Katarina Ch. 02

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I recently became very slightly acquainted with a lovely young woman named Katarina P. We just DM’d a couple times, but not only is she intelligent, she has a wicked sense of humor. In the process of chatting, I asked if I could write a short story about her. She told me to go ahead, and this is what I came up based upon what little I know about her. I hope she likes it. This is the second chapter of a two chapter story. This chapter contains lesbian sex.

I’m now receiving editing help from Literotica member, JohnnyGalt. He has been helping since My Voyage to Submission, Chapter 4. Any problems you find are still mine.

Katarina, Ch 2 – Katarina’s Solution

Katarina waited until she was sure Lucinda was gone and the bitch who’d fucked Roberto was closer. She should have asked Lucinda for her name, but it wasn’t necessary for what she planned to do. Kat strolled down to the water just before the girl in the yellow bikini got there. Lucinda was right, she looked beautiful. Not as hot as Lucinda was, but she appealed to Katarina.

“My, my,” Kat said, “you look like your dog ate your most expensive pair of shoes. I know what might make you feel better. Have you ever had a woman lick your pussy until you screamed in orgasm?”

The woman was startled, unable to respond at once, so surprised by the young woman asking, and the question itself. Finally, she managed to croak, “Never.”

“I’m going into the water to cool off. Why don’t you think about it for a few minutes, and when I come out, you can tell me if you’re interested.”

Katarina smiled and ran into the water as if it were of no consequence, one way or the other. She was hoping for a certain response, hesitation, at least, and not for her to leave in a huff. The woman started to move away, but stopped, unable to make up her mind to stay or go. While seemingly ignoring her, Kat kept peeking at her to make sure she didn’t go too far away. If she at least stayed on the beach, Kat had another trick or two she might pull out of her bikini bottoms. While she took another dozen steps, she was staying in the general vicinity, and kept looking at Katarina. This meant she was undecided. Kat could work with undecided.

She gave it about five minutes, letting the woman stew a little. Then Katarina came out of the water, approaching the woman again. She took another couple steps, backward steps, waiting to see what Kat would do.

“Hi, my name is Katarina,” holding her hand out. “You look lovely, but very sad.”

“Marianna. I guess I am sad.”

“Boyfriend troubles?”

“Boy troubles, but not boyfriend. Actually, he’s married.”

“Ah, he seduced you; told you he wasn’t married and now he springs the wife on you?”

“I wish it were so simple, then I could hate him.”

“I was just about to leave. Let me buy you a cup of coffee or lunch if you feel up to it. You can tell me all about it.”

“Were you serious? What you said before?”

“You mean lick you until you scream?”

Marianna blushed and looked down. “Yes,” she whispered.

“Only if you want to. I hate to see a beautiful woman with a frown on her face. If you’re unsure, start with the coffee or lunch. If you feel up to it later, I’m game.”

“Okay. Lunch, please.”

“Do you need to get anything you left back down the beach, or your car?”

“My car. I didn’t realize I’d walked so far, down to the topless beach.”

“I’m parked in this lot. If you help me toss all my stuff in my car, I can drive you to your car, or if you’re familiar with the Cervecería Catalana, I can meet you there.”

“Will they let us in wearing bikinis?”

“Not the indoor seating, but they have outdoor seating, and it’s close enough to the beach, they get the beach crowd this time of year.”

“I’ll take the lift.”

“There’s my stuff right there, by the umbrella.”

Katarina put on her top, and cover up, knowing Marianna was watching closely. She helped Katarina pack up her things and they carried everything to Kat’s car. Marianna got in and following her directions, Kat drove Marianna to her car where Marianna got out.

“Follow me there if you don’t know where it is. I’ll do my best not to lose you, just in case.”

“In case of what?”

“You decide to take me up on my offer,” Katarina smiled. “I do love pretty girls.”

Marianna blushed again and got in her car and followed Katarina to the restaurant. Right according to plan, Katarina thought. They took seats outside and Katarina asked if it was okay if she ordered. Marianna had no problem and Kat asked the waitress to bring a selection of hot and cold tapas with some sangria.

“I was shocked at what you said to me,” Marianna said after their waitress brought the sangria. “I thought perhaps you were crazy and meant to do me harm, but then you went into the water and ignored me. I still might have left, but I feel I’ve seen you before or met you somewhere. What do you do for a living?”

“Mostly, I’m a physicist and work at a laboratory here in Barcelona, but I’ve also done some modeling.”


“Nude. You might have seen me gorukle escort bayan on the internet if you’ve seen pictures of naked women.”

