Kim’s New Life Ch. 31

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My clothes for work on Monday consisted of a fitted white blouse, pale blue jacket, matching blue and white pleated skirt, black thigh highs and high heels. I received numerous compliments. If they only knew what I wasn’t wearing.

Kelly will be surprised if I give her the document showing I had made a decision on continuing our contract even before she had asked me to advance my decision. I mulled over my decision all day, since I the answer I would give her after work would be permanent, not a one-year extension. Ok, other than the time frame, it sounds contradictory to be mulling it over when I had made a decision. That’s just me. I imagine many a new bride thought about her decision up to the last minute when it got close to her wedding day. Regardless, when I wasn’t lecturing my mind was consumed by the idea of being permanently owned by Kelly.

The pain, embarrassment and humiliation she had permitted at the fair were severe, but, as we later discussed, that was a final test of my limits. She promised she would never do anything like that again. Beyond any doubt, I knew deep down that she would never cause lasting or permanent injury to my body. She brought out my masochist personality and showed me what it was like to be loved by a woman. Kelly loves me as much as I love her, and that love is real. There is no doubt in my mind about that. Many of you will say that two weeks is not enough time to fall in love. That’s bull. I really feel that I fell in love with her soon after I first saw her at Lisa’s i have felt more wanted in the past two weeks with Kelly than with anyone in my entire life, outside of my family.

I arrived home and, as usual, removed my clothes in the foyer. Ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs and collar were waiting for me on the table. Following the written instructions Kelly had provided, I locked the cuffs on and crawled to the den holding the buckle of the collar between my teeth. I sensed a deep admiration and truly felt her love as Kelly watched me approach, attain position, and present the collar. I waited patiently while she locked it around my neck. “Well, little one, since you are presenting yourself before me as my slave would, may I assume your decision is yes?”

“Mistress, whether my decision was ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ I would be here before you as your slave because my initial contract is not complete.”

“Since you have, again, succinctly stated the obvious, you force me to ask for your decision.”

“Mistress, I would like to reveal my decision in a manner other than verbally. To do so, may I have your permission to get a paper from my purse.”

“You intrigue me, pet. Yes, please get whatever you need.” I crawled to the foyer, removed a sheet of paper from my purse, returned, knelt, and handed it to her. It was a certificate showing that I had already registered online as her slave the previous Friday:

Slave Ownership and Registration Certificate

This is to certify that the registrant with number xxx-xxx-xxx, currently known as “Slave kimmy,” is registered in as an owned slave; and that the registrant’s owner is declared to be Mistress Kelly; and that the registrant has been owned by Mistress Kelly since the 4th day of May 2013.

The registration number xxx-xxx-xxx was issued on the 17 May 2013. This certificate was issued on 17 May 2013.

A barcode specific to this registration was printed at the bottom of the page.

“I hope Mistress is not displeased that her slave took the liberty of registering her ownership. I found this web site and just could not resist. As you can see, they even provide a bar code that can be tattooed onto a slave for future identification purposes. Your slave must also admit that she registered last Friday before you asked her for an early decision.”

Kelly’s answer was initially wordless. She dropped to her knees in front of me, took me into her arms and kissed me deeply. Finally, she pulled back and exclaimed, “No, kimmy, your Mistress is not displeased at all. In fact, she is overjoyed. She did not even know this web site existed and is proud that you took the initiative to register. Nevertheless, she should be pissed that you didn’t tell her about this when she asked you if you would make an early decision.”

“But, My Mistress, I started to tell you yesterday, but you stopped me and said, “No, I will not accept an answer tonight.”

“You are right, again, kimmy. Just remember rule number two.”

We laughed together because she was using those oft cited rules: Rule 1. Your Mistress is never wrong. Rule 2. When your Mistress is wrong, rule 1 applies.

“Damn, pet, I just don’t know what to do with you!”

“Is Mistress displeased with her slave because of something her slave did?”

“Displeased? Not at all! It’s just that you should be getting spanked for hiding this from me all weekend,” she remarked, waving my certificate in the air, but I just can’t because it was such a sweet thing to do for us.”

