Kim’s New Life Ch. 11

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“I am expecting her, pet. Please show her in. And quit hiding. My slut should be proud to display her naked body to my friends.”

“Hey, it’s good to see you again, Kim!” Sam exclaimed when she walked past me without a second glance, seemingly ignoring my nakedness. I saw that she was wearing tight shorts that bared the bottom curve of her ass. Her T-shirt was short enough to expose the bottom swell of her breasts and, to my surprise, she was wearing white ankle socks with white tennis shoes. Tell-tell bumps were apparent through her T-shirt on either side of her nipples, making it obvious that she was wearing bar bells in pierced nipples. I was immediately anxious to see them. She also wore a ring in her navel which made me wonder what other parts of her body were pierced. She was carrying a small overnight size suitcase, which she sat on the floor before casually flopping onto the chair next to the sofa. My attention left her brief clothing and riveted on the white collar around her neck.

“You may kneel again, pet.”

“I see Kim fell under your influence, Kelly. I knew you’d be after her as soon as I saw the white socks, even if you didn’t,” Sam teased.

“I am well aware that you know one of my weaknesses, Sam. But you fell quicker than she did.” After looking at me she added, “I think my new slave might be a little confused by that revelation. Why don’t you tell her how I caught you? By the way, her name is Kimmy, not Kim, as long as she is wearing my collar.”

“You may face Sam when she is talking to you, pet.”

“I should have realized there would be a name change, Sam commented.” Then to me she said, “I was one of your Mistress’ students, Kimmy. She had me on my knees the very first time I was in her office. It was the first course of hers that I attended. During the meeting of the second class, I noticed that she was watching me quite closely. As soon as she dismissed us, she said, ‘Miss Abernathy, I would like to speak privately with you in my office. Please come with me.’ She said it as an order, not as a request, and in a somewhat stern manner, so I was quite worried.

“As soon as we entered her office, she closed her door and told me to sit down. She sat behind her desk and asked if I realized the extent of my participation in class during the first two meetings. The tone in her voice and the way she made the statement made me feel like she was saying my participation was excessive and that I wasn’t giving my fellow students a chance. I hadn’t realized that fact, but when she brought it to my attention, I knew she was correct and started to apologize for dominating the class time. She immediately stopped me and said that she wasn’t rebuking me, stating that very few students were prepared as well as I was for the first class and she couldn’t even remember many that were even halfway prepared for the second class, even though she always handed out a syllabus the first day.

“It was the last class of the day for both of us and we talked for quite a long time. I felt comfortable with her as she kept pulling personal information out of me that I normally don’t share. Some of her questions were improper, but I didn’t mind and quickly answered them. By the end of an hour, she knew that I was bisexual, but preferred the company of women. I didn’t know it then, but she had also discerned that I was submissive. Towards the end of our talk, she explained to me that a friend had asked her to help find a female student who would be willing to be a live-in housekeeper in exchange for room and board and a small monetary stipend. It was several months before I found out that this was the main reason for the meeting. Being a poor college student with a tuition-only scholarship, I indicated that I was interested. She already knew I had to pay for my own room, board and books, but of course I didn’t know that she was aware of my plight.”

Kelly interrupted her. “Sam, tell her how you were dressed for those first two classes.”

“Oh, yea,” she laughed, “That probably is important. I wore pull-over tops, mini-skirts, and white ankle socks. I also wore white tennis shoes for the first class and loafers for the second.” I grinned at this revelation.

Kelly interrupted again. “In my own defense, I must say that it wasn’t just the skirts and white socks that got my attention, it was also her intelligence.” She then grasped my chin. “I had to talk to you a few minutes before discovering that part of YOUR personality, my little bitch.”

“Kelly explained that her friend was somewhat overbearing and expected perfection from her housekeepers, adding that most of the girls who worked for her couldn’t take her domineering personally and soon quit,” Sam continued. “I told her that wouldn’t bother me and said that I’d so almost anything for money. Kelly smiled and said, “What if she ordered you to do your housework while naked?”

“I thought she was kidding, just to see my reaction, but I calmly replied, ‘Ma’am, as I already indicated, I’d do almost Ankara bayan escort anything for money, but I must add that it would have to be legal. To me, free room and board is just the same as cash. I’m sure you are exaggerating to make a point, but if your friend asks me to work naked, then I’ll work naked.’

