Kenny and the Interview

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Author Note: Please read ‘Jane and the Garage’ before reading this story.


Kenny and Jane got into the car and Kenny started driving home.

Jane sat in the seat and sighed a sigh of relief and reach down and pulled the butt plug out and sucked it off and then put in on the floor and thought, I need to make sure I put it back where it belongs in my car.

Jane was getting sleepy and started going through the events of the afternoon and how it lead to her adventure in the garage. As Jane fell asleep she muttered to herself out loud, “How did Riki know that I knew Niki?”

Jane woke up as she felt she was been shaken, she woke to find she back home in her bed. She then felt that she was getting fucked.

She felt something in her ass and pussy and was wondering what Kenny was up to. Jane was still waking and her eyes started to adjust, she noticed that Kenny was there fucking her, but it felt like he was just holding himself in her and she then felt a vibrator turn on and she was still being shaken. The shaking was off and then she noticed that Kenny was bouncing up and down in her lap.

Jane then looked down and realized she was wearing the strap on. The strap on Kenny had got her, they used it a few times but lately Kenny didn’t seem interested in taking it up the ass. Jane was enjoying the show of him bouncing up and down on her strap on.

Jane then started thrusting the strap on as well.

She then said, “Wow you are really enjoying me fucking you.”

Kenny responds, “Um huh, it feels good.”

Kenny is jacking off while he is riding her fake cock and then it is finally too much and he shoots his cum all over her boobs and face.

She licked the cum she can reach with her lips and then uses her fingers to collect the cum and feed it to herself. Jane then collects some cum and feeds it to Kenny.

Kenny exhausted and satisfied for now gets off her cock and lays down next to her.

She then pushes the vibrators out with her pussy and ass muscles, she turns the vibrator off.

Kenny turns and lays on his side, Jane turns to spoon behind him. As she spoons be him the strap on slips between his legs and he can feel it hitting the back of his balls. They both drift asleep with thoughts of the past day’s adventure.

The alarm goes off, both Kenny and Jane wake up with disbelieve that it is time to get up. They both drag themselves out of bed.

Jane jumps in the shower, while she is in the shower she decides to touch up her shaved pussy. She normally shaves it bald once a week, but she thought it might be good to touch it up.

While Jane is in the shower Kenny shaves and then gets in the shower, while in the shower he too decides to touch up in shaved cock and balls.

Jane puts on a dress that is shorter than what she normally wears, half way up her thigh, and shows more cleavage than normal. She decides to wear a g-string underneath and to go without a bra.

Kenny figures he should dress up to impress so he puts on a pair of khaki pants and nice button up shirt that is a lot more dressed up than the standard jeans and t-shirt. Kenny decides that underwear would probably just get in the way based on what he saw yesterday.

Jane and Kenny get in the car to go pick Jane’s car up at the garage.

Along the way Jane begins telling him about how Niki was flashing her naked wet pussy in front of everyone and how much of an effect it had on her. She then tells him about Greg and his little show. She then tells him about the details of Niki and Christine, the kiss, and the pussy display. She then told him about how she was so excited and needed to release so much that she was using her vibrating butt plug and how the car started acting up.

Then tells him what she remembers about the garage before he showed up. She tells him she was surprised how excited she was and how much of a good time she had. She then asks him, “Why did you come there.”

He explains that he was worried something had happened when he hadn’t heard from her and she wasn’t answering her cell phone. So he went looking for her and found only one repair shop with any lights on and hoped she was there.

He told her he was shocked when the girl came to the door with her blouse half on and half off and her boobs where hanging out. Kenny then told her that at first he was pissed at what he saw but then decided it turned him on too much to not join in.

Jane then asked “Kenny, what caused you to suck on Riki’s cock like that?”

Kenny responded “Well, Shemales have always sort of excited me and with all of the other action going on I got lost in the moment and couldn’t resist that juicy clit/cock that was between her legs.”

Kenny then said, “You seemed to enjoy it.”

Jane responded, “I guess it was exciting for me too and the fact that we experienced it together was really exciting.”

Kenny and Jane arrive at the repair shop.

Jane reads the sign again, “Lady Repair, For Ladies By Ladies.” Jane says, “Well, I guess they are ladies.”