“But, Mistress, you must. I would feel my evening was incomplete poker oyna if you neglected to spank me for not telling you sooner.” Kelly smiled, sat on the sofa, and patted her lap. I needed no additional invitation. I lay over her legs for quite a while as she slowly stroked my butt with her hand. I prepared supper with my cuffs connected by short chains and my ass properly covered with her handprints.

I sat beside Kelly at the table. She handed me a new contract, explaining once again that she felt that our current one was not sufficient for a permanent relationship. “One of the Venus Coterie members is a lawyer and had prepared an extensive contract to be used by members. We decided to call it a compact, rather than a contract. The terms are basically synonymous, but we just like the name compact more.” She explained. “As our membership grew, we knew we wanted to insure submissive members were protected from any harm even though we vet every member. We spent most of our time during the meal discussing many of the terms of the compact.

One major clause that jumped out at me was one that said I had to put all of my assets into a revocable living trust. I felt this was unnecessary, but Kelly insisted. She said that one never knows what may happen. “We don’t like to think about it, but accidents happen every day, especially on the highway. I relented. She asked who I wanted to have listed as beneficiaries. I felt it should be her with my nieces and nephews as contingent beneficiaries. She refused, saying she was financially secure and did not need anything. In addition, the control I was giving her over my life, could cause a court challenge of the trust. I finally agreed to only designate my nephews and nieces.

We had quite a discussion when she informed me that she was also creating a trust and that I would be the sole beneficiary. I lost that argument.

As it was written, I would agree to contribute to half our living expenses (the categories of expenses were specifically defined) and was responsible for my own personal expenses. “Mistress,” I said, “I agree that I should share in the household expenses, but this doesn’t say anything about you controlling my finances as you have for the past two weeks.”

“I don’t think that is really necessary, pet. I now know you are a very responsible person when it comes to money.”

“Mistress, please! Don’t laugh at me but having to ask you for permission to buy something just emphasizes my position as your slave. I shouldn’t have unlimited access to my money. After much negotiation, she finally agreed to hold all my credit and debit cards, except for one that I would carry in case of emergency (The one that immediately sent a text message when it was used. Her phone would be used for the text.) I had to agree to an increase in my “allowance,” and didn’t have to account to her when I bought something with it.” She still held my checkbook, but still refused to be a signatory on it, or any other account, and would insure that all my bills were paid on time.

As before, there was a provision that either of us could break the compact, but we had to confirm our desires before a committee of five other members (Three dominas and two submissives) to insure our differences were irreconcilable rather than we were, in the moment, simply pissed at one another

We made a few other minor changes. She then said she would make the changes and reprint the compact on Tuesday. She then gave me the name of a female lawyer. “She is not a member of our society, but is familiar with the lifestyle, so she will give you an independent opinion of the terms. I want you to make an appointment with her to review the compact. She can answer questions have. Also, she will be able to prepare the trust for you. I am sure you don’t think necessary, but it is important to me and the other members that you take this additional step before we sign it.”

Kelly explained that the special ceremony that she wanted to schedule at the annual picnic on Saturday was a formal “collaring” ceremony. “Many BDSM and power exchange groups have their own collaring ceremony. The Venus Coterie created one for the use of their members. We will be confirming our agreement in front of all of the members. Even though she wouldn’t give me any additional information, I, wanted to do it for her. I would, of course, float through the rest of the workweek wondering what the ceremony would be like. I asked Kelly, twice, but she would not reveal a single tidbit of information saying she wanted it to be a surprise. I even asked Sam, to no avail.

The rest of the evening was spent snuggling on the sofa while watching a new video.

Kelly removed my cuffs when we went to bed leaving her collar and my ID tag as the only reminder of her ownership. We were so happy, we made love until the wee hours of the morning. Exhausted, she finally chained my collar to the bed. This redundant addition still felt good when she said, “I am never going to let you go, my pet. You are mine, forever.” I’ll have to canlı poker oyna decide where I am going to tattoo that barcode, though. I simply smiled. We soon fell asleep in one another’s arms.

