KC’s Story

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I owe a huge debt to my editor Cheer_Smartie526 for making something decent out of a train wreck. I don’t usually write in the first person and I’m not a woman, so this was a bit of a stretch. I appreciate your any feedback you have ( although just saying ” you suck” is not very helpful.


I took a deep breath and looked at the door. On the other side of it were a man and a woman and I was going to have sex with them. Well, not them, just him. But the woman, my friend Fiona, would also be having sex with him. That made sense, because he was her boyfriend, or partner or significant other. I don’t know why I am so nervous. She had told me so much about Frank that I know him a lot better than some of the other men I have fucked. Maybe it is because I have never had sex in front of anyone. I had never even seriously considered a threesome before, but Fiona picked a day that I was really, really horny to ask and I said yes. Now here I was.

One more breath and I knock on the door. It opens and there is Fiona, looking amazing, as always. She had a huge smile on her face.

“Where’s Frank?” I asked.

“He’s getting ready, I think he likes the stuff we bought for him at the sex shop,” she replied enthusiastically.

“What are you so nervous about?” she asked.

“I’ve never had sex with someone else watching me,” I replied.

“I don’t know, after listening to some of your stories I felt like I was there,” she said.

“Once things start happening you won’t even notice me,” she assured me, “and I can’t wait to get started.”

The sight of Fiona’s nipples practically poking through her shirt testified to her eagerness. I still was not sure I could go through with this.

“I just don’t know…” I mumbled.

“It’s easy, watch,” Fiona said as she slipped her hands inside her shirt. I could see her hands caressing her breasts right in front of me.

The power of speech left me stuttering, “I…I…I…”

“Go head, play with your tits. I bet once you start you will forget I am here,” she moaned, clearing enjoying what she was doing.

Nervously I put on hand inside my shirt. I gripped the front clasp between my fingers and unfastened it. My breasts tumbled free. I am blessed with great tits. I’m a 34D, but I don’t look radically top heavy, and despite their size the girls have a bit of perkiness to them. My nipples are big as well, especially when I get aroused, almost as big around as my thumb when I get really turned on. I slid my hand onto my now free breast. It did feel good. I closed my eyes and pinched my nipples between my thumb and forefinger. It made my skin tingle all over. ‘Holy shit, I’m playing with myself in front of Fiona’ I thought. Then Fiona interrupted my inner monologue.

“I’m so wet,” she moaned. I opened my eyes to see Fiona had put her other hand down her pants. I felt my face flush, no doubt turning a deep red. She was touching herself… down there. Suddenly the reality of the situation hit me. I’d be watching her get touched by Frank just like she was touching herself. And she would watch me getting fucked.

“I bet you are pretty wet too,” Fiona said, looking right at me.

I don’t know how or why, but suddenly I found my hand in my pants. As Fiona eagerly looked on I slipped my fingers under my panties, through my pubic hair. Finally my fingertip rested on my labia. Fiona was right, I was wet too. I stroked the wet folds of flesh and my whole body trembled. I did it again. I was no longer nervous about Fiona watching me, and a soft moan escaped my lips.

“Okay, I think you are ready now. Give me a minute to make sure Frank is ready and then come to the back bedroom.” Fiona said as she walked away.

I stopped masturbating and straighten up my clothes. I don’t know why, I had insisted Frank be blindfolded. I still wasn’t sure I wanted anyone to know I was doing this, but my attitude was slowly changing. I probably one waited two minutes, but it felt like forever. I was so horny I did not care if Frank had put on the outfit we had chosen for him, or even if he was blindfolded. I walked to the bedroom and slowly pushed the door open.

Fiona had Frank standing in the doorway of the bathroom. I think I squealed a little when I saw him. He looked hot. He was wearing tight leather shorts and some leather straps across his chest. A black blindfold covered his eyes and his hands were resting on the door frame. I noticed Beylikdüzü escort the restraints were on the bed, I guess Fiona decided we did not need them for now. I had seen pictures of Frank, but none like this. The first thing I noticed was he had a nice ass. He had nice legs as well. His upper body was good, but not perfect.

After looking him up and down I commented the outfit looked even better than I thought it would. Fiona replied that Frank had agreed to follow any command we gave him. Since Frank did not know who I was I was free to indulge my most twisted fantasies, although they are probably pretty tame in the grand scheme of things. I ducked under his arm and stepped into the bathroom. The front view was even better. I ran my fingers through the hair on his chest. I looked down and saw his erection straining against the short. The leather was pulled so tight it was like a drum. Fiona was taking her clothes off, so I did the same. I’m not a lesbian, I don’t even consider myself bi-curious, but I have to admit Fiona looks very sexy when she is naked. Once my clothes were piled up on the bathroom floor I turned my attention back to Frank. I ran my hand over his cock and felt it jerk, and then I began to kiss him. I started with his chest and worked by way up. Fiona must have read my mind, because as soon and I put my hands on Frank’s shoulders she reached around and began to remove his shorts. The moment his cock sprang free I reversed course and began working my way down his body. As I kissed and licked my way along his trail to adventure I heard Fiona whisper to him that I had great tits. It made me wonder if she had any bi-curious tendencies. Any thoughts of Fiona vanished when I got to Frank’s cock. I’m pretty good at giving head, but Fiona’s comment gave me an idea. I took him in my mouth, stretching my lips over his throbbing erection until it filled my mouth. After giving him the start of a very sloppy blowjob I pulled back, the wrapped my breasts around his cock. It seemed only fair that if he did not get to see my tits he at least got to feel them. I wondered if Fiona would be mad if I made him come on my breasts. “Would you like to fuck my tits,” I asked, trying to sound sultry.