Kenny Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort responds, “Yeah, with an extra big clit or the bonus of a cock, depending on how you want to look at it.”

Jane giggled and said, “They surely treated me right, I wonder if the other woman that recommended this place had such a good experience.”

They then see Gina pull up on a crotch rocket, they notice she is wearing a sun dress that is flapping up in the back.

Jane says, “I wonder how many people got a view on her way in.”

Kenny laughs and says, “I wonder if they wound up seeing a completely different view then they expected to see.”

Jane and Kenny get out of the car and walk over to Gina who is working on opening the door.

Gina says, “Hang on and I will get your keys and open the garage door so we can get your car out.”

Gina leans over the front desk to get the keys and in the process her sun dress rides up and Jane and Kenny can she her red thong concealing her bulge.

Jane gasps and says, “I don’t know how many days like this I can take before I die from over stimulation.”

Kenny thinks to himself yeah it would be a good way to go though and says, “Well I don’t recall ever hearing about someone dying from over stimulation, they usually die of a heart attack during sex.”

Jane laughs, “Well good, hopefully I will survive.”

Gina came out of the garage with Jane’s car and hands Jane the car keys.

Jane says to Kenny, “I guess we can go to breakfast since I don’t have to be to work quite yet and your interview doesn’t start for a while.”

Kenny says, “Yeah, I guess I could eat something little.”

Gina chimes in, “Do you mind if I join you? I just can’t get motived to go to the gym this morning”

Kenny and Jane look at each and nod, Jane then says “Sure.”

Gina says “There is this great place close by to here, you can follow me or we can ride together and then you can drop me back off .”

Jane says, “Well I don’t know if I will have time since I have to be at work at eight o’clock, but since Kenny doesn’t have his interview until nine you could ride with him and then he can drop you back off.”

Kenny looks at her surprised that she would even offer that.

Gina says, “Great, let me lock up.”

Jane walks up and says, “Well she did eat my pussy last night, it is only right to at least eat breakfast with her.”

Kenny says, “OK, that is fine with me, I won’t argue.”

Gina walks out and says, “Jane, why don’t you follow us so you don’t get lost.”

Jane responds, “OK, I will.”

Jane then kisses Kenny goodbye, while she is doing that she grinds herself against him making him completely erect.

Jane then says to both Gina and Kenny, “You two behave I will be behind you.”

Jane goes over and gets in her car as Kenny and Gina get in Kenny’s car.

Kenny tries to adjust himself without Gina noticing, which is difficult to do.

Gina reaches over grabs his cock and says, “Here let me help you adjust it.” She adjusts his cock so it is a little more comfortable but he is even more excited now.

Kenny says, “Thanks, I think that is better.”

Gina says, “I know it can sometimes be difficult to get your cock in the right place.”

Gina began directing Kenny to the restaurant, with each direction she gave it seemed like she pulled her dress up three to four inches.

Kenny looked over to see the red thong with no dress covering it all.

Gina then said, “Two more turns and we will be there.”

Kenny responded, “OK,” thinking good, cause you take the dress up any more you will be bottomless and topless.

Just as Kenny finished his thoughts he saw out of the corner of his eye Gina reach down with both hands, pulling her thong aside with one and pulling her cock out with the other.

Kenny now thinks, well, I don’t think Jane wanted sex for breakfast.

They pull into the restaurant and it is more like a huge house with a gate and everything.

They pull up to the gate and the security guard looks up and says, “May I help you?”

He then sees Gina and says, “Oh, OK, go right on in.”

Gina says, “The car behind us is with me too.”

The gate opens and Gina tells Kenny to go ahead and drive in. They pull up and park in front of the restaurant.

They all get out of the cars, Gina pulls her dress down over cock but doesn’t bother to put it back in her thong. Which means the cock is sort of sticking out making her dress lay funny.

Kenny and Jane ask almost together, “I thought we where going to get breakfast.”

Gina says, “We are, this is a private club, it has been in my family for years, I have recently taken it over and changed the place a bit.”

Kenny says, “Well, this place is huge, it looks nice.”

They go in and immediately Kenny and Jane can tell the changes there are pictures and paintings of women, men as well as shemales hang all over the place. They walk to the restaurant part and they are immediately Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort shown to a table in the back corner. They sit at a wrap table booth, Jane in the middle with Kenny to her left and Gina to her right.

