Just One Night

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Double Penetration

Angie stared into the remains of her pint of Directors, hoping that the dark amber liquid would hold the answers to the questions that were boiling inside her like bubbling lava.

She had absolutely no idea how she had ended up sitting in this bar, staking out the entrance of the hotel opposite. Oh, she knew the physical journey she had taken but the emotional journey was far longer and more complex.

Angie’s home life could be frustrating in the extreme. She was still living with the woman she had loved for nearly 2 decades; they still adored each other, did everything together and wouldn’t consider living apart but the intimacy had long since left their relationship.

Angie stayed because she loved her with all her heart and still had hopes that they’d regain the intimacy they had once shared, but living under the same roof as the person you lusted after constantly could be emotionally draining and inordinately frustrating.

She had considered having a fling elsewhere but even thinking about it set her conscience off. Angie had always been a very loyal person so she’d just never been able to go through with it.

As a form of release she tried the chat room scene but it just didn’t do it for her, especially when it became blatantly obvious that many of the ‘women’ in the lesbian chat room were obviously either very confused about their own bodies or weren’t really women at all.

Bored and home alone one day she thought she’d give it one last chance, but again she ended up chatting with someone who was so obviously a bloke it was hysterically funny to see his bumbling attempts at trying to appear female, so she declined the offer of private chat but kept him talking in the public chat room where everyone could see.

She threw all sorts of comments and suggestions his way to trip him up in his lack of knowledge concerning women in general and in particular the female anatomy and by the time he disappeared, presumably in an embarrassed huff, she was just about ready to fall of her chair with laughter.

Just as she was about to log off a message popped up for her.

“Been watching your chat. Loved the way you sent him packing, that’ll teach him not to do his homework! Lol”

Angie responded and ended up talking to Billie for quite some time about all sorts of things, ranging from family, music, holidays and even their pets before Billie had to go, but her last message contained her email address and asked if they could continue to correspond outside of the chat room scene.

Angie wasn’t sure what to do about this, after all she’d only initially been looking for a quick fix and certainly hadn’t been looking for a pen pal, but after a couple of days she decided that she’d drop Billie a quick email just to say ‘hi’. After all, it seemed rude to just ignore her; she’d seemed nice online and if she did turn out to be a psycho she could always change her email address.

Billie was thrilled that Angie had responded and soon a flurry of emails flew back and forth across the ether. Angie found it comforting to be able to confide in someone over her own frustration and disappointments regarding her home life and Billie in return shared much about her own situation and past experiences.

Billie explained that she had known she was gay from an early age and described her somewhat tumultuous early sexual experiences. She also told of how she had met her girlfriend and how the relationship had given her the confidence to come-out to her parents.

Billie’s girlfriend was older than her by some years and as this was her first lesbian relationship, sometimes Billie worried that her partner wouldn’t find the courage to tell her kids and friends about them.

Angie consoled her and encouraged her to have patience and explained how her lover would need time to come to terms with her newly found sexuality.

In return, Billie commiserated with Angie over her frustrating home life; encouraging Angie not to give up or lose hope.

Despite an age gap of nearly 20 years they got along fabulously. Angie had always been young at heart and Billie had a very mature head on her young shoulders, so somehow they complimented each other perfectly, each being able to offer a different perspective on any topic while never being judgemental or critical of each other.

Backwards and forwards the emails went, each revealing a little bit more about themselves; pictures were exchanged so that they could visualise who they were corresponding with and after a few short weeks a solid and caring friendship grew out of their emails.

And then something changed. The emails became more playful, flirty and at times positively naughty. They talked about previous sexual experiences, their fantasies, favourite toys, what they liked, what they didn’t like and what they’d like to try.

Still relatively harmless until the focus changed again and they started to admit that their exchanges were turning each other on; that their masturbatory fantasies were now involving each other and it became obvious that a gorukle escort mutual attraction was developing between them.

They even realised that they were crossing a line and worried for each other — Angie worrying that she might be impacting negatively on Billie’s relationship with her lover and Billie worrying that she might be distracting Angie from trying to improve things at home; however they found it easy to rationalise their actions.

