Kink with Coffee

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Copyright Neonurotic

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Kink with Coffee: 1st Cup Java Vamp

The sexy, voluptuous head night nurse in I.C.U and I had been eyeing each other for the last three weeks during short coffee breaks we could catch in between our respective patients. We hadn’t really said anything to each other, but we did do a considerable amount of flirting through expressions and gestures. Behind my looks, in my perverted imagination, we’d already fucked a hundred times, a hundred different ways. I wondered if she thought the same when she smiled at me with her full berry stained lips.

At 3 a.m., it was my lunch break for the night shift so I headed to the counter and ordered a plain coffee from the barista. The Caf was a busy, noisy place I liked to lounge around until my break was finished. Working late nights was boring in a private snooty, richy-rich hospital; not that I could ever afford treatment there myself. I just worked there in the emergency room, making ends meet like the regular Joe Blows. I would normally find a table and people watch. Eavesdropping was an art I acquired on the nights I was bored shitless and trying to be good. I’d listen to patients, techs, and docs and make up little stories to entertain myself. Well, I did that when I was on my best behavior; being bad and bored had me banging nurses’ aides in linen closets.

Today I was feeling the naughty slip out and decided I would find me something tasty once I finished with my coffee. My ass was dragging and it was top priority to get it in gear assisting in the morgue when the coroner was working as he was a prick on protocols. After receiving the highly caffeinated wake-me-up, I moved out of the line to add sugar to it. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied the object of my lust as she entered the cafeteria. I had no idea what her name was, but with her European looks, I expected her to be Bridget, Giselle or maybe even Natasha with those crystal blue eyes of hers. In my fantasies, I called her all three when I jacked off—I’m a habitual masturbator so I said her name at least twice a day.

The night nurse skipped the long line for deep-fried coronaries and went straight to grandé sized aneurysms; as I had. While waiting for her coffee, she caught me admiring her; she smiled suggestively and I flashed one back. With attention back to the condiments counter, I finished fixing my coffee then felt someone brush past and giving my ass a quick squeeze.

Assuming it was the nurse, I laughed. “Hey now, no molesting the merchandise lady—” I turned in time to see her leaving the lunchroom.

Disappointed in a missed flirty encounter with her, I decided to follow suit with my own cup of java. Outside of the noisy cafeteria, I found her leaning against the wall by the entrance. Was she waiting for me?

“Hi. Chris, right?” The night nurse stood up straight.

“Yep, that’s me.”

Biting her lower lip, she asked “Have you got time?”

“Time?” Time for what, I wondered, “Sure do, it’s all yours.”

“Wonderful. I’ve heard a lot of things about you,” she said coyly, playing with her hair, wrapping the ebony strands around her finger. “Not all good I’ll have you know.”

Teasing her, I said, “I’m sure.” I nodded and gave her a knowing smirk. “My reputation follows me.”

“Oh, it does,” she giggled, glanced up and down the hallway, seeing it clear, she laughed, which sounded very sexy to my ear. “I want to find out for myself.”

Raising an eyebrow, I asked, “Find what out?”

The nurse took my coffee away, threw it in the trash and grabbed my hand. I glanced back as she pulled me down the hall.

That was a waste of good coffee, damn it, I silently grumbled with a slight caffeine withdrawal type of a headache pressing into my temples—this, had better be worth it.

She led me to the deserted Ob/Gyn waiting area, which was normally busy during the day with private practice physicians and their patients. It was tastefully decorated with muted plum colors, comfy sofas and fichus trees. In front one of the rooms, she stopped, and wet her lips. My grumpiness disappeared in a flash seeing her pink tongue dart out, wanting it to be licking me instead. She cleared her throat to get my attention. I looked at her sheepishly. Laughing, she shook her head ruefully; a ‘men-only-have-one-thing-on-their-mind’ nod as she pulled out a set of keys, jingled them and unlocked an empty room.

“Just little perks for being head nurse; although, I don’t think this was the hospital’s intention when they gave me a set of master keys for the west wing of the hospital,” she said, laughingly as she went in.

Wary, I stopped at the door before going in myself. The familiar smell of rubbing lara türbanlı escort alcohol and bleach hit me as I surveyed the room. Everything was in its proper place, gloves, cotton swab, and instruments.

I mulled the ethics of this over for one or two seconds, but thought, what the hell, you only live once, right? Right? So make it a good one, jackass.

