Keeping It Legal Ch. 02

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*Note to readers: All characters involved in sexual activity are 18 and over.*

My curfew was midnight and I hadn’t come home that night at all. I came home the next day at around 11 a.m. I had made an effort to look presentable when I walked in the door, but my Dad saw that I had been with Jim that night. His face was red. He looked like he was going to scream and cry at the same time.

“Katie, sit down,” he told me angrily, pointing to the kitchen table. I did as he said. “I’ve been worried about you all night. I almost called the police. You never called, you never came home, nothing, I didn’t know if you had gotten into a car wreck, I didn’t know what had happened. Do you know what the imagination does to a worried parent?”

I lowered my eyes. I felt bad that I had worried him that much. I didn’t realize it would hurt him this much.

“I’m sorry, Dad,” I said quietly.

“And I see,” he said angrily, eyeing my frizzed, unruly hair, “that you haven’t exactly been collecting cans for the needy.”

This is the way he expressed himself. Whenever he felt a vulnerable emotion – sadness, worry, uncertainty – he always expressed it in frustration and anger as a sort of shield. But his comment made me angry.

“I can be with whoever I want,” I snapped and got up from the table.

“Not in this house!” he yelled at me. “Not with someone so much older! I don’t care what I said last night, that’s all over with now. Maybe I thought you had more class than to put out on the first date. You’re not going to see this Jim anymore!”

I stood, listening to him and looking him dead in the eye from across the room. My anger was setting me on fire. “I can screw whoever I want!” I screamed. “I enjoyed it! I enjoyed every second of it!”

“I’m not going to allow him to take advantage of you and I’m not going to allow you to act like a slut!”

I walked up to him angrily, staring at him. I was shocked he would say that, not only as a father, but as a man. I slapped him across the face and he let out a yelp. I grabbed my purse and ran out the door. I caught the bus just in time and took a seat. I was breathing heavy from our argument. Both my Dad and I knew that his last comment was out of line and I was extremely hurt by it.

I took a pair of sunglasses out of my purse and put them on. I started to cry behind them. I could’ve just ran up to my bedroom, but I just wanted to get away from him. My cell phone rang and it said “Dad” on it. We both knew he regretted what he had said and I pressed the “ignore” button. I wanted to call Jim, but I also didn’t want him to see me so weepy and down.

I rode on the bus for a while, never really having any kind of destination. It was a Sunday and there were very few people riding. I noticed a man at the back of the bus. He was dressed well and he was holding a paper, but whenever I looked at him I saw that he was looking at me. He had a gentle look to him. Like Jim, he also had dark hair and dark eyes, but he was also good-looking in his own way, especially with beautiful lips that I imagined would be nice to kiss. He was much older than even Jim – he looked maybe late 40’s or early 50’s. He smiled at me gently. I was suspicious when he walked over to me. He didn’t take the seat beside me, but he hung onto the pole and dug out something in his pocket.

“I don’t know if you need these,” he said. “Maybe I should’ve offered them earlier,” he said, taking out a few tissues.

I looked up at him through my sunglasses and took the tissues from his grip. “Thank you,” I said quietly. I took my sunglasses off and wiped my eyes that were wet and I’m sure puffy and unattractive.

He smiled. “I knew I’d like gaziantep escort bayan haberleri your eyes.”

I looked up at him callously and pulled the cord. The bell rang and I got off the bus. I didn’t need some old lech who tries to pick up vulnerable young girls on the bus. I called Jim and asked him if I could come over. He said I could.

Once at his house I explained the whole confrontational day. I was pretty composed by that point, but I told him about the fight with my Dad and the old lech that tried to pick me up on the bus. He held me.

“I’m sorry it’s been such a rough day, Baby,” he said, rocking me.

Over the next several weeks, Jim and I saw each other usually 5-6 days a week. We had grown closer both emotionally and physically. My Dad and I both knew he had a problem with Jim, but we tried to subdue our conflicting views and maintain a peaceful home. Our relationship was rocky because of my taboo love life, but I knew it would solidify again once he accepted Jim as someone I deeply cared about.