“So, Kimmy, your Mistress indicated that I could meet her friend without any obligation before making a decision, but I needed to ‘prove my willingness’ to do what her friend might want. To make a long story short, I quickly found out she had not been exaggerating. Before I knew what was happening, my bra and panties were in Kelly’s desk drawer and I was kneeling beside her desk. She then informed me that she wanted me to think about the offer until our next class. If I still wanted her to introduce me to her friend, she said that I should wear sheer panties to the class and should sit in the front row and flash them to her. Being a cash-poor college student, (hell, I considered myself poorer than dirt) there was absolutely no way that I was going to miss the opportunity she was offering. If it worked out, I could possibly graduate debt free. Kelly was so sure of her assessment of me, she knew I wouldn’t report her for sexual harassment.

“So, I wore a mini-skirt, made sure I was one of the first students in the room, sat down, opened my legs for her, and quickly shut them when I was sure she had noticed that, rather than wearing sheer panties, I had not worn any. She came over to me and whispered in my ear that I had disobeyed her orders. As punishment, I was to keep my legs spread for the whole period. That was a trip. the whole scene turned me on.

“She was so sure I would accept her offer, her friend was waiting in her office when class was over. You already know her friend: Allyson. I met with them, signed a contract, and wore Allyson’s collar to my new home. That was two years ago. The rest is history.

“That, I guess, brings us to the present. My Mistress thought I should repay Kelly in some way for introducing us. I studied to be a professional masseuse before I realized that was not an occupation I really wanted and applied to the University.

“In return for introducing me to Allyson, I now give Kelly a weekly massage and do housekeeping for her on occasion. Kelly pays me for the latter but have a feeling that income source has now ended since you have obviously yielded to Kelly’s charms. Of course, I don’t need the money anymore since I have succeeded in graduated without any college debt as planned.”

“Because I brought them together, Sam’s Mistress has given me permission to discipline her on occasion, too. Isn’t that right, Sam?”

“Yes, ma’am, it is,” Sam replied, adding, “In fact, Mistress sometimes sends me to Kelly when I need severe discipline and she doesn’t want to feel guilty about applying it.”

“Now you know why she wasn’t too surprised to see you naked and wearing cuffs when she arrived, pet, especially after seeing you lose your underwear and accepting my collar last night.”

“I take it your clothes for tonight are in the suitcase, Sam?”

“Yes, ma’am. After talking to you this morning Mistress Allyson suggested that she would meet us here about seven and we can all go to the restaurant in her car.”

“That sounds great to me. Should I contact her and let her know.”

“No, she said to let her know only if you object or have other plans.”

” I’ll get us some wine, Sam, while you go upstairs and get your equipment. I don’t want Kimmy to see the playroom yet, so you can set up in the den. Don’t forget to lose your shoes.”

We sipped on the wine and talked for nearly half an hour, Kelly holding my glass while I drank. During our conversation I asked Sam if she had to wear a collar all the time. “Always when at home, at Lisa’s, anywhere my status is known, and in public on occasion. I commented that I didn’t remember seeing it at Lisa’s. “I was wearing it last night. You probably didn’t notice because you were so entranced with Kelly,” she laughed. “But I always wear something hidden, 24/7′ to remind me of my submissive status.” Since I couldn’t see anything, I asked her what that might be.

“Oh, I can’t tell you, but I have a strong feeling you will be seeing it later.”

Damn, I hated suspense, and this continued secrecy. I also asked her if Sam was a slave name. She replied that it was and explained she had told Allyson that Sam was her nickname as she grew up and that she always considered it to be male in connotation. She didn’t particularly like it once she entered high school. I laughed and told her that hating my youthful nickname was the reason that Kelly renamed me Kimmy.

“Well, Kelly, why don’t we get started. Do you want to be first or last?”

“I’ll go first, Sam. I think Kimmy’s massage will take a little longer.”

“Knowing you, I’m positive of that.” More effing suspense.

Following Kelly’s instructions, Sam brought a tall backless bar Escort bayan Ankara stool from the breakfast nook and placed it about two feet from the side of the massage table, next to where Kelly’s head would be. “Ok, slut. You can sit on this and watch,” Kelly said, then helped me up. With lust in my heart, I watched her strip while Sam went to the bathroom and filled two basins with warm water.

