Just Wanna Be the Girl You Like Pt. 01

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Authors note: This is part 1 of what may be a two part or multi part story depending on if this is something people like and want to see more of. I haven’t written erotica in years so I’m dipping my toes back into the water with this story. I do hope you enjoy!


Daisy stood in front of the mirror and frowned at herself, smoothing her hands down over the top of her black dress to try and disguise the lace pattern of her bra that was showing through. Pulling the silky material one way and then the other she sighed out heavily only to pull the dress off. Walking across the hardwood of her bedroom her black stiletto heels clicked softly as she dropped the pink lace bra onto the floor and began to root through her lingerie drawer for something better. In the back of her mind she knew why she was obsessing about her outfit that night but she tried to convince herself that it was not the case.

Daisy always liked to look good, to be presentable, to have people compliment her whenever she left the house whether she was grabbing a pint of milk or hitting the town. The fact that Hayley was going to be there too was just an added bonus to look exceptionally good.

Pulling out a red balcony bra she turned back to the mirror and admired her ample breasts as she secured them, enjoying the sight of the hefty amount of cleavage that was provided with the correct support. Daisy loved lingerie that fit perfectly, accentuating her plump, perky breasts and showcasing them for whomever to see. Pulling the dress back on she slowly moved the material down over her skin, shivering a little at the way the material made her feel as it slipped over her wide hips and down over her shapely bottom.

Daisy had never been a size six but she was happy about that, that annoying bass song on the radio, while inane she believed to be true. She would never walk a high fashion cat walk, she had too much ass and hips and tits for that but she liked it that way. With long dark hair that slipped down to her waist and pale skin she believed she was the epitome of an English rose. A lady on the street and well… what went on in the bedroom and what was revealed when her clothes came off was a private matter. Reaching for her red lipstick she drew leaned into the mirror, dragging the colour slowly over her lips until it was perfect.

“Daisy! Are you ready or what? Addy Lee is going to be out here in two minutes!” Louise shouted from the bedroom next door.

“Yes. I’m ready!” Daisy called back, winking at herself in the mirror and giving her hour glass shape one last crucial glance only to head out of her room and down the stairs where the taxi was waiting. Feeling the cold night air on her bare skin she smiled at the driver as she got in, feeling his eyes moving over her appreciatively only to cross her legs demurely. “Alright drive? Having a good evening?”

“Can’t complain…” he said, looking at her in the rear view mirror. “You ladies out to have some fun tonight?”

“We’re out to get fucked tonight.” Louise said with a grin as she slid into the taxi, pulling the thin spaghetti strap of her dress back onto her shoulder where it had slipped down. Louise pulled out her compact, running her fingers through her bleached lilac hair, ensuring her blunt cut bob had every strand in place.

“Lou…” Daisy said, wrinkling her nose at her friends crassness. “Really?”

“So where are we going?” The taxi driver asked, laughing to himself as he openly oggled the two young women in the back of his cab.

“One Whitby street please.” Louise said with a smile as she touched up her make up only to turn to her friend. “You look really, really hot… and I’m not a lezza but… I could re-consider for you tonight.”

Daisy rolled her eyes at that and pushed on her friend gently. “You are such a cock whore I don’t think that would actually go down well. You’d be really selfish and just let me go down on you and then when I could bring a sausage to the party you’d kick me out of bed.”

Louise burst out laughing at that and nodded in agreement, knowing it was more than a little true. “Okay. Fair point. However… you do look really good. Where’s the dress from?”

“And Other Stories… it’s nice… is it… too much? I feel like my dress is like hey here’s my tits and my thighs, I’m a massive whorebag.” Daisy murmured, twisting her lips in thought. She wanted to look hot but not slutty and not like she was really trying, despite having been stressing on this for the last week.

Eyeing her friend over Louise leaned back, eyeing her friends blemish free skin, seeing the swell of her breasts and her slender thighs. “Well. Your tits are always there. There’s no getting around that when you’ve got big ones but… it’s not so short that everything is out. It’s suggestive. I like it.” she murmured, eyeing the few different rings on her own small hands. “Why are you so – ohhh. This is about Hayley isn’t it?”

“It’s not.” Daisy shook her head, her eyes drifting out of the window as she watched the streets poker oyna flyby as they made their way towards the Lounge Lover bar.