Tuesday morning Kelly added a new ritual for our morning routine and as part of my slave training. After our showers and assisting Kelly in dressing for the day, I, remaining naked, served Kelly a cup of tea in the den, where she would remain, reading the paper while I prepared our breakfast. (I was required to go outside to get the paper. Thankfully, she permitted me to wear a satin robe, although it was so short it barely covered my ass.) She then joined me at the table while we ate. Yes, the robe hung in the closet again. Only after I cleaned the kitchen and washed the dishes, I would dress for work. On weekends I would remain naked or partly naked on the weekends. Kelly was beginning to enjoy having me wear nothing but a short skirt around the house. I liked it, too.

I was a little surprised when, after I poured her tea, Kelly advised me that she would be having scrambled eggs and hash-browns for breakfast, but I would only be eating chocolate-covered Cocoa Puffs. This was the first time she had me prepare something different for myself.

I should preface the next part with a description of the new breakfast table that was delivered the previous day. It was a rectangular, glass-top table that could seat six people, two on each side and one at each end, if desired, but only four chairs came with it. The glass was sturdy enough that it was only held up by four legs at the corners. When I arrived home from work and saw it, I remarked that I was surprised that she replaced the old table because was in good condition. “Oh, this is something I’ve thought about for quite a long time, pet. It will fulfill a fantasy.”

I finished preparing breakfast, placed her plate and my bowl on the table and sat down. I wasn’t permitted to begin eating until she was ready. She laid the paper down and looked at me with that grin that told me something was up. “Pet, we are going to change the way we enjoy our breakfast today. If I like the change, and I have no reason to believe I won’t, it will often be a part of our dining routine at home. The change is you will not be eating at the table with me.”

A disappointed look immediately spread across my face. “kimmy, I recommend you never play poker. It is impossible for you to hide your feelings. Listen to what I have to say before you judge. As I indicated, it will not be a daily routine, (well, some of it could be) but I am sure I will include it in our meals several times a week, primarily at breakfast, and am sure you will also enjoy it, once you realize how much you will be pleasing your Mistress.”

“There are several parts to this, and I will instruct you in each part separately. First, when I permit you to eat at the table with me, you will always be naked from the waist down, at a minimum, and keep your legs spread so I can always see my cunt. That won’t be much of a problem, though, since you are usually naked when home. However, if you aren’t, you will always insure I can see my cunt without receiving specific instructions from me.”

“Ah, the reason for the glass top,” I thought, then replied, “I understand, Mistress,” and immediately spread my legs wide.

“This morning, however, I want you to place your bowl on the floor under the table and eat there while on your hands and knees. You will do this at breakfast any time I say that you will be eating cereal. For other meals I will simply state that you will not be dining at the table. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am, I do.”

“Oh, and these rules apply even if we have guests eating with us.”

I gulped, knowing this was another form of humiliation. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Well?” She stared at me waiting a moment before I realized that was an order to act. I picked up my bowl and spoon and knelt on the floor preparing to crawl under the table when she asked, “kimmy, what did I tell you to do?”

“You said I should eat my cereal under the table, ma’am,” I replied somewhat confused.

“No, pet, I specifically said to place your bowl on the floor under the table and eat there while on your hands and knees. I never said anything about a spoon.”

Rebuked once again, I wondered if I would ever learn to listen close enough that I wouldn’t miss things like that.

Even though I had eaten while on the floor before, I was embarrassed doing it under the table, knowing she was watching me through the table top. When I finished lapping the remaining milk from the bowl (I’d have to remember not to pour so much in the next time), she ordered me to relax in place. The table was just high enough that I could sit back on my heels, legs spread, hands on my legs, and watch my Mistress finish her breakfast. I didn’t need to be told that I should be facing her. I was aroused by the simple fact that she could see me like this while she was eating her meal. We exchanged loving smiles each time she internet casino looked down.

Finally, she pushed her empty plates to the side. “Ok, slut, while it is not customary to have desert after breakfast, you may now enjoy some. Considering my position and watching her spread her legs, it didn’t take a nuclear scientist to understand what my desert was to be. I carefully pushed her skirt up her legs while she lifted her hips and slid forward in the chair to make it easy for me to grasp her panties and pull them off.