Billie admitted that she enjoyed flirting and had expressed a concern that she found being faithful hard but was determined to make her first ‘proper’ relationship work.

Angie was desperately frustrated and although she had absolutely no desire to leave her partner, she also needed someone to have fun with.

So Angie and Billie flirted and enjoyed each other’s company, knowing that they were both focused on their real relationships and as they would never meet in person it couldn’t do any harm.

It was a perfect solution wasn’t it?

The next shift happened when the mode of communication changed. Billie suggested using instant messenger instead of email to improve the flow of conversation if they were both free at the same time.

Now the flow of reactive emails slowed down, to be replaced with interactive conversations and the naughtiness turned serious.

Even conversations that started entirely innocently ended up with them both wet, caressing their own bodies as they imagined and described in graphic detail what they would like to do to each other if they ever met in person.

Descriptions of them tribbing, with Billie riding Angie, their pussies mashing together until she could take no more. Of how Angie wanted to bury her face between Billie’s legs and lick, nibble and suck her to orgasm after orgasm.

They seemed to turn each other on even without trying and oh, how they enjoyed their ‘chats’, their friendship deepening into something akin to love, but again they knew they had crossed a boundary, rationalising it again by explaining that as they would never meet it was fine to use each other as a safety valve to let off steam.

Surely it could only help their real relationships if their online interactions stopped them from straying elsewhere in the real world?

What possible harm could come from a little online fun?

What possible harm indeed.

It was Billie that first suggested that they should meet, just once, to get their lust for each other out of their systems and allow them to focus more fully on real life. Angie wasn’t surprised when she read the message, she had expected one of them to say it sooner or later, was maybe slightly surprised that Billie had beaten her to it.

She felt her heart speed up at the mere thought of actually holding Billie in her arms and kissing her sun bronzed skin from head to toe, felt her pussy tighten in anticipation of a glorious night of lovemaking with this wonderful young woman who had made her feel so alive.

Let’s face it — the answer was always going to be ‘yes’, right?

Other than booking a room and arranging to meet in the hotel bar the plans had been left vague and it had been stressed that either of them could pull out at any time prior to entering the hotel room — they both knew that if they got that far there’d be no turning back.

Angie had arrived an hour early, partly because she’d been too nervous to sit still at home and had left early and partly because the traffic had been kind, so she’d found the bar opposite the hotel where she now sat nursing her drink and wishing she’d opted for something stronger to settle her nerves.

Surprisingly, although the thought of deceiving her partner was definitely a factor, she was just as nervous about meeting Billie in person for the first and probably only time.

She thought back over what she knew about her and realised that although they had exchanged a lot of information, she still knew relatively little about her.

She knew that Billie was passionate about her job, drank alcohol very rarely, had a small appetite but that chicken was a favourite and was 26 years old with a killer body and a sparkling sense of fun.

She knew that Billie really didn’t have body issues and wasn’t concerned by age or stature, but she still couldn’t understand why someone who was so young and gorgeous would be vaguely attracted to her 44 year old, slightly overweight and saggy body and was afraid that Billie’s opinion would change if / when they finally got naked. She was also afraid that she would let Billie down somehow, not be good enough, not live up to expectations and the fear of failure and rejection started to clutch at her chest like a vice.

Suddenly it became clear how futile this was. She would go into the hotel bar across the road, meet with Billie, apologise for wasting her time but say she couldn’t go through with it. Maybe Billie wouldn’t even turn up? Maybe she too was having second thoughts, maybe she had decided that the risk of her partner finding out was just too great.

If altıparmak eskort bayan she did turn up then maybe they could have a few drinks, or go for a meal and then just part ways again as friends with no harm done and no hard feelings?

Yes — this had to be the sensible way to go.

And then she saw her and her heart stopped beating.

Billie was standing on the hotel steps opposite, staring at the door looking like she was making a decision, a holdall hanging from her right hand.

