Kentucky Karen

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Big Dicks

Karen and I accidentally met at the Sweet 16 playoffs. An extraordinary thing happened and my hometown team got to this level by beating Notre Dame. A wild 4th quarter game. Then overtime came!

Nevertheless, we advanced by a pure luck shot with 12 seconds remaining and here we are. Everyone’s hyped up including me and this woman behind me. A sexy beautiful, bountifully shaped woman.

Wearing a Tee that endorsed her cleavage, it’s always in my nature to first take a gander at that. This time as with several others, I didn’t due to my work and trying to break myself of this habit.

I kept on getting pushed back into her. I’d turn my head at her and apologize. “Sorry, sorry about that. It’s just that I keep getting pushed” and all she would do is smile at me and say, “Oh that’s okay dear, I understand.”

In reality, I was being shoved right into her massively sexy boobs. She seemed to enjoy the attention. Hell, I was more then glad after the third time to give that to her. All she would say, again and again is “that’s okay”.

By about the 4th time, I learned to move sideways as the crowds became a little unruly. That’s when Karen and I struck up a conversation. Now I am a transplant from Ohio, living about 4 miles from her in the downtown area in a nice new condominium.

Not really a bachelors pad, but for all intensive purposes, it could be, we eventually got around to getting together for a weekend lunch.

First though, we introduced ourselves. She has the cutest accent. So did I. Why is that? Because I come from northern Ohio and she is born and bred in Kentucky. I am a ‘Kentucky Lucky’, so to speak!

Now what’s this mean? She and I chatted and chatted, for some odd reason even after we ordered our food and ate it as we waited for the game to begin. Oddly, too, she wasn’t with her husband, she was with her sister in law, her niece and a friend.

(Hmmm, I’m thinking) How do I know this, because when game time was about to commence, I was a row up and 5 seats over. No hubby in sight; he got special tickets up in the press box with friends.

Cool? Yeah way cool, maybe!! Karen would turn around and smile, taunt and wink at me all the time, for obvious and different reasons. First, Kentucky was KICKIN OUR ASSES ALL OVER THE PLACE! IT WAS A LOST CAUSE AT THIS POINT!

At half time, they led by 19 points, we had dispersed for some refreshments and her niece and sister in law got in line and ordered pop for all of them.

Karen and I saw each other and chatted more. We got cutesy with each other. It seemed natural. I liked her a lot, at first sight. She was so easy to warm up to I found out. I met her niece, sister in lawn and her friend, Laura.

Wow, they were all cute. All of them and I liked the notion that they are so super friendly with me, I even considered asking ALL of them back to my place for after Beylikdüzü escort game drinks.

Laura said something to Karen and Laura giggled. Karen only smiled and shushed Laura. I don’t know what that was all about, but I wondered if it had to do with getting together with me and, well, whatever. You probably get the idea, right.

Anyways, my team I supported got the living crap beat out of them, but it was a great ride. We all seemed to walk out together and stood around talking, all four of us, and I offered my cell phone # number to Karen.

Oddly and I did not expect her to accept it, she took it and put it right away on her cell. “Can I call you tomorrow? Would that be a problem? By the way, if you ever want to email me, feel free.”

“Well I only get online about 3-4 times per week, I said. I don’t even use a messenger program.”

“That’s okay honey; I can take care of that, if you want me too.” I wondered what she meant, but I would find out soon enough.

We all left and separated as they all said goodbye Danny; see you later, blah, blah…

They all had such cute, warm smiles. They did. I first got an email from Karen’s sister in law; “hi Danny, how are you?”

She went on to tell me all kinds of stuff; I had really no interests in. However, she said she has a web page and if I would be interested, she is always willing to show herself to ‘friends’. ‘Show herself?’ I guess I’m sure I knew where that was leading. Well hell, she was sexy. I thought so, BUT NOT HALF AS SEXY AS KAREN. NOPE!

Before I knew it, I had heard from Karen twice in one night. She had voice mailed me and even emailed me a nice correspondence, nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe she was testing me. On the other hand, don’t we all test each other and what is expected and what could come of interaction between male and female?

Regardless of age, many times females and males are wondering about similar things. On the other hand, if you have daughters, those ideas are going to be purged.

So at about 10:15am, I get another call from Karen and in the most delightful voice she says some real inviting things. “Hi Danny, I had the most fulfilling time just talking with you at the game. I am so sorry that your team lost, but they did so well, didn’t they?

Are you interested at all in having lunch with me today; somewhere in town nearby? As you probably know, there are some great places. For that matter, I’m a great cook, my hubby is going hunting, and I could offer to cook for you a home cooked meal?

With that, I called her and she took a cab and got dropped off, we went shopping at a local market and talked and talked and laughed and laughed.

Wow, did we hit it off good! We had a light lunch, we hung out on the couch and found so many things we had in common and she and I had a couple of drinks. We had a nice little Beylikdüzü escort buzz going on.

“So Karen, would you like to…umm..fool around?”

