Katie’s First Time

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This is a quickie while I organise another couple of larger pieces. I have set this one in NYC, some time in the early eighties. I think this will be just a one off but I may come back to these characters at some point in the future but this will have to do for now.




The apartment on Park Lane was much bigger than her own tiny apartment, but it was the pictures that drew Katie’s eye as Penny led her into the living room. A series of framed pictures showed city skylines from around the world and she stopped in front of a group of four photographs arranged around a larger photograph of the New York city skyline. The top one was obviously London and the bottom was Paris. Her eyes shifted to the left and she read the print under it.

“Stockholm,” she murmured as Penny undid the belt on her overcoat.

“I lived there for nearly two years,” Penny started unbuttoning her coat.

Katie’s eyes moved to the picture on the right that had a city skyline with a tower that looked like a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower.

“Where is that?” Katie glanced over her shoulder as Penny undid the last button and parted the leather overcoat.

“Melbourne, Australia,” she pulled the overcoat over her shoulders and let it fall down her back. Katie felt a slight uneasiness as Penny tossed the overcoat over the back of a couch, “I worked there for six months.”

“You’re quite the world traveller,” Katie moved to inspect some pictures on the other wall, one of them was Sydney, alongside pictures of Singapore, Tokyo, Rome, Athens, and Berlin. The row of pictures below it had pictures of Edinburgh, Madrid, Cape Town, Cairo, and Amsterdam. The next row of pictures were of Washington D.C, San Francisco, New Delhi, and Moscow. The next row had three pictures, Auckland, Nairobi, and Seoul. The next row had two pictures, Oslo and Warsaw, the last row had a single picture of Beirut. Standing back the whole arrangement took on the shape of a very wide V and she looked at Penny and raised an eyebrow.

“I’ve been to all those places,” she flicked at the tie of her red satin, pussybow blouse, “shall I take your coat?”

Katie hesitated before undoing the belt of her overcoat. The question hung heavy in the air, this a casual evening with a woman she’d just met, and as the belt slid through the buckle she felt as if someone else was controlling her hands. It had started with a drink at a gay bar and now she was in another woman’s apartment. What was she doing here? She’d gone there hoping to find Denise and instead she’d found herself drinking with Penny. Now she was in her apartment and she suspected she was probably going to shed a lot more than her coat.

She parted the coat to reveal a cream, satin blouse and plaid, button through pencil skirt and slid the overcoat over her shoulders, vaguely conscious that Penny’s eyes had shifted to take in her ample bosom beneath the blouse. It made her feel aroused. How long had it been since she’d consciously done something that could be construed as suggestive?

Too long, she mused.

She had originally stepped inside the bar hoping to find Denise but she’d heard enough about the place from her co-worker over the last few months.

“It used to be a speakeasy but these days it’s just a regular bar. I go there on Friday, you really should check it out some time.”

Framed newspapers hung above some of the booths, one showed police posing beside confiscated liquor with grim looks on their faces. Whether the picture was taken here or elsewhere was unclear, but the new owners had certainly made the history of the place a feature. Pictures of jazz stars and bands adorned one wall, even though the jukebox was stocked with the usual Top Forty tunes. The jukebox was the only thing that seemed at odds amongst the Roaring Twenties style décor. Even the bar staff were dressed in period clothing, the girls in white, flowing blouses and trousers and the men in grey suits and white shirts.

The clientèle seemed to be a mixture of gay and straight, and in the case of the gay couples, their mannerisms seemed remarkably subdued. This was a place to chill out, have a few drinks and perhaps find a companion, it was not the place to flaunt your sexuality. What was immediately apparent however was that the patrons had money and style, judging by their outfits. However, despite waiting at a table by the window for nearly fifteen minutes she didn’t see Denise. It was as she was preparing to leave that a barmaid put a drink on her table and nodded at a woman in a red blouse sitting in a booth some twenty feet away.

“The lady in red,” she murmured.

Katie hesitated as she contemplated the drink and the woman in succession. The gesture was unmistakeably sexual and yet Katie wasn’t sure she wanted to accept a drink from a strange woman. It wasn’t until the woman turned to look at someone else that Katie gathered her drink and purse and made her way over to the table.

“Thanks,” she stopped by the booth.

“You are welcome,” the redhead purred.

