Killer B Ch. 02

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Killer B – The Next Day

That evening I found it difficult to concentrate. My mind kept going back to that totally unexpected encounter with Beryl. What a fucking (and sucking and licking) good time! Whenever I closed my eyes to try to sleep all I saw was the vision of her impaled on my cock with that radiant smile and those perfect tits. As I lay there in bed, I remembered the line from the TV commercial, “If you have an erection lasting more than four hours, seek medical attention.” I’d love to seek medical attention from a certain nursing student. I finally drifted off into a fitful sleep.

When I awoke, it was to a hard, almost painful, erection. No doubt a product of those wonderful dreams I had last night, I mused. As I stepped into the shower, my hand slowly began stroking my cock. It was a feeble attempt to recreate yesterday’s experiences. I stopped and turned the water colder. Time to concentrate on what I need to get done today, I thought.

As I backed out of the driveway, I couldn’t help but glance over to the neighbor’s. Beryl’s car was gone. Probably off to her summer job at the hospital, I thought. If she worked the early shift, that would put her home around lunch time.

I usually arrived at work early. During that quiet period I make a pot of coffee and review the day’s schedule. Having your own business was gratifying. Most people didn’t realize the hard work and long hours involved in getting it up and running and keeping it there. Continual attention to details and outstanding client service had allowed me to build a good accounting practice. While I had kept it small initially, since my son, Jim, had joined me a few years ago we had focused on growth. I still had my standards though. My clients were good people – no jerks need apply. As I was reviewing messages and planning my day, my hyper-efficient secretary, Marie, strode in.

“Good morning, Bill,” she said. “Most of the messages from yesterday are pretty self explanatory. I did get a call from a young lady yesterday. She said she was a secretary for a Mr. Richard Hardon of AP Manufacturing. When I told her you were out for the afternoon, she requested your cell number. I told her I would take a message but she said Mr. Hardon would be in and out and requested your cell so he could call while he was driving between appointments. I tried to deflect her but she was quite insistent. I know we are trying to grow, so I relented and gave it to her. I hope that was OK?”

“No problem, Marie,” I replied. “I didn’t get any calls yesterday so we’ll see if anything comes of it.” The relationship between a client and his accountant is typically close. Once that relationship is established, it’s pretty difficult to change especially in a small town where people are concerned about who all knows about their financial situation. Usually the only times people change are if their accountant royally screws up, retires or dies, or their bank realizes they’ve outgrown their current accountant’s abilities and requires them to change.

Between meetings and phone calls, the balance of the morning passed by fairly quickly. Marie had scheduled a luncheon appointment for me but my client had called and rescheduled it for next week. As I drove home for lunch, I wondered what would await me.

Pulling into the drive, I noticed a strange car in Beryl’s driveway and a young man shooting hoops. He waved as I checked the mailbox. As I fixed a sandwich, my cell phone beeped with the tone for a message. I tapped the icon to see what it was.

Hi Mr G, it read. My boyfriend, Cody, decided to drive down from his home and surprise me :(. I was looking forward to another chance to work on my tan. Guess we’ll have to wait until later. In the meantime, here’s something to tide you over 😉 I clicked on the attachment. Wow! A beautiful picture of Killer B – pony tailed, smiling, and stark naked. How in the world did she get my number? Then I remembered what Marie had said about an insistent young lady calling for Richard Hardon – or did she mean dick hard on? She had said that Mr. Hardon (or was that hard on?) would be in canlı bahis and out. I smiled and chuckled – what a little minx!

Shucking my clothes, I headed outside. I didn’t hear the bouncing basketball anymore. Cody must have gone inside. He and Beryl were probably fucking now. Lucky guy! As I lay in the sun thinking about them, my cock came to full mast. I squirted some suntan oil on my hand and began stroking. Better make sure it’s well covered, I thought. Wouldn’t want that to get sunburned! I closed my eyes and laid back. From the field I could hear a cat mewing. Beryl’s cat must have got loose again, I thought. She’s probably occupied right now and can’t break away to find it. Poor pussy, I chuckled, as I thought about the beautiful pussy Cody was probably enjoying. Again, I slowly stroked my cock. No matter how hard I squeezed, I couldn’t match the feel of that velvet vise that held me a mere 24 hours ago. I heard her cat mew again.

My phone beeped with another message. I tapped the icon. Marie hat set an appointment for 1:30 with a new client. Looking at the clock on my phone, I figured I had just enough time to pop into the shower and get back to the office so I headed in to the house.

The 1:30 meeting went well. Tom Munn had met Jim on the golf course and at the 19th hole they had a good discussion about what he was seeking and how we could meet those needs. It looked like a good fit. Tom was a man of integrity, community minded, and successful. His prior accountant had met an untimely death and his inquiries to his banker and attorney had resulted in our meeting. Tom had heard good things about our firm and was looking forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship.

