KattieLynn , Tucker – Distraction

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KattieLynn & Tucker — The Saturday Distraction

Tucker is not a major sports fan. There are no NFL teams around here and we don’t root for any one of them from other cities. No baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, team logo items anywhere in the house. We do play golf, but neither of us cares to watch it on TV. Now, he does like to watch our alma mater play football on Saturdays during the fall. Normally, I leave him to it and (if I’m not working) arrange to meet some of the girls at the mall. We have a nice lunch, do some serious shopping, and adjourn to someone’s house for a few hours of ‘girl talk’. Lots of fun, and no harm done (except to my Visa card!).

Last October, the Saturday schedule was all set. The ‘TEAM” was playing at 1:00 pm and he was well stocked with soft drinks and snacks. However, it was raining; not just raining — it was coming down in buckets! I started to look for Noah and the Ark to come cruising up our street! There was no way I was going to the mall, let alone get the other girls out in this storm. Tucker, as usual, was dressed in his old beat up school jersey and an even older pair of sweatpants (I swear, there were mildew stains on it!), sitting on the couch at game time. We had finished the housework, all the laundry was done, and the place was as clean as it could be. I went upstairs to the fitness room (where we keep all our workout gear) and did a few reps and a routine, to work off some of that nervous energy. That ate up an hour. “What do I do for the rest of the day?” I thought to myself. There was no catch up from work and I was tired of reading. Since Tucker had the big screen TV occupied with his game, (I, by the way, HATE FOOTBALL!) I was regulated to watching a movie in the bedroom. Well, that sure wasn’t going to work!

I sat there on the bed, a ‘chick flick’ (as he calls them) in the DVD player. I was only half watching it as I’ve seen it several times and could almost parrot the lines for each scene, totally bored. I can hear Tucker in the living room, yelling at mistakes, cheering whenever they do something right. Actually, he’s yelling a lot more than cheering as our team wasn’t very good last year, or so he’s told me, in seemingly endless detail! What is it about men that makes them so hung up on sports? And, what is it about them that makes them think we’re INTERESTED in this stuff? Most of my girl friends admit that they ‘put on a show’ to have something to share with their guy. Those that are interested are rare!

I’m feeling kind of down about now, sitting there in lumpy old sweats, watching a movie I know by heart, and wondering what I’m going to do for the rest of the day. He’s engrossed in his game, and not paying any attention to ME. Hmmm….”OK, let’s just see what he’s more interested in,” I think. I climb off the bed and quickly shuck off my cloths. I’m a little sweaty from the workout, so I hop in the shower, blow dry my hair (this usually takes several minutes as I keep it down around my shoulders). I come out of the bathroom and rummage in my closet, looking for that super sexy little nightgown I got at my bridal shower, the one I’ve never actually worn, since I sleep nude. I find it, still packed in the original pink box with the pink tissue paper tucking it inside.

It’s black and totally sheer, with a tiny bit of lace at the neckline and hem, which comes down about to my hips. The only area you can’t see completely through is the neckline and the crotch of the cute little thong panties, which aren’t too much denser, but do at least leave something to the imagination (not much, but something!). I slip the top over my head, fluffing my hair so it falls over the front, hiding my breasts. The material is so sheer; it drapes beautifully from the neckline, down over the slope of my breasts, and drops straight from the two points of my nipples. “How sexy!” I think, as I twirl around in front of the mirror, the soft fabric sliding over my bare skin. I slip into the sheer panties, and notice the little Velcro tab in the back. I’m thinking, “These Antalya Escort are definitely NOT meant to sleep in!” since the thong digs into your crotch at very uncomfortable places, the little Velcro tab digs into the spot just above the divide of your ass cheeks, and the thong comes down from the back and passes through the groove of the vulva, resting between and separating the labia.

“Oh, well, I guess they’re not meant for you to keep them on long enough to find them uncomfortable. Definitely designed by a man!” I think to myself, with the Velcro tab already itching me. Now to ‘test’ them!

I went out into the hallway, standing at the top of the stairs. I heard Tucker yelling and groaning at something on the TV — guess our boys are doing their usual ‘great job’ on Saturday. I saunter down the steps, trying to look my most alluring. He doesn’t even look up from the couch, his eyes riveted to the set. “Maybe he didn’t hear me,” I think. I cross behind him. The living room is set up so that the couch faces the far wall and the big screen TV (a 68 inch LCD that he JUST HAD TO HAVE last year!). I pass close behind the couch, swirling the sheer fabric of the nightie so it brushes the back of his neck. No reaction, except he leans forward. “Maybe I missed him,” I thought. I cross into the kitchen, then back out, passing even closer to the back of the couch. The hem slipped past his ears.

