Kelly: The Intern

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Three o’clock. The guests would arrive soon and the sun had not begun to set. Corm set out a pitcher of margaritas, carefully placed within a bowl of crushed ice. He leaned back and stretched, letting his muscular arms reach for the ceiling of his screened in porch above him. They were expecting ten to twelve people. All from work, couples mostly, but a few singles here and there. For an afternoon they were going to pretend to be an office; pretend that there were none of the petty jealousies that he knew infected his team. They’d sit and eat and drink and maybe swim and pretend that they liked one another.

He actually did look forward to these gatherings, held once a summer and once at Christmas. It was always nice to watch the social dynamics lay out, to watch the way the spouses interacted. Of course they’d been instructed to carry on rivalries, but all too often – divorced from the realities of the office itself – the spouses each other like people, much to the chagrin of his employees.

In the distance, at the far end of the house, he could hear the doorbell ring…time to start the show.


Seven o’clock, and finally the heat of the day had broken. Everyone was lolling about in a merry haze of heat, alcohol, and full stomachs. He’d had the grill going all afternoon, turning out seasoned meat like a pro. Say what you will about his gatherings, nobody went away hungry.

Corm turned his gaze to the pool, where a few brave souls had crossed the boundaries of professional propriety and actually dared to swim. His yard was lush and trim, cut just the day before, and surrounded by a high wooden fence that was masked by tall bushes. The result was to form a quiet private space, one blocked from the neighbors and very conducive to rest and relaxation. Only his two interns, Matt and Jessica, and Jessica’s friend Tracy had bothered. All three were splashing about with the abandon of youth, blissfully unaware at how outraged their older coworkers were. Outraged because the women didn’t look like a 22 year old anymore, and outraged because the men wished they still looked fit enough to go swimming with attractive young girls.

Corm watched Jessica move, splashing about with gleeful abandon. She was beautiful, but didn’t really know it. He liked that in a woman, it made them approachable. Too many times he’d known attractive women who were too full of themselves, who took themselves for granted and forced all comers to pay respect to that beauty. It made them shrill, and as a rule he tended to avoid them. Jessica was different, young and bright and eager to please. She showed great promise at work, and with time would become an impressive businesswoman. Granted, she needed a little guidance here and there, but he couldn’t say he was any better at her age.

“Corm! Phone call.” Monica, a stunning brunette from accounting and his longtime friend, handed him the portable. He took it with a wink.

The big man strode over and took the cordless. “Hello?”

“Hi, baby!” Kelly’s voice was joyful, she always got like this on the phone when she missed him. He reveled in it. “How is your little party going?”

“Well, everyone has eaten and the wine is flowing. How is your project?”

“Not too bad. I should be home in a couple hours. Will we be alone by then? I miss you and want to spend some quality time with you.”

“Meaning?” He chuckled to himself. They always played these little games. It made things fun, and really turned her on. He knew she’d be in her cube right now, in the presence of others even though it was a Saturday. Still, he liked to push her out of her shell.


“Meaning that I want to watch you go down on me, run my hands through your hair, and feel you lick my pussy until I beg you to fuck me.”

“How interesting. And what have you done to deserve such a treat, my love?” They’d long since established that she had to earn his attentions. She loved it, he knew, even though most people wouldn’t understand. Her need to submit, to gain the permission to unleash her wild side, struck many people as odd or somehow offensive. He understood it and used it. She loved him for it.

“I’ve been very good all day.” Her voice was barely a whisper. Corm looked over at Monica and smiled. She smiled back warmly, the smile of an old friend, which is what they were.

“Have you now? How so?”

“I haven’t touched myself all day. And I didn’t wear panties, just like you asked, even though I had to sit on that podium in a short skirt for three hours of panel discussions.”


“Oh yes, I am quite sure that at least three of my grad students now have a very different opinion of their hard-ass professor.”

“Well you do have a hard ass. But I take your point all the same. Fine, come home soon and we can play. I just have something to take care of here first. My intern is here and I need to talk to her about her options.”

Kelly giggled. “I’ll bet. Just save me some dessert. I’m going to be pretty hungry when I get home. It’s been Antalya Escort a long day.”