I went in and shut the door as she took off her scrub top and revealed her black filmy, see-through bra. I went into a moment of shock, not entirely believing what a lucky bastard I was to have this gorgeous woman wanting me.

The surprise was clear on my face as she asked, “What? Don’t you know Chris; we’re one and the same, wanting nothing but benefits. I’m like that too. So ya, practically kissing cousins the way I hear it. And those other girls really do talk a lot about you, heart breaker, stud muffin,” she smiled a sexy crooked sort of one. “All I want to do is fuck ya, honey. No strings attached just the way you like it.”

Jeezus! I was so blown away and turned on by her boldness; it was something I rarely got to experience as I was always the aggressor. Now, with my mind made up, I locked the door behind me. I’ve screwed around a lot on the job but only with other technicians or candy stripers in the broom closets and then only for quick blowjobs and hot finger frigs. Never had I been so lucky to find myself in a private place and room to fuck a hot nurse I had right now.

The nurse was as sexy as could be—smiling mischievously, long jet-black hair untied, and big blue eyes. She had the same coloring as me, I noted, thinking she probably was close in her saying we were cousins in that regard. She unhooked her bra and revealed heavy, white breasts with pierced dark pink nipples that she twanged, making her breasts shimmy.

Walking across the room to her with an erection so hard against my scrubs it threatened to punch hole in my pants, I peeled off my scrub top. The nurse smiled seeing all the tattoos I had acquired, told me that no one really knows who people really are until you get them naked. I agreed with that, playing with her hair, twisting the black strands around my hand and smelling that it was freshly washed, fragrant like cinnamon. The nurse busily unknotted my scrub pants, which immediately dropped down to my ankles, baring my ass.

“Ooo.” her smile grew, eyeing my ever-ready prick. “You are Cajun and Creole too.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere you want with me.”

Laughing wickedly, I leaned in, planting little kisses on her smooth neck, collarbone then cupping her breasts with my two hands. I licked her erect nipples, tugging lightly on her piercings, hooking my barbell-studded tongue.

“Harder,” she huskily whispered.

Harder? I did as she instructed and she moaned loudly while I slid her scrub pants over her small hips. I smiled, as she wasn’t wearing any panties. The naughty nurse displayed her own skin art on her shaved mound. A grateful dead bear danced across her pubic bone. Lucky ass bear, I thought, and I had to bite it of course. She bucked her hips as I nipped her flesh and she forced my face into her snatch.

“Aw pussy…”

Pheromones, musky and delicious slammed into my brain. Mumbling in her pussy, I kept telling her how much I liked her ripe cherry-red clit as I gave her head.

Can’t be good eating juicy snatch if you didn’t care for the taste of it, I thought, immensely enjoying hers.

The nurse ran her fingers through my hair; grabbed it tight when the feeling in her crotch intensified with moans of pleasure. I licked with a flat tongue across her clit, followed up with quick flicks, my tricky tongue action had her mewling for more, and I did. Raking my tongue from one side to the other of her swollen sensitive clit, she ground herself against me as I pressed with the stud in my tongue. One of my hands found its way to her breast, fondled it and twisted her nipple ring.

With a loud hiss through her teeth, she abruptly pushed me away and demanded, “Get up on the table and put your feet in the stirrups.”

I laughed, hesitated, and wondered what she was up to, but my horny curiosity got the better of me. On the bench, I looked at her warily, and purposely ignored her by not putting my feet onto the stirrups because I couldn’t bring myself to do it—it was just too weird. The nurse frowned slightly, but still turned on, she didn’t give me a choice, and put my feet in the stirrups for me.

“No way.” I protested.

“Wait and you’ll see, keep them there.”

The nurse giggled as she straddled me and since I made her so wet with my saliva, she easily slipped onto my cock. Damn, she was snug too; I felt her stretching as I went inside her velvety hotness in one fluid movement. She flexed her strong inner muscles; her tone and control was incredible. Once firmly in her glove, I couldn’t help myself; I had to drive in further, lara ucuz escort which made her grunt when I knocked against her cervix.

“Ooh, nice! Ya, ya, ya, keep doing that, you bastard!”

“Not so loud,” I whispered, groaning. Gripping her hips, I tried to control how hard she went down my cock as she slammed me enough, she surely made bruises where she landed. “Fucckkk.”