“What?” he exclaims in a distracted way, his eyes never leaving the set. “Nothing,” I reply, standing behind him. “This isn’t working too well,” I think. I head back upstairs, grabbing that bottle of perfume he bought me for Christmas. I spray some on my chest, a little on my arms and, what the hell, a small spray down the front of the panties. Back downstairs. Back to the parade behind the couch. Still no reaction. Now I’m getting a little frustrated. “Time to pull out the big guns!” I think. I walk directly in front of the TV, pause, and bend over as though I’m looking for something on the coffee table. My butt is facing him and I know he’s got a great view since the nightie only comes down to my hips when I’m standing!

“You’re blocking the TV” I hear. I freeze. I’m CRUSHED (but I’m also PISSED)! I look back over my shoulder, fire in my eyes! He’s sitting there with this big grin on his dumb face and a MAJOR bulge in his pants! “I started the TiVo as soon as you came downstairs. I slipped upstairs and watched you put that little nightgown on. What a SHOW! I almost jumped you when you were spinning around in front of the mirror! I figured you were planning something!”

I raced across the short distance and jumped on him, knocking him off balance. We both fell to the floor, me on top. I pinned his arms with my knees, my pussy only inches from his face. He’s laughing and I’m trying to look furious (and failing miserably, now that I know I haven’t lost my ‘groove’!). In one swift move, he frees his arms, wraps them around my waist, and pulls my panty covered crotch to his mouth. Now he’s nuzzling my clit through the super sheer semitransparent fabric. I lost all pretense of ‘furious’ and succumbed to his attentions, moaning softly and rocking my hips up and down as his hands moved from my waist to cup the globes of my ass.

My knees were on either side of his face and I tilt my body forward, resting my hands on the tops of my thighs, my hips tilting down to bring the full groove of my sex to his mouth. I reached behind me, pulling at the Velcro tab, releasing the thong of the panty, pulling to out from in front of me, the material sliding over my exposed clit. This exposes my pussy to his very talented tongue, an invitation he picked up on in a heartbeat! His tongue started at the bottom of the slit, gently parting the lips as it moved upward, pausing to dip into the channel between them, continuing upward to flick across the super sensitive tip of my clitoris. A shock of pleasure rocked me backward, waves of delight spreading upwards as he used his tongue to alternately tease and press on my Antalya Escort Bayan clit, his fingers now finding the groove of my ass and traveling downward, spreading the globes apart, searching for and finding the delicate rose bud of my anus. One finger rotated around this very sensitive opening, massaging the muscles, relaxing and opening them for his penetration.

My hips were now rocking up and down on his face, his tongue driving me positively wild, as his finger slipped into my back passage and began pressing against the back wall of my vaginal canal. His other hand moved upward, along my side and under the hem of the nightie, to seize my breast, cupping and stroking it, tweaking the nipple to rock like hardness. I was completely turned on! My head fell forward, my hair cascading down to brush against his face. I know he’s hard as stone by now and reach back behind me with my free hand, searching for his cock through the sweatpants. My hand finds it and, sure enough, he’s fully erect! “This is going to turn out to be a fun day after all!” I think.

I free his erection from his pants by reaching under the waistband and pushing it down. He lifts his butt off the floor so it can pass his hips and now I can get to the full length of it. My hand strokes him, squeezing the base and sliding up to the head, mimicking the action of his tongue in my very wet pussy. When my hand passed over the head of his cock, I felt the slick liquid of his precum coat my palm. I raised it to my lips, licking the musky sweet fluid off and returning to stroking his length. “Yes, this DEFINITELY was going to be one of those fun days!” raced through my mind as he continued to lick my pussy and suck on the clit, totally engulfing it and its hood in his mouth. I felt a climax building deep in my belly, pulses of sensation radiating upward from my vagina as his tongue raced up and down the slit, probing the opening to my channel, flicking across my clit. I started to cum, feeling the fluids gush out of my pussy as I ground down on his mouth, my head thrown back, moaning out my passion.

He moved my hips backward and I looked down at his face through glazed eyes. His mouth was smeared with the lubricating juices from my sex, his eyes bright with passion. I felt him reaching down to free his legs of the entangling sweatpants, which he kicked off over his feet. He easily picked me up, my legs straddling his hips, my heels locked behind his waist. He turned, sitting on the couch, placing me so I was kneeling with my legs spread, my knees on either side of his hips, his cock pointed directly at my wide-open pussy. I raised my hips just enough to reach between my legs and grasp his cock, guiding it between the lips, settling down and back, feeling him enter me, stretch me, penetrate me. Down and down I settled, feeling his entire length sliding up into me. As I settled to rest the underside of my wide-open thighs on the tops of his, I tilted forward, my breasts, still covered in that silly little nightie, contacting his chest. I purred in satisfaction, as his hands found my ass cheeks again, raising me up slightly, then releasing me to bounce on the hard length embedded in my body.

