Kiran Gets (Bi) Curious Ch. 02

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The train had stopped at a dusty old station which seemed to have nothing apart from a few tea stalls. It was a small village station and not a place where the train should have stopped for longer than a minute but it had already been 20. I felt like standing and walking for a bit. I straightened my t-shirt and pyjamas. Anyone with keen eye would have been able to make out that I am wearing nothing underneath.

As I walked, I pulled out the fabric from all my crevices and raised my arms for a deep stretch. I stood at the edge of the door and leaned out of the coach to hang from the steel bars. I enjoyed looking at the train from this angle, specially when it enters a tunnel. Seeing this serpent like form get engulfed in to a dark hole was always fascinating.

I hung from the door with my arms back and chest out. The train started to creep forward. There was a gentle breeze and my nipples stiffened in the cold. I shut my eyes and enjoyed this for a bit when suddenly a hand came and brushed past my hand. I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a girl rushing to get in the train. I grabbed her bag as she pulled herself up. I was almost blocking the door and she had to slide past me. Our boobs brushed each other.

She had intense black eyes and we stood there staring at each other. Her hair was all over the place. She had the same petite frame like me. “Thank you,” she said and moved in the coach with her luggage. The boob brush made me a little wet and my nipples, now clearly erect, were very visible.

I decided to head back to my seat as well. I would usually fold my arms across my boobies to hide them in such situations, but today, I decided to be a little adventurous. I felt a few heads turn as I walked past the different seats. I reached my berth to find her sitting there. She was the next passenger on my cursed RAC seat. I flashed a mischievous smile. This journey has been quite unexpected.

I feel I have always been into girls. I struggled with my orientation in college. I liked boys and they made me very horny but so did the girls. Eventually, I came across the words bisexual and realized that I might be one. I used to cover my eyes when other girls in the hostel changed their cloths in the room. I was teased of being too shy. In reality, I was trying to hide my horny eyes from staring too much.

I instantly felt attracted to my new berth partner. We exchanged greetings and asked about our destinations. She spoke Telugu while I spoke Malayalam and so our only default language to communicate had to be english. Unfortunately, she could speak only broken bits of it and understand even less. However, she did manage to compliment my curly hair and I, spoke praises of her beautiful eyes. She blushed. I felt butterflies in my stomach.

She was gorgeous. Her skin was beautiful and I felt a sudden urge to kiss her all over. I controlled myself as I did not want to scare her away. We discussed the best strategy to sleep on this tiny birth. Thankfully we were equal in size and would fit perfectly well. We had to decide between sleeping head to head or head to feet. I strongly vouched for head to head and she agreed without debate.

Soon, we finished our dinner and drew the curtains. “Don’t you remove your bra while sleeping?” I asked innocently. She responded bursa sınırsız escort that she did but felt shy doing it in trains. I gave her some confidence. “I have removed mine”. Her eyes drifted to my erect nipples poking out from my t-shirt. She smiled and removed her bra and slipped it out from under her kurti with little effort. She had done this several times. It is an essential trait when you live in a hostel.

We now lay facing each other, staring, imagining things. I still had to make sure that she was into this. I did not want to be pushed away.

We were so close that I could feel her every breath. I felt like taking this to the next step and slowly started stroking her face. She smiled and I took this as a cue.

Our lips were just inches away. I pulled her closer and we started kissing. I started with the lips. Sucking and taking in as much as I could. I felt a burst of heat grow in me and I used both my hands to pull her towards me. She did the same. We crossed our legs. Mine between hers and hers between mine. We were one.

The kissing went on for some time. We had to take breaks to breath and then we would go at it again. We were now exploring each others mouths. Her lips tightened around tongue as I explored the inside of her mouth. She sucked on my tongue, pulling it in. Later, I did the same. I released my hands to explore her body.

I found her supple breasts underneath her kurti and started pressing them and feeling their shape in my palms. They were soft and every time I flicked her nipples, I felt mine getting hard. We met at our crotch and pressed into each other. My pussy was so wet that I could feel the sticky liquid enter the gap between my legs all the way to my thighs. It has never flowed like that before.

After a few rounds of eating each others face we took a pause and looked at each other. I had never felt this kind of passion before. I needed her more than anything else in life right now. I needed her body like a fish needs water. “You are so hot” I blurted out, “You are more” she replied. Her hands had found my ass through my pyjamas. She squeezed them hard and I felt my body stiffen. We turned and I was now on top of her.

I pulled her kurti up to her neck and pressed her boobs with both hands. They were perfect. So perfect that I felt like crying. I have had the urge to hold another girls breasts and bite into them since so long. Today finally, I had them in my hands and not just any pair of boobs. The most perfect pair I have ever seen. I opened my mouth and gobbled them up. Sucking one and playing with the other with my hands and then switching sides. Her hands were kneading my ass. She had found my ass hole and kept moving one finger over it as she massaged my butt cheeks.

I pressed my crotch deep into hers. I have seen a lot of boobs but never seen another girls slit in real life. This would be my first and as the thought hit me, my heart beat became uncontrollable. I had to lie down for a bit to calm down. She kissed my forehead and smiled. “You have done this before?” I asked. “A few times” she replied. She had bought her hand in front of my pants and found my pussy. I did the same. Oh heaven!

