Ken and Sara’s First Time

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You know, when you work together with someone for a long time, you start to notice things about them. That’s what happened with me and Sara. We worked in a TV studio, and we were the two youngest people there by a pretty good margin.

I am a writer, creating scripts for the videos we produced. She is a videographer, talented with a camera and an eye for what makes good video. Because we are both pretty creative, we worked on a lot of projects together. The whole thought of sex with Sara never really seriously crossed my mind as we worked together for years, except, of course, for the standard male sex fantasies I assume every guy has when he sees just about any woman.

But, after a few years of working together, I started to notice things. Sara says that she is my ‘type’ – gorgeous blonde hair, curvy shape, beautiful large tits, piercing blue eyes. She also has a sharp wit and keen sense of humor, which makes working with her a blast. Yes, that’s definitely a dangerous combination for me.

We are both married, and just about every day driving to and from shots, we would gripe about our spouses. The usual stuff people go through while they are married, but after a while, we really started to get close. Going out to lunches when we were taping out in the field became going to lunch every single day. Soon, we started flirting.

It was small stuff, just playing around at first, but it began to escalate as time passed. We went through an interesting phase, where it was as if we took turns being the teaser, dropping suggestions, talking about what we would like to do to each other, imagining what the other person looked like under their clothes.

While the teaser worked, the one receiving the teasing eventually broke off the conversation before we got anywhere. Sometimes Sara walked away, her cheeks all rosy from blushing. I can remember many times leaving these discussions with Sara with a rock-hard cock and a pair of blue balls to go jerk off. The whole time thinking about sucking her hard nipples while I stroked my cock. Eventually my cum exploding into a tissue when deep down, I wish I was balls-deep inside her, pumping my seed into her tight, wet pussy.

The day we did the deed was Uşak Escort completely out of the ordinary. At work, I was asked to build a set for a show we were going to shoot in our studio, and I was wearing a pair of work shorts and a t-shirt, cutting plywood to build the set piece. I was hot, sweaty and I was getting tired of my boss stopping by to make sure I wasn’t slacking on the job or messing up the build.

Just before noon, Sara showed up at the door. I looked up from my work and said, “hi.” She was looking very sexy, her curvy hips in her jeans, a polo shirt unbuttoned low and her hair down, looking radiant. Her nipples were obviously hard under her shirt, and she asked me if I wanted to go grab some lunch with her. I was hungry, but I had a suspicion that food wasn’t the only thing on her mind.

I cleaned up and we got into her car. The flirting had been escalating for the past few weeks, and I was getting the feeling that she was getting tired of the games. We drove down the street for a while, and she started up the talk again, telling me how much me in my work clothes was turning her on, and she wanted to get her hands on me. While she drove, her hand unconsciously stroked her thigh.

I was also getting tired of the games, and I must have surprised her when I told her how sexy she looked, and that I thought this would be a good time to do the deed. With that, she wasted no time turning into the entrance of a city park and finding the most remote, wooded parking spot in the lot.

My pulse pounded and my hands shook as she stopped the car and reached over to kiss me in the front seat of her Nissan. Her lips were hungry, and her tongue reached into my mouth with desire. I kissed her back hard, running the tips of my fingers over her erect nipples.My cock was throbbing as it hadn’t in a long time.

She reached up my shirt to rub my sweaty chest, noticing that my nipples were just as hard as hers, which brought a smile to her lips. That’s when she brought her hands down to my belt and started to undo it. “What if we get caught?” I asked as I pushed her hand away.

Undeterred, Sara returned to the belt and undid it. As she unzipped my fly, my hard cock strained Uşak Escort Bayan against my underwear, which she quickly moved out of the way. I’m not the biggest guy in the world, but everything I had was standing at attention pulsing in time with my racing heart. A drop of precum glistened in my head as she squeezed me. She moaned slightly, rubbing her finger over it and took it to her lips, licking her fingers. “Oh, that’s good,” she said, “I want more!” Leaning over in the awkwardly small compact car front seat, she began to lick the tip of my cock.

“Sara, I’ve never cum in a girl’s mouth before, ever,” I confessed. All of the women I had ever slept with did not like to give head. “I guess it’s a hang up I have,” I gulped, “and I don’t want to be disappointed again.”

With an impish grin, Sara looked at me and said,”Why don’t you just sit back, shut up and enjoy this?” Sara is that kind of a woman – she loves a challenge. With that, she took my entire cock into her mouth, all the way to the base. The feeling was exquisite as she wrapped her lips tightly around my shaft and slid up toward my head, following behind with her fingers to enhance the feeling. I shuddered with the amazing feeling, but I couldn’t help keeping a wary eye out, wondering if we were going to be seen by someone who would call the cops on us. I’m sure someone walking by the car would have gotten an eyeful, with Sara’s head buried in my lap.

But, as she worked her mouth and hand rhythmically up and down the shaft of my cock and tickled the sensitive area at the bottom of my head with her tongue, I began to thrust into her mouth. My wariness was replaced with lust, wanting to enjoy every move she made. She reached one of her hands down to caress my balls, squeezing them gently as she sucked, and I spread my legs as far open as the compact car seat would allow, giving her more access to me.

My fingers quickly undid her bra, and her large breasts swung as she bobbed her head up and down. Was I ever in for a surprise. Sara has very large areolas that get all wrinkly when she’s turned on, and her nipples were hard enough to cut glass. I cupped her ample breasts and rolled her hard nipples between my fingers with Escort Uşak my right hand while I ran my fingers through her blonde hair with the left, feeling her head bobbing up and down with a steadily increasing pace. While I was doing this, she started moaning, her breath coming more ragged the more I played with her hair and tits. I was amazed how much the vibrations her her purring affected the feeling of her mouth on my cock. Now I know what the attraction of a ‘hummer’ is… and did it ever feel good! Sara was turned on, and I was getting close to shooting my load.

After a few minutes, I felt the pressure start to build in my balls, and I knew I was going to cum. My wife and the other women I had dated have always told me they absolutely never wanted me to cum in their mouths, and I figured that’s just how all women are. I told Sara that I was getting dangerously close, and that perhaps she should get ready to get out of the way.

But, Sara was full of surprises that day. She sucked more eagerly hearing that, pulling away just long enough to beg me to cum in her mouth so she could swallow every last drop. Once she said that, I knew it was going to happen. Sara tells me that my balls start to tighten up when I get close to having an orgasm, and that’s exactly what they were doing in her hand as she ravenously sucked my cock to make it happen. In just a matter of seconds, I let out a loud moan, I clenched my eyes closed, threw my head back, my cock twitched and jet after jet of my hot cum spurted into her mouth.

She never took her mouth off my cock while this was happening – she just played her tongue across the tip of my head, taking it all in. Since I had never been with someone who let me do that before, it was like heaven. I slumped back in car’s passenger seat, breathing heavily as I felt the afterglow wash over me. She pumped my cock with her hand a few times, licking up each last drop of semen she could get from me

After that, she sat up and wiped a little cum off her chin that had dribbled out over her luscious lips. “The problem you have, Ken, is that you have always been with girls. I am glad that I was the first woman you were ever with.” She reached over and kissed me, pressing her large tits against my bare chest. I could still taste my salty cum on her lips.

That was the first time that Sara and I were together, but it wouldn’t be the last. There is a lot more to tell, and maybe next time, I’ll have her write the next chapter.

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