Kim’s New Life Ch. 25

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I turned sideways, grasped both of her hands in mine, and forced her to turn so she was facing me. Then, squeezing her hands tightly, I confessed. “I belong to someone, Barb.”

“That’s effing impossible!” was her immediate response. After a pause she added, “You only broke up with Jeff last weekend. You couldn’t have another boyfriend already. At least not one with whom you could be serious, unless you were cheating on him at the same time he was cheating on you.”

“No, it’s not about a boyfriend, Barb. I actually met someone…another woman…just last weekend…and…well, we have…become rather close.”

“I still say it’s impossible. I know you too damn well. You couldn’t get serious about anyone in one week…Unless you are simply picking up whomever comes along to get back at Jeff. If that’s the case, and you want a woman, I can help you there. You know me better and I’m available.

“Damn, she and I talked about this and I said I would tell you everything. I thought it would be easier to explain. It’s not a simple relationship, Barb. You missed the fact that I said I BELONG to someone. That someone just happens to be a woman.

“OK. I…You are right. I don’t fucking understand. What do you mean by …belong?”

I knew her reactions were coming from emotions, and knew I had to derail them immediately or a wonderful evening would be spoiled and quickly end. “You are going to have a lot of questions about what I tell you, but I’ll probably cover most of them by the time I finish my story. Will you promise to listen and not say anything until I tell you that I am finished? It will be so much easier for me that way.”

Recognizing the serious look on my face, Barb nodded assent, albeit reluctantly, as was obvious by the look on her face. Leaving out only a few details, such as my clothing requirements (or lack thereof), I explained how Kelly and I met quite by accident at Lisa’s, how Kelly sensed that I had a submissive side and immediately started to dominate me, although I didn’t realize what was happening at the time. I told her how I accepted Kelly’s collar and went home with her. I also gave her some details about agreeing to submit to her for a month, without mentioning the contract. I also thought it best to not discuss the discipline part of our relationship or mention the word slave because that word has too many negative connotations. I told her that Kelly was the person I had moved in with and explained how she was making virtually all my decisions outside of work. I even revealed that she was the reason I got my body piercings without specifically mentioning the ones in my vagina. After nearly fifteen minutes, I said, “That’s about it, Barb.”

“Knowing you as well as I do, Kim, it’s difficult to believe that (a) you have a submissive side, (b) you agreed to be someone’s submissive for a month, and (c) that you pierced anything except your ears even though I can see the rings in your nipples. I have personally witnessed your strong, if not dominating, personality at work. I’ve watched you in negotiations with clients and interactions with fellow workers. You only give an inch if it is in the best interests of everyone concerned. Rarely do you lose.”

“I can’t disagree with you, Barb. I, too, find it difficult to believe everything that has happened. This last week has been like a whirlwind in my life. While I feel like I am living a dream, I am telling you the truth. It is real and, so far, I have enjoyed every minute of belonging to Kelly. I even call her Mistress or ‘ma’am, out of respect.” I then laughed and said, “In fact, since you know the truth, I will feel strange if I don’t say ‘mistress’ when using her name. I truly enjoy being in her presence. Living with her is like living with a queen. She explained the dichotomy to me. I am so dominating while at work that I am willing, and probably even have a subconscious desire, to relinquish control to someone else, when away from the job. The D/s community has a saying that ‘In bondage there is freedom.’ I could never have believed or understood it without actually living it.”

“Well, I sure as hell don’t understand it.” Her tone was still curt and bitter.

I tried to explain, “Essentially, by giving myself unconditionally to Mistress Kelly, by agreeing to obey any and all of her wishes and demands, I am forced to do things that I might subconsciously desire, even need, but would never consider doing voluntarily. It is utterly amazing how I feel when I walk into her house at the end of a work day. It’s like I don’t have a care in the world; like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I don’t need to make decisions because I am literally not permitted to make any.”

“For example?”

“There is no ‘for example.’ Mistress Kelly now makes EVERY decision FOR me that isn’t directly related to my work. When you went to the restroom at lunch, I called her to ask what I should eat. Tonight has been an exception. She gave me freedom do be with you and do whatever I want. When I asked you to choose what I would eat for dinner tonight, I was using you as poker oyna an extension of her. I have not selected what I have eaten for nearly a week. I can’t explain it, but I love it. If this confession bothers you, I apologize, but it was fun having you make that decision for me.”