Angie glanced down at her own overnight bag by her feet and back up at Billie. She was dressed in a pair of tight black leggings that hugged her legs and arse like a second skin and a sleeveless white blouse. Angie thought she had seen the blouse before in a photo Billie had sent and knew that if it was indeed the same one, it was slightly see-through, allowing a tantalising glimpse of what it contained.

Angie’s heart started to beat again as she watched Billie push the hotel door open and disappear from her view, at which point she downed her drink, grabbed her bag and headed out across the road.

‘Fuck it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!’ and she marched into the hotel, turned into the bar and stopped dead in her tracks as she watched the slight young woman at the bar, with the long dark hair and beautiful brown eyes receive a drink, smiling at the barman in a way Angie had only ever seen in photos, her eyes sparkling with barely concealed mischief.

Billie caught sight of Angie in the mirror behind the bar and spun around, the smile widening and drawing Angie in like a moth to a flame.

They walked toward each other, eyes locked until Billie was close enough to take Angie’s hand in hers and said ‘Hi Angie’ kissing her on the cheek.

Angie squeezed the hand in hers as she caught Billie around the waist and hugged her, ‘Hey Babe’ stepping back again so she could look back at the face that had haunted her wettest dreams.

It was the first time they had actually spoken to each other but Angie thought that she would recognise that voice again anywhere.

‘We’re both early; are you as nervous as I am?’ asked Billie shyly as she led Angie back to the bar.

Angie chuckled, thinking of her determination of a few minutes ago to turn around and flee, nodding at Billie and grinning inanely.

‘Urm yeah, could say. I was about ready to run until I saw you walk into the hotel from across the road.’

The barman walked over and Billie turned to Angie ‘you usually drink beer don’t you?’

‘Yeah, but I think I could do with something a little stronger right now. I’ll have a vodka and orange’ and she looked at Billie’s glass wondering if it was just Coke or whether it was laced with something less innocent.

As the barman walked away Billie turned and took Angie’s hands in hers, staring earnestly into her eyes, the smile gone for the moment.

‘It’s not too late to back out you know, there’s still time.’

‘I know, but I’m good. I’m just nervous. Do you want to pull out?’

Billie blushed slightly in a way that sent signals straight to Angie’s pussy and she coyly said ‘no, I want to spend the night with you’

They moved to a table and chatted while they drank their drinks, finding conversation easy once the initial nerves had died down, laughing and joking as if they had known each other for years.

Occasionally there were small, light touches as they spoke, sending little sparks of sexual recognition that reminded them both of their reason for meeting and Angie’s eye’s couldn’t help straying to the sight of the bra, just visible through Billie’s blouse.

Angie drained her glass and glanced at her watch, it was still only late afternoon but she was starting to get hungry having not eaten since that morning.

‘Do you want to go and get something to eat? If so I’d like to go and grab a shower first, I feel grimy from the journey.’

‘Yes, me too. I’ve come straight from work so I’d like to freshen up.’

‘I guess that means we better actually check in and get our room then?’ and they grinned at each other, both flushing slightly at the implications.

Angie checked them in, noticing the raised eyebrow of the receptionist and wondering if it was the same woman she had spoken to on the phone when she made the reservation; she had, after all insisted on a room with a king size bed.

She felt like the room key was burning a hole in her pocket as they entered the lift, standing there not touching but watching each other, each lost in their own private thoughts until the lift doors pinged open and they stepped out into the corridor and found the right door.

Their eyes met once more as Angie retrieved the key, both giving the other one last chance to change their mind, but their simultaneous smiles spoke louder than words and Angie slipped the card into the slot and the door opened before them.

Standing back to allow Billie to walk in first, they were greeted by the smell of flowers from nilüfer eskort bayan the huge bouquet on the table. Billie glanced at Angie who just nodded and smiled, before picking them up and removing the card that was attached.

“Thanks for tonight Babe,

Love you



They walked toward each other, Billie’s heels compensating for the slight height difference between them and looked into each other’s eyes again.

