Kim’s Jamaica Vacation

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This story is dedicated to a wonderful Literotica reader. May all her dreams come true. Enjoy her story.

Kim walked off the plane with a little apprehension. She and her husband were going to Hedonism. The apprehension wasn’t what might take place, but what her husband would think when they got there. Kim had made these plans. He thought they were going to one of tamer places – one that still allowed topless sunbathing but not some of the wildness of Hedo. Kim knew he’d never come to Hedo if he knew where they were going. Kim hoped once he got there, he’d open up to the wickedness and let fun go wherever it was going. As for Kim, he biggest fantasy had always been to enjoy sex with a bigger group, to experience other people with her husband and to leave the pressures of the outside world behind.

Kim was impressed that her husband bit his tongue and disguised the shock over arriving at Hedo. They checked in and were led to their room overlooking the au naturel pool. The music was playing and as Kim looked around she saw the relaxed atmosphere of everyone there. She shuddered when thought about the fact that she would soon be nude in front of all those people. She knew, that the least, she would live out her dream to be naked in front dozens of people.

Kim’s husband was too shocked to be mad at Kim once they were alone. He thought about what this all could mean. He decided to just let it slide and see what happened before he said anything. Kim secretly hoped that he be too busy to say anything later.

Kim undressed and slipped into a beach cover up. She wanted to go out by the pool and get naked but thought that she would take baby steps and wear the sheer cover and remove there by the pool. For all the wild thoughts she had, there was still a innocence to Kim. This innocence is exactly what would help Kim fulfill all the other fantasies.

Kim went out and found a lounge chair. She removed her cover. It felt both exciting and scary at the same time to expose her breasts to and pussy to the world. Kim walked slowly up to the bar and got a drink. She noticed the glances she got at walked. It was as if people wanted to stare, but knew that even given the wickedness of Hedo, you can’t really do that.

Kim sipped her drink, sat with her husband and read a little of the book she brought. She really spent most of the time watching people. She saw both a few men and few women she would like to see a little more. It was a little disappointing to her, but she saw none of the wild craziness she was hoping for. She wanted an icebreaker with her husband. Kim got it as the sun began to go down.

She mingled a little and soon found a group getting ready for body shots. It was perfect. Kim got her husband he reluctantly agreed to go and see what it was all about. They fit right in. They watched as one girl teasingly bursa escort bayan licked the top of her tit and sprinkled some salt on it. Kim thought she put the salt so high up it was almost on her shoulder. The girl put a lemon wedge in her mouth and as Kim and her husband watched, a guy who Kim assumed was her boyfriend or husband, licked the salt off her and slammed a shot. Then he ate the lemon wedge out of her mouth.

Kim nearly melted. She was immediately turned on could feel her nipples hardening as she fell into the intense feelings. She also didn’t really care who noticed. She watched in awe as each successive couple got a little more erotic and a little more seductive. Finally, it was Kim’s turn. She decided to jump in full force. To wild cheers of everyone, Kim sensuously licked the hardened nipple of right tit and sprinkled salt on it. Kim pulled husband close and to her greatest dreams, he fell into the emotion of the moment. He sucked the salt off Kim and drank his shot. He pulled Kim close and sucked the lemon wedge out of her mouth. The fire in eyes told Kim everything was going to be just what she planned.

With the crowd still cheering, Kim grabbed the salt again. She glanced around as found a guy she thought would be the one help elevate this entire experience. Finally, she got a knowing glance from someone who just seemed to know what Kim had in mind and was OK with it. Kim walked up to him and pulled him into the center with her. This time she lighted sucked her left tit and salted it up. The guy teased Kim a little by looking like he was ready to lick the salt off her sensational tits, only to pull back a little at the last second. Finally Kim grabbed his head and pulled it to her. He sucked her tit and got every grain of salt. After slamming his shot, he almost kissed Kim deeply as he sucked the lemon from her mouth.

Kim pulled back and other couples continued the body shots. Kim felt a tapping on her shoulder and turned to see a girl standing behind her. She introduced herself as Lisa and explained that the guy who did the body shot with her was her boyfriend. Kim was about to apologize if she went over edge but before she could, Lisa told her it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. She asked if Kim and her husband would join them for dinner.

Kim eagerly expected and soon they found themselves sitting in one the restaurants getting to know each other. They had a lot in common and were hitting it right off. Kim knew this had real possibility. She almost died when Lisa suggested that they all retired to their room for a while. Her heart was pounding. Here was Lisa, obviously suggesting taking things to another level, and her husband, who had never indicated that he would even consider that, all coming together. If she could have thought about it, she might have tried bursa merkez escort to lessen the situation, but she was too flushed, too aroused and too much in shock to say a word. Her jaw nearly dropped when her husband agreed to go.