“I will, Love. Finish up and come on home.” Corm hung up the phone and placed it back on the picnic table. Jessica was lolling by the pool, her body wet from a recent dip. She wore a tiny black string bikini, tied at the sides. Unaware that she was being watched, the girl was leaning back, legs crossed, her head thrown back, just dreaming away the late afternoon.

He chuckled to himself. Time for a dip. It was his pool after all, he’d paid for it with enough business trips and overtime. He was damned well going to swim in it. With a nod to Monica, he padded into the house and headed upstairs to change.

His bedroom was large and well appointed, with just the right mix of a woman’s touch and his own style. Kelly had seen to that. She understood his need for decoration without pomp. A large king-sized bed dominated the room, with a stately wooden armoire to one side and a bookshelf to the other. To the right sat the master bath, complete with Jacuzzi tub and standing shower.

Corm stripped off his t-shirt and shorts and stepped into the shower. Better to wash off the sweat, charcoal, and grease of the day. A fine hot spray hit his muscular frame and he began to soap up. He stood under the hot warm for a good ten minutes, drinking in the heat and feeling his muscles relax.

Finally, and with great effort, he decided it was time to return to his guests. Quickly he cleaned himself, ran one hand through his hair and shut off the water, then turned for a towel.

Jessica stood before him, mouth agape. She was shocked, he could tell, caught off guard at the sight of him. There was something else there too. A slight shimmer in her eyes that told him she wasn’t as taken aback as she looked.

He stepped out onto the thick plush bathmat, now only a foot from her. She shivered slightly as he approached, long-legged in just a bikini bottom and blue polo shirt. Her hair, a fine chestnut, was plastered down with water and she smelled faintly of chlorine. Jessica had a young woman’s body, haughty with the curves and willowy limbs of time’s denial. Her breasts were high and pert, her hips lush, and her legs were lean and muscled like a dancer’s. He knew all this because he’d watched her in the office, seen her bend, walk, laugh, dance … all the things a woman does that men find bewitching.

She swallowed, full lips moist, breaking his intense stare. Her hazel eyes were fixed on his own. Jessica was making an effort to keep them there.


“What?” she started at the sudden sound of his voice.


“What?” Clearly she was addled. Her eyes were shimmering with a new heat, one he’d seen many times before on other women.

How interesting.

“The towel. Please hand it to me. It’s behind you.”

“Oh…right, sorry,” shaking her head, she turned and took the towel from the countertop and handed it to him. He took the towel with both hands, his left hand closing firmly on her right while his right hand actually grasped the towel from above. She jumped a little at his touch, and sucked in a tiny gasp.

Corm held her hand for three second longer than he needed to, watching her eyes to gage her reaction. She didn’t look uncomfortable, just sleepy and hungry at the same time. A good sign.

At length he released her. “So tell me, young lady, what brings you to my bathroom this evening?”

“I … uh .. I mean…that is,” she swallowed again, cute in the way that her nerves were battling other emotions. “I came up to ask you if you could give me a ride home later … Matt and Tracy are, uh, going to leave now, but I wanted to stay a while yet.”

“I see.” He let his words hang there in the pregnant silence, never breaking eye contact. In response she twisted one leg to the side, grinding her foot into the carpet.

“Yes. I wanted to stay with the others and hang out a bit more. Besides, they’re not exactly going home.”

“You mean they’re leaving you to go fuck each other.” He didn’t ask, he simply said it, watching intently as the word “fuck” slammed into her. She didn’t flinch at his vulgarity, didn’t shy away from what he’d just said.

“Uh huh. I think they’ve been doing it for a while now, and I …”

“I don’t care.” Keep the focus on her. Jessica was hovering near the edge of a decision. She was standing before him, her boss, her completely naked boss, and yet seemed ok with the situation. To let her think now, to let her consider her surroundings and reengage the situation mentally rather than physically, would be to be to let the fish off the hook.

“Alright. You may stay. I will drive you home later this evening.” He’d taken the decision away from her. Made her desire to stay something he was granting her, rather than something she already wanted. To say nothing of the ride home.

She said nothing. Just stood there, staring at him. To his delight her eyes finally dropped under the weight of his stare. Her hands were Antalya Escort Bayan at her side, and her head was slightly bowed. This of course afforded her an excellent view of his body, still tight and muscular at 38. Moreover, he was slightly aroused, and now she could see this.