The accent bursa yabancı escort was definitely English and Katie felt a slight warmth as she slid into the seat opposite her and took her measure. She looked to be a few years older with thick auburn hair framing a broad face. She had a firm jawline and when she smiled it was obvious she was on good terms with her dentist. Her eyes looked to be green but it was hard to tell in the subdued lighting.

“Penny Lee,” she held out her hand.

“Katie Marsh,” Katie shook her hand and felt something leave her body, her eyes shifted slightly to take in the shimmering satin blouse as Penny’s smile deepened to reveal dimples in her cheeks.

“Pleased to meet you,” Penny released her hand, “I can’t say I haven’t seen you here before because this is the first time I’ve been here.”

“Likewise,” she replied, “I was hoping to meet my friend here but she hasn’t showed up.”


“No, nothing like that although she is a friend but you know what I mean.”

“I do,” Penny’s smile deepened, “it’s a changed world, we used to have girlfriends without having to explain ourselves, now we have to define the relationship or hide it.”

“I’m straight,” she felt the need to explain.

“I’m bisexual,” Penny replied.

Katie felt a little relief at that but there was still the need to define the relationship between Denise and herself.

“Denise and I work for the I.M.F.”

“Turtle Bay?” Penny shifted in her seat, “it’s surprising I haven’t seen you before, I work for the World Health Organisation, I’m an analyst.”

“I’m an archivist,” she replied, “your job sounds more exciting.”

“It can be, interesting,” Penny smiled, “analysing produces unexpected results when you drill down deep enough.”

It was an off the cuff comment that could be taken either way, in this place it was only too obvious and Katie felt a slight uneasiness as she looked past her.

“I take it this isn’t the type of bar you usually frequent.”

“I tend to just go home at night,” she replied, “but Denise has been trying to entice me to get out. I was engaged up until twelve months ago but it’s time to get back in the saddle again so here I am, sitting in a gay bar wondering if I should go or stay,” she looked at her drink.

“What happened?”

“We got engaged in college, we were planning on getting married next year but then his company sent him to Peru to help drill a new oil well, he met someone down there,” it came out in a rush, “it puts a whole new emphasis on drilling for new wells.”

“I guess so,” Penny’s eyes softened.

Penny seemed to exude a wisdom and strength beyond her years but was she prepared to go this far with her? Katie moved about the room as Penny fixed her a drink. They had spent a good couple of hours at that bar and in that time she’d felt herself drawing closer to her, to the point that when Penny suggested she come back for a drink she agreed.

“Just the drink though.”

“Of course,” she shrugged.

Nevertheless, Katie felt as if she was skating on thin ice as they stepped into the apartment some twenty minutes later. Penny’s apartment was over a dozen blocks from Katie’s and getting a cab at this time of night wasn’t an option. She looked at the sofa. It looked comfortable, she moved to it and eased herself onto a seat. The décor suggested a woman very comfortable with her femininity, she obviously wasn’t the butch kind. She could probably use a few home furnishing tips for her own apartment she reasoned.

“Jack Daniels,” Penny handed her a glass.

“Thanks,” Katie leaned back against the couch as Penny took a seat next to her.

“Cheers,” she held her glass up and they clinked glasses, “here’s to smoky New York bars.”

“Smoky New York bars,” she smiled.

The drink went down smoothly and she closed her eyes to appreciate the effect. The woman had style, panache and yet she had an earthiness about her as well that felt comforting.

“So tell me,” Penny spoke up, “have you ever thought about doing it with a woman?”

Katie’s eyes flew open a moment later.

“You never asked me that in the bar.”

“In the bar we were just talking shop,” she smiled, “I didn’t bring you back here for that but I was just asking a simple question.”

“A few times,” she finally admitted, “well, once or twice.”

“Just curious or was it more serious?”

“It’s hard to answer that,” she sipped her drink, “Melanie was the first girl I was attracted to but that was in senior high and to be honest everyone was attracted to Melanie, she was home coming queen two years in a row. We used to say that if you didn’t want to be in Melanie then you wanted to be Melanie.”

She took another sip.

“Sandra was another girl I had a crush on, I knew her in college.”

“What was it about Sandra that turned you on?”

Katie looked at her and Penny smiled.

“Just out of curiosity, I like the name it makes me think of Sandra Dee.”

