Kate , Jim Chapter 3

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Kate & Jim Chapter 3
May 2012

Kate was standing by the window when Jim walked into their bedroom. The soft moonlight was streaming shyly through the glass illuminating and caressing her trim nude form inspiring him to words destined by fate to be spoken. While not as eloquent as Lord Byron, they were a part of him known only to his dear departed Gina.

Kate hadn’t taken her hair down. She would leave that erotic delight and sensual pleasure for Jim. Jim Brady was hers’ now, heart and soul; heaven help the hellfire fury of her wrath for any woman who tried to tear them asunder.

Jim put his arms around her slim waist and rubbed her flat tummy, smelling her hair, “I love you, Katherine.”

“I love you too, sweetheart. I’ve been looking at the moon. In another two days it will be full,” Kate took his hands and squeezed them, “and the fireflies are like tiny twinkling stars. It is so peaceful and I’m so happy.”


“Yes, Katherine.”

“I have to ask you something.”

“Ask away, beautiful.”

“While I was looking at the stars I was thinking about us and well….I used to believe in such things; the magic of stardust and moonlight…. I love you so much that I can feel it in my soul. You said we can talk about anything…..are we soul mates, Jim?”

“As I stumble for these words that justice is served, I hold you close in celebration of your life. I say to the heavens my witness this night, you are a delight to my eyes as the moonlight caresses your naked form, illuminating the love of your tender woman’s heart, true Kate, true, Kate.

Your earthly beauty is the envy of the stars above and the fireflies below. Tiny beings with their brief flickering lights destined for their reward in the heavens when they pass from this earth, true stars; true stars.

While the stars may twinkle in millenniums of life they too will fade; millenniums are but seconds to our souls now eternity intertwined as witnessed from above this glorious night.”

Katherine turned and put her arms around his thick bull neck, kissing his lips, basking in his words of love. Jim put his strong massive arms around her waist and gently held her as they looked at the stars and the moon; the fireflies.

Finally, “Do you know what I think Mr. Brady?”

“What do you think, Ms. Ryan?”

“I think Shakespeare wrote the “Taming of the Shrew” with us in mind,” and she kissed his lips.

“Will you please take my hair down, my sweet Petruchio? You have earned a special reward for that beautiful poem.”

“What kind of special reward?”

Kate got down on her knees and kissed his stomach, “Well lover, start taking my hair down and you’ll see.”

Kate started licking the tip of Jim’s hard cock, teasingly while Jim removed the hairpins from her hair. Jim’s big thick cock was pulsating and twitching in anticipation as she licked; Kate loved teasing him this way.

She was stroking her pussy with a free hand as she licked and sucked on his hard pulsating cock… teasing him, probing and testing with her tongue and lips.

Kate almost brought both of them to orgasm several times, but backed off playing with her dripping wet pussy. She stopped sucking and licking his cock to lick and suck on his balls making him gasp with pleasure.

Jim was putty in her hands as Kate sucked on his balls and playfully nibbled them feeling him shudder.

Jim’s hands were buried in Kate’s hair as she took his cock deeper in her mouth knowing she could never take it all, such is its length and girth; she was licking and sucking ravenously and savoring every inch of it, all wet and sloppy.

Kate fantasized about Jim’s cock buried in her cunt up to his balls while she sucked; she wanted Jim to take her like a woman and fuck her hard.

Even when they were contentious neighbors and fighting, Kate wondered how it would be like to fuck that feral bruin of a man, that totally hardheaded and unreasonable man, Jim Brady, and now she loved him with a deep passion few women would ever know….he is her soul mate.

Kate could sense Jim’s impatience….good, she had teased and titillated him long enough, it was time to get down to business, she wanted to orgasm as well.

Jim’s orgasm was an onslaught of testosterone laden energy as his hard member assaulted Kate’s mouth and tongue, followed by a torrent of his thick rich semen flooding her mouth for Kate to swallow greedily.

Now sated, they got into bed and Jim lay down beside her. He started licking and sucking on her breasts while Kate was caressing his freshly barbered head with her hands, moaning and gasping with pleasure.

She adored the contrast of his short bristles to her silky tresses now that she took over cutting his hair.

Jim adored the way she moaned and squirmed and panted and squealed during sex; it added to his arousal by pleasing his woman, that, and knowing Kate genuinely liked sucking on his cock.