They quickly left the restaurant on the resort and headed towards the room. On the way, they went to the bar got a pitcher of Tequila Sunrises and were soon walking into Lisa and Keith’s room. Lisa immediately stripped out of her sundress while noting that she wished even the restaurant was nude.

For the first time, Kim really noticed Kim’s body. She was a brunette with beautiful, pale skin. The smile seemed to light up the room. Her breasts were firm and slightly upturned. Kim immediately thought that Lisa had great tits and knew her husband was noticing the same thing. Then Kim’s eyes slowly drifted down to Lisa bush. It was covered with a sparse expanse of light brown hair. It seemed a little close cut and Kim wondered if she had shaved recently and was growing back out or if she always kept it cut a little close.

The rest quickly followed and soon the four sitting naked drinking and enjoying the night. Soon the subject of the body shots came up.

“I thought Keith would get hard right there when you pulled him out. He had been staring at you and your husband. I got aroused just watching it”, Lisa admitted. Then with a laugh she said “At least you can’t see it when a girl gets wet.”

Kim looked over a Keith and noticed that just conversation was having an effect on him. He was getting very hard but trying to hide it a little. She knew this was her chance. Her chance of a lifetime. Who knew if it would even happen again. She decided to take the plunge.

“Looks like just thinking about it is getting the reaction you expected earlier”, Kim said.

Instead of hiding it, Keith opened up and let his cock bounce free. Kim stared at it. She was frozen as she kept her eyes riveted to the sight of another man’s hard cock. She wanted to touch it so badly, but was afraid. What if she was miss reading the situation? She was about to break away her gaze when Lisa bent down and licked the tip of Keith’s cock and sprinkled a little salt on it..

“Care to take a body shot of your own?”, Lisa asked.

Kim bend down and sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth. She slammed a swig of Tequila Sunrise and looked over at Lisa. “Hmm, even without the lemon that is great.”, Kim moaned.

Without even looking at her husband she went back to sucking Keith’s dick. It was so hard and felt so perfect in her mouth. After a minute, she looked over at Lisa and found that her husband was also getting a wonderful blowjob. Lisa smiled at her and they started sucking each other’s husband harder than ever. Kim’s husband reached for her wife’s bursa sınırsız escort ass and started stroking her soft cheeks. Kim was shocked that her husband began to move things a little farther. He pulled himself and Lisa to floor. She kept sucking his cock and her husband pulled Kim towards him. Soon, he was eagerly licking her pussy as he got his cock sucked and she sucked Keith. Keith realized what was going on and maneuvered himself to lick Lisa’s pussy too. Kim was going to explode. She had heard of people doing a daisy chain like this, she had even seen it in the pornos that she rented from time to time. She never imagined that she would actually get her husband to agree to this.

Soon Kim couldn’t take it any longer. She exploded in an orgasm of the power she hadn’t had in years. Her husband was literally getting coated in her come. She took her mouth from Keith’s cock and screamed out. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe it was that Lisa had always wanted to experience this kind of thing too, but almost as soon as Kim screamed in orgasm, Lisa came too. They were both in their own heaven but as they came down, they knew they had to help the guys too. Lisa made the first move and positioned her pussy right over husband’s cock. Kim watched in amazement as Lisa slowly lowered herself onto her husband’s cock. Kim then rose and with a quick motion eased down on Keith’s cock. She began to ride his cock like it would be her last. Soon, Lisa and Kim were matching stroke for stroke. She knew her husband was going to come soon and if the feelings she was getting from Keith’s cock were anything like her husband’s he was too.

Kim watched as Lisa began to kiss her husband deeply. She suspected Lisa could taste her pussy on her husband’s tongue and mouth. She was more aroused than ever. When Lisa began to lick her husband’s face she knew she was right. Kim leaned over and did the same to Keith. She could still taste the musky scent Lisa had left behind. She now knew why Lisa was turned on licking her juices off her husband. Kim couldn’t believe that the taste of another woman was doing that to her. She was shocked but completely turned on by it all.

Kim’s husband grunted and stiffened and she knew he was emptying inside Lisa’s pussy. Wow, it looked so amazing. Kim felt a small second orgasm rip through her body from watching it and she whimpered as this second climax rushed through her body. This sent Keith over the edge and Kim felt him explode in her pussy. His come felt like it was shooting straight through her.

After they calmed down, they talked for a while longer and then as the night wore decided that they all needed some sleep. Kim was so happy when she found out that Lisa and Keith were going to be there all week as well. The four agreed to meet the next day to hang out together. As Kim and her husband walked back to their room they didn’t say much. They just kept looking at each other. Finally Kim’s husband spoke.

“What a first day. I can’t wait to see what the rest of it like.”

Kim went to sleep that night with the biggest smile she had ever had. She could only dream of what was to come.

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