“But can you just walk away at any time.”

“You are absolutely correct, Barb. Mistress Kelly gave me what is called a ‘safe word.’ All I need to do is say it and tell her I want to quit. But, after being with her for a week, I don’t have any desire to leave. I know it sounds crazy. One must experience it to fully realize the implications. It’s really a matter of trust. I trust my mistress to never exceed my limits and she trusts me to keep my word by unconditionally honoring our agreement. It’s only for one month and I want to see if I can really do it.”

“Kim, as I said, knowing you as I do, I still find it difficult to believe your story. I can picture you reading about this type of scene in a book and simply relating it to me.”

“I would never make up a story like that. There is no reason to. And what about my ‘new look’ as you call it?”

“Maybe you are trying to find an easy way to justify the change. Maybe you really don’t want to make love to me and are saying you belong to this phantom mistress rather than tell the truth.”

“Oh, gawd, Barb, that’s not the case. As I said, I’d never lie to you like that. I don’t need to ‘justify’ anything. I don’t need to dream up some story. All I’d need to do is say that I wanted to change my image and you’d accept it. In addition, if I didn’t want to make love to you, I’d be honest and tell you. You know me well enough to realize that. The truth is I do want to make love to you, and I want to do it tonight.”

“Wouldn’t that be cheating on your ‘MISTRESS’?” she said sarcastically.

“Not if she knows and has given me permission.”

“You can’t be fucking serious!” she screamed.

“I am totally serious. That’s why I went to my office when you invited me to dinner tonight. I said I had to make some phone calls. I only had to make one call: to Mistress Kelly to get permission to accept your offer. I didn’t need her permission to go to dinner, but the fact that you wanted it to be a date made the difference.

We even discussed the possibilities of you and I spending the night together. She asked if I wanted to. I said that I really liked you and I indicated that it might be a possibility. She gave me permission to do whatever I want tonight. I will, of course, be obligated to tell her everything in the morning, and I do mean everything. There simply is no jealousy with her.”

Breaking the long silence that followed, I touched my necklace and said, “This is a symbol of our agreement, Barb. It is a constant reminder that I belong to her. She locked it on me before I left, and I can’t take it off. She has the combination to the lock.”

“Bullshit, Kim. Even though you are saying otherwise, I still can only believe you made this all up and cannot imagine why.”

I realized it would now be a challenge to get Barb into bed. She was getting pissed. No, she was already pissed. I had worked with her long enough to recognize her stubborn streak. Once she became obstinate, she acted like a mule. My problem is that I thrive on challenges. I could only think of two simple ways to prove my story. Rising from the bench, I stood with my legs spread slightly and my knees nearly touching hers. “Barb, please put your hands on the back of my legs.” While she complied with my request, I could sense her reluctance. I grasped her arms and started pulling them up. Sensing what I was doing, Barb resisted more and exclaimed, “No, Kim, all this bullshit has turned me off. I really don’t want to do this anymore.”

I released her arms, put my hand under her chin and tilted her head up so she would be looking directly into my eyes. To my surprise, she didn’t remove her hands from the backs of my legs. I took a chance, placed my hands on her cheeks, leaned down and kissed her. Her lips, initially firm and tight, eventually softened. Soon, I felt her tongue probing at my lips. I parted mine to accept her tongue for a few seconds then pulled back. “Look, Barb, I know you want me as much as I want you. If I prove my story, will you yield to your sensual desires…for me? Please?”

“OK, I’ll think about it!”

“Then grab my ass under my skirt like I want you to.”

Barb stared at me for the longest time then moved her hands up. We both sighed as she touched my bare cheeks. A wide grin quickly covered Barb’s face. “You little slut, you said you were wearing panties.”

“Oh, but I am, doll. It’s a thong.”

A slight movement of Barb’s fingers provided confirmation. “Oh! I guess I assume too much.”

I leaned down, kissed her lightly again and said, “Now I want you to take them off.” I could feel Barb’s fingers tremble slightly as she obediently grasped the waistband of the miniscule garment and pulled it down below my knees until gravity took over.

