Lacey Come Comfort Me

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The party was at Mondo’s house, as it always was, almost every weekend, and especially holidays. But it wasn’t like I went there all the time, every once in a while sufficed. And of course you were always there when I was, most of the time anyway, and when you weren’t it just wasn’t the same. I kind of felt it was the same with you.

Vodka and orange juice in one hand I asked you how you were enjoying the party.

“Typical Mondo party.” You said.

“Yeah, that about sums it up, don’t it,” I stated as a fact. The typical Mondo party consisting of the usual keg of beer or two, the occasional joint being passed around, Lacey and I politely refusing as usual as well, the rare line of coke being snorted off the mirror in the bedroom or the crack being smoked in the basement by toothless addicts, but we stayed away from all of that shit, us and a few others as well. And of course the ever present blue clouds of cigarette smoke hanging thick in the air.

“Alright everybody, Donny’s gonna headbang for us!” cried Mondo over the cacophony of multiple conversations. Mondo slipped the disc of 1,000 Homo DJ’s in and the cover of Black Sabbaths Supernaut started up.

“That’s my que, enjoy the show!” I called to Lacey as I went to the middle of the livingroom where the usual guests who had seen me headbang knew to clear away a rough circle.

“If I don’t join you!” she called after, which sent my mind running with scenarios.

The music started up and so did I, turning my whole body into a writhing machine of hair whipping around and gesticulating hands. Going through the motions as the song went through its own transitions. Several minutes later the song ended and so did I, the few others who had joined me stopping as well, a different few from the ones who had started with me, not having the stamina to keep up with the frantic pace the song set. But of course, I had the stamina.

Hair a tangled mess and my second vodka and orange juice in hand I chatted it up with fellows I knew always keeping an eye on where Lacey was, and she on me. Our secret relationship, unknown even to us, had been going on for quite some time, for several months as a matter of fact. Every once in awhile Mondo would approach me with the well used line of, ‘So when you and Lacey going to hit off?’ and I would wonder what he was talking about, even though subconsciously I must have known, deep down I must have known.

Mondo wanting more headbanging put on Nine Inch Nails ‘Broken’, and played it from the beginning. Once I heard Pinion I knew what was up and went to the familiar place in the center of the living room and the familiar rough circle was made, Pinion finished and went directly into Wish and so did I, thrashing and contorting my body to the industrial rhythm as Trent Reznor screamed out his emotional pain. Wish bled into Last and I followed thrusting my body in an innuendo, I caught Lacey watching and smiled and she mirrored it, nodding her head to the beat of the music that I was doing a self-controlled moshing to. Last ended and so did I. Another vodka and orange juice in hand and I was thoroughly buzzed with a good jag going.

A fight broke out on the porch where the kegs were kept and a guy was clotheslined off the porch and into the bushes below. As a result of this a small fight broke out in the street of which Mondo was a part and some party crashers were sent packing.

Later a wet tee-shirt contest was held and several girls submitted to the depravity of having beer poured over their shirts making them transparent and their breasts revealed.

“I suppose guys like you enjoy this sort of thing?” Lacey asked appearing at my elbow.

“Me? No. But it’s interesting enough to keep my attention. It doesn’t really do anything for me, how about you?” I asked as I took a drink from my vodka and orange juice.

“Me? God, no.” and she laughed and I laughed with her.

Mondo must have needed another fix güvenilir bahis of headbanging because another Nine Inch Nails went into the disc player, The Closer remixes, in this instance Closer (Further Away) began to play, and me and my tangled hair went obediently to the living room space.

“You know how much of a pain in the ass it is to comb all this shit out, motherfucker!” I called out to Mondo who just laughed, and I laughed as well. The song revved up literally and so did I, sexually thrusting my body to the beat and the rhythm. Halfway through the song Lacey was before me and we dirty danced my hands on her hips and pushing my groin against her. She turned around and I held her stomach while I pushed myself against her backside. She leaned forward and I held onto her shoulders still pushing against her firm backside. There were whoops and yells from the crowd as we continued doing these sexual motions until the song ended. She turned to me and my drunken dizziness and laughed as she slung her arms around my neck and planted a kiss on my cheek, also, noticeable to me anyway, she rubbed against my groin hard and impatient. My mind flew away without me and Lacey flew from my arms to go greet a friend who had just arrived leaving me confused as all fuck.