“It is! This is the first time you’re going to see each other since it all kicked off aren’t you? Ah… that’s – is that going to be awkward? I mean, she’s with someone else now isn’t she? A boy?” Louise pressed, elbowing her friend lightly in the side.

“I thought we were going to NightJar?” Daisy replied, ensuring her tone was as bored sounding as could possibly be.

“We are – the tables aren’t booked till later though.” Louise murmured, knowing better than to push her friend when she clearly didn’t want to talk about it. “I just wanna put it out there… that you could do a lot better than Hayley. I mean, I don’t know what it is lesbians look at? But.. she’s a little emo kid and you’re there like sex vixen. You could do better.”

Daisy smiled tightly at that, knowing that Louise and Hayley had never seen eye to eye throughout their two year relationship and so took her comments with a pinch of salt. Listening to the radio station that the driver had on for the rest of the way Daisy felt her heart race in anticipation, having no idea what to expect.

Arriving at the bar they bid farewell to the driver and headed inside, the bar already busy and filled with people on the couches and in the standing areas. Meeting their friends at the bar they were greeted with a row of shots each and a cocktail waiting for them. Knocking back a few shots of tequila Daisy felt herself starting to relax, able to enjoy herself now that the rest of her friends were there. Chatting about their weeks and plans for the rest of the weekend they worked their way through the rest of the cocktail menu. With her head a little lighter Daisy was smiling big, moving her hips to the music a little and ready for the rest of the night.

Heading back out to the street she had her arm curled around Louise’s waist as they stepped onto the bus that would take them up to Old Street. Jumping off just after the round about Daisy was laughing at a joke someone said when she saw her and immediately her stomach turned. Hayley was there, her hair usually a vibrant red now dyed candy floss pink but in its usual shoulder length with bangs style. A pair of skinny jeans clung to her hips and a t-shirt for a band Daisy didn’t know covered the rest of her slim frame. As Daisy got closer she felt her throat go a little dry but she forced a smile. “Hey… how are you?” she asked, leaning in and kissing her cheek, smelling that familiar scent of vanilla that always lingered around her.

“Hey!” Hayley said happily, her eyes shining bright and already clearly drunk. “How are you?” she asked, her arms circling Daisy’s hips and pulling her close for a hug.

“I’m good…” Daisy said with a smile. “I love your new hair,” she murmured, instinctively reaching out and sliding her fingers over her the silky strands, her fingers lightly brushing over the nape of her neck as she did so.

“Thanks.” Hayley murmured, her eyes locked on Daisy’s as she shivered a little at her touch. “I got it done this morning. It’s going to be a bitch to maintain…” Hayley murmured with her smile, her eyes ticking over Daisy slowly as she bit into her lip gently. Eyeing her ex-girlfriend for the first time in three months she felt that familiar coil of arousal pull through her, seeing her pendulum hips and knowing what probably lay beneath those clothes of hers. “You really do look-“

“Hayles… our table is ready.” A boy came from where he had been talking to the doorman and smiled bright as he slid his arm around Hayley and pulled her back. “Who is this?” he asked, eyeing the girl in front of him. In heels she was just a little taller than he was and he couldn’t help but let his eyes move over her discreetly.

“Oh.” Hayley laughed a little awkwardly, scuffing her one converse against the other. “Alex this is Daisy… Daisy… Alex.”

Daisy eyed the man in front of her, noticing his weak jaw and narrow shoulders. A cruel part of her couldn’t help but think that he looked more like a lesbian than she did. Despite this she smiled warmly and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “So nice to meet you. You must be Hayley’s new boyfriend?”

“Yeah I am… good to meet you. How do you two know each other?” Alex asked curiously, the girl in front of him not seeming like the rest of the friends that he had met.

“We’re both friends with the birthday girl.” Hayley said quickly, giving Daisy a warning look.

Smiling tightly at that, Daisy nodded in agreement. “Yes. And I think our table is ready too. See you later…” Rolling her eyes as soon as her back was turned she smiled at the doorman and then made her way down the narrow staircase into the dark cocktail bar below. Part of her was fuming at the fact that their entire relationship was denied but another part of her knew it was to be expected. This was the problem with dirty bisexuals, half the time they lived double lives.

As a large group of them were out for the same girls birthday the bar had split them canlı poker oyna onto two tables opposite one another so that both groups had an excellent view of the stage. A waitress assigned to their group moved between them, bringing out inventive cocktails to both tables.