Jim and I explored our amazing relationship and our amazing sex life. Whenever we saw each other those 5 or 6 days per week, we always had sex. I joked that he was my “sexual liberator.” I was desiring things I had never before desired. I found I was an extremely physical person and learning that Jim was too and nothing felt better than the two of us using each other to the utmost pleasure. He knew that every time I saw him that I was desperate for what he had in his pants, but he rarely had the willpower to taunt or tease me with it because, he said, whenever he eyed me he wanted to “go to bed” and “show Baby what grown-ups did.” This particular phrase stuck in my head and I very gently broached the subject one day in bed. Those kind of phrases of his were common, referring to my youth, so I was hoping what I wanted to say would be taken well.

In his bed, we were cuddling and kissing after having sex. I kept kissing him to keep myself from talking, but finally I decided to tell him one of my fantasies.

“Jim,” I whispered. “I like that you’re so much older than me.”

“Me too.”

“It kind of makes me feel…protected and safe.”

He nodded, nuzzling my neck. “And I will, Baby.”

“That’s very…fatherly and sweet,” I said. “Do you know what I mean?”

He pulled his head back and faced me, confused. “No, Baby.”

“Have you ever, you know, had a little girl?”

“I don’t have any kids, you know that,” he said, perplexed. He paused. “Oh you mean….No, nothing like that.”

I knew he knew what I was talking about. His expression was hard to read. I gulped. “Would you like to? Have a little girl, I mean?”

He kissed me and whispered into my mouth. “Are you saying you want a Daddy, Baby?”

I smiled. “Yes.”

“Uh!” he groaned and fell back on the bed and smiled. “God, Kate, that’s so hot. I’ve always dreamed of that.” He sat back up again and kissed me. His hand slithered down to my pussy. He could feel my juices and his cum slithering out of me. “Oh,” he moaned at my arousal. “Do you want your Daddy again, Baby?”

I sighed at his incestuous words. “Yes, ohh yes. No! Not yet. I want to blow you.”

Sometimes when I sucked his cock I blew him and other times I allowed him to fuck my face. He sat on the edge of the bed and I kneeled before him, both of us naked.

I started to kiss his cock and he groaned. I remembered my first blowjob that I gave him. It had lipstick stains on it. Now, as I had wrapped my lips around the head, he stroked my hair to keep it out of my face. He had always praised my sexual abilities, but particularly gaziantep escort hikayeleri my cocksucking.

“God,” he moaned, arching his head back. “You’re so good. You must really love cock, especially Daddy’s cock. Isn’t that right, Angel?”

I nodded and lifted my mouth off his cock. “I love your cock, Daddy,” a strand of my saliva not parting my lips and his cock completely.

“I know you’re horny, Baby. God, so am I. Your mouth is sweet and soft. Scoot back, Princess.”

I scooted back on my knees to give him room to stand. He stood before me and slipped his cock back into my mouth. This was my favorite oral position because I could blow him, but he also had the position and force to fuck my face. I loved the power he had. I could tell he was especially horny with this new thing we had discovered about each other. He held my face and started to pump into it at a frantic speed.

“Ohh, Princess, you look so beautiful taking my cock,” he said, banging me. “Look at those sweet lips around my cock. What a sight for Daddy. You’re such a sweet little cocksucker, Baby.”

I gently held his hips, motioning him to stop. He did. There was something I wanted to try. With deep concentration and going against instinct, I started to open up my throat, ignoring my gag reflex. I pulled at his hips so his cock would go in deeper and I felt him push his cock down into my open throat. He could not contain himself at my new talent.

“Fuck, oh my God, Princess, where’d you learn that? My God, you are the sweetest, most lewd little cocktease I have ever known.”

He groaned and warned me that he was cumming. He came with a force I had never before felt in him. Strand after strand sprayed into my throat like the most wonderful food. Over the last several weeks I had turned from virgin to nymphomaniac. I gobbled down each rope of his sperm as if it were going to be the last one of my life. I savored the taste and the texture as long as I possibly could, but was always greedy for more. I had heard girls in the locker room saying that they didn’t swallow for their boyfriends, but I couldn’t understand how they could pull their mouth away from something feeding them so generously and unselfishly. Sperm made me feel good.

This discovery that Jim and I made, that we now had a “Daddy/Daughter” incestuous relationship opened us up even more. Our sex was explosive, but our attitudes out in public also changed. He stroked my hair more, kissed me on the forehead more, patted me on my bottom, and we had no qualms about calling each other “Daddy” or “Princess” while we were out. Our taboo was kinky and Jim told me one time that he didn’t mind if people knew that “Daddy was giving it to his Baby every night.”