In response he thrust his hips forward and his wet cock slid through my cleavage. When the head of his dick emerged from between my breasts I ducked my head down and licked it. Each time it popped up I gave it a sloppy kiss, which kept everything well lubricated.

About the time I started to taste the precum leaking out of him Fiona suggested that we move over to the bed. The two of us guided Frank across the room. He lay on his back and we quickly tied him up, then we climbed on the bed with him.

Fiona urged me on, “Go ahead, and kiss him.”

I hesitantly gave him a peck on the cheek. I don’t know why I suddenly turned so timid.

“You can do better than that,” she said, practically scolding me.

I kissed him on the lips, but only briefly. It suddenly seemed so personal. If I had a boyfriend I could not imagine watching another woman kiss him on the lips. Somehow that was more intimate that having his cock between my tits.

“No,” Fiona said, “let me show you.”

I expected her to kiss Frank, but she did not. Instead she put her hands on my face and pressed her lips to mine. Her tongue snaked into my mouth. I was complete shocked. I’d never been kissed like this by a woman before. But I was also thoroughly aroused. Fiona broke off the kiss and guided me back to Frank.

“Now show me what you learned,” she insisted.

I gave Frank a deep, passionate kiss. Our tongues intertwined and I kept my lips pressed against his until I had to come up for air. The moment I stopped kissing him Fiona started. For a few moments we took turns, and then we began working our way down his body. After kissing and licking his chest Fiona moved to the end of the bed and I followed.

The two of us stood at the foot of the bed and began to caress his legs. I followed her lead and Fiona began to drag her breasts along his thighs. He smelled like a man should. Not like some hipster douche bag cologne, but musky and a little sweaty. The two of us kissed and caressed every bit of his legs. It wasn’t a race, but I was the first one to reach his cock. Somehow it looked bigger and harder than it did when we were in the bathroom. I put my hand around the shaft and pulled it away from his Beylikdüzü escort body, then wrapped my lips around the tip. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Fiona looking on approvingly. I began to bob my head up and down, each time taking more of him into my mouth. My lips stretched around the impressive girth of his cock. This time I did not forget Fiona was there. The fact that she was watching made me even hornier. I gagged a bit as I tried to deep throat him, so I pulled my head up and offered Frank’s cock to Fiona. Without hesitation she engulfed his cock, practically inhaling it. We alternated sucking and licking Frank’s erection until a steady stream of precum began to flow from the tip.

“It’s time,” Fiona said, “You want to go first?”

“No, I want to watch you,” I said. I could not believe I just told my friend I wanted to watch her fuck Frank, but I did. “Okay, but I want to watch you sit on his face,” Fiona replied. We both straddled Frank, and he wasted no time going down on my pussy. As soon as my pussy was close to his mouth he began to kiss and lick me.

I watched intently as Fiona grabbed his cock and guided it towards her pussy. I’ve had sex with the lights on, but I have never had an up close view of fucking quite like this. It was different than watching porn. For starters there is no cheesy music, just the sound of fucking and sucking. There is also the smell of sex. When you are in the moment, like we all were, it is a huge turn on. I watched the purplish head of his cock spread the light pink lips of Fiona’s pussy apart. Fiona lowered her body until his entire cock had disappeared from view. I leaned forward a bit to put my clit closer to Frank’s mouth. As a result my face was inches from Fiona’s tits. It didn’t bother me. I could certainly see why guys got so excited about breasts. I didn’t want to touch them or anything, but seeing Fiona’s tits bounce up and down as she rode Frank’s cock was turning me on. I closed my eyes for a moment, focusing on the feeling of Frank’s tongue penetrating my labia. I began to wish his hands were not tied, but then he put his lips around my clit and began to suck on it. I felt like I was going to melt into a puddle of orgasm. At this point I really had forgotten about Fiona. I could feel my climax building as Frank’s tongue softly stroked my lips and clit. The intensity increased each time he liked me. When he thrust his tongue into me I came with a yelp. My eyes popped open as I snapped out of my trance.

Fiona was staring at me, “Time to saddle up, cowgirl.”