“Hehehe, hmmm, that’s a nice, well not nice, but very interesting question, hehehehe!”

“I mean, yes it is a nice question, but I guess if I’m to be straightforward with you honey, I’d get it on with you. Whatever is your pleasure?”


I even laughed and at this point, since Karen and I were jelling, I went for her. I dropped on top and began kissing.

She was already ahead of the game. She had her tongue in my mouth and crammin’ it way down and sucking my tongue into hers. Hmmm a multi-tasker, huh? I thought. LOL

Well I went for her top! I slid it up and got to see some amazing boobs. Larger then life!

“Danny, do you like my boobs?” “Do you want me too?” I responded. “Well they are a little too large. I’d rather they be a little smaller, but you can do anything you please. Anything you want to me as far as my breasts are concerned!”

“Oh by the way, did I tell you, I love cock? I love all white men’s cock. Do you have a nice size cock? Hehehehe.”

“I suppose so; would you care to take a good look?” “Danny, Danny, what kind of question is that honey, Hehehehe.”

I undid my pants, but Karen got in on that action. Before I had my boxer’s down, she had her hand inside of the flap of the boxers. “OHH GODD, YOU’RE HUNG DANNY!”

“You think so honestly? How many girlfriends do you have?” “Well no one now, not until, well you Karen.” I smiled.

“Your girlfriend? Karen asked. “Well what’s your definition of a girlfriend?” I asked. “Well a female who is a friend?”

“That works for me, girlfriend!” “Danny, lets do it, okay? With that we began touching and completely undressing each other.

My belly hung out, but my cock hung down even more so and defining at that!

She wanted my cock and she wanted it in her mouth, in her pussy and maybe, if I was lucky and we trusted each other, her ass. Just maybe, if sex was good and sex could be king, that could happen!

At first, Karen held my midnight ride & I sucked her orgasm express! I asked her, would she like a shower today too, maybe.

Ohhh, she and I were enjoying all the possibilities. I liked this woman’s body. Nice ass, nice, well beautiful large and sexier then ever, tits!!

I don’t know what she thought of my belly and love handles. She did kiss both and she even kissed my ass too!! I suppose that was a sign of attractiveness.

I like it that she even kissed and licked my ass cheeks. You bet your sweet melons I did!

I became harder and stiffer! She craved me in her face, in her tits and even in her shaved pussy too. WOW! FUCK! WHAT SEXIER THEN EVER AREAS! SEXY ASS AND SEXY THIGHS TOO! I WANTED TO FUCK EVERYWHERE KAREN HAD!!

I didn’t know Escort Beylikdüzü what to do, so I asked her. “What would you like?”


So I begam sliding and jammin’ my cock inside along her boobies. She’d arch backwards, smile and back into me as she felt the strength of my cock against her sexy tits. Those tits swallowed my cock up!

I love the view and I loved the feeling of my cock getting more and more aroused. “Oh “Danny, you make me so horny, doing that. God, I feel like a queen!”

“Hell Karen you are a queen. You are a beautiful, sexy bitch, did you know that honey?” as I yelled that out.

Then I went upwards and shoved my monster into her mouth and as a sweet and good hostess that she is, she accepted me with ‘open arms’! She was ready and she took that tongue and wrapped it around and sucked me in and I disappeared into her mouth for good, almost! Eventually I appeared and then disappeared again for awhile. Getting sucked and sucked!

Repeating this over and over, I said, “Fuck Karen, Let’s get it on baby! Let’s fuck like dragons!” “OKAAAAY BABE!!
Let’s get it going ‘because I’m ready when you are. I’m horny and I think you are too, right?” as she giggled and moaned at the same time.

Her thighs opened up as any pro’s would she shoved my large prick into her warm, moist softer then hell pussy.

She swallowed it deep in. She had phenomenal muscles that swallowed my cock into her cunt! She fingered herself as she humped back at me and I banged down on Karen hard. She had so much strength. Talented as hell at fucking; experienced is an understatement!


So I did. I made her hornier and hornier, with my cock going deeper and deeper and I didn’t let up, she was cumming and cumming. She orgasmed and I was trying as hard as hell to not cum yet.

I wanted her to orgasm at least twice if not 3-4 times. Totally exhausting this woman, so she had the best impression of me.


TO CUM 3 TO 4 TIMES?…and then I blasted as I was humping her still and saying what I said…OOHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHH, OHHHH YEAH!”

“This was special Danny. You are special”, she said. We collapsed. Our bodies went limp. Our muscles, arms, and legs naturally intertwined with each other and Karen and I kissed with passion now and not desire.

It was wild and having sex with Karen was unique. Why? Because Karen has never had sex with anyone outside her marriage. She had several close calls and many, many relationships. Not once though had any of them ever turned into a physical one.

Yeah okay, she’s told me all about her cyber history and she even did this with me and got my rocks off. But I have one up on everyone else. She and I actually have sex together.

That’s better then anything else in the world. What a beastette!!

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