Daisy tried to forget about Hayley but every now and then she would hear he laugh or hear her voice just over the din and it would pull her out of her own conversation and the people she was with. Sliding her cell out she couldn’t resist sending her a message.

Daisy: Your boyfriend seems nice.

Hayley: He is

Daisy: He doesn’t know you’re a taco lover too?

Hayley: It hasn’t come up. Don’t be a bitch.

Daisy: I’m not being a bitch but maybe you should have warned people before you started to lie. 99% of the people out tonight know about us. What if they say something?

Hayley: They wont. You’re not going to are you?

Daisy: No. I’m not a dick. Nice to know that our relationship meant so little to you that it doesn’t even factor into your history~ now.

Hayley: Don’t start. Not in the mood. Enjoy the show 😛

Daisy looked over at Hayley and glared but tucked her phone back into her purse, turning to watch the show. Louise was right next to her and had blatantly been reading the little chat between them and kissed her cheek.

“To the left to the left. Everyone after her will be an upgrade.” Louise slurred into her ear. “We just need to get you another girl.”

“I’m fine.” Daisy smiled but curled her arm around Louise and hugged her close as they turned to watch the performers on stage. Dancing a little in her seat to the music the cocktails were flowing and she forgot about Hayley and her excuse for a boyfriend.

Getting up to go to the bathroom in the intermission Daisy used the facilities and then leaned against the counter, re-applying her make up in the dim light. A gaggle of girls came in, drunkenly chatting about something, punctuating each sentence with a shriek or a laugh and Daisy just laughed to herself, glad that she had never really been that kind of drunk person. When she was drunk she was either very happy and affectionate, very sleepy or very horny. At the present moment it was a cross between the two and she could feel herself getting a little wet just in anticipation of what she might do to herself when she got home. Scooting over when the girls all wanted space at the mirror she paused what she was doing so they could do it together, not hearing the door go again with the din.

Hayley walked in, heading straight into a stall, not noticing Daisy tucked out of sight in amongst the typical Chelsea girls. Hearing their inane chatter Hayley rolled her eyes, wondering how people could be so vapid and so she waited till she heard them leave. Walking out of the stall she stopped when she saw Daisy leaning against the counter, applying her lipstick slowly over her full pouty lips and she couldn’t help but stand transfixed for a moment. The way her spine carved as she leaned towards the mirror, her perfect ass jutting out just enough, her thighs just slightly apart with just enough access too… “Hi!” Hayley said with a smile, approaching the sink and washing her hands, her eyes straying to Daisy’s lips every now and then.

“Hello.” Daisy murmured politely.

Feeling how curt that response was Hayley sighed. “I’m sorry. About Alex. It’s just… it never seems like a good time to tell him you know? I’m not hiding you it just.. hasn’t come up.”

“It’s alright. Whatever right? We never see each other anymore anyway.” Daisy pointed out with a shrug as she lined her lips.

“I always used to love watching you do your lipstick. There’s something so sexy about it. And mascara… when your lips just part that little bit…” Hayley admitted with a soft laugh, feeling unable to take her eyes away from her at that point. Licking her own lips she rested her hands down onto the counter. “It was always really sexy just watching you get ready for a night out.”

Daisy met her eyes in the mirror, her lips curving into a slow smile. “…most of the time it seemed like a waste of time… as I didn’t always make it to the club.”

Hayley laughed at that, nodding in agreement as a thousand nights that had meant to be out but had resulted in staying in bed flashed through her mind and her cheeks flushed a little at the memories. “Took forty-five minutes to get all dressed up..” she sang and smiled at her in the mirror.

Daisy laughed at that too, her head swimming enough that this didn’t seem strange. “Take all of me…I just wanna be the girl you like…” she sang back.

Hayley nodded in agreement only to remember Daisy crawling across her bedroom floor, performing that song for her in just a corset and panties, kissing up Hayley’s thighs and then going down on her for what had seemed like days. “Fuck.” she breathed, a little lost in that memory for a moment. internet casino

“Hm?” Daisy looked up from where she had been putting her things back into her purse.

Hayley was staring at her for a moment and then she moved forward, taking Daisy’s wrists in her hands and pinning them either side of her head as she pressed her up against the wall. Their eyes locked for a moment before Hayley pushed their lips together, kissing her passionately as her hands held her wrists tight.

