Kissing Cathy Ch. 09

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When Carl woke up sometime in the middle of the night, the only things he knew for sure at that moment was that he was flat on his back, there was a warm body next to him and that he had an erection. After a few seconds in the dim light, the rest of it came back to him. Cathy was sleeping next to him, on her side and facing him, he was in Mike and Cathy’s bed and Mike was sleeping on the other side of Cathy. Yesterday was the first day of his week long visit here and he had the kinkiest sex of his life. And he loved every minute of it and wanted more. He reached for his hard cock with his right hand and Cathy’s body with his left. With one hand resting on her hip and the other hand slowly moving up and down his hard dick, he thought about what a wild situation he was in.

He smiled to himself as he masturbated and turned to look at Cathy sleeping next to him. Until yesterday, he had never jerked off in front of anyone. There were times in the past when he woke up in the middle of the night with a woman sleeping next to him, his hard cock pulsating, demanding attention and he wanted to masturbate but he never did it for fear that she might wake up and be turned off at what she would see. Then he would go to the bathroom and stroke himself to orgasm while standing over the sink and fantasizing about jerking off on the woman that was in his bed.

And now he was masturbating next to a sleeping woman and the thought of her waking up excited him. He knew that if she did wake up, she would enjoy catching him sliding his hand up and down his hard cock. He pushed the light covers off and stroked himself in the open air. It felt better than being restricted by the blanket and if Cathy woke up, she could see what he was up to right away, no hiding anything.

No hiding anything, that’s the way that Cathy is with sex. It started out shortly after he arrived for his visit. He was swimming in the nearby lake when Cathy sucked Mike’s dick on shore. He didn’t understand why they were having sex in plain sight but that didn’t detract from the excitement of watching. It was obvious that Cathy was an enthusiastic cock sucker and liked being watched. Mike didn’t seem to have any qualms about being watched, either, his dick stood tall and proud. As surprised as Carl was to have this show put on in front of him, he was even more surprised by how it finished. Cathy stopped sucking Mike’s dick, leaned back in the sand and smiled up at him as he jerked off on her. Carl’s eyes popped out even more, if that were possible, when he watched Mike lean down to kiss Cathy and lick his cum off her.

They both had to know that he was watching, of course. It was part of Cathy’s plan to get him in their bed. He was glad her plan worked as he felt the waves of pleasure that his hand moving up and down his cock sent throughout his body. He thought how easy it was for Cathy to get him to jerk off on her tits and lick her clean. Of course it was easy for her to get him to do something he had secretly desired to do. There seemed to be an aura around Cathy that made him drop his inhibitions.

Yes, until yesterday, he had never jerked off in front of anyone before. Now he had not only jerked off in front of this gorgeous woman but also in front of Mike, his best friend. He and Mike had even put on a show of masturbating together for Cathy. She got off on watching them stroke their dicks for her and he really enjoyed putting on a show for her. And he had to admit to himself that it there was a certain kinky thrill about jerking off alongside Mike, too, but he was doing it for Cathy. It was obvious from the strength of Mike’s erection that he enjoyed it, too. It was also obvious that Mike was in on the plan to get him in their bed.

Carl’s mind stopped at that thought but his hand but his hand kept moving up and down his hard cock. Mike wanted him in their bed. He did say last night that he was enjoying having him in their bed almost as much as Cathy was. He likes masturbating while watching Cathy and Carl have sex. He also likes to have sex with Cathy when Carl is watching. And Mike obviously enjoyed jerking off along side him.

He wondered if he and Mike would masturbate together if Cathy weren’t there to watch. Then he remembered that they already had. When Cathy told them to get ready for her when she went into the bathroom, they knew what she meant. She wanted to see them naked and stroking their hard dicks when she walked back into the bedroom. He and Mike quickly complied. At first it was a little weird but the pleasure of masturbating and the anticipation of Cathy walking in on them in a few minutes quickly dispelled Sefaköy escort bayan any feelings of discomfort. They were soon openly staring at each other’s hard cocks as they stroked their own. But they were waiting for Cathy to join them.