I had performed this wonderful act of adoration and love many times under the table after a meal, but this was the first time she would be able to watch me. That knowledge added to my own excitement. My lips and tongue moved over her nether lips kissing and prodding in ways that I had learned would give her the greatest pleasure. She soon exploded in orgasm and pressed her sex into my face where I remained until she came back to earth. I, too, was in heaven knowing that I was the one who gave her that pleasure.

When she stood up, I was permitted to crawl from beneath the table and knelt with my fingers entwined behind me. She grasped my chin, bid me to rise then hugged and kissed me.

“That was wonderful, pet. I may make that a daily ritual after all.”

“Your wish is my desire, and pleasure, Mistress.” However, I was not permitted any relief.

My week at work was extremely busy. Kelly continued to select my clothes. Each day I wore a fitted white blouse, surprisingly with a bra, a skirt, thigh highs (or a g-belt and nylons) and heels. Other than the style and color of the skirt, only what I wore under it changed. On Tuesday I wore a thong. She called me just before lunch and ordered me to remove the garment (while sitting at my desk and still talking to her) and put it in a desk drawer. I carried it home in my purse.

Before we ended the call, I said, “Mistress, this morning I realized that I haven’t called my sister Kassandra for nearly 3 weeks. May I have your permission to call her?”

“I remember you said that you try to call her every couple weeks, pet. You do need to keep in touch with your family. You do not need my permission to call her. What about your brother?”

“Oh, I only contact him about every six months. But, Mistress, I do need your permission this time because I…ah…want to tell her about us.”

“Us, as in being lesbian lovers or Mistress/slave. You said you thought they might be shocked if they saw you submit to me.”

“Well, I do not plan to tell my brother, and yes, my sister might be shocked about either revelation. She is my big sister, after all, and has been very protective of me since our parents died. I think she needs to know what is happening in my life, especially since we are making our relationship permanent.”

“You have my permission to reveal anything you want to her, little one.”

I rushed to the cafeteria and brought a take-out salad back to my office. I didn’t know how much time I would need to talk to Kassandra and was pleased I didn’t have anything scheduled after lunch.

My hands were shaking when I tapped Kassandra’s name on my phone. It started to ring: 1..2..3..4. I was beginning to think all the wailing and gnashing of teeth was for naught when she answered.

“Well, hello, there, little sister. I was beginning to get worried, thinking you had dropped off the ends of the earth.”

“Hi Kassie. It has only been two weeks since we talked. I guess you could say I’ve been a little tied up.” If she only knew.

“No, sister. It’s been over three weeks. But that’s OK, you’re here now. I guess Jeff’s been keeping you busy.”

“Um… That’s some of the news I wanted to tell you. I broke it off with him last month on his birthday.”

“On his birthday? That’s a tough one. What happened?” I gave her the details of how I wanted to surprise him then finding out he was cheating on me.”

“To be honest, Kim, I never did like him. I always thought you deserved better. Truthfully, I don’t recall liking any of the guys you dated. Maybe it was my maternal instincts, but you never really seemed to be happy with any of them. So, you’re back on the market again.”

“Not really, but I’ll get to that in a minute. I got a new job and have moved.”

“What???” I explained how I became Hunter’s CIO.

“That is fantastic. You deserve the best. Now, spill it. Why aren’t you still on the market? You can’t tell me you have found a new boyfriend already. You need to date around for a while after the way Jeff cheated on you, kiddo. Don’t fall for the first dick that comes along and wants to screw you.”


“I’m serious, Kim. Go out with a few guys before you try to settle down again.”

“Time to bite the bullet,” I thought. “You were crude, I’ll through it right back at you.”

“I didn’t fall for the first dick that came along, sister. It was the first pussy.”

“OH, MY, GADW, Kimberly Ann. Are you saying what I think you are saying?”

“Well, Kassandra Marie, if you think I am saying that I am dating a woman, then you are hearing me correctly. And, furthermore, my dear sister, after only two weeks I can say that I am in love, and I am sure she loves me.”

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