Kissing Hayley back eagerly Daisy tipped her head into the kiss, struggling just barely against her hands as she wanted to grab her, feeling her body all over again. Biting into Hayley’s lower lip she smirked, feeling Hayley grip her wrists tighter. Feeling Hayley’s lips part she slipped her tongue into her mouth and moaned softly, wanting so much more than she knew she could get at this point.

Hayley moved Daisy’s hands above her head, holding her wrists with one hand as the other moved down over the curve of her breasts and down over her flat stomach to the hem of her dress. “I don’t have to touch you… I know your underwear is soaking wet.” she murmured against Daisy’s lips between kisses, nipping her red lips every now and then. “Because you’re such a whore when you drink…” she said with a smile.

“I can’t confirm or deny…” Daisy began only to laugh breathlessly, her heart racing as she kissed her hard, her black fingernails digging into her own palms as she felt her panties get soaked.

“You have to stop being so fucking sexy…” Hayley groaned out as she trailed her fingertips slowly up the inside of her inner thigh, sliding her fingertips up from beneath her dress. “Or I’ll have to pun-” she started only to jump when the door swung open, slamming hard into the bathroom wall and Hayley jumped back, letting Daisy go completely. “Fuck.” she gasped, seeing Daisy there, her eyes dark with lust as her arms slowly came down to rest at her sides. Blinking slowly she cursed again under her breath, shaking her head as she turned to the mirror and saw Daisy’s lipstick all over her face. Grabbing a hand towel she wiped it off roughly.

“Hayley…” Daisy began, reaching out to touch her hips. “Baby…”

“Don’t fucking touch me.” Hayley snapped, pushing her back forcefully as she cleaned off any evidence that Daisy had been there.

“What?!” Daisy’s eyes narrowed. “You fucking kissed me! I wasn’t doing anything!”

“Oh. No. You totes weren’t. You just wore that fucking sexy dress, wore that fucking perfume you know I love… looking like sex on legs…” Hayley said with a frown, shaking her head as she quickly touched up her wing tip eyeliner and light pink lipstick. “Fuck off. Just leave me alone.” Hayley snapped before rushing out of the bathroom before Daisy could get another word in.

The girls who had walked in looked at Daisy with raised eyebrows. “…guess it’s not any easier being a lesbian?” she said with an awkward laugh.

“No. Believe me. It’s worse.” Daisy said with a smile, laughing a little awkwardly herself as she was not one for public fights. “Sorry.” Daisy murmured, turning back to the mirror to tidy her own make up.

“It’s alright. Bitches be crazy, right?” The girl said with a kind smile before slipping into a stall.

“You’re fucking telling me.” Daisy murmured beneath her breath as she ran her fingers through her hair and then headed back to her table. For the rest of the performance she sat uncomfortably, feeling how wet she was and not being able to do a thing about it. Looking across the room she saw Hayley sat in her boyfriends lap, her fingers in the back of his hair and it just wound her up. When the show was over the whole group headed back out to the street, their breath misting in the air. As the birthday girl and others decided where to go next Daisy nudged Louise. “Hey, I think I’m gonna call it a night. I’m broke and I’m just tired…”

Louise looked at Daisy and shook her head. “No! Stay out. I’ll cover you the cash dolla just stay! We have to have a dance… we might go to the Ace Hotel…”

“No babes, thanks but I really just want to go home.” Daisy murmured with a smile.

“Uber it?” Louise smiled.

“Yeah I will. I’ll see you in the morning. Have fun.” Daisy smiled and wandered off, booking herself a car.

When it arrived she slipped inside and while she wasn’t trying to be an ignorant bitch she couldn’t be bothered with conversation so she asked the driver to turn the radio on. Arriving home alone she let herself in, drinking a pint of lime and water and then jumping in the shower. As the water ran down over her body Daisy slid her hands down over her breasts, teasing her nipples to hardness only to pinch them firmly, letting out a soft little gasp.

Tweaking her nipples slowly she leaned back against the shower wall and let her one hand move slowly down over her flat stomach and down over her bare pussy, her fingertips sliding over her lips and finding they were already covered in her wetness. Swallowing thickly she let her eyes slip shut, her thumb still rubbing over the tip of her nipple as she parted her legs a little more, dipping her fingers into her wetness and sliding them around her entrance, feeling a jolt of pleasure pass through her.

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