A tiny smiled appeared on her lovely face.


“Well, what?” She didn’t look up, distracted by what she could now see. One hand moved slightly toward him, then jerked back to her side as she remembered where she was.

“Well, what do you have to say to my offer?” There was a slight pause as she tried to think of what response he could want. Corm could see that his body distracted her. Her breathing had begun to speed up, and her eyes were wide with anticipation.


Corm reached out and cupped her chin, then pulled her gaze up to meet his own. She was excited and was having trouble focusing. “No, not ‘thanks’. Thank you will do.” His voice was flat, the voice he used in the office when he wanted to make a point crystal clear to his team. It never failed. It didn’t now.

“Thank you, sir.”

Good girl! He hadn’t even had to tell her. Of course their relationship in the office encouraged her to call him sir, but he wasn’t going to argue with good fortune.

Corm dropped the towel back into her hand. “Alright, Jess, dry me off and then go downstairs.”


“Don’t make me repeat myself. Dry me off.” He gave her a hard stare.

“Yes, sir.” She took the towel and began to pat the water off of his frame, beginning with his muscular chest and then moving to his arms and shoulders. At length she moved around behind him, drying his back and buttocks. He could sense her kneel behind him to dry the backs of his legs. When she’s finished, he turned and presented himself to her.

Jess looked up at him, expectantly. She understood what was expected of her. The only question was whether she’d do it. Corm nodded ever so slightly.

“Sir, I can’t … I mean…”

“What? What can’t you do? You can’t suck my cock? Why not? It’s why you came up here.”

Jessica blushed a bright red. “It is not!” she began indignantly, before he reached down and hauled her to her feet.

“Isn’t it? I’ve seen how you look at me. And I saw you watching us that day in the alley. I saw you watch my wife suck my cock and I saw you hike your skirt up to play with yourself while she did it. That and the fact that you’re here in my bathroom unannounced tells me that you want something. And there’s really only one thing you could have come up here for.” His voice was sharp but reasonable – the kind of voice that persuaded people to take that next step and do something that they might not have otherwise done.

Jessica hesitated for a moment, meeting his gaze in a gesture of defiance. He stared her down, boring into her eyes with an intensity she could not match. “Now, tell me what brought you upstairs.”

“I … I wanted…”

“You wanted what?” he interrupted. She began to turn away but he caught her and drew her close to him, feeling her lush body crush against his muscular frame. He knew the hot length of him was pressed between them, and she shuddered ever so slightly as he forced himself to pulse against her. The sleepy, hungry look came back into her eyes.

“I wanted you.” Her voice was tight with nerves, and almost on impulse he kissed her lips gently, which proved to be the key to unlocking her tension.

In a rush she confessed all, how that afternoon still tormented her, how she’d never had what he and Kelly so obviously had, and how she’d known that Kelly wouldn’t be at the party. She’d come, hoping to catch him alone – to seduce him into that same passion she’d seen in the alleyway.

He kissed her fiercely, running his hands down the back of her, savoring her curves, drinking in her smell. She ground her hips against him, wriggling with the pleasure of it all. Corm reached down and pulled the strings at her side, and the lovely creature in his arms stepped out to let the slip of material fall away. He ran his hands over her bare bottom, giving it a gentle smack for good measure. Jessica gasped and looked up at him, eyes bright with excitement.

Corm scooped her up and set her down on the marble countertop, kissing her all the while. She wrapped her legs around him, his turgid shaft pressed against her stomach. He pulled her polo shirt off in a frenzy, revealing her lush breasts, and no bikini top. Seeing his quizzical expression, she giggled. “I took them off to change.”

He nodded, taking first one and then the other soft pink bud in his mouth, nibbling and sucking to her delight. She shivered and ran her hands through his hair. Impishly, she reached down between them and took him into her hand, feeling the hardness sheathed within his smooth skin. He pulsed in her hand, rigid and full. He responded with a series of nibbles on her breasts and neck that made her sigh.

Jessica began to stroke him in earnest, teasing his Escort Antalya head with her thumb as she did so. It was a new technique, and a pleasant surprise. He growled his approval and pushed forward, parting her labia with his shaft. Jessica moaned and leaned back to ease his entry.