Sam explained that she would give Kelly a sponge bath followed by a full body massage. “You will then get the same treatment plus a couple additional surprises I know your Mistress has planned for you.

“Watch closely, Kimmy, because I think your Mistress will probably have you give her massages between my visits. Isn’t that what a slave is for, Kelly?”

“That and much more, Sam,” Kelly replied, chuckling.

I was fascinated watching Sam work. Using a net pouf, moistened in one of the basins, she wet a large section of Kelly’s back, poured a small amount of body shampoo on the same area, then, using the pouf, worked the shampoo into a lather. Finally, she wiped the lather off using a moist wash cloth thoroughly rinsed in the other basin. Once she removed the lather, I could see Kelly’s skin glowing pink on the washed area.

Kelly was lying with her hands at her sides and her head turned towards me. I didn’t realize she was watching me as I concentrated on Sam washing her ass. I had never lusted after a woman’s ass before, but Kelly’s now seemed to be the most beautiful ones I had ever seen. It turned me on to see Sam lay the pouf aside and use her hands to spread the lather, especially when she ran her fingers between her cheeks, seeming to pause there a little longer than necessary, bringing a moan from Kelly’s lips.

Kelly continued to watch me intently as I admired her body and watched Sam work. I didn’t realize that I was staring until she said, “Do you like what you see, pet?”

I turned my head to look her in the eyes and smiled, “Oh, yes, Mistress, I definitely do.”

“Well, I had Kelly place that chair near my head on purpose. I would appreciate it if you turned this way a bit more while you admire your Mistress and spread your legs, so I can admire my cunt.”

Sam finished washing Kelly’s back and asked her to turn over. I continued to be fascinated as Sam bathed her tits. My thoughts turned to how I had suckled on them the previous evening. Sam continued to move down Kelly’s body. When Sam finally reached her sex, Kelly raised her knees and spread her legs to provide better access. Watching Sam pull Kelly’s labia out and delicately wash each lip separately, then, using a straight razor, shave her pussy to remove any stubble was stimulating me. I’m sure Kelly had the smoothest and cleanest vagina in the country. I silently hoped Sam would be shaving mine. I was wet imagining how it would feel.

Sam placed a fresh towel on the table and Kelly rolled back onto on her stomach. Using copious amounts of warm, scented oil, Sam started a deep muscle massage. Again, I especially loved watching her caress Kelly’s ass, enjoying the way her fingers magically kneaded the luscious, curved globes.

My own clit twitched when Sam slowly drew her fingers up and down between Kelly’s cheeks. Since I was near Kelly’s head, I couldn’t see where she stopped, but I thought she might have positioned her finger over Kelly’s anus. I knew I was correct when Kelly gasped just after Sam poured a liberal amount of massage oil between her cheeks. Then her finger disappeared. Kelly exclaimed, “Oh, gawd, YES, Sam. That feels so good.” Sam inserted a second digit and finger-fucked Kelly’s ass for a couple minutes before instructing her “client” to turn over.

Sam massaged Kelly’s face, shoulders and arms, and then her abdomen. I watched attentively as she moved up to Kelly’s breasts, separately squeezing and kneading each one with both hands. She slipped her pinky fingers through both rings and pulled her breasts up until Kelly moaned. Kelly looked up at Sam, smiled, raised her hand, slipped it under Sam’s T-shirt and massaged her breast. “You know how much I love that, Sam, but you had better be careful or you might get more than you bargained for.”

Sam smiled at her and teased, “Promises, promises, rarely any action!”

Kelly’s feet received Sam’s full attention next. As one might predict, the massage slowly moved up to her hips. When Kelly spread her legs, I knew it was good that my hands were still cuffed behind my back. Otherwise, I would have been giving both a show while I masturbated. That would have gotten me into more trouble.

A slight pang of envy hit me when Sam leaned down and kissed Kelly’s clit. I wasn’t jealous, I just wanted to be the one kissing it. At least Sam didn’t dwell there. She poured a generous supply of massage oil into her hand and applied it to Kelly’s pussy. As I watched, I thought about how nice it must be rubbing oil over a freshly shaved pussy and realized how much better it would be than doing the same to Bayan escort Ankara one covered with hair. Kelly was so right. Yes, there were many benefits to removing one’s pubic bush.