One by one I raised my feet so she could remove canlı poker oyna them completely. She laid them on the bench beside her and put her hands back on my ass. I spread my legs wider, reached back and pulled her hand to the front. Accepting my unspoken invitation, Barb slid her hand between my legs and onto my pussy. “Oh, my gawd,” she exclaimed you’re pierced there, too.”

Simultaneously, my lips touched hers again and her fingers found my ID tag.

“What the hell is this,” she asked, pulling back.

“My ID tag.”

“ID tag?”

“Yea, it’s like the dog tags military personnel wear.”

“I feel letters engraved on it. What does it say?”

“It says that I am the property of Mistress Kelly.”

“You really are crazy. I don’t believe you.”

The gauntlet had been thrown. I now intended to get her into bed one way or another. My hormones were surging. Contrary to my former guilty thoughts, I wanted to make love to and with her. “Damn it, woman, you’re even more fucking stubborn than I thought. If you take me home, I promise you can look at it in the light and see that I am telling the truth,” I said.

“Ok, I’ll take you home, and I’ll look, but I’m not promising anything else. You have ruined any desire I had about making love to you. It would be like having sex with someone I know is married. I couldn’t do that.”

I locked lips with her again. This time it was a deep, sensual kiss and long enough that Barb’s other hand joined the first between my legs, and, to my surprise, she slipped her middle finger into my pussy. With her eyes drilled to mine, she removed that finger, pulled her head away from our kiss and inserted it into her mouth, sucking my juices from it. A smile appeared on her face, “Would you like a taste, too?” I nodded. She inserted her finger into me again and offered it to my lips. Barb watched as *I savored the taste of my own sweet juices. Now it was my turn to smile.

I straightened up and declared, “Barb, you said I ruined your desire to make love to me. I honestly understand your change of heart, but I hope that was an incentive for you to seriously consider my proposition.” This time it was her turn to simply nod. I grabbed her hand and said, “Well, what are we waiting for, lover! Let’s go see that art work.”

About halfway to the car I remembered the thong. It was still lying on the bench. When I told Barb, she laughed and said, “Someone is going to have a great souvenir in the morning. While I would love to have them as my souvenir, we sure as hell are not taking the time to go back.”

The ride to her house was in total silence. Once inside her front door, however, she turned on me, grabbed my wrists, and raised them high above my head while pushing me hard against the door. “You bitch. If nothing else, your silly fucking story has made me hot. I don’t give a damn if you are making it up. I want you!” she exclaimed. I didn’t know what to say, and even if I did, the fact that she sealed my lips with hers didn’t give me a chance. She pressed her body tight against mine and thrust her tongue into my mouth. That kiss seemed to last forever while she slowly wheeled my arms out to the side before pinning them behind my back. While not releasing her grip, she slowly repositioned her hands so that she was grasping both my wrists with one (I could easily have pulled my arms away but had no desire to resist). Her free hand moved down to the hem of my skirt, pulled it up and clasped my bare ass. I sighed at her touch.

Finally, when she relaxed and pulled her head back, I asked, while trying not to laugh, “And why am I a bitch, you fucking cunt.”

A smile crossed her face. “Because you turned me on with that bullshit story and I’m still not convinced you are going to make love to me. Come on, I brought you home. Now I want to see that so-called ID tag.”

“Can we just sit down and talk a few minutes first?”

“Just what I thought, another fucking stalling tactic! You’re trying to back out already. OK! Have it your way.”

We went into her living room. She fell into the first over-stuffed chair she passed. I sat on the sofa and said, “Please sit beside me. It will be much easier.” Once she had moved, I turned sideways, grasped her hands in mine and said, “Have you ever read the ‘Story of O?’ “

“So that’s where you got all these ideas for your cock-and-bull story.”

“No; and there is neither cock or bull involved in my story; it’s all tit, pussy and cunt!” She started laughing. I hoped that would thaw some of the ice that had formed. “Now will you please keep quiet while I explain; other than to answer my question, of course?”

“Yes, I read it during college.”

“Well, Mistress Kelly read it to me this week. I think it is much too intense, and I know I could not do many of the things that Stephen required ‘O’ to do with other men, but, at the same time, I was quite turned on by the story. At the same time, I now think I could do almost anything Mistress Kelly would demand as long as it only involved women.