Kenny and Jane again comment about how nice this place is.

Gina says, “Yeah, when I took it over a lot of the old timers got disappointed that I shut it down on them and changed it for a place that is more designed for people of the more opened mind.”

They order and began talking about their backgrounds and other info.

Gina had told them she came from money and actually worked because she choose to, not because she had too.

Jane then asked, “So, was that you that turned my vibrator on in the garage?”

“Ha ha, yeah, that was me,” Gina responded.

Gina said “I saw the remote on the seat and since we couldn’t find the vibrator we figured that it meant one thing and you appeared to need a release.”

Jane then said, “Did I see another girl last night getting fucked on the floor?”

Gina laughed and then said, “Well yes, that is our special friend, she enjoys getting fucked by us off and on.”

Jane said, “So are all the woman that work at the shop like you.”

Gina said, “Well, no, we are a different and have different tastes in what they like, oh, did you mean do we all have cocks?”

Jane timidly says, “Well yes.”

Gina responds, “Yes, it isn’t a requirement to work there but it seems like every time we get a new girl that comes in she either walks in on one of the girls standing up to pee or showing off their cock in one way or another. And it seems like it scares them a bit and they decide to quit. We have had one or two girls stay on afterwards but usually they would be so interested in getting us to fuck them they wouldn’t get any work done and get fired.”

Jane then asks, “So, where did I see all of those girls that got dolled up last night go to?”

Gina then says, “Well, usually they come here, to blow off steam, they dance here, waitress here or just come to hang out.”

Gina goes on to say, “While it is a private club, the membership is open to every one that can afford it, they all have to follow the rules or they will lose their membership and be escorted out.”

Gina says, “If you two want a membership, I can get one for you.”

Jane says, “Well, we would have to talk about that.”

Kenny then tells Gina, They will think about it and let her know.

Gina then says, “Here, let me give you my number so you can call me and talk or if you decide to join I can get you a membership.”

Gina then says, “I really feel comfortable with you two and would really like to continue our friendship.”

Jane then says, “Yes that would be nice and we should give you our numbers too so we can talk.”

They all exchange number and then Gina says, “Yeah if you don’t call I will have to make sure you have to pay me a visit.”

By this time breakfast showed up and they all ate their breakfast while chatting about different things.

Gina accidentally knocked her fork off the table it hit Jane and then fell to the floor.

As the fork hit Jane it caused her to look down at what hit her leg, what she didn’t expect to see was that Gina’s dress was up above her waist showing her thong and her cock sticking up towards the ceiling.

Jane gasps and says quietly to herself, “Well I didn’t expect to see that.”

She then jabbed Kenny in the ribs and motioned to Gina.

Kenny looked over and whispered to Jane, “I got to see that in the ride here.”

Jane then said, “Well maybe you should get a little more comfortable too.”

She then reached over unzips his pants pulls his cock out and strokes it a few times.

Gina was now looking over at Kenny’s cock sticking up towards the ceiling.

Jane realizes she needs to leave to be able to make it work on time.

She politely excuses herself, Kenny gets up to let her out. They kissed goodbye and tell each other they love each other. Jane wishes Kenny luck on his interview.

Jane turned to leave and smacked right in to Gina. Gina leaned in and gave her a deep long kiss and began to massage her boobs.

Jane returned the kiss and returned the boob massaging. This lasted for a few minutes and then Jane pulled away and said, “I really need to get to work, why don’t you two help each other out before you need to go?”

With that Jane walked away. Kenny was in disbelieve of what his wife had just said, he was unsure if it was a test or not.

She seemed to be sort of into Gina’s kiss and wondered if she was upset she had to go, or if Jane really wanted them to help each other other.

Kenny and Gina sat back down, Kenny was unsure if he should put his cock back away or leave it out. Kenny decides that he should put it back away, as he reaches down to put his cock back in his pants, Gina grabs his hand and sticks it on her cock.

She then puts her hand on his cock and says “Jane Ataşehir Ucuz Escort said we should help each other out”.

Kenny is enjoying her stroking his cock and starts stroking his cock in return.