Kate was pushing her cunt into his hand as he was stroking her, as he parted her pussy lips to get to her sweet, swollen clitoris making her gasp and pant and moan all the louder.

“Please Jim, I want to come, I want you to kiss me…oh god this feels so good…..I want to suck on your big cock.”

Jim just brought her to the peak of orgasm and stopped having something else in mind for her.

Jim went down on her licking and sucking and teasing while Kate lay there, thrusting her dripping wet and in his mind delicious pussy into his face for him to lick harder.

Kate’s hands were in the silkiness of her hair while rubbing his bristly head enjoying the contrast of sensations.

She was rolling her head to from side to side as the first orgasm washed over her and yet Jim was still not finished with her.

Jim made her get up on her hands and knees; his dam was about to burst now that Kate was satisfied….he rammed his rock hard cock into her still dripping pussy while holding onto her hips and pounding her relentlessly.

Jim’s lustful thrusts increased in speed and in power as he reached forward to grab her hair. He twisted it into a ponytail and pulled her head back as he continued pounding her; holding Kate in place with her hair which only heightened her arousal, she was so glad that her hair was long for him to grab like this; she wanted it longer for him.

Kate was bucking and panting and moaning as her second orgasm washed over her. It was as deliciously satisfying as the first, more so as she felt his hot thick and rich semen being pumped into her dripping and swollen ravaged cunt as Jim’s orgasm overtook him.

Jim was breathing in and out deeply while emitting an occasional soft grunt. Kate was determined not to waste a single drop of his semen; for her a proven aphrodisiac. Kate would lick his cock clean with her mouth when he rolled off.

Such was Jim’s orgasm that he rolled off of her onto his back to get his thoughts together and let the memory of that orgasm linger in his mind while thinking ‘Kate is so hot and if you’ll excuse the expression a great fuck..Wow.

What a wonderful contrast between the classy and refined well mannered Lady the public sees; Katherine is so beautiful and sexy both ways that I can hardly stand it…..my soul mate.’

Fascinated by his seemingly endless erections, to give her endless multiple orgasms, Jim’s after-orgasm daydream allowed Kate her chance to get him hard again

Kate started kissing his stomach; working her way down to his cock, licking and sucking on the tip as her silky red hair fell forward covering her face.

Jim reached down and gathered her hair into a ponytail and next twisted it up in a bun as she knew he would to keep it out of her mouth. He was instantly hard again and she was thinking…”He is amazingly always ready to fuck and mine for eternity.

Jim was trying to hold back and prolong this marvelous blowjob, however the first clear pre-cum escaped despite his best efforts. Kate stopped and looked at him smiling, licking her lips and teeth to tease him before continuing.

Jim let go of her bun just before his orgasm washed over him. He buried his hands in Kate’s unbound hair to hold her in place while filling her mouth with gobs of his thick, creamy semen. Kate tasted and savored every bit before swallowing while wishing for more as she licked her lips. She then cuddled next to him for him to hold her.


“Yes, Kate?

“I love you my soul mate.”


“Yes, Jim?”

“I couldn’t have said it better……”

Jim intended to purchase four high performance tires including a matching spare for the Roadrunner and today was the perfect opportunity.

Kate drove it to Tom’s tire shop early in the morning to wait for them to be installed; all part and gaziantep rus escort parcel of Jim’s plan for Kate’s surprise with Tom as a willing accomplice.

Kate turned on her considerable charm for she genuinely liked Tom and wanted to know about the falling-out. However, more than anything, Kate wanted to know about Jim and Gina.

Kate correctly assumed Tom was a wealth of knowledge. Equally charming and impressed with Kate, Tom told her a bit about Gina, beginning with their engagement, Gina’s disappearance in France and what occurred after.

“So you see Katherine, Jim was devastated when he lost her. He never thought he would find another Gina.”

“Did Jim ever, well you know after?”

“Did he have other women? Of course he did, a few years later. How shall I put this, Katherine? Jim is a man. I’m a man.

Still, it isn’t and wasn’t the same as it once was for us; not for Jim and not for me; short dalliances only. Those ladies never knew the real Jim as you do now. I’m sure eventually Jim will tell you the whole story.”

“Do you think you’ll ever find somebody again, Tom?”

“Perhaps,” he replied smiling while thinking of Sally McCarthy and their upcoming “Just for coffee mind you,” date. Tom told Kate about the woman he met whose car was broken down at the side of the road after he left the pub.