They slipped into each other’s arms and hugged tightly for a blissful moment before pulling back slightly. Slowly, deliberately their lips claimed the other’s in a sweet first kiss that made Angie’s knees buckle, as their mouths opened slightly and their tongues touched for the first time.

It was delicate and tender but with the promise of more to come and when they pulled apart their dilated pupils spoke volumes.

Angie cleared her throat, not trusting her voice as she felt the blood fizzing through her veins ‘If we’re going to get out of this room and eat we need to do it soon because if you kiss me like that again we won’t be going anywhere!’

Billie laughed and kissed Angie again lightly on the lips before stepping back ‘I better shower first then because you know I’m going to take longer than you to get ready.’

The hotel was functional rather than romantic as both of them were supposed to be away on a business trip and would find it hard to justify the expense of a more swanky hotel, however it was clean and smart and the bed was indeed a king size.

It was reluctantly agreed that they wouldn’t tempt or tease each other until they returned later, so as Billie went into the bathroom Angie settled back onto the bed and turned on the TV, flicking through the channels, trying to find something to keep her mind off the naked woman in the shower.

The temptation to open the door and take a peek was driving her crazy, so Angie moved out onto the balcony instead, chain smoking cigarettes and considering raiding the mini bar.

As she gazed over the unfamiliar town below the balcony she wondered if they should ask at reception for a restaurant recommendation, realising that she had no idea about Billie’s taste in food. She seemed to remember an email in which Billie recounted a visit to an Italian restaurant with her partner, or maybe a Spanish tapas place as Billie often spent holidays in Spain?

She was roused from her musings when she saw movement from the corner of her eye and walked back into the room, the breath driven from her lungs by the sight before her.

Billie was standing at the foot of the bed rummaging through her bag, wrapped in nothing but a small towel, the swell of her breasts just visible at the top and her legs exposed from mid thigh down, her wet hair cascading over her shoulders.


Billie looked up and smiled mischievously, raising her eyebrows and asking ‘what?’ as Angie stood there transfixed.

‘You’re a vixen, you know that don’t you?’ stammered Angie when she finally managed to speak.

‘Me?’ the feigned innocence making Angie laugh out loud.

Making her way to the bathroom meant walking behind Billie and she couldn’t resist pausing, resting her hands lightly on bare shoulders and planting soft kisses on the back of her neck, feeling the shiver it elicited and wondering if the small moan had come from Billie’s lips or her own.

Billie turned and tried to grab Angie but she ducked out of the way, grinning as she grabbed her bag and slipped into the bathroom, snapping the lock behind her. She had to laugh when she saw the huge towels on the rail and realised that Billie’s choice of a small towel was entirely deliberate. God this was torture but it was exquisite!

When Angie emerged from the shower she could hear the hairdryer in the room and by the time she exited the bathroom fully clothed, Billie was sitting at the dressing table applying make up, the smell of her perfume sensuous and alluring.

Fortunately she was now dressed, as Angie knew her willpower was only so strong and one more temptation would have them confined to the room for the rest of the night.

Angie crossed the room as Billie stood up before her and they slipped into each other’s arms in a way that seemed so natural.

‘So what do you fancy babe?’ asked Angie, her hand in the small of Billie’s back, pulling her in close.

‘You Angie’

‘I mean to eat.’

‘So did I!’, that mischievous smile back again as Billie’s full lips once again claimed Angie’s, sending ripples of pleasure through her body and making the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

Angie was almost about to give in until her stomach rumbled loudly making them both laugh and reluctantly Billie pulled away, grabbed Angie’s hand to lead them from the room.

They wandered around the town hand in hand, safe in their anonymity, until they found a small bistro that they liked the look of.

Despite her hunger Angie had to keep reminding herself to eat, the effort of turning her attention away from Billie and onto her plate almost too much at times. Especially when she felt Billie’s foot travel up her calf under cover of the table cloth, making her breath catch in her throat as Billie chuckled. Small touches as they spoke keeping the reason for their visit to this town very much in the forefront of their minds.

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