Kelly shut her eyes, put her hands behind her head and moved her feet to the edge of the table to get leverage so she could move her hips attempting to increase the pleasure Sam was giving her. I could tell she was approaching a climax as her breathing got more rapid, and was surprised when she suddenly dropped her hips to the table and exclaimed, “Please stop Sam.”

“You don’t want to finish?”

“Oh, I definitely want to, but not right now.” She lay there a few moments then said, “I think you should prepare my slave for her bath and massage.”

“Shall I give her the full quart?”

“Absolutely! And you should use that amount in both the cleansing and in the rinse. It’s also time to lose your shirt.” They explained Sam normally would be naked during the massage (she would strip immediately on arrival, just inside the door), but Kelly had sent her different instructions for this session.

“Come with me, Kimmy,” Sam said while Kelly helped me off the tall stool. I followed her into the bathroom, glancing sideways at the barbells penetrating her nipples, and wondering what was in store for me.

“Something tells me that you like my piercings, Kimmy.”

“I do. They make your nipples look sexy.”

“I can honestly say that I am glad Mistress Allyson made me get them pierced. There are other adornments that I like even better. You should get yours pierced, too. But then, I have a feeling that you are not going to have any choice.” I felt that shudder again.

Sam placed a folded towel on the floor next and told me to kneel on it alongside the tub. She assisted me to lean forward until my forehead was resting comfortably on the towel then instructed me to spread my legs. The position I was in was extremely embarrassing and positively lewd. My naïve mind could not imagine what Sam was going to do.

Instructed to keep my forehead flat on the towel, all I could do is listen to Sam flitter about the bathroom, opening and closing doors, running water and doing whatever else she was doing. Kelly walked in and said to Sam, “Isn’t she simply scrumptious, Sam?” as if I weren’t in the room.

“Oh, she’s absolutely perfect. You couldn’t have done better if you had picked her out of a catalog. She has such a beautiful ass, too, although it’s a little too white. I hope you plan to put some color on it.”

“I do, Sam. Which would you prefer, pink or red?

“Red would be nice, Kelly; maybe with some stripes, too?”

“Possibly, but first I need to see how well the initial color application is received.”

“Damn,” I thought, “What the hell are they are talking about. What is she going to use to paint me, and why?”

A few seconds later, I felt something cold and wet touch my anus. I didn’t know if it was Kelly or Sam touching me there, but I automatically tightened my muscles. “Relax, Kimmy. It isn’t going to hurt,” Sam commented.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Kelly replied, “Sam’s going to give you an enema, pet.”


“She needs to cleanse your colon, of course.” She hesitated a second before asking, “Have you ever had an enema?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Well, excellent, it will be another new experience. Get used to it, pet. I guarantee this will not be your last. If you just relax those muscles and follow Sam’s instructions, everything will be ok. I promise.”

Sam explained the procedure and said that I would receive a quart of cleansing solution. After holding it inside for a few moments, the expelling it, I would get a clear rinse. I knew I would not be able to take that much fluid, but accepted the inevitable, and relaxed as the lubricated tube slipped through my sphincter.

She attached the red rubber bottle holding the quart of solution to the curtain rod of the tub. I heard the click releasing the clip and immediately sensed the slightly warm liquid flowing into me. Ordered not to move until given permission, I felt my abdomen begin to distend as gravity emptied the bottle. I was surprised when Sam announced that the bottle was empty and that she was going to remove the tube. “After we leave the solution do its work, Kimmy, I’ll help you to the toilet.”

“I don’t think I can hold it that long, Sam. I’m ready now. Please help me up.”

“Trust me, Kimmy. You can hold it longer. I know because I’ve been on the receiving end of an enema many times.” I was positive I was going to have an accident before the time was up and was relieved when she finally permitted me to move. Gawd, it seemed like forever. I clenched my anal muscles and waddled to the toilet. It was then I realized my wrists were to remain locked behind my back and Sam wasn’t going to leave the room while the liquid drained from my bowels. I couldn’t have been more embarrassed than when she finished wiping my ass with a clean washcloth. I convinced myself that the number of embarrassing things I had experienced since walking into Lisa’s far outnumbered those I had encountered in my whole life, but this was the absolute worst. We then repeated the whole scenario to “rinse me out.”

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