“Will you tell me why you and Jim had a falling-out?”

“No, that shall remain between Jim and me. What I will say is we didn’t hate each other Katherine. If something bad happened to Jim or if he needed something I would be there for him and he would be there for me.”

“Do you mean being there to beat each other’s brains out, Tom?”

“We didn’t though because we were stopped a second time; the down side is we’ll never know who is top dog,” he sighed.

“The first time you were stopped by your wife Sally Ann correct?” To which Tom simply replied, “Yes.”

“Will you tell me about Sally Ann?”

“Goodness, Katherine; you don’t beat around the bush. We’ll save that for another time.”

“What about Gina? How did they meet?”

“I’ve said enough. If you want to know more about Gina ask Jim. Jim loves you Katherine although I hardly need to tell you that. He loves you as much if not more than Gina and I’ll tell you why. Word got back to me how you sang with him at his birthday party.”

Kate smiled, remembering how he tucked her tenderly in bed and kissed her that night following the party, and last night with the poem; they had to be soul mates and there was such a thing as the magic of star dust and moon beams if one would only believe.

“He doesn’t give his love or loyalty lightly, Katherine. Jim will go to the ends of the earth to see to your well being and safety.”

“Jim is my soul mate, Tom.”

“You know Katherine, I believe he is and I’m not just saying that. There I’m done,” he said, tightening down the last lug nut, “There will be no charge. I strongly suggest you go straight home. Something is waiting for you that will require your immediate attention.”

Jim was at work when she pulled into their driveway. Kate put her hand over her mouth in surprise, almost not believing her emerald green eyes.

There was a Winnebago Sightseer Recreation Vehicle parked to one side. ‘Goodness and bless him,’ she thought, ‘Jim has done it to me again.’

She found a brief note on his embossed linen stationary. It was written with a fountain pen in his bold cursive handwriting and placed on the steering wheel.

“My dearest Katherine, The owners’ manual for the Winnebago is in the glove compartment. Please familiarize yourself with it. I know you will clean and organize it from top to bottom to meet your exacting standards before we leave in it for Florida.

I won’t be home for lunch because we’re breaking in a new man to fill in while we’re on vacation. See you when I get home at five, all my love for eternity, Jim.”

‘All my love for eternity,’ Kate thought as she hugged herself pretending it was him, ‘I love you too, Jim, my sweet Petruchio.’

She kissed the note at the bottom by his signature next to the hand drawn red heart with a black and red fletched arrow through it; their names Kate & Jim in the center.

‘This little heart is a sweet romantic gesture with so much love behind it. It’s so like him. How can Jim possibly know I’ve always wanted to travel in one of these….it will be so much fun!

We’ll have to buy extra groceries though and I’ll bring a few of my pots and pans….. The cast iron one if we cook over a camp fire…..I’d love to do that….oh yes, we’ll need paper plates; I’ll get the good ones. I’m sure we’ll be going out for dinner….and my clothes…there is so much to do.

I wonder if Jim will let me drive it…..that will be so cool…I’m getting ahead of myself. I’d better start his dinner. He’ll be starving when he gets home.’

Dinner was waiting for Jim when he arrived home and plenty of it.

On the stairway to the stars of love, Kate could barely contain herself as she ran out to meet him in the driveway with a hug and a kiss; practically jumping into his strong arms for him to pick her up and spin her around; and he did.

Kate felt so young when she was with Jim. She absolutely craved his hugs and kisses.

The widow Dudley from across the street was sitting on her front porch with an indignant look on her face when Kate did that and was thinking, ‘First the arson and now this ridiculous display….shameful, living in sin with that brutish homely man,’ there were other thoughts not so nice.

At one time the woman was one of Kate’s staunchest neighborhood supporters although the woman is a bit of a prude.

Kate smiled and waved to her over Jim’s right shoulder. It amazed Kate the things she was willing do with Jim. It was Kate and Jim against the world in their private romantic love cosmos.

“Wow, what a greeting, Kate. I missed you too,” Jim said putting her down and kissing her lips, “who are you waving at?”

“Priscilla Dudley; let’s give the old prune a good show,”
Kate grabbed his face in her little hands, kissing his lips and sticking her tongue in his mouth.

