Kate’s Rescue

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By the time I was 23 years old, I had many good things happen to me. I was supposed to marry this girl but things just didn’t work out as to plan. In other words, I pretty much blew it.

When I was 21, I just got back from college and my girlfriend and I were reunited. We were planning on getting married as I was going to start my business career. One day I was at the supermarket when I ran into a girl I knew from high school. She looked good then, but she she was at her fresh 20 year old prime. Her ass was perfectly puckered in her short shorts exposing a sexy set of golden legs. Her upper torso revealed a flat pierced stomach and breats that had to have been a c?cup. Her blue eyes were gorgeous accenting her beautiful blond hair.

Just seeing her reminded me of high school and reminded me of how much I wanted to fuck this girl but my other friend already had this thing for her so I never got my chance. We made eye contact and we began to talk. She seemed to be doing Trabzon Escort very well, she was going into science, which really didn’t catch my attention too well. She asked me if I wanted to go out for lunch and I gladly accepted and we talked some more over a sandwich. I told her I was getting married but that didn’t seem to bother her at all.

As our meeting concluded, we exchanged phone number and I asked her to stop by some time. Well a week later she called me and we made plans to have dinner at my house while my fiance was out with her girlfriends. I cooked and we drank some red wine, which turned Kate’s cheeks bright red and slurred her tongue. She looked fantastic in her black skirt accompanied my her white top. I noticed when she bent down that she was wearing the same underwear as she was the last time I saw her at the super market. I don’t know why but this turned me on.

I really didn’t know where this night was going but she was getting Trabzon Escort Bayan drunk and began showing me signs of vulnerableness. We were talking about past relationships when she grabbed my glass of wine and set it down as she stared into my eyes and leaned into me and kissed me. Without any hesitation, I kissed her back. We made out for a good ten minutes and she whispered in my ear, “ do you want to continue upstairs?” I said sure and I carried her up to my bedroom. There I undressed myself and she moved over to me and began kissing down my body. She worked her way down to my dick and began sucking it like no other. I was hard within 2 strokes as my adrenaline rush of cheating ran through my body.

I made her release and I laid her down on the bed. I took off her shoes and undid her skirt pulling her wet underwear off at the same time. Het top and bra were already off and in front of my lay a beautiful young woman with a pussy tht is not Escort Trabzon shaven. I didn’t mind though. Before I made my move to her snatch I worked my way down her legs starting with her toes until I reached the love box that tasted so sweet. She came in minutes and she signalled me that she was ready to fuck.

I positioned myself over her with my dick teasing her lips and with one thrust I shoved my 7 inch swollen member into her cunt. She screamed and put her legs around my head. I’ve never heard a girl scream so much. I pulled out and she got on top and rode my dick like no other. I told her I didn’t want to cum inside of her just teasingly because I knew she wanted me to. When I was near my point I tried to break away just to tease her but she lowered herself to kiss me and humped me hearder until I shot at least 6 loads into her cunt. She loved it as I pulled out and she licked ever bit of it up.

After we cleaned up, I told her I had a really great time and that we should do this again sometime. She winked at me and told me that I could keep her underwear to show and she is mine. Too bad my fiance found the pair of underwear, that’s ok though, me and my fiance Kate are very happy together as we explore the realms of sexual fantasies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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