Marianna blushed again. “Maybe that’s where,” she said softly.

“You could probably do it yourself. You have a killer body.”

“I don’t think I could ever do that.”

“So tell me about your married boyfriend troubles.”

Kat took Marianna’s hand, wanting to see what she’d do. Marianna, started to pull it away, but stopped with their fingers still touching. Katarina didn’t grab her hand again, or attempt to hold more of it. Kat left her hand there, fingers touching to see if Marianna got comfortable with the contact.

“I work with him. His name is Roberto and he’s my boss. I’m his secretary.”

“Did he come on to you?”

“No, he’s never been anything other than a gentleman. In fact, that’s part of the problem. I’m used to men hitting on me, but he ignored me and I was irritated he paid as little attention as he did. I felt like it was a challenge. I started to flirt shamelessly with him, unbuttoning my blouses a couple extra buttons, wearing shorter skirts or dresses with thigh high stockings, either stay-ups or garter belts, risqué lingerie peeks, subtle touches, but he ignored all of it.”

“Did you know he was married?”

“I did. He has a wedding ring and picture of his wife on his desk. I know it was wrong and I’m ashamed of myself and the way I behaved. The worst part, the more ignored me, the more I began to love him. You know how horrible most men are? They’d fuck a snake if given half a chance. Here I was, throwing myself at him and he was remaining strong for his wife. Who does that anymore? Handsome and faithful.”

“I know what you mean, almost from the moment I took my top off at the beach, a pack of them were sniffing around like dogs,” Kat said.

“I can’t say I blame them. You are amazing looking. I was flattered someone so beautiful would even pay attention to me. But Roberto was different. He was so faithful to his wife, so unfailingly nice and pleasant to everyone, really, the best boss I’ve ever had, I began to fall in love with him.”

“So it’s unrequited love then.”

“I wish. It would have been a lot better if it had been. Unfortunately, I managed to wear him down.”

“You didn’t? What happened?” What did you do, and what did Roberto do, Kat thought.

“I purposely screwed up some paperwork which had to be done by Monday morning, on a Friday, so we’d have to work late and fix it. No one else works late on a Friday, so we’d be alone in the building. As soon as everyone else was gone, I removed my bra and panties and unbuttoned my blouse to my navel. I was going all out. He managed to keep working for an hour, with me dangling my almost bare boobs in front of him. I brushed them on his arm or shoulder every chance I got, flashed my pussy at him. I was a total whore.” She looked down sadly. “Finally, he snapped. He grabbed me, kissed me, pushing my blouse off my shoulders. As soon as he realized what he was doing and begin pulling away, I dropped to my knees, pulled his cock out and began sucking him until he climaxed in my mouth.”

As she told her story, Marianna’s hand moved to grasp Kat’s more firmly, squeezing it, hoping she’d understand, even though she’d done a horrible, disgusting thing. Katarina let her.

“Even then, he looked like he was going to leave, so I pulled my dress up to my hips and told him he needed to fuck me, I needed him so much. I spread my legs like a prostitute and convinced him to fuck me, then I wanted him to take me to a motel so I could finish the job of seducing him. We got there and I immediately stripped off my clothes, but he sat on the bed, still dressed, staring at the floor.

“‘I can’t do this,’ Roberto said. ‘I love my wife. This is totally wrong. What have I done?’ Over and over again, the same words, while he was crying. ‘How could I have betrayed her this way. It’s evil.’ I didn’t know what to do. I tried to console him, but as soon as I touched him, he growled, ‘Don’t touch me. Don’t you fucking touch me again. I should fire you, but I’d probably be fired myself for fucking you.’ Then he said his wife and he were supposed to have a baby and she’d probably leave him instead.

“I finally realized what I’d done; seduced a perfectly wonderful man because of some overblown ego trip, someone who I’d come to love, admire and respect and I might have ruined his marriage as a result. I felt so stupid and so guilty. I finally left him, sitting there sobbing with a broken heart. And mine was broken too because of what I’d done. I was a filthy tramp.”

“I can see why he succumbed to your boobs. They are wonderful tits. I love breasts like yours. So, is that it? One time. Can’t he tell his wife and pray she forgives him?”

“He means to. He met me last night and told me he’d been wrong to have sex with me; it was all his fault, and he’d find me a job in another part of the company, but he couldn’t work with me anymore and live with the guilt of what he’d done. He planned to tell his wife and hoped she understood nilüfer escort bayan and didn’t throw him out of the house. Here I threw myself at him, and he took all the blame on himself. Now, I’ve ruined a good man’s marriage and lost the best boss I’ve ever had. It’s why I was so sad today.”