“I liked the bursa sınırsız escort fact that she didn’t need to be flirting with guys. I knew her for two years before she graduated and I never saw her with a guy or a girl for that matter, it was like she had this total focus on her studies. She became a journalist and I heard she was hired by the L.A Times.”

“Short blonde hair to about here,” she touched her shoulders, “kind of petite figure?”

“Sounds familiar, do you know her?”

“Possibly, we held a press conference out in L.A about two and a half years ago. I wasn’t the one being grilled, I was just handing out press releases to the press contingent. Most of them were male but there were four females amongst them, I’m sure one of them was Sandra.”

“Sandra was one of those women who just caught my eye because she was different.”

“So you said, but if she’d come onto you, would you have reciprocated?”

Katie closed her eyes as she contemplated her answer.

“Quite possibly but who knows? I’ve never been with a woman, the idea does appeal to me in a vaguely academic way.”

“One way to find out,” Penny replied, “was that why you came in tonight?”

“I was hoping to meet Denise,” she pursed her lips, “now she’s another woman who I might sleep with if pushed.”


“I guess because,” she paused, “Denise just seems to breeze through life without worrying about finding a man, I know she’s turned down a few offers from men.”

“Is she that way inclined?”

“To be honest I don’t know,” she admitted, “possibly, she goes to that club on Friday nights and thought it would be a good place for me to check out,” she looked over as Penny reached out and tugged at the gold necklace tucked up under her collar.

“Where did you get this?”


“It’s pretty,” Penny’s other hand slipped across the back of the couch, “may I?”

“Be my guest,” Katie bowed her head and let Penny undo the clasp, the necklace fell into her hand and she held it up for a closer inspection while her other hand gently stroked the back of Katie’s head.

“It didn’t cost that much.”

“Even so,” Penny murmured, “it’s still distinctive, I would have thought it cost a lot more.”

Her fingers flared outwards through Katie’s hair and the younger woman closed her eyes for a few moments as the gentle caressing continued.

“Sorry,” Penny laid the necklace on the coffee table, “I wasn’t thinking.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Katie leaned back against the couch, “I would have said so.”

Penny pivoted to face her and reached out with her other hand to turn her face towards her, she kept her hand against her cheek, firmly cupping it while she stared into her eyes. The moment seemed to last much longer for Katie but eventually she too reached out and grabbed one of Penny’s ties between thumb and forefinger, working her way upwards and yet not exerting too much pressure on the tie. Penny’s hand slipped around to the back of Katie’s head and she inched closer. Katie had reached her bow and yet she didn’t try to untie it yet.

“So you’re curious?” Penny’s eyes widened slightly.

“A little curious, and nervous, so you’re not with anyone?”

“No, I was with someone last week but she’s moved on I think, I was actually hoping to see her at the bar tonight but it seems we both missed the boat,” she smiled.

Katie looked past her for a few moments and then back at her as Penny moved a hand through her hair, it moved easily under her fingers.

“I love your hair though,” she smiled again.

Katie swallowed as she stared into her eyes, noticing under the better lighting that her eyes were a light green. She could pull out now without offence but felt rooted to the spot as the gentle caressing of her hair continued. It was slow and deliberate, there were no sudden movements and by degrees the hand moved downwards to her collar and slipped behind it and around to the front, she reached the top button and pulled the collar towards her playfully. Katie looked down at the hand and a moment later put her hand around Penny’s wrist and held it there.

She focused on the ties of her blouse, it was one of those longer ones that wrapped around her neck and tied off in the front, the ends reached her belly. Katie released her wrist and reached over to tweak a tie, working her way upwards to the bow. Penny’s eyes shifted as she exerted more pressure on Katie’s collar and her other arm slid along the back of the couch to her head. A hand slipped through her hair as Katie focused on the bow and then Penny pulled her inexorably towards her, their mouths came closer and there was a moment of hesitation. Katie’s pulse was racing as Penny tilted her head to one side and kissed her daintily on the lips.

She felt a surge of panic and pulled back momentarily and then Penny kissed her again, forcing her lips open and holding the kiss for a few seconds. Penny pushed harder. Katie felt the giddiness rising, a combination of alcohol and görükle escort arousal, Penny’s mouth opened wider and she began tugging at her lips, taking her a little higher and then she pulled back and stared into her eyes.

