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CHAPTER 1 Another boring day

A light warm breeze wafted through the lecture hall window and gently caressed the young man’s fringe. His honey locks swayed gently as he stared down at the paper in front of him. Reaching up, the stray hairs were pushed from his eyes – flicked off to one side so he could see better. He’d had the same hair cut for as long as he could remember. Short at the back, longer at the front — a cowlick that parted his hair naturally above his right temple. It was a pain in the arse to keep under control, but he liked it. It was something that made him stand out.

The freshman, Dillon Kavanagh, was bored as fuck. And in case it wasn’t clear enough from the way his body slumped in its chair, he began clicking his pen on and off again for the millionth time that morning. As if first year business studies wasn’t dry enough, the lecturer – Dr Shouta, had a voice like a camel’s vagina. His monotone ramblings were almost impossible for Dillon to focus on; he desperately needed something to liven this day up.

Reverting back to horny teen 101, he scanned the room for eye candy like he’d done so many times before.

The bubbly brunette near the front of the room had always caught his attention – she had curves in all the right places, and he smirked to himself as he checked her out from behind. Speaking of curves, he found his mind wandering to the raven-haired stunner who likely moonlighted as every pubescent boy’s fever dream. That babe had tits to die for! Man, he almost had a nosebleed thinking about her. What he wouldn’t do to slide his dick between her massive tits.

Dillon had always loved the girls. He was a natural born flirt and in high school often tried to pass himself off as a smooth talker. Though he was seldom lucky in his approaches, frequently being ignored or outrightly rejected by anyone he asked out. Despite the recurrent dismissals, when one girl turned him down he had already begun looking at the next pair of legs that sauntered by hoping that, maybe, he might get lucky with her. Unfortunately though, Dillon had graduated high school single and a lot less experienced than he would have liked.

College should have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for him, but true to form, he was quickly building a reputation in the school and not for the best of reasons. The guy wasn’t ugly, not by any stretch of the imagination — he just didn’t know better. A natural born clown. Despite this however, some girls seemed to like the attention, baiting him for a compliment or two before moving on. Too bad it never went any further than that.

“So, we will be Anadolu Yakası Escort joining with the second-year business class for a few sessions,” Dr Shouta announced, his bored tone finally penetrating Dillon’s thoughts.

‘Second year?’ He perked up. ‘Sounds interesting? I wonder if there are any hot girls in there?’

Listening intently as Dr Shouta detailed the assignment; some generic bullshit about balancing and data entry, blah blah blah…

‘That’s what secretaries are for,’ Dillon thought, rolling his eyes.

“Ok, class dismissed. It’s the last room at the end of the hall. Be gone with you.”

Shouta was one of those teachers who knew their stuff; A legit MENSA level genius. He just always seemed like he had somewhere better to be, as though he’d rather be doing anything else with his life than dealing with eighteen-year-olds who just left their parent’s home and only thought with the brain between their legs.

Dillon stood and grabbed his things. Looking across to Seth, a fellow classmate and one of the few he’d hit it off with from day dot. He was quite tall with dark brown hair perpetually tied into a loose bun at the nape of his neck. Soft spoken and smart, he had always found himself drawn to those rowdier than he. A third young man with a platinum undercut, piercings, and more than a few tattoos scattered over his body was waiting at the door for. As Dillan and Seth fell into step with him, he offered nothing more than a grunt.

“So, what d’ya reckon boys? Gonna be hot chicks?” Dillon queried with a glint in his eye; a deep sight coming from Seth at his friend’s relentless one-track mind.

“Sometimes I think you forget this isn’t high school, man. There is more to life than getting laid,” he stated, shaking his head and continuing with his friend down the hall.

“The way you talk makes me think you’re still a virgin,” the third male scoffed.

“Fuck off Damon, I told you I banged heaps of chicks back home!” Dillon lied for the umpteenth time regarding the topic.


“Suki…Hey! Earth to Suki?!” Mihara called, snapping her fingers in front of her friend’s eyes. “You ok? You’ve been zoning out all morning?”

“Hmmm? What? Oh sorry! I’m fine, promise,” Suki replied, blinking a few times and shaking her head, turning to focus on her friend.

“What’s up with you lately? You’ve been having so many space out moments,” Mihara chided. “Is it that boyfriend of yours again?”

“Oh no no no no everything is fine there!” Suki lied. Her and her man were on the rocks at present. He’d just been accepted into grad-school, and it sounded like he Kadıköy Escort wanted to go there single. He’d been hinting at it for the past few weeks and it was really starting to get her down.

‘Doesn’t He love me though? He promised we would be together forever. Would he really break it off like that?’

