Keeping it in the Family

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Living with Fran was my dream, ever since we met we’ve wanted that. But there was one downer, we had to live with her mother in the same house because. Well you know how sometimes mums and daughters are.

But Jan, her mum, was sweet and charming and for a woman of 45 she looked a decade younger and a figure similar to Fran to die for.

So I went along with it no problem and we all seemed to get along just fine. Jan and I both work in the local Sainsbury’s Supermarket, I am a grocery Manager and Fran does provision coding which sometimes means we cant do the same shifts. But never the mind because Fran is happy with that and generally these days we are just glad to have fairly well paid jobs.

The bonus now, unlike when we lived apart, is having Fran all to myself at most times, just occasionally Mum joins us of and evening when we like occasionally to share a TV show or something. . But when we are private we can just relax after a hectic days work, because sorting customers complaints can be harassing. But sweet Fran knows just how to calm me, in fact I guess we both know how to calm each other. Fran is the most passionate woman I have ever known and she loves to snuggle up on the deep filled black leather sofa before we finish off the togetherness of the evening in our slumber land bed in a so wonderful bonding which makes for a real deep and gratifying sleep.

First things first though, after evening dinner Fran showers and joins me in her very sexy lingerie, style and type according to the mood she is in with a wonderful fitting dressing gown -and I usually do the same. Although sometimes she prefers I shower later so as not to spoil the scent of the man she loves and adores and wants to pamper so much, she says.

If she wears her black net hold up stockings and red tie-on thong I know exactly what she wants and it is all so very wonderful and thrilling, the different things we do, diverse often and fitting to buca escort our moods.

When we have snuggled a time and one thing leads to another, I enjoy her long deep French kisses and she guides my hand to her breast to enjoy the pleasure of just touching tenderly and enjoying each beautifully erect nipple as she does likewise with me – running her finger tips along the inside of my thigh and more until I feel the utter joy of her touch there. It is so wonderfully warming and in a moment I am quite erect.

Her touch is divine and we both know what we want, and specifically I know what Fran wants when she spreads out on the sofa and paces her head over the arm of the settee and slightly backwards.

Already I feel the thrill brewing in my groin and soon I am in position, standing over her face, her head tucked between my thighs.

She murmurs sweetly that I am divine and she loves me so much and I am just the medicine to end the day, In a moment I feel her hands grasp my thighs from the outside as I lower and crouch just enough to give her what she wants. For the next few moments we both enjoy the absolute delight and thrill of oral stimulation as I feel the gentle touch of her tongue begin to tease my balls. And the bonus is if I lean over just a bit more she had the advantage of enjoying a lot more of me beneath whilst I am able to reach and taste the moistness of her femininity, first through her silk thong and it is do divine teasing my tongue around and around as she gets wetter and wetter.

I feel her head submerge into my crotch, she asking me to wobble a bit as I feel the sensation of her busy mouth and tongue draw me in – teasing my cock beneath the plum and I just enjoy massaging her sweet face with my all as she whispers sweet nothings. In a while we are both enjoying the sucking and tasting of love, each deeply smothered with the joy of each other,

For a while I rise up and massage buca escort bayan my cock just above her face as she continues to suck my balls, her tongue dipping between my ass cheeks and she is enjoying that too, such it the passion in her body I want to give her of my very best, I am wanking strong, occasionally dipping my cock into her opened mouth for her to enjoy another deep and meaningful sucking. Soon I am at a point of no return and Fran knows it, encourages me to go all the way, her ripe tits bunched and inviting, I rub up each nipple with the touch of my p-hole and she yells in ecstasy – soon she takes over the wanking, her hand working wonderfully along the length of my cock until I am ready to shoot my load so strong, the way she has come to know when we do this.

With a surge like the force of mount Etna I am there, spurting over her tits, her face and into her mouth. I cum and cum three times and she enjoyed every spurt, sucking me up for all she is worth and soon I will be doing the same with her.

Such is the deep passion of our love and I know I shall never tire of her as she then gently caresses and kisses my mouth and we taste the scent of each other so intimately. She still looking good in her hold up tights, very sexy and I know soon I shall soon be fucking her in the confines of the bed until we sink into that perfect sleep only lovers know.

It soon came to my mind that Fran’s mother had things on her mind when one evening, when Fran was working late, she snuggled up against me on the sofa and whispered to me just how happy she is to have a son in law like me.

At first I took it just as a compliment thinking it was probably quite normal for one’s mother in law to cuddle up to her daughters guy – and thought no more of it.

But what followed soon changed all that, it was like a mad fit of passion had come over her and her kiss was indicating that she wanted much escort buca more than a cuddle.

Her body was warm and I was confused in the suddenness of it all. And when she was feeling me it was like I was all revved up for when Fran came home later and was on full red alert, in a mere second Jan had my jeans undone and my cock in her mouth sucking away like it was an everyday thing, that it was almost her right to enjoy me as much as did her daughter.

“I love you very much and hoped you would let me have you, for just a while, Fran needn’t know, just between us okay Pete? it has been such a long time since I felt the touch of a man, since Richard left me, and I so need this. Lets do it like you do it with Fran okay?”

I a moment she was stretched out on the sofa, head over the arm, laying back and at the ready just like Fran. What could I do? What should I do? She was hungry for it, it didn’t seem such a bad thing to do, I was attracted to her, after all she was Fran’s mother and I wanted to please. So I did and we had the most wonderful time and soon I was drenching her face and tits too, she loved it , said it was divine, that she had seen me and Fran doing it when we didn’t realise, and knew than that is what she wanted most of all.

And now she had it, cock in hand as it were, sucking and balling me to kingdom cum, and I sure did cum hook line and sinker – just as soon as she was ready, spread out for me on the edge of the sofa and beckoning me to enter her in no gentle way, she wanted it rough and ready and who was I to deprive her! She was a lovely fuck and I would want more, I knew that now,

“Let’s keep it in the family shall we?” Jan said.

About a month later Fran’s twin sister Teresa came to stay on holiday for a while. You’ve guessed! When Fran was working and Jan was out shopping it was. And I tell you what Teresa was equally as passionate and I gave her a special fuck too, well she wanted it anal and it was really a thrill to have her both ways.

It seemed odd to me though that nothing ever came out, surely you’d think that one of them would have slipped up and said, but no. So were they all in it together?

Well I was happy just to keep it in the family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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