you but find a different guy.’

‘Really?’ Mel asked happily. She giggled. ‘I’m the same. He had such a weird cock. But I’d definitely want you in my next threesome as well.’

We both laughed.

‘I mean, the whole thing was terrible,’ I said. ‘The most turned on I got was when I was making out with you.’

‘Oh my god, me too!’ Mel confessed. ‘Don’t think I’M coming on to YOU, but I was so turned on when we were kissing and stuff, I would’ve been happy to have just kicked him out and had some fun with you!’ We laughed again.

‘God, we have such a weird friendship,’ I giggled. ‘I kind of want to sleep with a girl just because I think it’d actually be really good. You know?’

‘Yeah, just to see how it feels.’

My pussy was tingling with hope and I wondered if she was getting as turned on as I was. I secretly slipped one finger between my pussy lips and rubbed my clit a little.

‘I think we’d be hot, if we actually had sex,’ I half-joked, keeping the tone light.

‘Definitely!’ Mel agreed. She was lying on my left, facing me as I lay on my back looking at the ceiling, my tits dying to be touched. Even in the dark I could tell she was glancing at them.

‘I do sometimes wish I was a guy so we could fuck,’ I admitted, a little nervous in case I’d crossed a line. ‘Your ass is amazing, I would love to have a cock so I could fuck you doggy style.’

Mel hooted with laughter. ‘Really?! You like my ass?’

‘I love your ass. That one picture you showed me of you standing with your back to the mirror, oh my god.’

‘What, this ass right here?’ Mel joked, kneeling up and turning her back to me. Her ass looked perfect in her black lacy underwear, really juicy and smooth, begging to be squeezed. I couldn’t believe Mel was actually teasing me with her ass.

‘Yeah, that ass!’ I laughed, but I was dying to hump it. I figured she would quit kidding around and lie back down, so I was shocked when she leant forwards on to her hands and knees, letting her underwear slide between her cheeks a little.

‘Wanna touch it?’ she asked, turning her head to smile at me. ‘I won’t mind.’

‘What?’ I was flustered. ‘Are you kidding?’

‘Nope, you can touch my ass if you want to. We’re friends, I trust you.’

‘O…k,’ I said, and could hardly breathe. I knelt up as well and gently cupped her ass cheeks in my hands. I squeezed a little.

‘Well?’ Mel asked, ‘How does it feel?’

‘Amazing,’ I replied, fighting the urge to rub my pussy on her sweet backside. ‘God, if I was a guy I’d be dying about now,’ I laughed.

‘It does feel really good, you feeling my ass like this,’ Mel almost whispered. ‘You know what? I love your tits!’ she said, sitting up and turning around, and I could feel her eyes on them. ‘They’re awesome, they’re so big and perfect shaped, I am obsessed with your tits. I do get turned on seeing you canlı poker oyna in a bikini.’

‘Really?!’ Now it was my turn to be surprised. We were still laughing, but the barriers were completely gone. ‘God, I’m turned on right now!’ I said.

‘Me too,’ Mel said, ‘wanna know a secret? You might get freaked out though!’ Mel laughed.

‘Tell me!’

‘Ok, but promise not to get freaked out and remember I was pretty wasted when I did this! Ok, so, remember a few months ago when we went to that awful party at Dave’s? And they had all that porn on?’

‘Yeah…’ I said. Dave was our mutual friend.

‘Well when we got back to mine and went to bed, and you kinda passed out, I remember getting really turned on thinking about that porn and I ended up getting myself off while you were in bed next to me!’

‘Oh my god, Mel!’ I giggled, trying not to be loud in case we woke up my parents with our laughter.

‘Wait, that’s not all,’ she said, a mischievous look in her eye. ‘I might’ve… sort of… humped you. A bit. Not naked! Just like, against your thigh. I blame your tits! They were there looking all good and I couldn’t resist! Are you freaked out?’

I didn’t know how to reply because the image of Mel rubbing her pussy on me and getting off was almost enough to make me cum instantly.

‘No, you dirty bitch!’ I laughed. ‘I can’t believe I didn’t wake up!’

‘I couldn’t either, but I was pretty quick!’ Mel giggled.

‘You know,’ I began, my pussy willing me on more than my head, ‘we could just have a bit of a play together. It’s no big deal, girls do it.’

Mel didn’t say anything, so I went on.

‘It just seems silly that if we’re both so turned on by the idea of experimenting with a girl, and we turn each other on, and we trust each other and stuff, why not just occasionally try some stuff out, if we’re both in the mood?’