“That was pretty messed up,” Katarina said. But not as bad as Lucinda and she imagined it was. It was Roberto’s text saying he was working late again last night which likely caused Lucinda to have sex with her.

“After telling you what a horrid person I am, do you still want to have sex with me?”

“I don’t know. It was pretty bitchy and tawdry. I don’t usually have sex with nasty whores like yourself, but I might have to make an exception this one time.”

“Why would you make an exception for me after what I’ve done?”

“It turns out, I wasn’t much better myself.”

“Why, what did you do?”

“A friend of mine was angry at her husband for something. She came to me for moral support. I got her drunk and then slept with her. Now, if she finally makes things right with her husband, she might need to admit she had a lesbian affair. What if her husband doesn’t forgive her?”

“Oh, God! Aren’t we a sorry pair?”

“I’m afraid so. A couple tawdry bitches who probably don’t deserve anyone but each other. That’s why I’m willing to give you a pass. I’m just as bad as you. If we can’t have decent folk, maybe we settle for sluts like us.”

“So you still want to have sex with me?” Marianna asked, hopefully, Kat thought. Maybe nobody had ever made her scream.

“Hey, you might be a tawdry bitch like me, but you’re still beautiful and sexy, so I say, screw it. I need to fuck myself into oblivion so I can forget what a bitch I am.”

“I’ve never been with a woman before? Do you mind?”

“Neither had my friend. Guess I don’t deserve anyone but lesbian virgins.”

Marianna laughed and squeezed Kat’s hand. Hook, line and sinker, now reel her in, because Kat was going to double up on horrible shit today.

Once again, Marianna followed Kat, this time to Kat’s home. When they went inside, Katarina kissed Marianna, investigating how far she might be willing to go. Marianna was hesitant at first, letting Kat do most of the kissing, but she finally relaxed and it became more of a mutual exploration.

“Are you ready,” Kat whispered against Marianna’s neck, holding the ties to her bikini top.

It took over ten seconds for Marianna to answer, and Kat didn’t pull the strings until she did. Finally she whispered “yes,” and Kat slowly tugged the string, giving Marianna a chance to change her mind until the bow was loose and the top ready to drop off, only Marianna’s hands holding it against her breasts keeping it from dropping to the floor.

Kat took Marianna’s hands and started drawing them towards her, the bra falling when she did.

“So beautiful,” Kat whispered. “I love them.” She placed Marianna’s hands around her neck, close to her own bra ties. “Would you like to see mine again, touch them?”

Marianna nodded and started tugging on the strings. The knot came loose and Kat let it drop, exposing her pert, perfect breasts. Marianne put her hands on Kat’s breasts, lightly squeezing and massaging them. Katarina let her play with them a couple minutes before she returned the favor and touched the lovely globes staring at her. A couple more minutes, before she leaned forward and licked the tip of Marianna’s nipple, already stiff and pebbly hard.

Another few minutes of play and Kat pulled Marianna close, plastering their bodies and boobs together while they kissed again. Kat led Marianna into the bedroom, holding her hand. Marianna shivered looking at the bed.

“I’ve already done my bad deeds for the month, so I don’t want to pressure you into doing something you’re not ready for,” Katarina said. “If you want to stop, tell me. If you want to leave, I won’t stop you. I want you to stay; I want to make love to you, but it’s your decision. What do you want to do?”

In answer, Marianna pushed Kat’s bottoms off her hips, Kat stepping out of them when they fell.

“Do you like what you see?” Katarina asked Marianna, currently staring at the closely trimmed auburn bush between her legs.

“You’re beautiful,” Marianna said. “I’m scared, but I don’t want to stop.”

“If you change your mind, let me know.”

Marianna nodded and Kat knelt down on the floor in front of the other woman. While watching Marianna’s face, she grasped the yellow bikini bottoms and slowly lowered them. When the top of Marianna’s pubic hair became visible, Kat leaned forward and kissed it. As she drew them lower, her lips followed the skin exposed. Marianna gasped as her clit was exposed and it too, received the kiss treatment. And gasped again when Kat’s tongue slithered wetly through her slit.

As Kat tugged the bottoms to Marianna’s ankles, she glanced at her watch. She had to push things along. Lucinda would be here in thirty minutes. She needed a risky strategy.

“How much do you trust me?” Kat asked.

“What bursa otele gelen escort bayan do you mean?”

“Do you trust me not to harm you?”

“I suppose I do. Why do you ask?”