Gina then leans over and whispers “follow me”. She then slides around the bench still holding Kenny’s cock.

Kenny follows her since she is holding his cock and doesn’t want to lose that.

Gina leads him up a set of stairs to the second floor.

Kenny looks around and notices this must of originally been the living area of the house. Gina then opens a door and leads Kenny through it.

Gina closes the door behind him and tells him to get his clothes off and gets on the bed. Gina then picks up the phone in the room and says, “Give me a special number one.” Gina puts down the phone and then lifts her dress over her head and walks over to the bed. She drops her head into Kenny’s lap, pushes him down to the bed and starts sucking his cock.

Kenny is enjoying it, she is licking his balls with her tongue, as she puts his whole cock in his mouth. Kenny then hears a noise outside the door, it sounds like crashing of trays around.

In walks through the door a woman wearing a maid uniform that is short so he can see her pussy showing below the dress and her 34D boobs are hanging out in the top that is clearly too tight is pushing her boobs up and out of the top of the dress. Then in walks a man, he is wearing a tuxedo vest and a g-string.

The man and woman seem to not notice that Kenny and Gina are there at all. The man and woman begin dusting the room and straightening up. Each time the woman bends over the man makes sure he is there to be able to slid his fingers into her pussy or asshole.

Kenny still confused on why they are not paying any attention to the fact that there is two people in the room, but he is really enjoying the blow job he is getting.

All of a sudden the door bursts open as Kenny turns to look at who it is he hears a deep voice say “What the fuck are you two doing in here?”

Kenny sees a black man standing there in a white towel, the black men is almost completely blocking the doorway with his muscular body. Kenny can see that he has rock hard pecks and abs, Kenny immediately starts to jump and leave but Gina throws him back down to the bed.

Then the man walks towards the door to leave as he approaches the black man, rather than the black man stepping aside he reaches down and drops his towel. The black man then says get down and clean my cock since you are here.

Kenny looks down and sees a 3 inch thick by 9 inch long cock. Kenny thinks dam how is that guy going to fit that in his mouth.

The servant man, drops to his knees and beings licking and sucking the cock.

The black man then yells to the woman, “Get over here and get him ready for me.”

The woman walks across the room, drops and lays down under the servant man and begins licking his ass out.

While Kenny is watching the black man, servant man and the woman, Gina is still sucking on his cock. Kenny then feels her stop and feels the bed move some.

Gina then pulls Kenny’s body towards what he is watching.

Kenny feels Gina start licking his balls and then she starts licking his asshole. Kenny looks down and notices that Gina has stuck her cock right next to his face. Kenny could smell her perfume and her beautiful smell, Kenny couldn’t resist it anymore. Kenny started licking and sucking Gina’s cock.

While Kenny was sucking Gina’s cock he was still able to watch the black man, servant man and the girl.

The black man pulled the servant man up and flipped him over so he was face down on the dresser next to them. He then shoved his cock in the servant man’s ass, the servant man surprisingly took the whole thing right up his ass.

The woman then sat on the dresser and began fingering herself while she was watching the black man pound that tight ass.

Kenny then noticed that the woman looked over at him for the first time and licked her lips and grabbed her top and pulled it completely down and being playing with her boobs while she more vigorously finger fucked herself.

Kenny was shocked that she had noticed them or had at least finally looked at them.

Kenny then felt Gina start fingering his ass while she resumed sucking on his cock.

Gina came all of sudden down Kenny’s throat which he did the best he could to swallow.

The woman moved herself so she was hovering over the servant man’s head that was down on the dresser. She then shouted out I am cumming, she squirted cum all over the back of the servant man as well as the black man’s chest.

This caused the black man to cum, he shot cum for what seemed like forever. When he pulled his cock out of the servant man’s ass he said, “I told you to clean my cock off, get going and clean off the rest of my body too.”

With that, the ass fingering and sucking on Kenny’s cock Gina was doing, Kenny shot his cum down her throat.

The black man, servant man and woman all were watching Kenny and Gina now and they started applauding.

Kenny then realized he needed to get going so he could get to his interview. Kenny jumped and threw his clothes on, he said, “Sorry to cum and run but I am going to be late.”

Gina said, “You need to give me a ride back to the garage.”

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