Just Take Me

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In this fantasy, you work with me. I get to see you every day, I get to touch you every day. I get to feel you inside me every day. But we work too… we’re both hard workers and we make sure all responsibilities are completed before we have our fun. Why, just this moment I’m in the copy room, putting together a presentation I’ve been working on all day. It was a rushed job, so there’s no obvious organization to the piles of paperwork skewed across any flat surface in the copy room. And I need to combine all these papers into one sleek booklet. Correction: five sleek booklets.

You walk into the copy room, to scan a document. I turn to see who has joined me and I smile, seeing that it’s you. You’ve already had me earlier in the day. We spent our lunch hour together in the back of my car, in the cool, dark parking garage. I’ve been wiping our cum off my thighs all afternoon, reveling in our delicious, stolen moment. Since we’ve played already, and I’m rushing to get these booklets done, so I can FINALLY go home… I figure it’s safe to turn back to my work and leave you to yours.

But you have other plans.

You stand next to me, slightly behind and ask if I need any help. You place your hand on the small of my back. I burn whenever and wherever you touch me.

I say no, thank you. I’ve got the pages organized in some semblance but to explain it to someone else would be impossible.

Your hand remains on my back. The heat is now emanating from my back, through my belly and the heat travels lower. My face reddens and my breath is caught in my throat. Just from a touch. Completely harmless touch.

Until you begin to lower your hand, now running down my ass. You love my ass. It’s your favorite feature of mine – that and the fact that my pussy always is wet for you. My breath catches and I emit a faint gasp. Really? Here? Surely someone else is in the office still… What if we get caught?

Clearly you’re not concerned, because you’ve now moved closer in, slightly behind me to the left. I feel your breath against my neck. You breathe hotly female agent porno into my ears, “I want you now,” causing shivers to run down my entire left side of my body, all the way to my toes. You continue, “I want to fill you up before sending you home.”

I’m not resisting, but not encouraging. My head is swirling with doubts, questions, fears but also need. Pure need. I lay my hands on the countertop. I freeze. But my lips open and I barely whisper, “Just take me.”

I don’t turn my head towards you, but I know you’re smiling your wicked, bad-boy smile. I feel my dress hem inch up my thighs, and then your hand following the hemline. You tickle the back of my thighs with feather-light fingertip strokes. You trail my ass from my hip to between my thighs and lick my earlobe before whispering, asking, “No panties?”

I growled, “You ruined them, remember? Just a few hours-” And then I sucked in my breath. Because you expertly found my pussy with two fingers. You did that on purpose. Asking me a question, throw me off guard and then ram something inside my hungry pussy.

I spread my legs out and lean heavily on the countertop, not relying on my shaky legs to hold up my weight. You remain slightly off to my left, while your right hand and right fingers mercilessly pound into my pussy. Quickly, but not at all surprisingly, your fingers begin to make sloppy, wet-suction sounds and I arch my back, lifting my ass for you like the hungry in-heat cat I am. I shudder, the quietest cum ever. I’m still fearful for being caught, after all.

I feel your long, thick bulging cock pressed against my thigh. I rub my hand up and down the shaft as you gently rub my clit. I turn to you and we kiss, our tongues dancing in and out of each other’s mouth. You unzip your pants and scoop out your dick. It’s a bit of a struggle, and I know I couldn’t fish it out myself. Your long hard cock fitting out of the zipper-opening takes finesse and skill. As soon as I can my greedy hands grab your cock, your velvety smooth shaft pulses and female fake taxi porno throbs at my touch. I feel the veins pumping more and more blood the harder I squeeze and the faster I stroke it.

And then, you’re behind me. Before a moment passes you’re inside me completely. I yelped a little. From surprise mostly and a little bit from the pain deep within my tummy, my pussy trying to take you all in. You cover my mouth and I whimper a bit against your hand, now that I know I can rely on you to also keep me quiet. You’re still for a moment. My non-verbal cues hinting that I wasn’t quite ready for all of you. But now I emit new non-verbal cues… I slowly grind my ass against you. I stand on my tip-toes and lean forward on the counter-top.

You gently pump your cock inside me, relishing the way my pussy sucks on your dick like a hungry mouth. My walls clench down tighter on your shaft, not wanting to let you go. You prefer to fuck me slowly, but you know I like it hard & rough.

You grab one of my tits with your free hand and your speed increases. I’m sucking on a finger of the hand once covering my mouth. It tastes like my pussy. A taste I am very familiar with, now, with you.

After I lick your index and middle finger clean, you take both my arms and pull them back towards you. I arch my back as you feed your dick to my hungry pussy. I’m not afraid of falling, even though I’m usually quite clumsy. You’re strong and can hold me up. And at this point, I don’t give a fuck if we crash into the copier and the entire office floor comes to investigate. All I feel is your fingers digging into the soft underside of my arms and your cock thrusting into my wet pussy.

I’m a greedy girl, so I cum on your dick as you thrust it inside me. You love it. My pussy clenches onto you even tighter and waves of my warm slick cum washes your cock, making it a slippery, sloppy mess with sound effects. I’m sure I’m making a mess of your pants but you don’t care, so I don’t care. Just keep fucking me.

One of my glory hole secrets porno knees ends up on the countertop now as well. It’s almost seems as if I’m trying to scale the counter away from you, but it’s really so you can hit my pussy as deep as possible. I want every millimeter of your cock inside me.

I rest my elbows on the counter top and let my head dangle between my shoulders. You move both your hands to my hips and practically lift my ass up off the floor as you thrust harder and harder, faster and faster.

I hear it in your grunts. You’re close. I’m bracing myself for your cum but then I feel the tension coming on from another orgasm of my own. Oh my god this is going to be good. I whisper, “I’m close.” I’m not sure if you hear me but you stop – dead stop. My hot pussy is practically vibrating and I’m panting. I turn my head to you, “What is it?”

You kiss me and order, “Say it.”

I breathe out, “I’m yours.”

You ram your cock into me with maniac-speed. I fucking love it hard and rough and you deliver! As it builds, I cover my own mouth with both hands, while you hold my hips up again to grind your cock deep inside of me. I muffle my own screams as I cum over and over.

Then you growl out, “Say it again!”

I yell, “I’m yours!” And I feel your warm, thick cum spray deep inside me. Filling me up. I groan and orgasm myself, knowing you’ve came inside me.

You press me up against the counter and lean against my body, panting. The only sound is our heavy breathing. Thank god. Because if ANYONE were here, they’d sure as hell bust us from being so loud. I feel your cock twitching against my twitching pussy and it feels so warm, so good. I try to keep your cock inside me as long as possible, squeezing every drop of semen into my pussy.

All too soon for me, you slide out and you step away, to rustle up something in the storage closet to use to clean up. I giggle as you return, handing me a couple coffee filters, but diligently wipe the cum from my legs.

I smile a devilish grin and scoop up two fingers full of our mixed-juices and suck them clean. I moan and lick my lips, smiling playfully at you.

You cock your head to one side and chuckle. We both then look down at your crotch, where there’s quite a noticeable wet stain on your trousers… You shake your head as you walk away.

I giggle again and say, “See you tomorrow!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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