“Wow and double wow!” Jim exclaimed not expecting this, “Aren’t you in a playful mood? You taste delicious by the way and you smell like Jasmine. It must be your shampoo.”

“Of course I smell nice. I took a shower. Do you like my ponytail?” She asked shaking her head and making her ponytail bounce.

“I adore your ponytail. It goes well with your blue jeans and red paisley bandana blouse. What’s for dinner?”

“We’re having lamb stew with parsnips, carrots and little pearl onions over garlic –tarragon mashed potatoes; a tomato & cucumber salad with raspberry/balsamic vinaigrette. We will be having go-get ice cream for dessert.”

“What kind of ice cream is that?” Jim asked tugging on her ponytail.

“There’s no ice cream in the fridge. We have to go get some; my treat. We can make it a little date and go-get an ice cream cone.”

Kate put her arms around Jim’s neck and kissed his lips while rubbing his bristly head, “Your hair can use a trim later tonight.”

“Your wish is my command, beautiful Kate.”

Kate noticed Pricilla Dudley was now on a cell phone, probably talking to Mira Malone who was on her porch with her cell phone to her ear watching them; Kate was thinking, “What busybodies they are….what a busybody I was…I love you Jim. I don’t care if the whole world knows!’

“I love you, sweetheart,” she said raising her voice and waving to the both of them and then louder, “I love him ladies and I don’t care if the whole world knows it.”

“I love you too my little bitch with a woman’s heart,” he replied quietly, crushing her gently to him with his strong arms.

“May I drive the Winnebago when we go for ice cream and groceries? I always wanted to travel in one.”

“I don’t see why not. We will be taking it to Florida.”

“Just like that; no comments about women drivers?”

“No! Of course not; you’re an excellent driver.”

“Fair enough; it’s just that you are familiar driving large vehicles; dump trucks and heavy equipment like cranes and backhoes while I’m not.”

“I’m sure you can handle it my beautiful and smart lady. May we have dinner now please?” Jim asked letting go of her and waving to the neighbors, “I love her and we’re going to Florida,” he shouted.

“Yes, Sir,” Kate replied taking his waving arm and then his hand to stop him, both of them laughing as they walked in their house together for dinner………..

They first went to purchase their groceries with Kate in command at the wheel when they pulled into the super market parking lot. They selected a deserted section well away from other vehicles so she could practice backing up.

‘She’s doing well,’ Jim was thinking as Kate backed in and out several times, ‘good peripheral vision…yup… Katherine is doing just fine….very good, darling!’

Jim was himself on the stairway to the stars of love. He was delighted how Kate was enjoying herself; Jim was delighted with Kate in general when she suddenly hit the brakes stopping abruptly.

Two ostentatious chrome accessorized off-road pickup trucks covered stylishly in dried mud came careening from around the corner of the back of the supermarket at a high rate of speed; both deliberately missing the Winnebago by a baby’s breath.

Kate laid on the horn and as a result both trucks came circling back. The red one stopped in front with the squealing of tires; the green doing the same parking behind them to prevent the Winnebago from leaving.

The driver in the red truck was a large well built young man in his late teens to early twenties wearing a red ball cap backwards.

There was another equally well built young man of the approximate age in the cab with him wearing a similar red ball cap as were the occupants of the green truck.

Before Kate could blink Jim was outside approaching the driver side door of the red truck when she heard one of them say, “Oh shit, it’s Coach!”

“Jeff Olson! Is that you in there? I’m disappointed with you Jeff.”

“Oh my goodness gracious me, “the driver said mockingly, “he’s disappointed in you Jeff. Do you know this asshole and the bimbo who can’t drive? I’d like to fuck her though; I wonder how much the cunt charges?”

“Yeah, dog I know Coach. You’d better apologize or you’re going to make him angry.”

“Fuck him! What’s he going too……..”

Too late; Jim grabbed the foul-mouth moron pulling him like a cork from a wine bottle minus the “pop” kicking and screaming through the rolled down truck window as the two occupants in the green truck came from around the corner of the Winnebago.

Jim held foul-mouth by the throat and groin pinned on the hood of the truck. The terrified punk was afraid to move or speak as Jim squeezed his nut sack, “You boys get back in your truck and clear out or I’m going to rip this puppy’s balls off.”

“What the fuck is the matter with you, dog?” one of his buddies said to Jeff who hadn’t moved from the truck.

“Did you hear me?” Jim warned, squeezing harder to make him scream in pain.

