Katie Meets John

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As I gather my things, and prepare to step off the plane, my hands are trembling. I silently ask myself, “Am I really doing this?” There is no turning back now. I’m in New York and there is a man waiting for me. “A man that I have never met, but feel like I know,” I think. I can feel the moisture already forming between my legs.

Months ago, in the most random fashion possible, I met a man named John. Since then he’d been charming me with his wit, intelligence, and velvet tongue of spoken-word porn. That man could spin a tale of sex that the iciest bitch would be warmed by. The flight attendant had a knowing smile on her face as I walked past. My face had twisted into something viscerally sexual as I thought about the fate that awaited me.

After gathering my nerves with a shot of bourbon, I knew I could delay the inevitable no longer. “His first taste of Kentucky,” I mused with myself, “on both sets of lips.” The realization that he’d enjoy that irony was all I needed to head for the exit.

I stepped into the sunlight and immediately shaded my eyes. Before I could orient myself a pair of hands gently grabbed my waist. Momentary panic evaporated as I was slowly backed against a car. A gentle nudge with his pelvis was a silent indicator of what was to come. I regained my bearings, and there he was, with a big, coy grin. The seconds that passed felt like an eternity. He slowly moved in as if he was about to kiss me, and at the last minute turned his head ever so slightly and kissed that place between my mouth and cheek, and said, “Mmm, Kentucky.” Confusion, nerves, adrenaline, and bourbon collided with the absence of oxygen I’d been unconsciously withholding from my lungs, and a smile took over my face. We both started laughing as I collapsed into a hug in his arms. I knew instantly that I had made the right decision.

Our conversation and chemistry resumed its normal flow, having been interrupted only by the nervous moments that occurred in the seconds before the meeting. Our conversation immediately took on the oddly matched pairing of normal conversation and sexual charge. I knew what was coming, but I didn’t know how it was going to play out. I could see it in the way his eyes twinkled when he looked at me. My unfulfilled fantasy would not go unfulfilled past this day, that was for sure. The thought created a whole new rush of juices. I shifted in my seat to try to abate it, all the while noticing the obvious bulge in his jeans.

Every mile made me wetter and more nervous. Instinctively, I knew when we were close. I started fidgeting restlessly and disconnecting from the conversation. Understanding my anxiety, he reached over and firmly grabbed my hand and said, “We’re comfortable, Beautiful.” As I acknowledged that I was comfortable and sank back into the seat he said, “And oh yeah, your ass is mine.”

My ears acknowledged the sound of my bag hitting the floor in almost the same moment that I acknowledged being rushed into the back of the recently shut door. Somehow he had managed to grab my wrists and secure me firmly between him and the wooden barrier. He had my on my tiptoes izmir escort bayan and his bulge pressed into the small crevice between my legs, absorbing the heat of my saturated pussy. He shifted my wrists into his right hand and ran his left hand up my back and neck. Then suddenly he grabbed the hair at the base of my head, yanked back, and kissed me.

For the force that he was using, it was the opposite. The gentleness and passion made me know that I was in a safe and loving place, and that I was deeply cared for. My tongue responded in kind. It was the kind of kiss that would normally cause me to throw my arms around a man. Being restrained and kissed like this was creating an altogether new sensation inside of me. I wanted it to be rough and gentle at the same time. I wanted to be thrown around and fucked hard while being kissed gently; and I wanted to be kissed hard and fucked gently.

As if once again reading my mind, John changed the pressure of his kiss to a teeth-hitting grind and released my wrists in order to softly tease my sides just under my shirt. In a swift motion my t-shirt was over my head and on the floor and I was being swung around so that my ass was facing him. My tits and arms were smashed against the door. He yanked my still clothed hips towards him and started caressing my back, every now and then fingering my bra-line. I was so confined that I couldn’t look behind to see what he was doing. I felt the wet of his tongue play at the place where my bra connected, then felt soft kisses on my neck. The mix of soft and rough was intoxicating.

John then decided that he wasn’t content to have me lingering in clothing. With a maneuver of his fingers my bra popped open and just as quickly as he had spun me around the first time, he spun me around again and slammed my full body against the door and unfastened my jeans. I immediately became aware of my nakedness in the presence of his fully-clothed embrace. I made a futile attempt at covering my body. My erect nipples belied me my poking through the sorry veil of my hands. Very calmly he held my hips and kissed me. I slowly lifted my arms to test whether or not they would be immediately pinned. He didn’t move and let me pull his t-shirt over his head. He continued remaining still as I knelt down, unzipped his jeans, and freed his cock from its denim captivity.

I’d just begun admiring it when I felt him shift above me. His hands were against the door and he was at a 45 degree angle. His beautiful cock was suddenly brushing against my lips. I relished the fact that he was letting me taste him first. I lingered at the tip of his cock, wanting to savor every moment. I kissed his head, letting the kisses fall where they lie, as his cock bounced around from my attention. Then I slipped my tongue out and sucked his head into my mouth, letting the fullness of my mouth’s warmth and wetness absorb into his erection. Slowly I glided my lips down his shaft while also gently taking his balls into my hand. I slowly rolled his balls around and began pumping my mouth up and down his cock.

