Kelly , Claire Ch. 02

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It was a nice room. A little small but pretty in a quaint way. She wanted to move the two single beds together to create a double but she couldn’t because she wasn’t the only one staying there. Claire had been invited up skiing by some friends. They, all seven of them, had piled into a car and driven up to this little ski chalet. Claire was a tallish girl with brown hair and brown eyes and large breasts. Kelly, the girl who had sat next to her in the car, was a little taller with darker hair and slightly smaller breasts. Claire had never met Kelly before. They were both friends of the girl whose parents owned the chalet.

Claire decided that, since it had been a long trip, she should go to the washroom before she unpacked. So she did. Sitting on the toilet she began to think about the ride up. It had been strange. There had been this unnatural tension between her and Kelly even though they had sat next to each other. This was something she had never experienced with a girl before. Mind you, she had only just met her. But she was usually more friendly. She didn’t know why she had felt shy. There had been so many of them in the car that they had been pressed together the poker oyna whole trip. It hadn’t been exactly comfortable.

She flushed the toilet and exited the little room. She entered the main bathroom area. There were three four rooms in this bathroom: the main one with the sinks, the little tiny toilet room, the large shower, and the dry sauna. She washed her hands and stood their admiring the room. The owner and most of the other girls had gone to get a few things from town that they had forgotten to get in the city. It was her’s and Kelly’s job to unpack the other stuff.

Suddenly, Kelly came in. She was wearing a bathrobe.

“You don’t take long to get relaxed, do you?” asked Claire.

“It was such a long trip, I thought I’d take a shower since I’m so sweaty and dirty.”

“Good,” said Claire, “I was just using the washroom. I’ll let you have it now.”

“You know, you’re very pretty. Have you ever thought about modeling?”

“Uh, I’m not that good looking.” Claire blushed.

Kelly walked slowly around Claire, touching her hair.

“Beautiful hair and a beautiful figure…”

She touched Claire on the cheek.

“You canlı poker oyna know how was saying I was sweaty and I needed a shower? Well you were on that trip too, maybe you need a shower as well.”

Claire balked in disbelief, somewhat insulted.

“What I mean is do you want to shower with me?”

“What…” Claire trailed off as Kelly placed her hand on Claire’s left breast.

Kelly leaned in and gently kissed Claire. She dropped the robe leaving her beautiful naked body. Claire was able to look at her c-cup breasts, almost as large as her own, her abs and her long, slender legs. Kelly pulled off Claire’s shirt and kissed her again. She then gently pecked at her neck while she took off the pants and socks. She slowly walked Claire over to the wall and undid her braw. She slipped off Claire’s panties and opened the shower door. Kelly grabbed Claire’s hand and led her in the shower. Claire was frozen. She didn’t know what to do. Kelly kissed Claire’s lips and neck. She sucked her nipples and caressed her large tits. Claire moaned with pleasure, beginning to like it. She felt the warmth between her legs. She cradled Kelly’s head in her hands. Kelly internet casino then dove into Claire’s pussy and played with her clit. Claire, never feeling this before, began to scream. Within a few minutes she came like she never had before.

“Hehehe,” laughed Kelly, “now it’s your turn.

She stood up and Claire kissed her. Kelly gently forced Claire’s head down, first to her breasts and then to her pussy. Claire licked away at both, first reluctantly and then with childish enthusiasm. Kelly smiled and let out little yelps of enjoyment. After Claire had learned how to pleasure her, Kelly told her to lie down on the big shower’s floor. Kelly got on top and began to grind her pelvis against Claire’s. The two began to moan. Their moans soon became screams. As they approached orgasm Claire grabbed Kelly’s hips. She then rammed her finger deep into her pussy while sticking another far up Kelly’s ass.

“Ooooh,” Kelly cried, “how did you know I liked that?”

They came together in ecstasy.

The next day they feigned the flu. As the others were off skiing, the two of them fucked again, this time in the sauna. Their bodies glistened with sweat as Kelly rammed her pelvis against Claire’s. They played games with the exfoliating toys that were in the room. This then gave them the excuse to have another shower. When the others returned, the two girls were watching TV together, huddled under one blanket.

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