Also arriving was Laddy, the Irish Bastard, born in America and grown up in Ireland. So thick with accent he made everyone laugh as he asked for a light for his fag. Of course Laddy was dressed up like some overgrown Leprechaun and asking the ladies if they wanted some of his Lucky Charms, they’re ‘Magically Delicious’!

My last vodka and orange juice drained I realized my limit and went to Mondo.

“Dude, I need someone to drive me home, I’m all fucked up.” I said.

“No problem dude, I’ll hook you up.” And he shouted to the crowd asking if someone was sober enough to drive me home. Lacey was there and saying she could do it, she had only had Pepsi to drink, but she didn’t have a car.

“You can drive mine,” I said.

“Alright, problem solved.” Mondo said triumphantly and left us.

“Where are your keys?” Lacey asked.

“In my pocket,” and I tried to fish for them, she saw my lack of coordination, and took my hand out of my pants and put hers in. Not only did she find my keys as I stood there being frisked, but she found something else as well that she gave a pleasant rub.

“Found them!” she said triumphantly.

“That wasn’t all you found.” I said and we laughed.

She led the way out of Mondo’s house and I followed. On the way I shook hands with and hugged various friends and acquaintances promising that we would do this again, meaning hook up at one of Mondo’s parties.

I followed Lacey to my car and she let us in. She started the car up and the music from a mix tape came on, Nine Inch Nails cover of Queens Get Down Make Love, and we were off. As we pulled into my driveway Marilyn Manson’s User Friendly had just finished.

“Alright, I’ll help you get inside and get situated.” Lacey said.

“Sounds good,” I could start to feel the effects of the alcohol diminish.

Lacey opened my door and led me upstairs into my apartment. She had never been in my place before and was impressed with it. My artwork hung from the walls and she commented on how neat it was.

I kicked my shoes off and hung my leather jacket on the back of a kitchen chair. “You’re welcome to crash here if you want, I know you don’t have a ride back or to wherever you gotta go, but I can take you tomorrow, or you can use the phone and give someone a buzz.”

“No, here’s fine, there’s no place special I have to be. Besides tomorrow is Sunday, or rather, today is.” She said.

“Yeah, right,” I agreed. “Anyway, there’s the couch, you got pillows and a blanket. You don’t need to worry about me attacking you in the night; I’m a perfect gentleman no matter what Mondo says.” And I smiled.

“I know, Mondo has said.” She paused, “But türkçe bahis what if I wanted to attack you?”

This caught me off guard a bit, but I took it in stride as flowing with my sense of humor, “You’re welcome to, I won’t mind. Or bite. Too much.” And I smiled.

“Alright.” And she laughed.

“Alright then, goodnight,” I said.

“Goodnight,” she echoed.

I retired to my bedroom and shed my clothes in the comfort of the dark and climbed into bed, my mind racing again. Through the cracks on the edge of the door I saw the living room light go out and figured Lacey had retired as well. I was on the bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness when my door opened and soft footsteps came to the side of my bed. My covers were pulled back and Lacey slid in next to me feeling where I was situated and fit herself next to me like a puzzle piece, her naked skin pressing close and warm next to mine. I could feel the hardness of her nipples pressing into my side as I put an arm around her and pressed her even closer.

“I have a confession to make,” she whispered into the crook of my arm.

“What’s that?” I asked casually, but of course she had to have felt the hammer of my heart betraying my calm façade.

“I’ve desired you for a very long time.” She confessed.

“I have a confession too,” but before she could answer, “I have desired you for quite some time as well.”

“You know what else?” she asked.


“Your headbanging turns me on.” And she guided the hand that wasn’t around her and holding her close between her legs and my fingers touched wetness.

“Do you know what else?” I asked.


“You turn me on.” And she giggled as I guided her hand to my swollen groin. “Can ask a favor?”

“Sure,” she agreed before knowing the consequences.

“Would you care to sixty-nine?” I asked.

She hummed with approval and crawled on top of me straddling my face. In the dark I ran my hands over the contours of her body, I leaned my head forward and pressed my outstretched tongue into her wetness, simultaneously she took my cock in her mouth and made it wet with her tongue and saliva. Her cum tasted good and I lapped at her cunt as she wrapped a fist around my cock and pulled me milking me as she engulfed my strawberry-like glans. I tongued her clit and she leaned lower to tongue my shaven balls and suck them into her mouth like grapes. I licked her slit up and down feeling the softness of her labia and the hardness of her clit with my tongue as she cupped my balls and gently squeezed and pulled on them while pulling on me and sucking me into her mouth. I pulled her backside down and licked her from clit to anus and began tonguing that most taboo of areas as she bucked beneath me.

