Kiss My Scars Away

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My mind was racing with all the things that had gone wrong. I was lying in bed trying to read a Nicholas Sparks novel. That was not helping a damn thing.

All the romance just made me wanna curl up in a ball and die. This shit never happened. And even if you caught a glimpse of it, something would come along to fuck it up.

My roommate opened my bedroom door quickly. “Miranda. Honestly, you need to get out of this bed. You’ve been sleeping too much. And I haven’t seen you eat anything other than one orange.” she said.

“i’m tired. and I’m not hungry.”

“Yeah, well, this isn’t healthy. And you have a visitor.”

“I don’t want to see anyone, Sammie.” I said.

“Too bad. You need to start being human again.” she stood aside and in walked my best friend. He smiled slightly at me. and I attempted a smile. Failing miserably. “You two catch up. I’m going to the grocery store to get some food.” Sammie left and shut the door behind her.

“Hi.” I said weakly.

“Hey, Mia.” he said smiling.

“God, i’m sure I look like hell.” I said, putting down the book and pushing a few strands of hair that had fallen out of my ponytail behind my ear. I looked down. I was wearing a big hoodie, and panties. I hadn’t worn a dab of makeup in a week.

He just shook his head. “You’re beautiful as always. Tell me what’s going on.”

I looked at him and took a deep breath. I could tell him anything. So I spilled my guts. After all of that, I had the sudden urge to cut.

I hadn’t cut in years. It was a habit i’d stopped and wanted to never do again. But the urge came at me strongly. And he saw it in my eyes.

“What are you thinking?” he asked me.

I looked down and then back to him. “I dunno. I just am wanting to cut.”

“No.” he said sternly.

“I know, I know..”

“I mean it, Mia.”

“I know…” I said meekly. My right hand was rubbing my left forearm through my hoodie. He grabbed my hand softly, moving it away, looking me straight in the eyes.

“Show me.” he whispered.

“Show you what?” I said confused.

“Show me your scars.”

My heart stopped. I was not one to flaunt my scars. I tried to keep them as hidden as possible.

His hand touched the cuff of my hoodie and he slowly pushed up the sleeve. I watched him as he revealed my scars, waiting for his reaction. They weren’t that bad. They had faded after several years, but they were still visible.

He took his hand, running his fingers over them lightly. I trembled at his touch.

Then he leaned down, his lips barely touching my skin, and began kissing them. One by one.

I just watched canlı bahis him in awe as his lips worked all the way up from my wrist to the bend in my arm. It was a gesture that brought tears to my eyes. When the last scar on my arm was kissed, he looked up at me.

“Where are the others?” he asked quietly.

I sighed lightly, pulling the sheet off my legs, pointing to my left thigh.

He smiled sweetly at me, scooting down. Again, his fingers lightly traced the scars on my thigh, sending chills all through my body. Just as with my arm, he leaned down, kissing the faint scars softly until every small scar had been kissed.

“Any more?” he said, looking up to me.

I bit my lip, taking a deep breath. I reached for the zipper on my hoodie, pulling it down. I opened it slightly, pointing to just below my breasts on my belly. Watching my face, he scooted up again, repeating what he’d done with my arm and thigh. Not only was this the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me, it felt really amazing. I was trembling slightly. I ran my hand into his hair as he kissed the scars on my belly leaning my head back slightly. Enjoying the feeling of his lips on the very sensitive skin. He looked up at me and I looked at him. He saw that I was enjoying it.

Softly, he brushed the sides of my hoodie aside, revealing my breasts. I blushed slightly, but didn’t resist. Watching my face, his hand traveled up to my left breast, his fingers gently pinching my nipple. I moaned quietly. He smiled up at me sweetly, leaning down, kissing the skin of my breast. His tongue sliding out, flicking over my nipple. It instantly hardened. He continued on my right breast, making me scratch his scalp lightly with my fingernails.

He made his way up, kissing my chest, my neck, my ear, and finally, my lips. I kissed him back like I was suffocating, and his breath was the only thing keeping me alive. I reached for the hem of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head. Raking my fingernails down his chest lightly. He moaned and I smirked. He kissed me again, this time more deeply. His hand traveled down to the waistband of my panties and I whimpered in anticipation, my thighs trembling.

He slid his hand inside my underwear, his finger brushing my clit as he ran his finger up and down my slick ravine.

I moaned louder, scratching his shoulders, which in turn, enticed a moan from him. He slid one finger inside me, his lips crashing down on mine once more. He caught my moans in his mouth as he slowly moved his finger in and out of my wet hole. I bit his lip lightly and he pulled his finger out, replacing one with two. I arched my back as he moved bahis siteleri those two fingers inside me quicker.