Katie’s breathing became shallower. She smelled sweet, heady perfume and her fingers tugged at the pussybow as she pulled Penny down again for another kiss. This one lasted a little longer and Katie felt her resolve slipping away as she gave into the kiss. Penny released her hold on the collar and stroked the front of her blouse all the way down to her belly.

It caused Katie to pull back slightly as she watched Penny stroking her front with slow, casual movements, her eyes riveted on her, a smile nudged her lips as she hooked her finger under the placket and teasingly pulled it outwards, a button behind her waistband temporarily stopped the material sliding out and then it broke free and Katie winced.

“It’s called foreplay,” Penny murmured, “you should try it some time.”

“Is that right?” Katie grabbed one of her ties and pulled it, the satin tie slid through the knot, taking the bow with it and then it was free of the knot. Penny smiled as she shifted position so as she was facing her and grabbed the wide pleats of her bodice. Katie looked down briefly as the material pulled outwards and then she grabbed the other tie and pulled it down out of the knot.

Penny grinned and pulled playfully on her pleats, sliding her hands up and down and as she passed her breasts she dragged her knuckles over them. Katie’s pulse quickened, she felt warmth in her breasts and the hint of moisture between her legs as Penny kept moving her hands up and down. Katie pulled again on the ties and their lips met again in a series of short but soft kisses and she moaned and parted her mouth again, this kiss was a full open-mouthed kiss and she undid the knot on Penny’s blouse.

Penny murmured in pleasure as she reached the top of Katie’s blouse and moved to the top button and then Katie moved sideways, it took Penny by surprise and she hesitated.

“Too far?”

“Not here,” she swallowed, “the bedroom.”

“The bedroom it is,” Penny released her blouse.

“I have to pee,” she rose and looked down at Penny, “where’s your?”

“Out that door,” she pointed, “down the hall and second on the left.”

Katie stared at her reflection in the mirror some five minutes later. She was slightly tipsy but still in control. She could finish washing her hands, grab her things and just leave. Penny represented no threat to her and she certainly wasn’t in love with the woman but the encounter of a few minutes ago presented her with a unique opportunity. The chance to try it on with a woman without the messy morning after autopsy. No one was waiting for her, Penny didn’t even know her address and a smile nudged her lips as she dried her hands and proceeded to brush her hair again. Katie’s thick, blonde hair was styled to emulate Farrah Fawcett’s iconic look. She pouted in the mirror and flicked the brush through her hair one last time.

“Well, here goes nothing,” she stepped out of the bathroom and turned off the light.

She could hear the sounds of Saturday Night Fever, which brought back memories of her last year of college. The music came from a Hi-Fi system near the bed, her eyes flickered to the system with its four foot high speakers and sleek silver components.

Penny was sitting on the bed with her back against the brass bedhead and one foot still on the floor, the other leg was stretched out on the bed. She had unwrapped the tie around her neck and the ends were draped out beside her, the collar was still held together with three buttons. Penny undid the two buckles holding the wide leather belt closed and dropped it on the floor. She hooked her thumbs behind the elasticised waistband of the three-quarter length, pleated skirt and waited. Katie shut the door and eyed the bed.

“Climb aboard, your flight is ready for departure,” Penny patted the space beside her.

Katie put one foot on the bed and unzipped her knee length boot and dropped the boot on the floor, she did the same with the other boot and Penny lifted her skirt above her knees to reveal her own boots and she smiled.

“Would you be a dear?”

Katie unzipped her boots and dumped them on the floor and fluffed out her hair. For a moment neither woman moved and then Katie knelt on the bed and crawled towards her on all fours. Penny reached for her but she slapped the hands away playfully and Penny’s hands fell to her lap.

“This was one of my favourite albums,” Katie regarded her with a sly smile.

“Mine too,” Penny grinned.

Their lips met in a gentle kiss and she gave herself to it, pushing harder against her mouth and she was aware of Penny’s hands rising to grab her pleats. Her knee was planted firmly between Penny’s legs as she grabbed the brass bedhead. She felt moistness between her legs as the older woman kept tugging at her pleats, as if she was considering her next move and it was the sheer anticipation that felt so exhilarating. Katie released the bedhead and moved her hands down through Penny’s hair, feeling the silkiness of her hair. She reached the collar and sat down on her legs as she began to undo the three buttons. Penny kept pulling at her pleats as Katie undid the collar. It parted to reveal her milky white throat.

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