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It was just another typical morning. The alarm clock rang at six and he rolled out of bed. The sun hit him full in the face and he squinted, getting up and closing the blinds. He stretched hard and yawned, heading for the shower.

Rob always slept nude. He had a sculpted body, firm and muscled, and loved the feel of sheets on his bare skin. Stepping into the shared bathroom, Rob turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. He hefted his cock and began to urinate into the bowl. “There’s nothing that feels better than a good solid piss in the morning,” he thought to himself. Stepping into the shower, he let the hot water flow over his hard body, warming and relaxing him.

It was hard to believe that less than a year ago he had been fifty pounds overweight and a virgin, but eleven months of intensive workouts had led to massive weight loss and a newfound sexual prowess. For the past month, Rob had slept with a different girl almost every night. He grinned as he allowed his mind to run through the mental catalogue of the women he’d fucked. The smile died on his lips as he realized that he still was missing something in his life, like a hole rested in his chest and no matter what he poured in, it just drained right back out.

A banging on the door interrupted his train of thought. “Rob, are you almost done? I need to take a shower, I have to work early today.”

It was the young woman who rented the second bedroom. Her name was Kailyn and she was a beauty. Standing at about five foot three, she was slim with dark hair. She had full, heavy breasts, outlined by the small, tight shirts that she would wear. Although often hidden under the conservative work outfits she chose to wear, Kailyn also possessed long, smooth, luscious legs. Rob had lusted after her constantly for the six months that they had lived together.

She had moved in on the day that she turned eighteen. Apparently, she had problems with her parents and needed a cheap place to stay while she worked to save money for school. At the same time, Rob had come into a small inheritance that included a three-bedroom house in Seattle. He put out an ad for a roommate who also went to the UW, expecting the usual responses from beer-bonging frat wannabes and gay men looking for a “special friend”. Instead, he got Kailyn. After one look at her body, Rob agreed instantly to take her on as a roommate, with the provision that the third bedroom was a common room where Rob could set up his musical equipment and Kailyn could work out. She wasn’t about to pass up on a good thing, so she agreed and for six months she had lived with Rob, watching his transformation Bostancı Escort from a kind hearted but self-conscious geek into a confident, sophisticated young man.

He soon learned that there was more to her than just her looks. The astonishing body hid a mind like a steel trap and a dry wit that left him in stitches. As the two became closer friends, the sexual tension rose like floodwaters, threatening to drown them both.

Quickly shutting off the water, Rob grabbed a towel. “I’m done, just a sec, okay?”


He risked a quick glance at himself in the mirror. “Damn,” he thought, “I look good.” Rob flexed and then admired the way his cock swung between his legs.

Suddenly, the door burst open. Rob had forgotten to lock it. Kailyn stumbled in, wearing a man’s shirt that stretched down to her taut, smooth, thighs. She suddenly stopped, and her eyes widened as they locked onto Rob’s body. He hadn’t had time to wrap the towel around him and he was still stark naked. The sheer lust in her green eyes as she stared at him caused his cock to begin to harden, rising up towards the ceiling.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I was just leaning on the door and…you know…it…uh…opened.” she sputtered to a stop and just stared.

Rob just smiled. “Hey, no problem. But now you owe me a free show.” He winked at her.

She gave a shy smile back. “How about now, sexy?” She sounded steady, but her hands trembled slightly.

Her fingers began to unbutton the man’s shirt that she wore down to mid-thigh. She smiled seductively up at him, her dark eyes sparkling. Each button that came undone revealed more smooth, tanned skin. Rob’s cock was now rock hard and a full eight inches long. Unconsciously, he wrapped his hand around the shaft and began to slowly stroke himself. Kailyn finished with the last button, but held the shirt closed. She posed for him, giving him a sultry look, and then licked her lips as she saw the thick cock between his legs.

“You want to see more? Do it yourself,” she taunted.

Rob completely dropped his towel and grabbed her in his arms. His lips began to devour hers and she wrapped her arms around him, holding him close. Lifting her in his arms, he carried her back down the short hallway into his room and laid her back on the bed. Gently, Rob opened her shirt and just stood there, drinking in her amazing beauty.

Her short, dark framed her slim and pretty face. Her narrow shoulders sloped down into medium-sized breasts, firm and rounded, with hard, coral-pink nipples. Her stomach was flat and firm, with a diamond nestled Ümraniye Escort in her navel. There was only a thin strip of dark hair above her pussy, and she was clearly excited, the lips glistening with the evidence of her lust. Rob was amazed that someone so young, so vibrant, so sexy, would want him. The self-esteem problems of a lifetime of weight issues still haunted him.