But it wasn’t enough. I needed more. And he knew that. He had a way of reading me so well. He pulled his fingers out of me, moving them up to my lips.

I eagerly took them in my mouth, licking them clean.

He stood up and I almost wept from the loss of contact, but as soon as I saw his hands go for the button and zipper on his pants, my anticipation just rose.

He pulled his pants off, and I saw his arousal hard and bulging in his underwear.

He walked over to the head of the bed, and I reached over, pulling his underwear off his hips, his cock bouncing to life in my face. I smirked and looked up at him, taking him in my hand, pumping it slowly up and down before leaning my face up to lick the head of his throbbing dick. He growled, grabbing the back of my head. I smiled, swirling my tongue around, then opening my mouth to take him inside. He groaned as I sucked hard, still using my hand. I continued to do this, his hand gripping the back of my head as I did so until he was trembling.

“Stop.” he said quietly, his breath labored.

I pulled him out of my mouth, still holding him in my hand. I looked up at him. and he moaned quietly. “God your eyes kill me….”

I smiled slightly. He moved away, climbing onto the bed. He sat on his knees below my feet. I had my knees drawn up with my feet on the bed. “Sit up.” he said.

I did as he said, shrugging my hoodie all the way off.

“‘Mere.” he said to me. I smiled and crawled over to him. He sat down on the bed, pulling me onto his lap. He kissed me, his hands running up into my hair. He found the hair bow holding my ponytail up, pulling it loose, letting my hair cascade down my bare back. He kissed me, running his hands through my messy hair. As he kissed me, his hand traveled down again to stroke my overly sensitive pussy. I gasped as his finger brushed over my clit again. He could feel how wet I was. He knew how badly I wanted him. How badly I needed him. “Lean up, baby..” he whispered in my ear, sending chills through my body again.

My hips rose and he took his cock in his hand, rubbing it against my moisture. I whimpered, gripping his shoulders hard. Finally, I felt the tip of him at my entrance and I moaned, lowering myself down onto him slowly. He groaned quietly as I took him inside me.

He began to move his hips slightly, barely moving inside of me, but enough to make my breath come quicker and my body shake. I moved my hips as well, matching his pace.

Everything was quiet in the room except for the sounds of us. Our bahis şirketleri actions, our breath, our moans. The sound of my juices as he slid in and out of me. He began to pick up speed and so did I. I was whimpering and my breath was coming in gasps. I had my fingers tangled in his hair, scratching lightly on his scalp. His hands were on my hips, his fingertips digging into my skin. I moved my hands to his back, scratching him harder and he growled, starting to thrust into me harder and faster, making my breasts bounce and my breath catch. I moaned his name, telling him to fuck me harder.

This made him lose his mind. He flipped us over. Me on my back and him on top of me. He grabbed my legs, bending them at the knees, raising them up. This brought him even deeper into me and I cried out, arching my back. He pounded in and out of me. Making me produce incoherent sounds and words. He didn’t relent either. He continued to thrust inside me as fast and hard as he could, almost bringing me to tears because it felt so good. The bounce of the bed helped propell his movements. I could feel that I was close and I was pretty sure he was too going by the intense look on his face and the sweat that covered both our bodies.

Suddenly he slowed down and pulled out of me completely. I cried out and looked at him with a begging look in my eyes. He smiled at me, leaning down, lowering my legs. He kissed me deeply, our breath tangling together. He guided himself inside me once again, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. My hands when straight for his back. I moved my hips with his once again, speeding up gradually, building up that pressure again. His breath in my ear sent more chills and tingles through my body. I kissed his neck, scratched his back, licked his ear. All in the passion of the moment. Everything was building up rapidly. It was like we weren’t even on Earth anymore. Like nothing but what we were doing made sense. Nothing else mattered except for the feel of his skin against mine. the feel of him inside me.

He rammed inside me over and over again. I was moaning his name, moaning things that didn’t even make sense. I could hear his groans, his breath, his growls. We were both so near the edge…

Everything consumed us both until we were both moaning as loud as we could as we both came at the same time. My hips rising up for the few final thrusts to catch all he had to give. My breath was coming so fast, my hair was plastered to my skin from the sweat, my face was red, and I couldn’t see straight. All the pleasure coursing through my veins made me feel like I was floating, and his sounds indicated he felt the same way.

Finally we started to come back down to Earth again, he laid there with me, stroking my cheek. I smiled and kissed him.

“See? Romance isn’t always so out of reach.” he whispered in my ear. “And your scars are beautiful…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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