But what if Cathy was not about to join them, would he still jerk off with Mike? Well, maybe, and then a scenario of how he and Mike would masturbate together without Cathy worked its way, unbidden, into his mind. Cathy went out somewhere for a few hours, he and Mike would be hanging around and talking about her. More specifically about sex with her, about how she likes to watch them masturbate, how good it feels to give her what she wants and too bad she’s not here now. Carl knew that Mike and Cathy have home porn movies, Cathy had said that she likes knowing that Mike jerks off while watching them. He asks Mike if he can watch one. He says Cathy will enjoy hearing that he had to jerk off while watching her. Mike puts on a home made DVD and then quickly strips naked, revealing his already hard dick. She’ll like it even more if we tell her that we both had to get ourselves off while watching her he says as he sits on the couch and starts stroking his cock. Carl was quickly naked, sitting next to Mike and also masturbating. His attention divided between Cathy servicing Mike’s dick on screen and Mike taking care of his own dick right next to him.

Yeah, that could happen but then he wondered why he was thinking Mike’s dick when Cathy was here to take care of all his sexual needs and desires. And she was good, very good, at it. And he was more than happy to take care of all of her needs and desires, too. But it seemed that one of her desires was to watch him and Mike get as close as possible. That was obvious when he ate her out while Mike was fucking her. Of course she was in ecstasy from having a hard dick and a tongue stimulating her pussy at the same time but she also got a thrill from seeing his mouth touching Mike’s dick.

Carl had to admit to himself that, at the time, he also got a kinky thrill from having the shaft of Mike’s dick slide along his lips. And when Mike came, shooting his load of cum deep inside Cathy, he did slurp on her pussy with extra gusto. Was he trying to get a taste of Mike’s cum? Maybe he was caught up with the thrill of the moment but he didn’t have time to get a real taste because Cathy was too sensitive after her orgasm and pushed his head away.

No, he didn’t get a taste of Mike’s cum then but he did later, a mouthful from Cathy. She was sucking Mike’s dick, for him she said, and he had a very close up view. And what a great view that was. Her lips looked so hot around Mike’s dick and Mike’s dick looked so hot in Cathy’s mouth. He knew she was going to kiss him after Mike came in her mouth and he readily accepted that kiss. What was he thinking? Well, it was Cathy’s idea and she was really turned on by it. He wanted to please her because he knew the pay back in pleasure would be well worth it. And, he had to admit to himself, that part of it was some kind of kinky thrill to kiss her when she had a mouthful of Mike’s cum.

Carl’s senses came back to where he was, masturbating next to a sleeping Cathy and he realized he was very close to having an orgasm. He stopped moving his hand along his dick. He didn’t want to cum with thoughts of Mike’s dick in his mind when this gorgeous woman was laying next to him. Here he finally has the opportunity to jerk off next to a sleeping woman, a woman that likes watching him jerk off, and his mind is elsewhere. Interesting the way the mind will wander when your hand is moving mindlessly up and down your hard cock.

He pushed the covers further back, revealing Cathy’s naked body. He gazed at the roundness of her breasts as they slowly moved up and down with her breathing. That wonderful view caused his hand to move up and down his hard cock again. Such sweet tits. And Cathy was right when she said that they look, and taste, even better when they are covered with cum. She’s the most erotic woman he’s ever met. He stroked his dick a little faster as his gaze moved down her body and the memory of her Cathy’s cock came into his mind. She also looks hot with a big hard dick jutting out between her legs.

He first saw it when she held a dildo as though it were her dick and rubbed the shaft along her clit. It looked like she had a dick and was jerking off. For some reason, that sight really turned him on.

He first sucked it because she asked him to. That was just after he had kissed her with his mouth full of his cum that he had licked from her tits. Yenibosna escort He could still taste his cum in his mouth as he sucked her cock. The expression of lust he saw on Cathy’s face as he bobbed his head up and down on her dick gave him a deep sense of satisfaction.