“Fuck, this son-of-a-bitch is crazy!” The two from the green truck said in unison while looking at each other now unsure.

“Perhaps, I am,” Jim agreed letting go of the young man who slid off the hood of his truck onto the ground in a puddle of pain and vomit, holding his groin and moaning, “Nevertheless you puppies would do well to control your dirty mouths in the presence of a lady.”

“It’s two against one asshole. Let’s take him, Dave.”

“I like these odds; two to one but barely a challenge. Leave now or have at it little puppies. I don’t have all day. If you stay I won’t be as gentle with you as I was with him,” Jim said quietly, pointing to the puddle of pain and vomit on the asphalt.

Glancing briefly over to his left Jim saw Kate standing next to him with a cast iron frying pan in her hand. Kate’s eyes were hot green flames of resolute anger and this made Jim smile and love her all the more if that were possible.

“The odds just changed. You’re outnumbered.”

“Coach,” Jeff said getting out of the truck and walking over, “May I help Eric up so we can leave?”

“You may,” Jim replied and as Jeff was helping Eric to his feet, “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry, Coach.”

“I’ll take it under advisement. Are you still living at home?”


“Are you working?”

“No, and uh, sorry, Ma’am,” he said taking off his red ball cap and looking at Kate; Kate merely nodded.

“Fine, we’ll talk in a few weeks. Come by the yard to see me.”

“Dog, what the….” Jeff interrupted, “Watch your mouth, Dave. Mr. Brady is giving us a play. If you think you can both take him go for it. I’m not ending up in the emergency room for what started off as a goof……..”

Kate took hold of Jim’s hand as they left and turned to him as both trucks drove out of sight.

“Katherine that was a courageous thing to do but hardly necessary; nevertheless I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you. I know you can handle them, but just in case.”

“Well,” Jim said squeezing her hand, “I’m glad you went after me with a broom and not a cast iron frying pan. Cold iron is deadly on any of us Sidhe.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Petruchio,” Kate said, dropping the frying pan to the ground with a thud and putting her arms around his neck for a kiss, “You’re a good troll. Good trolls and ogres are immune to cold iron when they have the love of a human woman too melt their hearts and ward the deadly effects.”

“Quite right,” Jim replied hugging and kissing her, “although it’s a potent deterrent when forcefully applied to dastardly redcaps should they attempt to accost us.”

“Exactly, even though it was you who scared them off.”

“We scared them off; there is an old saying, Kate, when you have the balls firmly in hand the heart and mind is sure to follow.”

“You just made that up,” Kate said laughing, “Do you think they will be dumb enough to bother us again?”

“No, But I want you to promise me to do as I say when things are really dangerous; do you promise?”

“Yes, Sir,” Kate replied putting her head on his shoulder to hear his heart beating, content and feeling very safe at the moment, especially now that she knew the extremes Jim would take to protect her.

Although not a bully and slow to anger, Kate knew that Jim relished a good fist fight. Those boys didn’t stand a chance against her man.

She remembered what her Grandpa Jack used to say about tough and confident men like Jim. It was simple and to the point, “No brag, just fact.”

This very masculine part of Jim fascinated and aroused the woman in Kate. She was amazed by the way Jim knew exactly what to do to dominate them so easily, thinking, ‘I love you Jim Brady, my pugnacious pugilist Petruchio.’

Jim hugged her close enjoying how Kate melted into him. As far as Jim was concerned everything was right with the cosmos, “Thank you, Katherine my love. Shall we get our groceries now?”

“Yes, Sir,” Kate said taking his large warm callused hand in her small one for them to walk into the grocery store together…….

Much to Kate’s delight Jim took every opportunity to kiss and hug her between juggling oranges and apples all the while being downright playful as they shopped.

Jim stood behind her with his arms around Kate’s trim waist blowing on the back of her neck and giving her goose bumps as they waited in the checkout line.

“Would you please behave,” she said not meaning it, reaching back to touch his face.

“No ma’am, I’m just getting started.”

“You’re impossible.”

“And you’re gorgeous.”

“And you’re next, “said Martha, the romantic at heart checkout lady in her late-sixties. Martha was smiling and thinking, ‘If only to be young again and so much in love…….’

Kate parked the Winnebago across the street from the dairy store and they walked inside for their ice cream cones.