As I drove home from work I was thinking. Who would suspect this conservative, strait-laced accountant of being not only a closet nudist, but a part time player in the swinging scene? A year after Lynn’s death I had started surfing around the web. I had always known about porn sites but I was somewhat surprised by the proliferation of sites for people wanting to hook up for casual, no strings attached, sex. Lynn and I had talked about visiting a swing club and seeking playmates and the talk had always resulted in some torrid, passionate lovemaking sessions. Lynn had even acquiesced to visiting a swing club on our next trip out of state. But, she had gotten ill before our trip. The residual effects of her strict upbringing related her illness to her desire to explore sex outside our marriage. So, even when she recovered, she had lost interest in actually visiting such a club, although talking about it still made her wet and seemed to provide the fodder for some fantastic orgasms.

Pulling into the drive, I saw Craig working in his yard. I went in, changed clothes, and went back outside to work on mine. Once the mowing and trimming was done, we chatted about the weather, kids, and our golf games. We discussed getting a neighborly golf match between him and Scott and Jim and me. As we chatted, I noticed both Cody and Beryl’s cars were gone. I told Craig I’d seen a young man at their house earlier in the day. Craig told me it was Beryl’s boyfriend, Cody. She had met him at college and Craig and Mindy both liked him. He came down occasionally during the summer to visit.

“Yeah,” Craig said, “he’s majoring in finance and accounting.”

“I thought he looked like a great kid!” I said, laughing. “Anyone who is in accounting can’t be all bad.”

“We think he’s been good for Beryl. Growing up in a small town and leading a somewhat sheltered life, we were worried she’d have trouble fitting in at college and the bigger town,” Craig said.

Beryl? Sheltered? I thought, if he only knew. “I think she’ll be fine,” I said. “She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Those types of people can generally adapt to most situations. Plus, with her personality, she seems like she can get along with most everybody.”

“True,” Craig replied. “She seems to like the larger community so we doubt she’ll ever move back here,” he said, swatting at a mosquito.

“Looks like the creatures of the bahis siteleri night are coming out,” I said. “Time to retreat to the shelter of the house. Catch you later! Check with Scott about a golf date!” I said as I headed towards the house.

“Will do,” Craig replied.

I poured a glass of wine and sat on the veranda. The rosy hue of sunset slowly surrendered to the relentless approach of night. Fireflies were winking in the grass. I finished my glass and headed to the shower. As the water cascaded over me, I heard the beep of my cell phone. Whoever that is can wait, I thought as I reveled in the massage of the shower head. After a nice, relaxing shower, I toweled off, dispensed with any clothing, and headed to my easy chair to read the paper. My phone beeped again. I picked it up.

You awake, old man 😉 I didn’t recognize the number. My oldest was into the newest technology. She must have gotten a new phone.

Yes, I replied. What’s up?

Want to Face Time?

Well, I hadn’t seen the grandkids in a few weeks. Let’s Face Time on the tablet, I responded. Us older folks don’t have the eyesight for these phones.

Good idea! came the response.

I grabbed my tablet and waited for the call. When the tablet buzzed, I tapped the icon and connected.

“Hi Mr G,” Beryl said, beaming.

“Well, this is a pleasant surprise,” I replied.

“Sorry we couldn’t get together today,” Beryl pouted. “Cody dropped in to surprise me.”

“If I had a hot girlfriend like you, I’d drop in every day!” I responded. “He looks like a good kid. I’m sure you two found things to do.”

“Yes, it’s funny,” Beryl giggled. “When a guy is really into you he’ll do things he really has no interest in doing just to be with you.”

“It must be love,” I said. “You might want to hang on to him if he treats you right.”

“Yeah,” Beryl replied, “he’s a nice guy. But sometimes it’s “bait and switch.” A guy will do anything to get in your pants then do a 180 when they think you’re hooked on them. So far, he’s been really nice.”

“So, what did you two do today?” I asked. “Did you find Calico? I heard her out in the cornfield this afternoon.”

Beryl laughed. “We had some fun,” she winked. “We went bird watching.”

“Does that mean what I think it means?” I asked.

Beryl laughed again. “You know it! We saw a beautiful woodpecker.”

“Interesting,” I said. “My favorite is the tiny titmouse.”

“I think the correct name is tufted titmouse,” Beryl giggled.

“No,” I replied. “I prefer the tufted part shaved. Did Cody enjoy bird watching?”

“Oh yeah,” Beryl giggled. “He was fascinated. It might become his favorite outdoor activity. We watched you put lotion on and he noticed how turned on I was getting. He slipped his hand under my shirt and started fondling my tit. That felt soooo good I couldn’t help but moan.”

“Hmmmm,” I said. “So what I thought was your cat…”

“Right,” Beryl giggled. “You did hear a pussy but it wasn’t Calico.”