Then later, she surprised him with her strap on. He knew that she was going to slide her dick in his ass but he thought she would be holding the dildo in her hand. The strap on looked like a real cock on her. Cathy’s a gorgeous woman but for some reason she looks even hotter with a big hard cock. He instantly knew this would be the best way to take a dick up his virgin ass. It was attached to her, her hands would be free as she would pump her dick in and out of him. It looked so real and he wanted her inside him.

He remembered the feeling of her dick sliding in and out of him, the sight of her tits jiggling with each thrust of her hips, the look of pure pleasure on her face as she fucked him. She asked him if he would jerk off when thinking about her dick in his ass. He said he would. And now he was as he felt the cum boiling in his balls, ready to be released.

He turned sideways and pointed his pulsating cock at Cathy. If I’m going to jerk off next to a sleeping woman, I’m going to cum on her, too, he thought as he slowed the pumping of his hand on his dick. His orgasm was imminent and he was going to milk every last drop of ecstasy from it. The pressure on his dick increased with every stoke of his hand until a stream of cum was finally jettisoned from his balls, shot through his shaft and landed on Cathy’s tits. Carl’s hand automatically pumped his cock faster, another stream of cum shot from his dick and landed on Cathy. He couldn’t help but moan from the feeling of bliss that flowed through his body and the sight of large globs of his cum landing on Cathy. The faster he moved his hand up and down his cock, the more intense his orgasm became, the more he covered Cathy with his cum and the louder his moans became. He wanted this to last forever.

Then he saw Cathy move. Yes, let her wake up while I’m jerking off on her he thought. Then he saw her eyes open.

Cathy came out of her sleep from the sensation of the bed shaking slightly and a warm drop of something on her chest. Then she heard a moan and her first thought was that Mike was jerking off on her. It wouldn’t be the first time that she woke up to find Mike masturbating. She found it to be a very pleasant way to wake up. Then she opened her eyes and saw that it was Carl’s cock, not Mike’s, that was shooting streams of cum on her. The previous day’s events instantly flooded into her mind. She loved watching Mike, the man she loved, cum but was truly amazed and thrilled at the sight of Carl cumming. Carl’s loads were bigger and more powerful. He shot more jets of cum a further distance than she’d ever seen before, and she’d seen a lot. And now she was seeing his beautiful hard dick pointed at her, his hand rapidly pumping out streams of cum on to her. She felt globs of his hot thick cum land on her and slowly flow down her body. Oh yes, this was a very nice way to wake up. She moved her hand to her already moist pussy and began rubbing herself. She had to cum, too.

Carl’s orgasm became even more intense when he saw Cathy’s eyes open and he couldn’t help but scream with pleasure when she began masturbating. A long time fantasy had come true. He has finally jerked off on a sleeping woman. And that she has to masturbate when she wakes up with him cumming on her makes it even better. He pumped the last drops of cum from his balls but kept stroking his now sensitive dick longer than he ever had after making himself cum. The sensation was almost too intense but he forced his hand to keep stroking his cum soaked cock. He flopped around on the bed like a rag doll and incoherent noises came from his mouth. Finally, he couldn’t force himself to take anymore and his hand stopped moving along his shaft.

His eyes regained their focus on Cathy, she was staring at him while she was masturbating. He saw the globs of his cum covering her chest and he knew what he had to do. “You don’t mind that I jerked off on you, do you?” he asked.

Cathy shook her head. She was breathing heavily and didn’t want to try her voice. She was hoping Carl would do what she wanted without being asked.

He moved to get a closer view of her cum soaked chest. “You do have great looking tits,” he said. “And you were right when you said they look even better when they’re covered with cum.”

Cathy nodded. Yes, she thought, yes, he is going to Escort Halkalı do it.

“You also said that they taste better that way, too,” Carl said as he stuck out his tongue and leaned towards her. He lapped up a glob of cum from her nipple and leaned back to look at her while he sloshed the cum around in his mouth before swallowing it. He smiled at her and said, “You’re right again.”