“You are right in saying that I have internet casino always been a dominating person. It was different when I met Mistress Kelly. Just being in her presence was hypnotizing. She recognized this and somehow put me under her spell. I cannot explain it, but I immediately yielded all control to her.” I held up my hand and showed her my ring. “This, Barbara dear, is the ring that Mistress Kelly gave me a short time after I agreed to be her submissive for a month. I’ve been saying submissive, but I agreed to be her slave, just not in the context we usually use for slaves. Recognize it?”

It took Barb a few moments before she said, “That’s the ring described in the story.”

“Correct. Barb, I am very serious. For the past week, outside of work, Mistress Kelly has totally dominated me. She even dictates what clothes I will wear 24 hours a day, even to work. I may ask to wear certain items of clothing, but the final choice is hers. At home she requires me to be naked or wear minimal clothing. I normally do not wear underwear, even at work. Mistress Kelly dictated the changes that you saw today, the clothes, the short hair and even the glasses. She made me buy a pair of subscription glasses. These glasses, by the way, are plain glass. I am also wearing my contacts. She thinks I look sexier wearing glasses. I cannot believe how frumpy I dressed before. I love my new look. You even indicated you liked the change. When you went to the restroom at lunch, I phoned her and asked her what she wanted me to eat. The salad was her response. Then she told me to remove my jacket, probably so you could see I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“As I already said, I called her later and told her about you. I was surprised when she released me from her control for the evening so that I could make my own decisions about you and about her. She released me from having to contact her because I told her I really like you. However, I must admit, she told me what to wear for our date tonight. She packed my suitcase with what she wanted me to wear on this trip. She initially told me to wear another outfit but changed her mind when I told her the club had a ‘cowgirl’ theme. I had to go out and buy this skirt because I am not permitted to wear long dresses or skirts any more.

Barb’s next question surprised me. “Do you love her, Kim?”

“Yes, I am sure I do even though it’s only been a week. I have never felt this way about anyone before, even Jeff. But then, how can one truly tell? She literally swept me off my feet. It could be infatuation, but I think it is love.”

“I just do not understand how you can say you love her, and I assume the feeling is mutual, yet you can propose having sex with me the first day you are away from her.”

“As I alluded to in the park, it is really a matter of trust. I told her about you, and she has no problem if you and I sleep together tonight. Had I gone behind her back, however, it would be different. I think she feels that if you and I make love, I will recognize my feelings for her to be either stronger or to be false. At least she alluded to that. She called it a litmus test.”

“So, as far as I am concerned, it would be fuck me and forget me,” Barb shot back.

“Not true. I have my doubts after that kiss in your hallway, but we may find that we are not compatible sexually. If so, I can’t see why we cannot continue to be good friends. However, if we enjoy one another in bed, Kelly even said it didn’t have to be the last time. After all, I have to come back a couple times. Why can’t we love more than one person, Barb? To be honest, any feelings you and I develop towards one another probably would not be at the same level as what I feel for Kelly. And, good sex doesn’t have to equate to love. However, she will permit us to get together again, if you want to, that is. She even alluded to that fact, provided I don’t misbehave. Does that make any sense?”

“I think so. Now will you please shut up and show me that damn ID tag”

“Barb, if you really want to see it, you’ll have to undress me.”

My skirt was lying on the floor beside us a few seconds later. Her first comment was, “Damn, I wondered what that larger object was when I felt it, and you’re even clean shaven”

“Yes, my dear. Mistress Kelly shaved me. She said a woman’s pubic area looks better bald, and she doesn’t like to get pubic hair in her mouth. She also said it’s much more enjoyable if someone else shaves you.”

Barb laughed at this comment then said, “Well, I definitely like the look. You are the first person I’ve ever seen with all her pubic hair shaved off.”

I spread my legs wide so she could read the inscription on the tag. “I’ve never heard you called ‘Kimmy’ before.”

“I hate that name. And that is the reason Mistress Kelly selected it as my slave name.”

“If she calls me kimmy when we are in public, I know I must obey whatever she orders me to do as her submissive. If she uses Kim or Kimberly, I know I am temporarily released from that requirement. Also, as I said, when in public and in submissive status, I call her ma’am or whisper ‘My Mistress’ if others are present. I am permitted to call her Kelly when released. If she uses kimmy when in private I must always call her My Mistress, Mistress or ma’am no matter who may overhear.”

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