“You little tease,” I said. “So you two were out groping in the corn.”

“Actually, as he fondled my tit I put a hand back and started stroking his cock. He seemed to really enjoy that. Then, his other hand slipped up through my shorts and began to stroke my pussy, sort of like this.” Beryl stepped back from the camera and I saw she was naked and stroking her beautiful, hairless cunt. “Isn’t technology wonderful?” Beryl moaned.

“It sure is,” I whispered as I slowly stroked my cock.

“Let me see it,” Beryl sighed.

I moved back and showed her how she was affecting me.

“Mmmmmm.” Beryl moaned, “wished I was over there now.” She was whimpering as she stroked her pussy faster.

“Me too,” I whispered. “What else did you and Cody do in the corn?”

“Well, after stroking me for a bit, we watched you stroke yourself again. That did it, I was practically gushing,” she groaned. “I had to have some cock in me.” Beryl moved around on her bed and pulled a purple vibrator out from under her pillow. She got on all fours and wiggled her cute little butt at the camera. bahis şirketleri I could see her glistening cunt lips. “So Cody got behind me and shoved his cock in my pussy like this,” She groaned as her hand pushed her vibrator between her sopping cunt lips. She glanced back to the camera over her shoulder. “That’s when you heard my pussy again,” she giggled. “He grabbed my hips and began fucking me. He slowly ramped up the pace until he was fucking me hard and fast. I thought you might hear him slapping his balls against my cunt but there must have been just enough of a breeze to drown it out. He was fucking me sooooooo good. Then I remembered what you had said about eating me out while somebody fucked me. So I put my finger down and began playing with my clit pretending it was your tongue. Like this,” she gasped as one hand went to her clit and the other held the vibrator that was plunging in and out of her cunt. Her head was on the pillow and her ass was sticking in the air, the vibrator stuffed into her pussy. She looked so inviting. I could hear the squishing sound as the vibrator pummeled her pussy. Her breathing was becoming ragged, as was mine.

Beryl began gasping. “Fuck me, lick me, ah, ah, ah, ah. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Harder, deeper, oh God, oh God, yes, yes, yesssssssss,” she whispered. “Now, now, now, cum with me, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, I’m cuuuuuuuuuummmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggg!” With one final thrust she buried the vibrator in her pussy and collapsed on her bed. Rope after rope of cum shot from my cock as I grunted.

She lay there on her bed for a few minutes moaning softly. I could see her body twitching as the aftershocks from her orgasm rippled through it. My God what a hot little vixen! Finally she turned over and looked at the camera. “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” she giggled softly.

“You have no idea,” I replied, “the next best thing to being there. You two should have come over this afternoon, we could have had some fun.”

“Cody and I talked about that afterwards,” Beryl replied. “I could tell the thought excited him,” she laughed.

“Yes, it is hard for us guys to hide certain things,” I replied.

“That was actually the first time he and I had fucked outdoors,” Beryl said. “After that experience today, I think he might be ready to try some other things.”

“Don’t push him,” I advised. “It’s better to move at a pace that makes you both comfortable. Always remember, no means no. Most problems I’ve seen are caused by one person thinking no means maybe, as in, “maybe it’ll work out in the heat of the moment.”

“So,” Beryl said, “you have experience with this?”

“Well,” I replied, “since Lynn died I have checked out the scene, so to speak. It’s interesting to watch people walk in the door. You can tell which couples are excited to be there and which ones have spouses who aren’t really too sure about it.”

“So, are there a lot of single guys at these clubs?” Beryl asked.

“More single ladies than guys,” I replied. “It’s usually pretty difficult to find a club that allows single guys because most of them are like guys you know – pushy, aggressive, and looking to score for bragging rights. Single ladies are more acceptable. They’re generally not as aggressive as guys and most guys have a fantasy of themselves with two girls.”

“Have you had that fantasy?” Beryl asked.

“Of course! Hey, I’m just a normal guy and if two ladies are hot and engaging in some girl-girl play, that’s fine by me,” I smiled. It’s just neat watching porn in person. Guys, gals, it doesn’t matter as long as they aren’t overweight. I prefer the thinner people. Of course, most of the hot couples and single ladies don’t want anything to do with an old fossil like me, unless they have a “daddy” fetish.”

“They sure don’t know what they’re missing,” Beryl sighed.

“Well, little lady, I certainly appreciate your call but some of us have to work in the morning,” I said.

“Hey, I go to work earlier than you!” Beryl cried. “But you’re right. I’d better get some sleep.”

“Sweet dreams,” I said.

“And wet dreams to you,” Beryl giggled. “Hopefully, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good night, beautiful,” I said and signed off. What in the hell is going on? I wondered. Then I thought, don’t question, just accept. I headed off for another cold shower.

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