Jim, or as I should say, “Daddy”, started to buy me “little girl” things. He bought a paddle for our sexual play and we used it frequently and he also bought me lollipops to suck on and bows to put in my hair.

One afternoon after school, I came over to Jim’s house. He was in the shower and I was doing homework there because at home it could be somewhat chaotic, so it was sometimes easier to study at Jim’s house. Well, maybe not. I was very distracted by him.

His air conditioner had gone kaput and the back door was open and the windows were open, but it was still very hot. I slipped out of my outer clothes and sat there in my white panties and bra, doing my homework. I also had a white bow in my hair that Jim gave to me. I knew this was going to entice him when he came out. I had another idea. I pulled out one of my lollipops from my book bag. I unwrapped it and started sucking on it, looking over gaziantep escort bayan ilanları my textbook and notebooks from school.

“You know, Kate-” I heard him say from another room and he stopped when he saw me.

He stood there in his bathrobe and grasped my plan immediately. He walked over to me and held my shoulders, leaning down and giving me a kiss on my cheek, whispering in my ear. “How is my Princess?”

“I’m good, Daddy,” I said sweetly.

“Oh, I know you are, Baby. What are you working on?”

“Literature. An assignment for ‘Great Expectations.'”

“I see. Do you like the boys in your class, Sweetheart?”

I shrugged, getting into my role for him. “Kinda.”

“Kinda?” he teased. I could hear him smiling. “Have you been sucking a little bit at school, Baby? Hmm?”

I giggled. “Oh Daddy.”

“What about your teachers, Baby? Do you spread those sweet little legs for them?”

“Oh Daddy,” I sighed, thoroughly enjoying my role and over dramatizing. “You make it seem like I’m bent over some teacher’s desk all the time.”

“God,” he moaned. “That’s a nice idea. Take off your clothes, Sweetheart. I know you like to do that for your Daddy.”

I obediently took off my panties and bra and he praised me for so easily taking them off. He took off his robe. Both of us now naked, he bent me over the kitchen table. He was so hard and so big and I was very wet. I spread my legs and hung onto the table. I could feel my pussy open wide for him. We were moaning and whispering at the excitement and when Daddy finally got himself aligned up properly and pushed himself in, my back curved as I let out a squeal of pleasure.

“Oh Fuck me, Daddy,” I said sweetly, in my “little girl” voice.

“Oh Baby, you have such a sweet little pussy. It’s so pink and raw, and only Daddy gets to fuck it, right Princess?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“God, I love the way you always put out for your Daddy, Kitten. You’re so sweet and easy for me.”

Our nasty, incestuous talk always made us so horny and we banged and groaned hard and fast, my hands resting on the table, my tits small, but fleshy and bouncing at every in stroke my Daddy gave me. I could feel his big hands on my hips and I was so proud to submit to him – I would’ve done anything for his cock, anything for him to bang me. I was his cocktease, his cocksucker, his plaything – and I loved it.

He pulled his cock out suddenly and I knew what was going to happen. He loved my ass, and, staying as I was, I could hear him jerking off and eventually cumming onto my ass. There were warm, gooey streams of cum onto my buttcheeks, but there was always a little bit down in my crack – and he always pushed some into my asshole, which I always delighted in. I could feel my pussy convulsing as he pushed some of his sperm into my ass with the head of his cock. We both stood up, panting, our bodies sweating from the heat. I turned around and picked up my lollipop and started sucking it again. He groaned and I giggled.

“Can you stay very long tonight?” he asked me, holding me close to him.

“Not very,” I said. “My parents are expecting me for dinner.”

He laughed. “God, I feel so damn old when you say stuff like that!”

Synching up his bathrobe, he suggested we go into the living room. He smacked my bare bottom as I walked. I jumped and laughed.

We jumped onto the couch and cuddled, holding each other’s hands. He and I were not looking forward to the next couple of weeks. My workload at school was becoming harder and harder for me to keep up with. I was on the verge of getting a failing grade, and while you can almost always lift a failing grade if you try hard enough, I knew my parents would be disappointed – and I knew that they would know what I was doing instead of studying. Jim looked at a very daunting next couple of weeks at work. His assistant manager had quit on him and he had frequently been looking for someone to take his place. Until then, he was going to be taking on a lot more work and longer hours.

*Stay tuned for Chapter 3 – same time, same channel!*

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