The place was packed as usual however they managed to get the only empty table, a table of four. They sat close together to share their double dip cones, strawberry and chocolate for Kate and maple walnut for Jim.

“Kate, that’s Sam and Mira Malone in line.”

“I see them. It’s a shame there’s nowhere for them to sit,” Kate commented although not meaning it.

As Kate said it their neighbors moved away from the counter with their hot fudge sundaes and walked in their direction looking for a table.

“Sam, there’s two seats over here,” Jim announced loudly standing up and waving.

“Jim, I……”

“Please Katherine, let me handle this. I know what I’m doing.”

Sam looked at his wife and Mira gave him a glance that said….’No!’

Sam gave a look in return, ‘Enough of this nonsense, Mira. It has gone on long enough. We will be polite and sit with them.’

“Sam,” Jim said, shaking Sam’s hand followed by Mira’s complementing her and meaning it, “Mira, you look as lovely as ever I see.”

At five-six Mira has baby blue eyes and a small turned up nose, possessing a clear complexion that any woman would kill for.

Mira also has what many discerning men appreciate; a curvaceous and buxom figure to complement her dark long brown hair styled that day to please her husband in a simple three strand braid that fell to the middle of her back.

Mira was wearing an embroidered green corduroy jumper that came down to her knees. It had floral embroidery trim on the scoop neckline and front pockets. It had an empire waist, etched-metal buttons and side ties. Underneath this classic style of dress was a white silk-pima cotton blouse with ¾ length sleeves.

“Katherine,” Mira said politely not accepting Kate’s hand as she sat down.

“Mira,” Kate replied just as politely, insulted with the obvious snub and very annoyed with Jim at the moment.

“You have a Winnebago in your driveway. Are you going on a trip?” Sam asked

“Yes we are going to visit Katherine’s grandmother in Florida.”

“No offence, Jim, I never expected you and Katherine winding up together given your past history and the circumstances of her house burning down and all.”

“No offence taken. I’m lucky to have her. We have surprised each other how compatible we are; the beauty and the beast,” Jim said, laughing, “Katherine is the second blessing of my lifetime, soul mate you might say.”

“I see, soul mates, much like Mira and me.” They were married for thirty years at that time.

“I see you finished restoring your Roadrunner. That’s one machine I’d give a year’s pay to own it.”

“We’ll get to that in a minute. How long have we known each other, Sam?”

“About fifteen years; why do you ask?”

“Would you agree that I mind my own business?”

“Of course; you are a man after my own heart.”

“Thank you, back at you. You’ve been avoiding me these past months, Sam.”

“You’re right; however I’m not avoiding you now.”

“That’s because you need a place to sit.”

“That’s part of it. I’m sure you can guess the rest. Are you and me OK though?”

“Nothing is changed Sam. I’ll chalk those months down as being busy”

They shook hands again in unspoken understanding.

“We’re both direct men, Sam. Feel free to tell me to go to hell at any time with no animosity in return. You sat with us to be polite.”

“You have me there buddy.”

Mira shifted in her chair looking uncomfortable at where the conversation was going; Kate’s annoyance was bordering on anger.

“I assumed you would want to talk about Mira and Katherine making up when you invited us over. If you do your part I’ll do mine.”

“Exactly; both of them are stubborn and they were good friends once.”

As Jim said this Mira stood up emphatically stating,”I’m leaving.”

“Sit down Mira,” said Sam, “I want to hear what else Jim has to say,” and Mira did, glaring at her husband while Katherine glared at Jim becoming angrier by the second.

“Katherine’s case is going to be overturned; she will be found innocent of all charges. Her good name will be restored. You can expect to read about it in the newspapers in about a month.

“What an interesting theory; where does the Roadrunner fit in?”

“No theory, just fact and I have a proposition for you, a bet so to speak.”

“I’m still listening, Jim.”

“I’ll bet the Roadrunner that Katherine is totally innocent and was set up by her ex-husband.”

“You spent five years restoring it. What am I putting up against it?”

“I’ll bet you Mira’s braid against my Roadrunner.”

“It sounds like a suckers bet, but I can’t pass up those odds. Are you that sure Katherine is innocent?”

“I’ve heard quite enough!” Mira exclaimed standing up a second time and trying to walk away, hindered by Sam holding the back of her jumper.

“So have I!” Kate exclaimed standing and now angrier than a nest of scorched hornets. “If Mira doesn’t want to be friends again fine with me.”