She took me from her mouth, “Oh, God, you just made me cum!” she gasped into the night.

Still licking her asshole and snaked a hand beneath and rubbed vigorously on her swollen clit. She retaliated by sucking me into her mouth with wild abandon intent on giving as well if not more so than she was receiving. I went down to her pussy and drank of her cum, still rubbing her clit and bringing my other hand over to stimulate her anus rubbing it in circles. She in turn extended the pinky on the hand cupping my balls and stroked my perineum while still nursing from my penis. I switched the hand from her clit and placed two fingers inside her pussy and with the finger still playing with her ass I sucked and nibbled on her swollen clit; she bucked her hips on my face in another orgasm. I switched hands once more and began licking her asshole sticking my tongue inside and tasting the pungent flavor while fucking her with two fingers and fiddling her clit with the others. She came once more, my facial hair soaked with her juices, simultaneously I orgasmed myself without warning her as I am want to do and she swallowed all of my cum, suckling me like a calf.

“Oh my God,” was all Lacey güvenilir bahis siteleri could say as she climbed off of me.

“Let me get a condom.” I said.

“You’re still ready to go?” she asked amazed.

“Stamina, baby,” I said as I peeled the wrapper off the condom and rolled it onto my spit-wet cock. “Would you care to straddle me again?” I asked.

“Sure, for a little while, my knees are getting a little sore.” And she climbed on top once more still facing my feet and took hold of me and guided me into her and began to rock back and forth undulating her hips. I gripped her hips and held her, forcing myself into her harder and deeper with every downward thrust. She cried out. She asked me to hold on a moment as she worked her legs up into a squatting position and then began fucking me with wild abandon, slamming herself down upon me violently, her breathing heavy and gasping with every deep penetration. I reached for her and raked my fingers down her back, and she arched her back and cried out in orgasm.

“Let me take you from behind.” I said and she climbed off, waited for me to get upright, then crawled in front of me on hands and knees backing up into me. In the dark I felt the contours of her body once more before guiding myself into her. Her back arched she laid her head down on the pillows and pressed her chest into the bed with a little help from my hands as I held her down in this position while fucking her vigorously. She would yelp with every deep penetration, and I could tell from the muffled sounds that she was biting the pillow which only spurred me on to fuck her harder and faster. I pulled her hair to the side and gave her a finger to suck on and she did, taking it in her mouth and nursing it like a little penis. She cried out shortly after this in orgasm and mashed her face into the pillow as her hips bucked and thrashed beneath my coital onslaught of her depravity.

“On your back,” I commanded as I withdrew from the wonderful confines of her sex and she obeyed without a whimper. She parted her legs obediently and touched my arms cautiously as I joined with her before gripping them in earnest as I filled her. I began fucking her again, balancing myself on my hands as I thrust in and out of her beautiful little body. She let go of my arms and pulled her legs back opening herself more to my sexual administrations. I leaned down and kissed her; she opened her mouth and took my tongue in hers.

“Fuck me,” she cried through shallow breaths over and over like a chant, and I obliged. I placed her legs on my shoulders and fucked her. I pushed her legs to her beautiful breasts and fucked her. And she came and came and came.

“Do you think you could go on top again?” I asked.

“Yes,” Lacey said through bated breath, and we switched positions for the final time. She straddled me again facing me this time, and went to work going up and down on my cock. I cupped her pendulous breasts and squeezed them, pinching the nipples and kneading them in my hands. She squeezed me with her vaginal muscles, milking me, pulling me, and drawing out my orgasm like a magician. And she did, and I filled the rubber.

She climbed off of me and lie next to me, smiling, and she laughed. “That was awesome; I wish I had done it sooner.”

“Good things come to those who wait.” I said.

“And cum and cum and cum,” and she laughed and I laughed with her in the dark. She reached over and pulled my condom off, “Cheers,” she said as she tipped her head back with condom in hand and drank my cum from the rubber. “Good to the last drop.” She stated and I laughed and she laughed with me. She leaned down and kissed me, and I tasted my cum on her lips and she lasted hers on mine, much like our kiss as we were making love, or fucking, however you wanted to put it.

Lacey lay down next to me in the crook of my arm, fitting herself like a puzzle piece, much like how she had when she initially crawled into bed with me, and we fell asleep changing positions for a final time to spoon each other, her nestled into me, and we rode the darkness into pleasant dreams and woke refreshed and invigorated enough to start the morning how we ended the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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