His scent and warmth overtook me and escort izmir I started to forget that we were still acting out my fantasy. As quickly as he let me slip out of the fantasy, he brought me back in. In one fell swoop, my mouth was off his cock and I found myself in the same 45 degree angle that he’d been in except for with my back against the door instead of my hands. He slipped down my body and roughly parted my legs. He’d had yet to touch my naked pussy and he was very aware that we both knew that. I could feel his hot breath inches from my aching cunt. I just wanted him inside of me, but I knew that we were nowhere close. The anticipation of what was seconds away from happening made my knees weak. Catching my impending lapse in upright structure, simultaneously, John’s tongue slipped between my pussy lips and his hands grabbed my thighs and forced me upwards to secure my shoulders against the door. He kissed and licked in and around my lips, occasionally teasing my clit. The more I succumbed to the feeling of his mouth on my pussy, the further he spread my legs until my most intimate parts were fully on display before him. He looked at me, kissed my pussy lips and stuck his tongue in between them in the dirtiest French kiss possible, and then said, “Mmmm, Kentucky.”

Before I could register the comedy of it, his mouth was back inside my pussy. He alternated between long deep strokes of his tongue, with short quick flicks on my clit. I begged for him to suck on my clit but he wouldn’t appease me. I tried to force my clit into his mouth by swiveling my hips down onto his face, but he recognized what I was doing.

In a swift motion he once again turned my body to face the door and secured me there with one arm. A brutal smack on my right ass cheek reminded me that I wasn’t in control. He growled, “Be good or next time its two.” I acquiesced with a whimper and he sweetly returned me to my previous position. Instead of diving right back into his amazingly torturous tongue assault on my pussy, he held me firmly and slowly kissed down to my tits. His hands ran up my sides to cup my breasts and he gently rubbed the round flesh of their outsides while his thumbs ever so slightly grazed the tips of my nipples. When they were so hard that they’d condensed to small, solid points, he leaned down and took my left nipple into his mouth. The humidity and power of his sucking made electricity shoot to my clit. He released it and did the same thing with my right nipple. Then, as gentle as he’d been, he grabbed both nipples between his thumbs and pointer fingers and twisted each in the opposite direction. I yelped in pleasure and pain and he pressed his lips against my mouth and stuck his tongue in.

It was a deep, wet, all-consuming kiss, and then it was gone and he was kissing my pussy in the same. This time he was sucking on my clit and only every now and then giving attention to the rest of my pussy. I could feel a climax building. He could feel my body reacting to his ministrations and delicately stroked the entrance of my pussy with his fingers. I begged him to penetrate me, but he only responded with izmir escort more insistent sucking. Tears leaked from my eyes as the intensity of his oral service combatted with my ability to stay upright.

I screamed as the orgasm hit me. My body let go and he responded by pushing me upwards and burying his face in my pussy, content to let me ride out my orgasm on his face while lapping up my cum. As I slowly recovered from what would be my first orgasm, he pushed my back against the door and began kissing my face, lips, and neck. Knowing I was getting a brief reprieve, I sank into his arms. He enfolded me into his arms and let me catch my breath. As I began to recover he whispered in my ear, “This is nowhere near over.”

Of course I knew that. I knew that the kindest part of the fantasy was over. From here on out, I was in for a brutal fucking. I also knew that he wouldn’t just pound me caveman style; he would teach me pleasure in ways I’d never experienced. As I finished that thought, again I was spun towards the wall and my legs were spread. Quickly, and without lube, I felt a finger push between my ass cheeks. It hurt and I tried to wriggle out of it, but he just pressed me against the wall even harder and pushed his finger in deeper. Quickly his cock was working its head between my pussy lips. I ached to feel his cock and pushed against him, disregarding the consequences of my behavior. John hadn’t forgotten his warning and immediately picked up on my movement. Like lightening, the finger was out of my ass and two solid smacks were delivered to my prone butt cheeks. Then he leaned into my left ear and said, “Next time it’s three.”

Then, without warning, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and shoved his cock into my pussy. I shouted in pain and pleasure and he began slamming his cock into me at a ravenous pace. Eventually he released me from my pinned against the wall position and let me bend over in a semi-doggy style position. This only gave him more leverage in fucking my abused pussy. As he fucked me he grabbed my left hand and forced it into my pussy. “I want you to play with your clit for me, baby,” he said. My finger knew exactly where to go and I didn’t need a further invitation. I began flicking my clit while he made long, deep strokes in and out of my pussy. As the pace of me rubbing my clit picked up, so did his thrusts. I couldn’t dampen the volume of my moans as his cock rubbed my cunt towards another climax. I could tell he was close too. His cock was swelling and throbbing with a massive load. I rubbed my clit harder and begged him to cum, knowing that his climax would get me there as well.

In the last moments, he threw both of my arms against the wall over my head and secured them with his right hand. Then he proceeded to grab my left ass cheek, securing it there with his thumb in my ass. I could feel his cum working its way from his balls and the thought of the impending explosion inside of my pussy, matched with the hot fingering of my asshole, was enough to push me over the edge. I screamed his name as his cum shot into me, and submitted to the orgasm that was consuming me.

As we both began to recover, we sunk into a sweaty, sticky pile on the cool floor in front of the door. Kissing and holding each other, our eyes met and we both smirked as we remembered that the weekend had just begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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