Being on top is not my favorite position. It certainly has its benefits, especially if the guy isn’t that good. Sometimes a girl just has to take charge. This wasn’t one of those times. Fiona had told me enough stories about Frank that I had no doubt he could satisfy me. Fiona was already sitting on Frank’s face, and she was facing me. She clearly wanted to watch me fuck him. I don’t claim to be an expert on the social graces of a threesome, but not putting on a show seemed like it would be a faux pa. I grabbed Frank’s cock, it was still really hard. Apparently he had not come yet, or he was taking something. Just getting his erection pulled back enough that I could press it against my pussy without leaning into Fiona’s tits was a bit of a struggle, but I managed. I was plenty wet from all the oral sex, his erection slid easily inside me. My suspicion that he would feel good was correct. Instead of riding him I chose to just grind against him. I glanced at Fiona; she was looking at the way my pussy stretched around Frank’s cock. Now it was her turn to lean forward. It suddenly occurred to me that Frank was licking her pussy after he had fucked her. She had mentioned he liked doing that before, but I had not really thought about it. For me oral sex is strictly foreplay, but the sound of Frank’s enthusiasm made me wonder if I was wrong.

Fiona’s face was pretty much in my cleavage. Kissing her had been a bit of a shock, but I wasn’t sure I wanted it to go any further. The idea of her mouth on my breasts just did not appeal to me, but I kind of enjoyed feeling her warm breath on my swollen nipples. She was practically panting as Frank went to town on her.

“Yes, yes, yes! Fuck yes!” she screamed, “Make me come you fucking fuck, make me come…”

I don’t know if she came when she was riding his cock, but sure as hell had an orgasm when she was sitting on his face. Escort Beylikdüzü Having Frank’s cock inside me while I watched Fiona have a screaming orgasm was so much better than watching porn and masturbating.

Fiona pretty much fell off of Frank after she came. She looked up at me, “Keep going, I want to see you finish him off.” She smiled and then in her best Mortal Combat voice said “Finish Him!”

“Okay,” I replied, “but I want to finish doggy style.” Doggie style is my favorite. I have some control if I want, or I can let the guy do all the work. I can also get myself off if the guy doesn’t have the skill to make me come. I knew that I would not need to masturbate with Frank; he seemed to have what it takes to make a girl come. I also like it because I can fantasize about taking it in the ass. I don’t know if I will ever have the nerve to try anal sex, but sometimes thinking about it makes me come really hard.

As I extricated myself from Frank, Fiona released his restraints and helped him up. She had him perfectly positioned for me and I got on my hands and knees. I could hear Fiona whispering something to Frank as she snuggled up behind him. I reached back between my legs and grabbed Frank’s cock, eagerly pulling it against my dripping wet pussy. Fiona had clearly made him save himself for me, and intended to embrace her generosity. I’d already climaxed once, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to come again, but I was willing to try. At the very least I wanted to make Frank come inside me.

“Hold still,” I said and I rocked back, thoroughly enjoying the sensation of his throbbing erection filling me. I pushed back until my ass was pressed against him. He had his hands on my hips, pulling me in tight. I leaned forward, feeling every inch of his cock as it slipped past my swollen labia. Frank moved his hand to my breast and pinched my nipple. I moaned involuntarily. He really seemed to like my tits; his hands were all over them.

“Fuck me,” I said, looking back at him over my shoulder.

Somehow he knew I meant ‘Fuck me hard and fast.’ His hips slapped against my ass as he rammed his engorged cock into my wet slit. I sensed he was getting close. His movements were a little less coordinated and he was moaning a lot. With me in front of him and Fiona behind him I was surprised he had lasted as long as he did. I’m sure she was talking dirty to him while he was fucking me.

When he came he squeezed my tits so much it almost hurt. He made two or three more thrusts and then fell onto the bed beside me. I was still pretty turned on and wondered if I would have to get myself off after all.

I looked back at Fiona,” Is he still our fuck toy?”

She smiled and nodded.

“Anything I want?” I asked.

She nodded again.

I leaned over and whispered in Frank’s ear,” I want you to lick my pussy until I come again,” then I laid on my back and spread my legs.

Frank immediately moved into position. He started out by just stroking my vulva with his fingers. It felt really good. Then he slipped two digits inside me, probing for my G spot. It did not take him long to find it and I drew a sharp breath as he pressed on it. Then he began to use his tongue. With just the tip he traced along my labia. I squirmed and moaned in response. I could already tell he was going to make me come.

As he thrust his fingers in and out of me at a languid pace his tongue slowly spiraled into towards my clit. The anticipation was both excruciating and exhilarating. I started to thrust my hips towards him. I knew the moment he licked my clitoris I would climax, but he made me wait. His other hand landed on my breast. Frank began to pinch and tug on my nipple.

“Please,” I begged, “Please let me come.”

He kept me balanced on the very edge of orgasm for what felt like a half hour. Fiona told me later the whole thing took less than ten minutes. It was the most enjoyable ten minutes of sex I had ever had. When I finally came it was overwhelming. I may have crushed his head between my thighs. Frank and Fiona did not say anything, but I had an odd bruise on the inside of my leg. When I finally returned to reality I gave Frank a kiss and said, “You were everything Fiona promised. Maybe next time you won’t have to be restrained.”

I was tempted to remove the blindfold, but I kind of liked the mystery of leaving it on. There would be plenty of other opportunities for him to see me. I liked the idea of him looking at each of Fiona’s friends, or at least the ones with big tits, and wondering which one he had fucked.

I quickly dressed and began to leave. I looked back and Fiona and mouthed ‘Call me later’, then walked out the bedroom door.

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