Kate then enunciated by poking Jim in the chest with her finger, “You and I are going to have it out when we get home, Petruchio.”

Jim grabbed Kate and crushed her to him kissing her lips.

“Jim! Stop it…let me go damn you!” she exclaimed struggling to get loose.

Jim kissed Kate’s lips again saying, “You’re beautiful and sexy as hell when you’re angry. Your green eyes look like they’re on fire. I love you Kate.

I have another surprise for you. Since we’re leaving for Florida tomorrow we’ll stop off on the way to see my sister in Kentucky.”

“Your sister?”

Jim kissed her lips a third time, “Yes my baby sister. It’s about time I introduce my future fiancé to the family. Mary is planning a little barbecue get together.”

Kate stopped struggling, “Oh Jim,” she said softly, putting her arms around his neck to kiss his lips long and deep, all her anger melting away.

“Well congratulations you two,” Sam said slapping Jim hard on the back and meaning it. He then put his arm around Mira’s waist and pulled her close.

“This changes’ everything now that you have a mare in the race.”

Sam tugged on Mira’s long thick braid, “Put Katherine’s ponytail up as side bet against a wedding present and you have yourself a deal…..”

That night after making slow and gentle love on their side facing one another, Kate was cuddled tight against Jim, hugging him as he stroked her hair, enjoying their quiet intimacy.


“Yes, Kate.”

“Did you really get in a high speed chase with the French Police?”

Jim hesitated before answering, “Obviously Tom told you that, and I suppose I had to tell you sometime,” he replied sighing.

“He did and he said you love me.”

“He’s right on both points, beautiful.”

“I told Tom we are soul mates and he agreed.”

“He and Sally Ann were the same; they often time would finish each others’ sentences.”

“Tom said you broke the Inspector’s nose with you head.”

“I didn’t have much choice at the time; my hands were handcuffed behind my back.”


“Yes Kate.”

“Tom told me everything; he was adamant I should know.”


“No, from your engagement forward until you lost her. Tom said if I wanted to know more, ask you.”

“I did what had to be done; otherwise there would have been no justice for Gina.”

“I know, Petruchio, no brag just fact.”

“What does that mean? Is this like the blond wig thing?” Jim asked kissing her.

“It means I love you for all eternity.”

“And I love you. I’ll never get tired of saying it.”


“Yes Kate.”

“Are you ever afraid?”

“Let me put it this way. There is courage and then there is stupidity, while cowardice is followed closely by panic.”

J.M. Barrie said it best in his Rhetorical Address at St. Andrews in May of 1922. “Courage is the thing. All goes if courage goes!’ However, the short answer is yes.”

“As I said,” Kate replied, kissing his chest, “no brag just fact.”

“Were you afraid when you stood beside me with the frying pan?”

“Maybe just a little.”

“There you see; that is courage. Being afraid but doing what has to be done. You’re a tough woman Katherine. You lost all your worldly possessions and made due.

You didn’t buckle under the pressure, even though what you value above all else is your good name. In the end what else is there my love?

You do what has to be done. You swallowed your pride without losing it and came to work for me. You taught me it’s OK to fall in love again…priceless.”


“Yes Kate.”

“Will you tell me more about Gina?”

“When we return from Florida; we’ll go through the photo albums page by page and photo by photo.”


“My goodness, you’re just full of questions tonight,” he remarked, pushing her hair behind her ear and kissing her cheek.

“Will you tell me why you and Tom were fighting?”

“We didn’t fight, you stopped us. You are the reason we are back together.”

“You know what I mean,” she replied pinching his ear.

“Ouch, enough with the pinching; perhaps I’ll tell you some day; why are you and Mira fighting? At one time you and Mira were inseparable. Life is short Katherine; both Tom and I regret that stupidity.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Fair enough, but I’ll do my part in seeing you both make up.”

“I’ll try to make up after we look over your photo albums.”

I give you fair warning, Kate. You brought Tom and me together again and I’ll see to it that you make up with Mira; even if I have to spank it out of you.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Try me, Kate.”

“Yes, Sir, you would dare. I promise when we return from Florida, however I won’t tell you why we are fighting until you tell me about, Gina.”Jim reached up and turned off their bedside lamp.

“Thank you. Get some sleep I want to get an early start.”

“Kiss me first, Petruchio…….””

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