‘You wanna?’ Mel asked.

‘Kinda…’ I said, ‘Do you?’

‘Yeah kinda,’ Mel smiled. I knew at this point that if we talked anymore about it, we’d end up not doing anything, so I went for it.

‘Ok,’ I said, scooting closer. “So let’s do stuff.”

“Ok,” Mel was smiling broadly and I wondered if she’d wanted this as much as I had. I leaned in and we started to kiss, using quite a lot of tongue. We’d kissed a lot before, just at parties to get some attention or whatever, so it was no big deal that we started making out. The difference was, that my hands landed straight on her ass, and my god, I couldn’t get enough. It fit perfectly under my hands and I could already feel the dampness of her frenchies. I pulled her hips towards mine and as my pussy lubed up even more, I was dying to grind on her. We lay down so Mel was on top of me, and her hands went to my tits, her expert fingers tracing around my nipples as she leant down to lick them.

‘Mm, that’s good,’ I told her.

‘I can’t believe I’m sucking your tits,’ she giggled.

‘Don’t stop!’ I said, encouraging her in case she changed her mind mid-suck.

‘Let’s get naked to do this, then,’ she said, wriggling out of her underwear. I was shocked at first at how willing she was to get naked. I guess she had wanted to fuck me as much as I’d wanted to fuck her. As she slid off the panties, I got to see her juicy pink pussy in the way I finally wanted – not just while we were changing or in the shower, but as something I was gonna get to play with. Her lips were smooth and internet casino plump, her clit just showing between them. I smiled and pulled mine off as well, spreading my legs for her to lay between them. Skin touched skin, and the line had been crossed. We were really gonna do this.

‘I swear, I’m gonna cum as soon as you touch my pussy,’ I said. ‘But who cares, right? We’re girls, we can do this all night.’ We both laughed again. Her lips found mine and we made out again, my hands worshipping her beautiful ass as she ground her hips against mine. I could vaguely feel the outline of her little pink pussy lips kissing mine as our hips touched.

“That really turns me on,” she said in my ear, “Knowing we could do this all night. Over and over, just keep doing whatever we wanted. We could do it anywhere and any time we wanted and no one would suspect a thing. Think about it.” She paused and sat up, and I noticed for the first time how hard her nipples were. “We stay at each others’ houses all the time. We share fitting rooms when we go shopping. We hang out nearly every day. Imagine the possibilities. We could do this every single time we see each other…”

‘Oh god,’ I murmured, not kidding about the fact I was gonna cum. ‘Let’s just do something I have always wanted to try, ok?’

‘Sure, what?’

‘Just put your leg under mine like that,’ I instructed as we repositioned ourselves. Mel twigged at what we were doing. She smiled and scooted her hips forward and the moment I had always fantasized about happened. Our pussies touched. I couldn’t tell who was wetter, me or her, but as we began to slowly grind against each other, her playing with my tits and me reaching up to suck her hard little nipples, I came harder than ever before, my head spinning. But we didn’t stop. It was amazing. Slowly and gently we continued to rock against each other silently, in ecstasy. Our pussy lips were so slick and juicy that they slid over each other like we were kissing with our mouths. Rubbing my clit on hers was the greatest feeling. I heard Mel cum and felt how she shuddered against me as more juice slid out of her pussy. Knowing my parents were asleep in their room just metres away added to the illicitness of two best friends secretly fucking. ‘Ssh, baby, ssh,’ I reminded her as she came again, yelping a bit as she ground her pussy against mine so gently. Suddenly we froze, we could hear one of my parents walking down the hall to the bathroom. We both held our breath as the footsteps got nearer, were right outside my door and then passed, and the bathroom door shut. We both let out sighs of relief and then started fucking again, and I came almost instantly.

We shifted our position around a little just to find out if there was any possible way to make it feel any better than it already did. I lay between her legs, we both lay on our backs with our pussies stuck together, we even tried doing it on all fours – but it ended up with Mel pretty much just kneeling between my thighs, rubbing her beautiful, totally shaved and smooth pussy on mine. I felt like I’d be able to cum from just the memory of that sight alone: Mel with her eyes closed, biting her bottom lip a little as I held her (one hand on the small of her back, the other on her ass), our tits bouncing as we grinded and moaned quietly in the dark. We even threw some baby oil on to our pussies and over our tits so we could slide about even easier. I have no idea how long we were riding each other for, only that I came about six or seven times. By the time we eventually slowed down to a complete stop, we were exhausted, and fell asleep without speaking another word to each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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