“I promised I would make you scream with pleasure when you orgasmed. To do so, I need total control of how you’re touched. You need to beg me to cum and if you’re free, you’ll try to cum when you want, not when I want you to. I promise I won’t do more than make you climax. Can I tie you to the bed?”

Marianna looked at Kat, on her knees on the floor smiling at her, a trace of her pussy fluids like a mustache on her upper lip. She would be surrendering a lot of control if she allowed herself to be bound.

“I trust you,” she whispered, shivering.

“Lie on the bed,” Kat said, grinning.

Marianna lay down and one by one, her hands and feet were tied to the corners of the bed, spread eagled over the covers, the ceiling fan blowing cool air over her taut, puckered nipples. Katarina immediately began licking the delicious pussy feast laid out before her. In five minutes, Marianna was shivering through her first orgasm.

“That was pretty good,” Marianna panted, “but you didn’t make me scream.”

“Sorry, but I didn’t have enough time to make you scream yet.”

“Why not?” Marianna asked.

“I apologize in advance.”

“For what?”

“Where is that fucking harlot who fucked my husband,” Lucinda roared from the entry. “I’ll kill the bitch.”

Marianna’s eyes got wide and she started tugging at the bonds holding her on the bed, thrashing to get away. Lucinda came tearing through the door, an evil smile breaking out when she saw Marianna tied to the bed, naked and terrified.

“For this,” Kat said, ruefully.

Nothing was said for almost an eternity for the woman on the bed, staring at the wife of the man she’d seduced, who looked radiant to see her nemesis so defenseless.

“Are you going to kill me?” Marianna panted, helpless, now resigned to whatever might happen, her struggles ineffective.

“Actually,” Kat said, “I think she’s going to fuck you.”

Marianna blinked. Lucinda snarled, “I’d rather kill her.”

“I know at this moment, it’s probably what you want to do. I don’t blame you, but Marianna told me everything that happened at lunch and I think you should listen to her. If you still want to kill her after you’ve heard her out, I’ll help you dispose of the body, but I doubt you will. Marianna, tell her everything you told me. I don’t want you to leave anything out. If she asks you a question, you’ll answer it truthfully. If your story changes in the slightest, I’ll be very upset.”

Marianna began telling her tale of woe, her story remaining consistent. Katarina, having heard it before and still wanting to feast on Marianna’s lovely pussy, did so, causing Marianna to orgasm several times even as she told of her shame and betrayal. Kat could also tell she was distracting Lucinda, and possibly causing her to lose the head of steam she had when she entered the room.

As Marianna spoke, Lucinda began to calm down, realizing her husband might not be the total bastard she’d assumed he was, and may even deserve some measure of mercy. No forgiveness, however, for the woman telling the story. Her part in the drama still deserved some measure of pain. She’d done everything in her power to seduce her husband, and had succeeded in the enterprise, at least once.

“Okay,” Lucinda said when the story was ended, including many questions asked and answered, “I don’t want to kill her anymore, but I don’t see where I want to fuck her either.”

“There needs to be some balance reestablished between you and Roberto. Marianna, how long did you suck Roberto’s cock?”

“No more than five or six minutes.”

“Then you have to lick Lucinda for the same amount of time, or an orgasm, whichever takes longer, to reestablish the balance in their marriage. You fucked her husband, now you have to fuck the wife. How long did Roberto fuck you?”

“Twenty minutes, tops.”

Katarina pulled out a big strapless vibrator. “Then Lucinda should fuck you with this for twenty minutes to even things up. Now did Roberto lick your pussy or fuck you in the ass?”

“No. I don’t do anal sex and he didn’t do anything more.”

“Cinda, here’s the way I see it. It wasn’t as bad as we first thought, and if Roberto mans up and confesses his sins to you as Marianna said he planned to, I believe you might be able to forgive him given the circumstances. However, you don’t want to escalate your current difficulties more than they are, neither should either of them go unscathed. If you went out and fucked another man, it could very well be devastating to your marriage, despite Roberto being the first to sin, but he shouldn’t have a major problem with you fucking the same woman he did. Tit for tat; with the warning that if there is a next time, you won’t be as lenient as you’re being now.

“Marianna’s penalty for messing with your marriage, will be a fifty swat spanking to her bare ass by you and to fuck you the way she fucked your husband. Roberto needs to know you can step outside your marriage as easily as he did, though you’re cutting him a break this time by not letting some other man put a bun in your oven. Marianna told me she’s never been with another woman, so yours is the first pussy she’s ever going to lick. Does this make a certain amount of sense to you?”

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