All those thoughts kept her well and truly occupied, resulting in the — more frequent than usual — space outs. She was supposed to meet up with him after class that day, but judging by the way things had been going, she was afraid it was that sort of meet up… She did love him though. She didn’t want them to break up.

“And so we will have the pleasure of the first-years joining us today,” the lecturer said.

Suki looked up. ‘What? I don’t wanna play babysitter!’

“Fuck yeah!” Mihara whispered to Suki as she nudged her with her elbow. “There’s some fine-arse talent amongst them.”

“You’re such a thirsty bitch,” Suki giggled, refusing to humour her friend.

“I will pair you now so when they arrive you’ll know who you’re partnered with,” their lecturer continued, pulling out a clipboard. “Ok here we go…”

Suki listened intently for her and her friends’ names.

“I hope I get that O’Hare kid,” Mihara whispered again, leaning onto the desk with her forearms and giving Suki an exaggerated eyebrow wiggle which caused her to giggle.

“Suki Edmond and…De-Dio-DeLeon Kavanagh? That’ll do.”

‘DeLeon? What kinda of a name is DeLeon?’ Suki thought. ‘Oh well, it’s only for a few classes.’

“Mihara Watanabe and…Theodore O’Hare,” their teacher carried on.

There was a squeal of excitement from her right and Suki looked across in surprise. Mihara was writhing in excitement. ‘She must have got the guy she wanted,’ Suki thought with amusement. And as her bestie celebrated, there was a chorus of resentful groans smattered throughout the classroom. ‘Who the hell is this guy?’ Suki was curious now.

The last few pairs were announced, before the students were dismissed for a short break.

Mihara jumped from her seat and screamed with excitement; “I got him!!! I can’t believe I’m paired with Theodore O’Hara!”

Spinning sideways in her seat, Suki crossed her legs and snorted with amusement. Her light brown eyes sparkling with interest.

“Woah Nelly, calm the fuck down. What’s so great about this kid anyway?” She quizzed, her dark red hair falling to the side as she tilted her head in curiosity.

“He’s Theodore O’Hare,” Mihara replied emphatically as though it was all the information she needed to supply.

Suki flicked her ponytail back and chuckled; İstanbul Escort “Yeah, ok I got the name part down. What’s so spesh?”

“Goddam girl, you need to get out of your little bubble. His father owns the O’Hare Hunters. As in the soccer team that won the national cup! He’s been on the reserved team since he was 15, and the last Olympic squad.”

“If you say so Mi.”

Suki had never been one to care a great deal about much of what was considered mainstream. Coming from a small town many could view as a backwater, her family hadn’t even had a TV in the house till she was ten. She wasn’t an innocent little princess though, just not one to go with the flow either — except for when it came to her boyfriend that is.

“Who are you paired with?” Mihara asked. She had been listening so intently for her name and who she was paired with that she didn’t even register who Suki’s partner was.

“Some dude named DeLeon,” she relied dismissively with an emphasis on the ridiculousness of it all.

“Sounds exotic! Wonder if his name matches his looks?”

“I have a boyfriend,” Suki shot back, a little more fiercely than she had originally intended for it to come out.

“I know you have a boyfriend, currently,” her friend spat back, crossing her arms defensively. The last word hinting that she knew something was up with their relationship. That intonation hurt Suki and she stood abruptly and spun on her heels, heading for the classroom door without uttering another word. Deep down though, Suki knew Mihara was right.

‘Currently,’ Suki repeated to herself in a huff, determination soon sinking in as her face scowled. ‘I’m not letting my boyfriend get away that easily. I only want him and I’m going to tell him how much he means to me. I’m not interested in any other guy. No one can compare to my man.’

Marching into the bathroom, the statuesque redhead stared at herself in the mirror. Tears threatened to ruin her perfect features so she quickly looked up and pinched the bridge of her nose. Taking a few deep breaths in, she calmed herself and took one last look in the mirror before heading back to the classroom.

A bunch of students were heading down the corridor towards her business class, so she quickly slipped inside the back door and ran to the front to take her seat before they entered. Mihara tried to say something to Suki but she ignored it. She had had enough lip from her today, and she wasn’t in the mood to be messed with any more.

Trying to focus on anything but her own impending doom, Suki watched as the freshman class lined up in front of the whiteboards along the front wall of the lecture hall. Most of them looking quite sheepish and out of place. A group of four had moseyed on in — cooler than cool — an almost cringy air of ‘frat dick’ about them. Don’t get it twisted, they were hot. But Suki was a big one for first impressions, and that bunch just seemed a little too much.

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