Kerri’s Descent Ch. 02

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Time really flies during your first semester at college. It had been several weeks since I had given head to Matt, a guy I met at a party. It was the furthest I’d gone with a guy, and I still couldn’t really believe it had even happened. I had thought about it several times when I touched myself at night, and sometimes my pussy would get wet during class just thinking about it.

My roommate, Jessie, was a lot more experienced than me. We had talked about that night a few times, and she couldn’t really believe that was my only experience with sex. This of course was coming from a girl who had lost her virginity long before college. “When do you think you’ll lose yours?” she asked me one night. “I don’t know, I think I want to wait for the right guy.”

“Please tell me you don’t mean until you’re married!” she said.

“Well, I don’t know, maybe,” I said.

“Kerri, please, college is a time to fuck every guy you can before you have to move on the real world.”

“I thought college was about getting a degree,” I said, smiling.

“Yeah, that too,” she said.

Jessie and I had gotten really close in our first month at school. She was so different than me, so much wilder and crazier, but we really hit it off. We were best friends. I wouldn’t have thought we could get much closer … but I was wrong.

That weekend, we stuck to our usual plan of going to our favorite frat house. I hadn’t seen Matt around much. I felt hurt that he was ignoring me. Jessie had told me to pretend like I didn’t care. If he thought that a blow job was no big deal to me, he would come around. So, we kept going to their parties. I wasn’t even sure if I liked Matt or not, I just didn’t like being ignored. Jessie had lots of guys interested in her, but she was a loyal friend and didn’t ditch me to take them up on any offers.

That night, Matt was hanging out with a really hot girl who looked like a model. Needless to say, I was really jealous and upset, especially after several drinks. Jessie could see I was mad, and dragged me to the bathroom so we could talk.

“Kerri, is this Matt thing really bothering you?” she asked.

I admitted that it was. “Well if you want, I have a plan that will knock him on his ass,” she said. That sounded pretty good to me. “What is it?” I asked.

“Well, you know how guys are completely obsessed with lesbians and bisexual girls?” she said. abidinpaşa escort “We are gonna go in there and start making out. We’ll make all the guys think that we’re bisexual and that we’re “that kind” of roommates. Just when they’re all too horny to see straight, we’ll leave them all with a massive case of blue balls.”

I was shocked by Jessie’s suggestion. I wasn’t gay, or even bi. I had no desire to make out with her. But she convinced me that it was only for show, and that it would give Matt’s hot blond girl a run for her money. So, after another drink, I agreed to do it.

Jessie and I sauntered into the dance room. We put our arms around each other and began dancing very seductively. We’re about the same size, so we probably made a cute couple. I felt silly, but I was drunk enough to not care. Besides, Jessie was my best friend. I could do this with her.

The guys started to notice right away. “Hey,” one of them said. “Are you two gonna make out?”

Jessie turned and smiled at him. “Why?” she asked. “Do you want us to?”

The crowd of guys, which had formed a half circle around us, started yelling and cheering. Jessie looked at me with a smile and shrugged. I smiled too, trying to look natural. She put her hand behind my neck, pulled me towards her, and put her tongue in my mouth. Her lips felt so soft. My tongue moved around against hers. Her hand moved down and touched my breast, rubbing it softly. I was getting wet, which I decided must be because I had been drinking.

The guys around us were cheering and laughing in disbelief. Jessie finally pulled away from me and smiled triumphantly at the guys. I saw Matt, looking very turned on, and his blond girl, who looked pissed. Jessie took my hand and led me out of the room. “Aren’t you gonna stay and party with us?” somebody yelled. “No thanks,” said Jessie, “we’re gonna have our own party back in our room.” We left the guys and their hard-ons standing in the circle and headed back to the dorm.

Back in our room, Jessie and I got ready for bed and laughed about the looks on the guys’ faces. “Now when we come back, they’ll pay us more attention!” she laughed. “Of course, now they’ll probably expect us to have a threesome.”

“What??” I said. “You never said anything about a threesome!” I said. “Well Kerri, that’s part of their fantasy … two girls at once,” akyurt escort she said.

“But Jess, you’re my friend! I couldn’t be like that with you! Besides, I’m not bi, and I’m still a virgin!”