“Be, uh, be kind to me, baby. It’s my first time.” Kailyn’s voice broke his reverie. “I mean, I’ve done a lot of things, but never gone all the way, and…”

“Don’t worry honey,” Rob interrupted, “I’m gonna treat you like a queen. When I’m done with you, you’ll be glad you waited.”

He began to slowly lick Kailyn’s nipples, gently kneading them with his tongue. They were hard already, pointed and firm, capping her tits with their glory. She moaned, arching her back and thrusting her sensitive nipples into his mouth as far as possible. Then he kissed her on the lips, gently, firmly, with passion. She kissed back, pouring herself into his mouth, tongues darting. The feel of her bare skin on his was intoxicating. His senses were reeling with the feeling of this beautiful young woman giving herself to him, totally and unashamedly.

Rob ran his tongue down her stomach, stopping to dip briefly into her navel. She moaned his name and said “Oh God, that feels so good!” His mouth toyed with the diamond piercing in her navel, teasing it with his tongue as she writhed beneath the passionate ministrations.

His tongue gently touched her outer lips, flicking lightly over the tender folds of her pussy. She ran her hands through his hair and moaned. Grinning to himself, Rob pushed his tongue into Kailyn’s slit as far as it would go, rubbing her clit with his nose at the same time. Kailyn arched her back, thrusting her perfect breasts to the sky, transfixed as though she had been struck by lightning.

Rob continued to probe with his mouth as his hands slipped around and cupped her firm, tight little ass. One finger gently rubbed down the crease, sliding over her puckered little hole. Suddenly, as Rob rubbed her ass and licked directly on her clit, Kailyn started to shake. She launched into an orgasm, catching her breath and bowing up off the bed so far, only her head and her heels were touching. The wetness flooded Rob’s mouth as her legs locked around his head. Slowly, she relaxed, and eased back down onto the bed. Panting, she looked wonderingly into his eyes.

“Oh my God! I’ve never, I mean wow, oh my God, that was amazing!” she panted breathlessly. “That’s the first time I’ve ever come in my life!”

He Ataşehir Escort smiled. “Ready for the main event, Kailyn?”

“Oh God yes!!”

Rob slid up her body and pressed his lips to hers. They locked together, tongues darting, breath hot on each other’s face. His fingers were busy, roaming over her body, pausing here and there to further stimulate, then darting on to inflame her senses to a higher level. Her fingers danced down and wrapped themselves around his cock. Her breath caught as she felt for the first time the weight and girth of his hard penis.

“It’s so big, so fucking hard!” she breathed.

“I know.”

He grasped the base of his cock and slowly slipped it into her tight, wet opening. It was slow going, making progress where no man had gone before. Hot and tight didn’t begin to describe the feeling as Rob slowly pushed his cock in further. Kailyn’s mouth was open in a wordless cry of pleasure, her face a rictus of desire. Suddenly, he bottomed out, all eight inches sheathed within her taut, tanned young body. Gradually withdrawing, then gently sliding back in, Rob gave her untrained body a chance to adjust to his size.

As the speed of his thrusting increased, Kailyn began to move with him, rising to meet his body, and withdrawing when Rob did. The liquid sounds of their merging grew louder, a symphony of ecstasy. Rob bottomed out and held it there, muscles quivering.

“Roll over, baby. Get on top and ride me”, he groaned.

Kailyn gladly obliged, pulling his cock out and sliding out from underneath him. Rob lay on his back looking up at her amazing beauty as she leaned over him. With her fingers on her nipples, Kailyn slowly squatted over his cock and took it deep inside, until she was sitting on his lap. Cupping her ass with his hands, Rob began to slowly raise and lower Kailyn on his shaft. She was as tight as his fist, yet so wet that it was simplicity itself to sink down to his full length. Their pace slowly increased, until with every upward stroke of Rob’s body, Kailyn was pounding downwards.

Rob could feel his orgasm boiling up from deep within. “Kailyn, baby, here I cum………..”

He grabbed her and slammed her down tight, then locked his lips onto hers, as they lay entwined, his cock beginning to pulse. First a feeble stream, then a strong spurt, followed by a half-dozen more as his seed drained white-hot into her body. He moaned into her open mouth, a wordless cry of love and desire as she milked him dry. As his body relaxed, Kailyn rolled off of his body and lay next to him. She reached a trembling hand down to touch herself gently, rubbing her fingertips through the white streams of cum on her inner thighs.

“Is it always this good?” she asked.

“Oh baby, it only gets better from here.”

“Good. I want you to teach it all to me.”

“Kailyn, honey, why don’t you call into work first?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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