Just One on the List

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It was hard to believe that he was in the next room. Brianna was naked on the bed; her legs spread wide open before me as she waited from me to climb between them. I was still getting over the fact that her boyfriend was in the next room.

“And he’s okay with this?” I asked her, looking back at the door while my hard cock hung just inches away from her wetness. It was hard to take my eyes off of her, but there was still a part of my mind that couldn’t help but obsess over the situation. She lifted her had to look at me, her red hair falling to her shoulders. Her arms were spread wide, each hand tied to a bedpost.

“Jeff, I told you a thousand times that this is what we want,” she said. “Now stop being so nervous and fuck me.”

The request was enticing, but being someone who had only had sex with one person present, I was still uneasy. Brianna had approached me a week ago requesting a favor. She and I had been co-workers for over a year now, engaging in the usual work environment chitchat from time to time. It was always safe and pure. In fact, I can’t even remember a time when we really flirted. I knew that she had a serious boyfriend, therefore I steered clear of dangerous situations. That was until she approached me.

Brianna and Nick were advancing in their relationship. They were engaged to be married in the fall, but their “bedroom life” as she called it, was dwindling. They visited a sex counselor and discovered the idea of living out their separate fantasies before their marriage, after which they would only have each other. She needed me to be part of one of the fantasies.

“I need someone open and willing,” she had explained to me. “For a new sexual experience.” The favor was a bit staggering for me, being a conventional person and all, but my sheer attraction to the beautiful woman led me to agree. She left the domination bit out of it until we were in her bedroom, but it didn’t bother me. Other ideas bothered me.

“Is he going to touch me?” I asked her, still hanging my solid cock between her legs. She Beylikdüzü escort groaned and rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“No, he won’t touch you,” she said. “He already fucked a guy friend of his two weeks ago. All he wants to do is watch his girlfriend get fucked. No hands, just eyes.”

“He fucked another guy?”

“We each have out fantasies and we agreed to be open to each other. Just like how I am okay with him wanting to watch me get fucked by you. Not that I don’t want you to fuck me, but this is his fantasy. I just get the benefit of him being happy…and your big cock inside me. Last week he was perfectly fine with me getting gangbanged by three of his guy friends without him present. In fact, I think that’s what inspired this little experiment. And if you do well, maybe I’ll invite you to help with another. I’ve got a long list, you know.” She giggled a little and grinded her hips until the lips of her pussy touched the tip of my cock. It began to drip as a response. She gasped and giggled some more. My mind didn’t have the strength to be skeptical toward the situation any longer. She had taken full control. I lowered myself into her, letting my cock slide into her pussy slowly. She grunted and then closed her eyes for a moment, letting herself feel the length of my cock inside her. “Now, I’m going to get a little wild, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind,” I responded, my mind cluttered with sex. The wet tightness of her pussy made my body tingle with sensation. The thought of her with a dick in each hole made me thrust with excitement. I was almost upset that I had missed out on that fantasy. I could envision the cum spilling from her lips while two cocks pounded her from each side. I began to thrust harder as her moans increased in volume. Her big tits bounced as I fucked her.

“Make me want you,” she cried. “Fuck me like you want this hot little pussy. Your cock! Oh your cock is so hard!” She squealed as I thrust into her, her wet pussy walls sucking as my throbbing penis. She bucked her hips wildly into me, a Beylikdüzü escort scream coming out of her with each thrust. During one of the screams, I noticed her boyfriend standing next to us, completely naked with his cock in his hand. He was pumping it slowly, watching us with great intent. The image was a bit startling, but I was too deep in the situation to stop.

“Nick, he’s so big! He’s so big Nick! He’s touching me so deep! Oh no! Oh! Oh!” I could feel her walls clenching around me and I began to fuck her relentlessly. The thought of Nick standing next to us began to turn me on even further. He moaned as he leaned against the wall and sunk to the ground. His eyes never left the sight of me fucking his girlfriend with ease. Brianna thrashed, her tied arms preventing her from moving too much. It was what Nick wanted. He wanted her to be fucked helpless.

“Cum in me! Oh, Nick, he’s going to cum in me! I can feel it! He already made me cum one with his thick cock. And now he’s going to cum in me! Oh yes! Cum, Jeff! I want you to spurt your hot cum into my pussy! She needs it!” I continued to fuck her with the presence of her boyfriend very near. Then all of the sudden, he spoke.

“You should let her suck your cock,” he told me, his hand sliding down his own cock. “She loves the taste of cock.”

Unsure of how to respond to his request, I looked to Brianna, who was nodding in desperation. “Let me suck it! He’s right, I love cock. I want your cock in my mouth. I’ll even let you cum in it.” She licked her lips. I pulled out of her and we both grunted. I then moved my body to straddle her face and she greedily began sucking. The softness of her lips combined with the wetness of her tongue sent shivers up my spine. He was right. She was worshipping my cock with her mouth. I humped into her face and she moaned with each buck. As she swirled her tongue over the head, I couldn’t help but squirt pre-cum onto the back of her throat. She swallowed it with ease and continued to suck. I heard Nick approaching, moaning as his hand rubbed Escort Beylikdüzü the tip of his own cock. Brianna spit me out.

“Look at me, lover. He’s throat fucking your sex toy. He fucked my dirty little pussy and now he’s going to cum in my dirty little mouth. I can taste myself on his big hard cock. Can he cum in my mouth? Please, Nick? Please let me swallow his cum.” Nick nodded and licked his girlfriend’s lips. She moaned, her untouched pussy burning with desire. He looked at me and nodded, giving me the okay. Before I could react, her soft lips were around my cock once again, sucking furiously. She wanted my cum.

I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that she was swirling her tongue around the head again, or if it was simply the idea that her boyfriend was enjoying it as much as she was, but I could feel myself coming close to erupting into her mouth. Nick was pumping his cock harder now, the pre-cum dripping from the top and serving as his lubricant. I began to notice how close it was from my face as he was kneeling on the bed. His eyes were wide as he watched his girlfriend engulf my cock, her lips touching my balls as I hit the back of her throat. He moaned, and thrust his cock up. I grabbed it with my lips and slurped it just once. Brianna screamed in excitement with my cock stuffed in her mouth. I let go immediately, my cum shooting into the back of her throat as her eyes grew wider with each hot spurt. She groaned and swallowed it greedily. Just as she swallowed, Nick let the cum shoot out of his cock and onto his girlfriend’s face. The eroticism of watching her swallow my cum while she was splattered with his made me squirm. Soon we both finished and while she licked the last bit of cum off the tip of my dick, I blushed a little at the though of what I had done.

As Nick began making out with his cum-covered girlfriend, I shyly exited the room and sat naked in the living room, where I caught my breath. Though I felt uneasy, the arousal of the entire activity had led me into a brief moment of confusion. I decided to write it off as “the heat of the moment.” But that didn’t stop me from listening to Nick fuck Brianna for the next half hour. I left soon after, satisfied and hoping that I would be invited again soon to partake in another activity on their list of fantasies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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