Kyle’s Story

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“When the hell is he going to get home???” I wonder as I pace about the room for the 5th time. I know he works until roughly a quarter till 12 and here it was 12:10!! I’m sure nothing has happened to him, he relief may have been late. Besides, its not like he know I’m here. I look at his bed, spotting his 2 stuff dogs, Baxtar and Sven. I sit down on his bed, picking them up and holding them in my lap.

“So boys, do you think he will like me?? And what about this outfit, do you think he will approve??” Their dark eyes just stared back at me, not answering the question. I place them back onto his bed, careful to put them back just the way I found them, so he wouldn’t know that anyone was there.

I run my fingers through my auburn hair, adding a little volume to it, so it had the sexy tousled look. Glancing down, I check out my scantly clad body. A white tank top that I cut so it barley covered my breasts. No bra of course. A short black skirt that gave my ass a very nice shape. A sexy, silky thong, bright red. No shoes, of course, since I was already taller them him. But I did paint my toenails bright red, to match. And the silk piece of material that I was going to use for a blindfold was bright red as well.

“Yes” I absently mindedly said out loud “I think that he will approve.” I sat down on the bed once more, only to hear what I had been waiting for, the door to creak. I quietly tiptoed across the room and stood behind the door, waiting for him to come into his bedroom.

He enters the room and before he can set his bag down, I have the material around his eyes. “Hello Kyle, how are you this evening?” I ask, tying the material around his head. “Well, I am very shocked at the moment and I am wondering who this is.”

“That’s a surprise, but you will find out when I allow you to take this off” I reply, kissing him on the neck between words. “The first thing that I am asking you to do is sit on the chair that I have in the room, I will help you over to it in a moment. Then you must be silent and still and listen. I have a feeling that you will like what you hear. Ready” I ask, placing a hand on his arm, waiting for his response.

“Yes, I suppose I am ready, but I have one little question first. If I may ask it and then another one as well”

“I think that can be arranged Kyle”

“Well, who are you”

“You will know when you take the blindfold off, but you may figure it out on your own, if you listen carefully. Otherwise, I cannot offer any information at this time. What is your second question??”

“How did you get into my house?”

“I told your roommate that I was an old friend who came to see you and then I paid him $50 to make himself gone. No need for interruptions. Are you ready now?” I ask after replying to his questions.

“Yes, I believe so.” He says, “Lead the way.” I take his arm once more and walk him towards the chair I have seated beside his bed. “Now remember, silent and don’t move until I tell you to take the blindfold off, is that clear” I ask, in an voice filled with authority?”

“Yes ma’am, whoever you may be.”

“Good.” I tell him as I position myself carefully on his bed. I’m on all fours facing him. Keeping myself steady with one hand, I let the other slide down my body, making me breath a little heavier. I find my nipples and I pinch and pull them, letting the moans of enjoyment leave my mouth. Feeling satisfied that my nipples are hard enough, I continue to let my hand trail down my body, across my stomach and down Urfa Escort between my legs. I allow one finger to trace up and down my slit slowly, letting more moans leave my mouth. I let my finger wander its way up to my clit, gently stroking it a few times, as I sigh and moan “Oh god Kyle, it feels so wonderful”

Rubbing my clit with my thumb, I let my middle finger slide down to my pussy, pressing the tip of it against the opening, rubbing it around, applying pressing, making my self squeal. I allow my middle finger to slide slowly up my slit and back to my clit, so I can assault it with my forefinger and my middle finger. I place those 2 fingers against my clit, crushing it, rubbing it hard and fast in every direction, first up and down, then side to side, and then in circles, hard and fast, hard and fast I rub my clit, my moans getting louder and more frequent. Glancing over at him, he is sitting there and I can see the bulge in his pants rising, I can tell that my moaning turns him on.

Seeing him hard turns me on so much more, I want his cock so bad. Rubbing my clit harder and faster, almost takes me over the edge. “Kyle, take that blindfold off and watch me cum” I say, spitting the words out of my mouth as fast as possible. I keep rubbing my clit and watching him take off the blindfold and devour me with his eyes. They widen when he looks in my face, seeing his reaction takes me over the edge and I flood my thong with cum.