I turned my head, resting my cheek against his shoulder, my hips rising and falling, feeling his cock slide ever so effortlessly in and out of my vaginal channel, the upper surface dragging over the tip of my clit, the width stretching me ever do delightfully! “God! This has to be as close to heaven as I’ll ever get,” I thought, my mouth making meaningless sounds as I bounced up and down on him. I turned my head, searching for his mouth, smelling my sex from the juices still smeared on his lips and chin. We kiss, his tongue, so recently buried in my pussy, now entering my mouth and I taste myself. “Oh My God! This is driving me wild!” I think, feeling my pussy start to clamp on his cock, feeling him grabbing the cheeks of my ass to lift me almost clear of him as he picks me up and drops me, picks me up and drops me, his hips rising again and Escort Antalya again to meet me as I fall! I know I’m about to cum again, feeling the pulses start to radiate up from my abdomen, crashing though my chest and flooding me with waves of pleasure!

My head is thrown back, our kiss released, as I gasp for air, shuddering and grinding down on the hardness buried inside me, seeking more and more of him. My face is flushed, I can feel goose bumps raise on the cheeks of my ass and the backs of my thighs, my muscles of my arms and legs quiver. My climax passes, slowly dropping me back to reality. My hips are still rocking back and forth, slowly, with his cock fully engulfed by my vagina. I fall forward again, momentarily spent with the force of these sensations. And, still, Tucker isn’t finished!

He rolls to the side, lowering me on my back to the cushions of the couch. The leather is cool under me, a blessed relief. He kneels in front of me, lifting my legs so the soles of my feet are pointed directly at the ceiling and he swings my legs together. He’s still deep inside me, never having budged as he moved us into this new position. My legs are closed, his hands holding my ankles. He begins to slide in and out of my tightly clenched pussy, a totally new sensation! I can feel the labia pushed and pulled in time to his thrusts. It’s s new and very wonderful feeling — we’ve never made love like this before!

He levered himself upward, driving his cock into me from a different angle, bending my legs towards my chest, rotating my hips upward, and bringing my vaginal plane higher. I can feel his balls slapping on the cheeks of my ass, his cock plunging in and out, the liquid sounds of our lovemaking filling my ears. Dimly, I can hear the TV still blaring away, not caring, only able to concentrate on this incredible, delightful screwing I’m receiving!

“Oh, God! Oh, my God!” I hear myself gasping as yet one more climax starts to build. Now, I’m multi orgasmic, but everything has a limit! I don’t know how much more I can take! This climax is so different, my pussy clamped tight on him with my legs closed, the lips pulled out with every outstroke, pushed in with every thrust! My clit is being pummeled by his pubic mound every time he stokes in, the pressure driving me higher and higher!

I throw my head back and groan again, and again, as this climax crashes through me! Every muscle is quivering, every nerve ending feels like it’s on fire, the walls of my vagina are rippling up and down on the hard length embedded in me. “Please, Tucker, please!” I beg, “No more! Please, cum, please!”

He smiles down at me, letting me legs open, bending forward to lay his chest against my breasts, the nightie pushed up around my throat. His chest is slick with sweat and I realize we’re both drenched! How long have we been at this? I can’t remember, I don’t want to remember; I just want to feel him cum inside of me!

His thrusts are getting rapid, his back arches, and his hips drive him forward repeatedly. I feel that wonderful throbbing of his cock, knowing he’s about to explode in my depths! His semen boils up, shooting with incredible force, slamming into my cervix, as he groans and yells out his climax. He seems to cum forever! I can’t hold it all and I feel it spilling out from around the base of his cock, dripping down between the cheeks of my ass! He falls forward, a few last thrusts finishing him completely. I wrap my arms around him, slowly bobbing my hips up and down, milking him, and giving him that final touch of pleasure.

The sounds of the TV come back to me and I hear “TOUCHDOWN!” by the screaming announcer! “Oh, yeah! You think you know what a TOUCHDOWN is? Well, guy, I just had THREE!” I think, a secret little smile on my face.

Tucker moves, his cock slipping out of me. I’m spent! I look down at his moist cum smeared cock and bend forward, taking the now limp length of him into my mouth, licking him clean, tasting his cum and my sex, mingled on the part of him that joins us together. He leaned back on the couch as I moved to kneel in front of him, between his legs, licking and sucking at him. I look up into his face, a soft satisfied smile on his lips. I can his cock in my mouth stirring, starting to get hard again. “Yes, indeed! This is turning into a MOST delightful day!”

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