Warm and wet and alive. It moved with my touch. We felt the length of our slits. “I want to taste bursa üniversiteli escort you,” I declared and slipped down. She lifted her legs to give me a better access. I removed her pyjamas and positioned my head over her pussy. I wanted to see her so I switched on the tiny reading light. Oh this girl! It was beautiful. the two perfect mounds leading to a deep valley. Her juices sparkled in the light. I could not wait any longer.

I spread her legs and went in. I was sucking and licking at the same time. I felt her legs stiffen and close around me. Her hands caught me by my hair and pulled me in further. My entire face was covered with her juices and she kept producing more, I kept licking her clean. Her smell, her warmth, the flavor of the things coming out of her! I was driving her to an orgasm. I could feel the pulsing of her muscles. she started pulling me in and releasing. She was setting the rhythm. My head was in her control and she maneuvered it like she wanted.

She covered her face with a pillow and increased the pace. My hands found her breasts and pinched her nipples I synced with her rhythm. This was going to be epic. I moved one hand down and inserted two fingers into her and this sent her beyond the clouds. She flapped her legs on the bed.

In and out, I kept dipping my fingers. It felt like dipping them in a pot of warm honey. In and out, I matched it with her rhythm. She would not last very long. I moved my tongue to find her clitoris. I knew exactly where it is and it’s capabilities. Flick and lick, flick and lick. Up and down, down and up. Pause to suck and give it a little bite. Then, repeat. She could not take it anymore and had a strong orgasm.

Her legs closed around my head and I had to push it with some effort to come up for air. I could feel her body shiver as the pulses of orgasm kept coming back. I crawled up and embraced her. We stayed like that for a few minutes and then she opened her eyes and kissed me. Gently this time. She realized that my face was covered with her juices and felt a sudden shyness.

She giggled and I pulled her face close to mine. I rubbed all her pussy juices on her face and laughed. She was the sweetest little creature I had met. How was I living without this until now.

We made a quick assessment of our surroundings. My top and her pants had fallen out from the berth on the floor. We both lay naked under the blanket, separated by the world with just a thin curtain. I reached out and gathered cloths. We then stared at each other in the dim reading light, admiring each others body. “Can you turn around” she said. I did and lifted my ass. “They are so beautiful”. She gave soft gentle kisses everywhere.

She caught me by my breasts and took me in her arms. We sat in the corner, me on top of her. She fondled my breasts and kissed my neck. Then, she lifted my arm to suck at my boobs. Her tongue swirled around my nipples and made my head spin in return. She was gentle and used the softness of her lips to its full potential. I sunk in deeper into her lap and caressed her head.

The train had stopped at a station and the lights of the station entered the berth through a small slit in the curtains. She turned her head and looked up at me. In bursa anal yapan escort that slit of yellow light I saw the most perfect sight. Her beautiful face between my breasts. She looked into my eyes and nibbled on my bits, biting and teasing me.

I sat back and looked at her. She pointed at my pussy and then raised the finger to point at her mouth. I was ready. I slipped back and opened my legs waiting for her to do same the magic she was doing with my breasts. She had something else in mind. She asked me to sit on her face.

She slipped down under me and positioned her head between my legs. I lowered myself and she eagerly welcomed me with her moist tongue and lips. My brain went numb. I had no control over my arms and I kept trying to find something to hold. I looked down and her head bobbed, back and forth. She knew exactly what to do with that brilliant tongue of hers.

She noticed my predicament with my hands and directed it to her head. I caught hold of her hair with both my hands. I feared that I would suffocate her but she was not concerned. She kept going and eventually, she started pushing me by my but. I understood what she wanted.

She wanted me to ride her face. Back and forth, I matched her rhythm. The train by now had picked up speed and had settled into its own rhythm. The entire coach was bouncing and in it, I bounced on her. I would not last any longer.

Just then she stopped. She closed her mouth and took some deep breaths. I felt sad as I was so close to coming. But the girl needed to breath. I leaned back and sat on her chest. Her face was now between my thighs. I couldn’t believe this was happening. This was what I always wanted, someone who knows the way and then take me to that magical place.

The girl lifted me up again. She continued where she had left off. I held on to her hair and kept pushing myself in her face. Suddenly she cupped my ass with her hands and pushed me ahead. I could not have prepared myself for what happened next. Her tongue went a little further down. Further below my slit and met my ass hole.

It hit me like a giant wave. This was very new to me and so beyond hot. The girl was now trying to push her tongue up my bum hole. Her fingers had found their way to the front and entered my pussy. One, two and then three.

Later she returned to my front and replaced her fingers in my ass. I had lost all my senses and had no idea where I was. My brain had lost all capacity to process things. I eventually came like I have never come before. A short scream escaped my mouth. I was shaking like crazy. She had to use her hands to support me.

She bought me down and covered me with the blanket and then spooned me. I was still shaking after 5 minutes and my heart was beating like I was having a heart attack. It took me some time to recover but when I finally did I found her staring at me with a silly expression and smiling. I giggled and covered my face.

The sun was almost at the horizon and soon the lights of the coach would come on. We wore our cloths back and got ready to bid goodby. I could not believe the events of last night. My underwear was ruined and I don’t think I would ever have an orgasm like that again.

I asked her name, “Kusum”, came the reply. We exchanged numbers and vowed to do this again. We left the station together and got into different auto to go to our respective houses. I remember I cried a little.

I reached home and went for a bath. I removed my t-shirt and pyjamas and stood in front of the mirror.

Thats when I realized, I was wearing her underwear, which means she was wearing mine.

I smiled.

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