“Kerri,” she said, suddenly looking serious. “I think a lot of women have the potential to be bi … they’re just afraid.”

“Well that’s not me,” I said, getting nervous.

“Do you love me as a friend?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said.

“Well what’s wrong with making your friends happy? With making them feel good? With being closer to them than you already are?”

She was moving toward me, her blond hair falling into her eyes. I stood still, too scared to move. She came over and stared at my breasts. I was only wearing a bra and sweatpants. She slowly moved one of my straps so that my breast spilled out. Jessie leaned down and took my nipple in her mouth. I moaned, unable to help myself. She seized the opportunity and unhooked my bra. She buried her face in my breasts, licking and biting my nipples. “Oh Jessie…” I moaned. “I think it’s time to go to bed, roomie,” she said with a wink.

We laid down on Jessie’s bed. She gave me another kiss like the one at the frat party, rubbing my breasts harder. Suddenly I pulled back. “Jessie, this is wrong. I can’t do this,” I said.

“Kerri, I just want to help you,” she said. “I want to teach you about sex so you won’t be afraid when you lose your virginity. And I want us to love each other, in every way possible.” She went back to sucking my nipples, which meant I was powerless. I finally decided, the hell with it, this feels good. Besides, maybe this would be a good way for me to keep my virginity with guys.

Jessie’s hand made it’s way down my pants and she slipped her fingers into my very wet pussy. She used her other hand to guide me down her pants. I definitely felt weird about touching another girl’s pussy, but I wanted to make her feel good.

She was completely shaved down there, something I might have expected. I tentatively put my fingers against her slit, and finally worked up the courage to put one inside her. It was so wet and soft, I soon slipped another two in. She was rubbing my clit and making me moan, and judging by her sounds, I was doing okay too.

I moved my other hand up her shirt and felt her soft, round tits. They were so firm. I squeezed hard, ankara escort enjoying the way the nipple felt against my palm. We laid on the bed, masturbating each other for awhile, until Jessie slid away.

She got on top of me and began moving her head down to my crotch. She pulled off my sweatpants and panties. Now I was completely naked. She put her face in my pussy and inhaled. “I love the smell of a fresh pussy!” she exclaimed. I was trembling.

“No Jessie, you can’t, please — ” But it was too late. She put her tongue in my wet slit, licking up my juices and flicking my clit every so often. My hips bucked as I moaned out her name. “Oooh Jessie…oh yeah…ooh.” The more I moaned, the faster and harder Jessie ate me. She made all kinds of noises as she licked up my juices. She wrapped her arms around my legs so I couldn’t move. I could tell I was going to cum soon.

“Oh Jess, I’m gonna cum, don’t stop, oh, oh…” Finally I came as I shoved my pussy against her face. She went even deeper. When I was done, she grinned at me. “Ready for round two?” she asked. “Huh?” I said, barely even able to move.

She turned around backwards so that her ass was facing me. She leaned down again and stuck her tongue against my clit. I was even more sensitive since I had just cum, and I shuddered. She lowered her ass and suddenly I realized what I was supposed to do. I couldn’t believe I was going to eat pussy. But I wanted to make her happy …

I stuck my tongue in just a little, to get a taste. It was wet and slippery. It tasted salty but a little sweet, which I found quite appetizing. Jessie’s lack of hair made her pussy even more delicious. Soon I couldn’t help myself. Jessie was working on my clit so much that I was crazy with my own horniness. I couldn’t quite believe I was doing it, but I grabbed Jessie’s ass and pulled her pussy down over my face. I moved my tongue in and out of her hot wet hole, feeling the juices run down my chin. She began moaning. We were both getting close. She started bouncing up and down on my face as she continued eating me. We came at almost the same moment, screaming and burying our faces in each other’s pussies.

When we had finally calmed down, Jessie came back to lay next to me. She held me and I laid against her tits, confused but excited about what had just happened. We talked for awhile. She admitted to me that she had discovered she was bi in high school, and that her plan at the frat house had been mostly because she’d been attracted to me. I listened to her stories as I got more tired. “Kerri?” Jessie said as I was almost asleep. “Mmm?” I mumbled. “I think this is going to be a really fun year.” I smiled as I drifted off to sleep.

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