The table groaned beneath use, squeaked, and protested to what we did to it. I thrust my hips to meet hers as she arched her back and ground her mound down on me. The naughty nurse wiggled herself from side to side and dug her sharp manicured nails into my ass. The pain from her sharp digs was exquisite. Now to me, this was getting fucked and getting fucked well. I reveled in her technique as she kept her back-arching, hip-thrusting going and at a killer come-quick pace. Receiving her hard fuck, I finally comprehended why she wanted my feet up in the stirrups as I met her driving force with my own, lifting us both off the table. That’s what she wanted or rather, demanded out of me and I gladly granted her wish with more inclined fuck thrusts.

“Damn girl,” balls tight enough to come, I edged instead.

“Oh Chris, oh, you fuck me so good.”

Through my sex-crazed grunts, I noticed we were both a little too vocal in our lust and got paranoid, but not her, she bucked wildly, nearly screaming. The nurse panted raggedly, louder and louder as her pussy worked on me. In mid-buck, she stopped and froze stock-still. Her eyelashes fluttered rapidly as her eyeballs rolled back and then let me know loud and clear she was having a most amazing orgasm. Her howling nudged me closer to my own climax as her pussy gushed.

Unexpectedly, her pager went off. “Oh, damn,” she cursed as her pager was a high-pitched, annoying, exigent beeping sound. Much to my disdain, she got off my still ever-ready cock. “Sorry about that, Chris.” Flushed, she grinned, not looking too sorry.

“What? What do you mean you’re sorry?” I laughed, but was thoroughly frustrated with a painful, throbbing deep in my groin. “A few more seconds, and I would’ve came, damn it.”

Smirking still, she picked up her stethoscope then slipped the chest piece and most of the black tubing into her pussy. “Mmm, it happens,” she said, and pulled the stethoscope out, shiny, dripping with her cum. “Chew on this until next time.” She went to me and I opened my mouth to receive her gift.

My naughty night nurse laughed as she pulled on her scrub pants.

“IF there is a next time,” I mumbled around the stethoscope, indicating my hard-on. I pulled out the stethoscope. Trying to laugh it all off, but damn this was just too cruel! “Arggh, this sucks.”

She winked and unlocked the door. “Don’t worry honey, we both have night shift together and more coffee breaks,” she grabbed a tube of KY Jelly off the counter then tossed it to me. “I definitely want some more of you.” She stepped out and shut the door behind her.

The night nurse’s flirty promises of ‘next time’ left me with hope. “Aw hell,” I grumbled, in a desperate need to get off, I crammed the pussy covered stethoscope back into my mouth and squeezed out a cold handful of KY Jelly.

Got to do what you’ve got to do, I ruefully thought.


Kink with Coffee: 2nd Cup Espresso Ho

Late, halfway through my night shift, it was deathly slow in the morgue—pun intended—so with the little free time I had, I spent it chatting up the nursing staff in Same Day Surgery. All of the females knew me quite well due to me being lucky enough to bed a couple of them. I flirted heavily wanting entice a newer LPN to take a coffee break with me. Lattes would be nowhere near, nor a barista around either. The only cream to be steamed was what I hoped to churn with my dick.

Grinning lazily, I leaned against the administrative desk, talking to the ladies, namely, Lila. The tall, dark redhead nurse I usually laid on my most serious philandering. However, she had resisted me and knew what I was up to, cock-blocking me at every turn.

As comely as Lila was, her attitude tarnished her beauty. Simply put, she was a gold digger. One that only dated doctors and since I was a forensic morgue technician, she considered me not good enough for her. Well, I was good enough to flirt with though—when she was bored silly or felt like slumming with lowly types to get her naughty buzz-on. Other then that, she hardly wanted anything to do with me except to order me around like I was some peon with nothing better to do then her bidding. Her sexy teasing however always had me wanting her in a bad way and acting stupid to get into her pants.

After taking a sip of bottled water, I said, “Oh, ya, I need a girlfriend like I need another hole in the head.” I rolled my eyes, making sure the nurses knew I was still available. “I prefer not to have one, it’s easier that way.”

“You’re a non-committal slut, you know that, üniversiteli escort Chris?” Lila teased, looking to her nurse friends, grinning widely. “I know what you’re called around here.”

The head staff nurse, Rose, an older feisty nurse in her late fifties, shot me an evil scathing look.”Le Matou,” she said shocking me enough that my jaw dropped open. “I heard that too, young man. I’m not exactly sure why the ladies are calling you tomcat.” she raised a disapproving eyebrow, “But I’m sure it’s for a smutty reason.”