I sit upon my legs and flash a huge grin at him. “Hi Kyle”

“Hi Stacey, god girl you look so good cumming. And sound even better then on the phone” he tells me as he sits beside me on the bed.

“ So you liked my little show then?

“Very much so”

“Good” I lean over and kiss his lips, placing my arms around him. I feel his arms wrap around my back as his tongue invades my mouth. I welcome the intruder and meet it with my tongue, gently caressing it. Still holding onto him and kissing him, I move my legs out from under me, sitting on my butt besides him.

He breaks our kiss, to my disappointment, he is such a great kisser, its makes my pussy tingle even more.

“What did you do that for??” I ask, a hint of disappointment in my voice.

“ Because I wanted to look at you, to check out your sexy body and that slutty outfit, it looks great on you. And I know how you are slut, I want you to stand up now and let me see.” Kyle tells me, slapping my ass. I quickly stand up, letting Kyle see my body and my outfit.

“Mmm, Stacey that is excellent. But I think it would look better with out the shirt. Lose. It. Now.” I quickly obey, taking my shirt off and tossing it aside, so Kyle can see my big nipples.

“Excellent Stacey, excellent. Get over here, let me suck on those.” I walk over and stand in front of him, my nipples right in front of his mouth. He pulls my body forward, my left nipple going into his mouth. Sucking, licking, biting, nibbling, and clawing my back all at the same time, making my nipples hard and turning me on that much more. First the left and then the right, oh god how I love it. I feel Kyle take his mouth away from my nipples and push me back. “Did you like that, you sexy little fuck beast??

“Oh god Kyle, I loved it. I love kissing you too.”

“Good. Take the rest of your clothes off. NOW” I jump at the demand, sliding my skirt down to my ankles, my thong following. “God, Stacey, you filthy whore. You are soo sexy; you turn me on so much.

“So I can see” My head looks Urfa Escort Bayan down at his crotch, checking out his bulge again.

“You want to play with my cock, don’t you?”

“Oh god, yes I do, I want to play with you cock so much.”

“I’m going to make you wait. Who knows how many times I’ve thought of licking your pussy and now I finally get too.” He stands up “Lay down on my bed, slut.” I do as I’m told, waiting for his next move, his next command. To my surprise, he takes my blindfold and ties my arms above my head, too one of his bedposts.

“Bend you knees and spread your legs wide.” He commands me and I do so. He sits beside me on the bed and he kisses me, while stoking my breasts. I feel his hand works its way down my stomach and onto my thigh, gently rubbing and stimulating my skin, making my whole body shudder. I feel so vulnerable, unable to use my hands and legs spread wide. And how I love it.

I feel Kyle’s hand finally touch my pussy, what I have wanted it to do since I got naked for him. It’s almost like an answer to a long wanted prayer. His hand strokes my slit, rubbing and tweaking my clit. I moan, loudly into his mouth. He breaks our kiss and slides into place between my legs. God he looks so beautiful between them, so natural, almost like he belongs there.

Kyle starts out by kissing and licking my thighs, barely even breathing on my pussy. After gently nipping my thighs, he kisses my clit, swirling his tongue around it, making me moan. I feel him press 2 fingers against my tight pussy, sliding them in just a bit, letting me get used to the feeling. He bites my clit while at the same time shoving those 2 fingers into me, burying them at the hilt. I moan and cry out as I feel the pain he inflicts upon me, I cum almost immediately, my pussy starts to quiver and shake. Kyle pumps his fingers all the way in and all the way out of me just 2 times, plus licking my clit, I cum, hard. My pussy clamps its self around his fingers as cum runs down them. I moan and buck my hips against his fingers as I cum. Kyle continues to lick my clit and finger fuck me, making me cum again in rapid succession. Kyle kisses my pussy and removes his fingers, as my breath calms down. “Oh god Kyle, that was…. that was…..that was heavenly.”