Cathy nodded at him more vigorously. Her fingers massaging her clit were holding her close to orgasm. She pleading with her eyes for Carl to finish what he started so she could finish herself off.

Carl brought his face close to Cathy’s and licked his lips. “I hope you don’t mind if lick the rest of my cum off your tits.”

Cathy responded with a slight moan and sped up the movement of her hand on her clit.

“Will you kiss me when I have a mouthful of my cum?” he asked softly.

“Yes,” she gasped.

Carl opened his mouth and lowered himself to Cathy’s chest. So much cum there, he thought. It looks so good on her, it’s almost a shame to lick it off but it’s what she wants. And it’s what I want, too.

He stuck out his tongue and first licked up the streams of cum that had flowed down her body. Then he sucked and slurped up the large globs of cum that covered her chest, making sure to pay extra attention to her nipples. So much cum, so many globs, it wasn’t long before he had a mouthful that he made sure not to swallow. This is for Cathy.

Cathy was almost delirious as she felt Carl’s tongue and lips lapping up his cum from her tits. Her fingers moved deftly along her clit as she neared her orgasm. She remembered again why her best self-induced orgasms were when a guy is licking his cum off her tits. There is something so kinky and thrilling about a guy doing that but no one before Mike had ever done it. And now his best friend is doing it for her, too. The image of both of them jerking off over her, jerking each other off, both of them cumming on her at the same time and then both of them licking their combined cum off her, one on each tit, filled her mind.

Just as her orgasm began to flow through her, she realized she didn’t feel a tongue on her. Her eyes regained their focus and saw Carl’s face close to hers. His lips were closed and she knew he had a mouthful of cum to share with her. She opened her mouth and put her free hand around his neck, pulling him close and holding him tight as they kissed. She could taste his cum flowing into her mouth as her orgasm took over her body. She thrashed and screamed into Carl’s mouth but kept her lips on his and her hand moving along her clit. Her orgasm was intense and long lasting, lightening bolts of pleasure streaking through her. The thought crossed her mind that if she had a dick, she would have covered her tits with more cum than even Carl did.

Finally she calmed down, her body at rest, the kiss with Carl became soft and gentle then stopped. They both had big smiles of their faces for each other.

Cathy broke the silence. “Thank you,” she said.

Carl chuckled. “You are very welcome, anytime. And thank you, too.”

“You’re very welcome, too.” Cathy replied. “You know you could have woken me up if you wanted to, right?” She paused and thought for a moment then continued, “Or was this a fantasy of yours?”

Carl marveled at how perceptive Cathy is. “Yes, it was a fantasy. I wanted to do this a few times before but I always wound up going into the bathroom to jerk off alone.” He also marveled at how easy it was to talk to Cathy about things he never thought he’d talk to anyone about. “It was great to jerk off next to you while you were sleeping but I’m glad you woke up when you did. That made it even better.”

“You know I like watching you masturbate so the next time you can wake me up if you want to. Or not, whichever way you prefer. If I don’t wake up at all, it wouldn’t be the first time that I woke in the morning with cum all over me. I like that, too.”

Mike made a short snoring sound and rolled on over on his back. Carl and Cathy laughed softly at that. “He sure is a heavy sleeper, isn’t he?” Carl said

“He sure is,” Cathy replied. “In the morning, do you want to tell him what he missed out on, or should I?”

Carl thought for a moment and said, “I’ll tell him. That should be an interesting conversation. Hey, Mike, I jerked off on your girlfriend while she was sleeping. Hope you don’t mind.”

Cathy smiled at that. “He won’t mind,” she said. “I think he’ll just be sorry that he didn’t get to watch you cum all over me.”

“I can do it again tomorrow if he wants to see a replay.”

“That sounds interesting,” Cathy said with a smile. “Do you mean that you’ll jerk off for Mike?”

Carl laughed softly. “That wasn’t quite what I meant but, yes, I guess so. Maybe I’ll ask him if he wants to join me. You wouldn’t mind, would you?”

Cathy purred. “That would be wonderful.”

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