Corm obliged, sinking his shaft into her tight wetness to its fullest extent. Jessica let out a long, low moan as she shuddered with pleasure, and it was all he could do to maintain some semblance of his own composure. Her pussy was tight, and gripped him such that the intensity of their friction was incredible. Despite her stunning looks, she’d obviously hadn’t had sex in quite some time. He marveled as his good fortune as he withdrew slowly, savoring the short, raspy mewlings from her. In an effort to be quiet – the windows were open after all, and the guests were just downstairs – she’d bitten her lip to silence herself. It wasn’t working.

Jessica clutched at him, throwing her arms about him, grasping at his muscular back as he began to push in and out of her. It was unlike anything she’d experienced before. His cock filled her so, and the slow, maddening pace that he set was so unlike the hasty attacks of the boys she’d known in college. Her orgasm began to build.

Corm nibbled on her neck, his hands gripping her ass to stabilize her against the counter. He was getting excited as well – the way her pussy clutched at him was sapping his normal reserves. But he knew the girl would finish first, that much he was sure of.

At last, driven to a ragged edge, Jessica began to buck against him, gasping out her orgasm in surprising silence. Her eyes fluttered and her long chestnut locks whipped against his face as she wrung her head back and forth.

He followed in short order, exploding into her with one shuddering breath.

They were silent for a moment, two lovers lost in one another.

“Ok, you’ve had your fun. The guests are getting ready to leave.” Monica’s voice from the doorway surprised them both.

Corm looked at her in the mirror and smiled. She had her sundress open and had obviously been masturbating to their performance.

Jessica turned bright red – she worked for Monica – and tried to move, but he clutched her to him and whispered, ‘It’s OK.”

“How long have you been standing there?” he wasn’t offended, only curious. After all, it was Monica, his oft-times partner in crime between the sheets. She smiled. “Long enough. But seriously, go say your goodbyes.”


The guests were lolling about in the pool when he came down a short time later, dressed in his trunks with a towel around his neck. She’d gone down five minutes before, and the tray of iced tea in his hand, while a thin excuse, proved good enough for his indolent guests. Corm could see, much to his pleasure that his coworkers were beginning to show signs of being ready to go. Here and there couples were nudging each other and glancing toward the driveway.

Soon he was thanking people, shaking hands and exchanging hugs, packing leftovers to send with his guests. A few offered Jessica a ride, but time and again she demurred, saying only that Tracy would be back soon. Most were blissfully unaware, save for Monica, who looked at him, looked at Jessica lolling by the pool once more, looked back at him, and then smiled at Corm.

“Have fun, boss.” She turned to go, her ass a vision in a thin yellow sundress. He caught her arm and turned her back. “Would you like to stay?”

“Tempting, but no. I have to be up early in the morning. Besides, I had a little taste watching you two.”

“That’s too bad, Kelly will be sorry she missed you.”

Monica paused and licked her lips, “Damn. Where is she anyway?”

Corm shrugged, “At work, some paper had to get drafted for the University and couldn’t wait. She’ll be home in about an hour.” His ran his hand down the small of her back, caressing her contours, and smiled as she pressed against him in response.

“Tell Kelly,” she said, as she kissed him softly on the lips, “that I still have her remote control.” Another kiss, nibbling on him. “And that she should come over and get it back.”

He smacked her lightly on the ass. “I will, now scamper home, little girl, before I bend you over the picnic table right here and now.”

“What? And deny that poor girl? No, I’m off. You two give me a call next week and we can get together then, ok?”

“I will. Drive safe, Monica, ok?” She turned and was gone, and he was momentarily lost in the sway of her hips, thinking back to a night with Kelly when they’d all gone to the opera.

Corm shook his head and turned back to the beauty before him.


The evening shadows had come, and the poolside was illuminated only by the lights installed at the bottom, giving everything a dim, silvery hue.

Corm pushed into her again from behind, the full length of his cock sliding easily into her sopping pussy. She was mewling loudly now, throwing her head back and forth as she gripped the picnic table for support.

“But … but…what about your wife?” Jess gasped at last. Corm grabbed a handful of those chestnut locks and pulled her head back. He wrapped his other arm around her waist, securing his right hand on one proud young breast, and began to pound into her in earnest.

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