“Well, if you like that, you are most certainly going to like this.” Kyle tells me, standing up and walking to stand by my head. He takes his shirt off, followed by his pants and then his boxers. As he rubs his cock head against my lips, I slide my tongue out and lick it. “So slut, do you want it in you mouth?” I nod my head, still licking his cock. He pulls it away, to my dismay. “I think I have to fuck you first. Yes, you are a fuck beast and that’s what you are good for. Fucking and sucking cocks. But you have to fuck this one before you can suck it. Understand, filthy whore?” All I can do is smile and spread my legs even wider, making my hips hurt.

He kneels between my legs, rubbing his cock head against my tight pussy. Rubbing my clit, he starts to gently slide his cock into my tight, wet and warm pussy.

“Oh god Kyle, oh god. You feel so huge, oh god you are huge to me.” I moan and groan louder, almost screaming at how good it feels to have my pussy feel so full.

“Mmm, I can tell my slut likes that and I bet she is going to like this even more.” Kyle tells me, as he roughly pushes the rest of his cock into me, making me scream. “Ohh, you did like that you fuck beast. I have something else for you.” Escort Urfa Kyle tells me, with lots of lust in his voice. Placing his hands on my knees and pulling out as fast as he can, he pulls his cock out of me completely and shoves it all the way back in, repeating this over and over, making my pussy hurt so bad. Over and over, but after a few pumps the pain changes into pleasure, pure pleasure. I wrap my legs around him, holding him close to me, meeting his thrusts with my own.

“Ohhhhh Kyle, you’re going to make me cum again, ohhh, yes Kyle make me cum, I want to cum again!”

“So my dirty whore wants to cum again, to cum on my cock?? Well if she does that, then she had better be willing to lick it clean, so is my sexy cock-sucking slut going to do that??” He asks me, waiting to hear my answer as he stops pumping his cock in and out of me.

“Yes Kyle, I will suck my cum off of your cock, god you know I want to do that so much. If you can make me cum, then I will do it. I will suck your cock as much as you want, I just want you to make me cum with that sexy cock of yours.”

“God Stacey, just from hearing you talk and hearing you moan and groan, I could cum so fast and so much, it would surprise you, filthy whore. But I want to cum in your hot little mouth, I’m going to cum in your mouth, just the way you like it.” Kyle tells me between his grunts and groans, continually pumping in and out of me and handling my clit roughly. After a few of his strokes and the manhandling of my clit, my pussy starts to quiver and shake, sending a flood of cum onto his cock. I relax my legs around him as he slips his still rock hard cock out of me.

He straddles my chest, rubbing his cock head against my lips. I swirl my tongue along his cock head and down along the bottom of his shaft, as far as it will go. Kyle reaches up and unties my hands from the silky material and sits against the headboard. “Come on you wannabe cock sucking slut, prove how good you are.”

I take my hands and slowly slide them up and down his cock, while licking the head. I can taste my cum on him, but I want to taste his more. I keep sucking the head of his cock, as he runs his fingers through my hair. I swirl my tongue around his cock head and as far down the bottom of his shaft that I can. I apply more pressure with my hands and move them up and down a little faster. I move my head down and suck his balls, taking them in my mouth getting them warm and wet, sucking them hard, wanting to make Kyle cum so much and so fast. I could tell that he was enjoying what I was doing, with all the moans, groans, grunts and oh my gods, coming from his lips. As I continued to suck on his balls, he groaned “Oh shit Stacey, I’m so close to cumming, you better get those lips on my cock.”

I obeyed him, slipping my mouth back over his cock head, working my tongue on his shaft and increasing the pressure and speed that I was using to jack him off with. After a few quick strokes and with a loud groan, he came. And god did I love it. I swallowed his cum, as much as I could, but I couldn’t keep up with him, so a little dribbled out along the corner of my mouth.

As I finished getting rewarded with his cum, I swallowed every drop that came from his cock. I let go of his softening cock as I sat up and licked that cum from the corner of my mouth.

“God Stacey, you do deserve the name cock sucking slut. That’s what you are, that’s what you were made to do, I should think.” Kyle tells me, a grin of satisfaction crossing his face.

I smile broadly at him, sitting beside him on the bed, laying my head on his chest. “And to think, you were better then what I ever could have imagined! And you know I would love to be your cock sucking slut for the rest of my days to come!”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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