Gathering a clipboard, Rose left the desk clucking her tongue in scorn, warning her personnel who didn’t know Cajun French.

Three of Rose’s nurses giggled while I turned a shade darker than scarlet, but quickly, I shifted back to my perverted smarmy charm mode. I wasn’t going to let the head nurse ruin my fun and I hoped none of the others were so goody-goody they wouldn’t fancy a quickie in an empty examination room.

Suggestively clicking my tongue ring against the back of my teeth, I said, “No, but I can tell you why.” I grinned and girls giggled more, in response to my wickedness, knowing full well why they called me The Tomcat.

All the nurses playful, teasing mood suddenly turned. Their demeanors changed into to coolness with icy stares fixed on someone behind me. “I can’t stand her.” One nurse hissed.

“Me either.” A second nurse said, glowering.

“Oh, that one’s a bitchy-bitch,” grumbled Lila. “No one gets along with her except for men.”

Turning to see whom they were being bitchy about, I laughed. It was my naughty night nurse. She was hotter looking than ever in a pair of green scrubs that normally looked sloppy on everyone else, but managed to be sexy as hell on her. She talked with the a duty doctor of the night shift who had trouble keeping it business as he eyes wandered to her full breasts during their consult.

The nurse caught sight of me and flashed a dirty smirk I hadn’t seen in awhile, but never forgot it.

Lila sputtered, “Chris, you know her?”

“You could say that.” I mumbled to Lila then gave my naughty nurse a mischievous look.

The naughty nurse made me horny—I developed an instant erection from the mere sight of her. Trying to ignore the insistent bulge in my scrub pants, I hurriedly picked up patient charts and casually left the administrative desk.

“I’ll be in the lounge doing paper work if anyone needs me.” I called over my shoulder dismissively without giving the nurses at the desk a second glance.

In the small deserted staff lounge, I was alone, fiddling with patient charts for awhile, until I lost my erection. Once finished, I closed a folder on the coffee table and flopped back on the sofa.

Low lights, good magazine subscriptions, chocolate chip cookies and coffee took the hard edge off the hospital. The room was relaxing, everything the staff needed to walk away from the high adrenaline rush of the goings on in the Emergency Room. For a moment at least—no dim lights, cushy sofas, or homemade snacks would keep the stress at bay forever.

The lounge’s TV was on mute; I picked up the remote and slightly raised the volume. The low mundane mumble of infomercials would knock me out for a quick power nap. Yawning, I stretched my long frame, closed my eyes and let myself fantasize, thinking of the naughty nurse. I hadn’t seen her since our first encounter over three weeks ago in the Ob/Gyn room—with my feet up in stirrups and her fucking me crazy. In my jerk-off fantasies, I forgot she left without finishing me off, I grinned to myself at the lewdness of it all.

“I bet I know what that smile is for.”

Startled, I opened my eyes and saw the nurse I was drooling over in my mind standing over me.

“Probably,” I said nonchalantly, still relaxing on the sofa.

The nurse had a name-tag on this time—her first full name was Elle Parlier—kind of a European sounding name, as I imagined before I actually knew her name. Again, I closed my eyes, pretended she wasn’t there, that she didn’t have any effect on me.

Elle didn’t leave, but knelt down beside me and whispered seductively into my ear. “The door is locked and you look like you’ve got time to play,” she tempted, licking my ear, one of my sweet spots.

Grinning wider, “What makes you think I want to play with you?”

“Oh, you think you don’t want to play,” she teased as she bit my nipple through my scrub top. “But I know other parts of you that are more willing for a game.”

The bite sent shocks of pleasure into my groin. “The last I remember of you is you leaving me to my own devices. It wasn’t nice.”

The night nurse reached down the front of my pants and lightly massaged my already hard cock. With an involuntarily moan, I cast a heated look at her. She had some great bedroom eyes, slit and lusty blue, fringed with dark lashes. Seeing she had my attention, she flutter-blinked, and gave me her most naughty smile.

Grabbing her hand, I warned her, “Don’t start what you can’t finish this time babe.” I wanted her to know she’d be the one that made me come this time and not my left hand, that I was top this time, not her.

Ya, ya, you say that now, but she’s got the upper hand with it wrapped around your dick, now doesn’t she? I thought.

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